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Recent Essays by John Kaminski

Anybody who pretends to know everything
reveals they actually know nothing at all.
— Johnny Barzakh

Allopathic medicine is totalitarian medicine. Global society has been destroyed by a lie which aims to turn humanity into the living dead. Already they are teaching Aztec human sacrifice in California schools and the unmistakable aim of the rich psychos in charge is to reduce the population massively.

The great danger now, as Vernon Coleman asserted today, is that those vaccinated become the superspreaders that will inject millions with this government-concocted plague, much to the delight of the kosher billionaires who already control your every thought and action.

Vaccinated sex partners take note — will you kill the one you love?

When we don’t have honest law enforcement, individual freedom is both a myth and a lie. We don’t now nor have ever had honest law enforcement, but the situation has never been worse than now when obvious crimes like the recent election are not even investigated and innocent people are jailed for simply disagreeing with mentally ill black people directed by Jew puppeteers who clamor to be rewarded simply for being black.

Black leadership is turning America into Africa, which is why the Jews like it. Forget about democracy; it’s nepotism all the way, baby! As Halliburton knows, the real money is in rebuilding and reselling countries the Jewish New World Order has destroyed.

Ubiquitous Jewish criminality is proven at the outset of almost every issue by pointing out all the laws that have been created to prevent the mention of any of their continuing swindles —particularly the fabricated Holocaust fantasies but also the corrupt Federal Reserve swindle which has bankrupted the world and sent all the money to Israel, one way or a thousand others. No law may ever take precedence over the truth, which is something Jews refuse to heed because their Holocaust is a hateful lie that has harmed millions and stolen billions.

And I can prove what I say, whereas the kosher psychopaths can only cast unfounded derogatory aspersions about the character of the messenger.

Which leads us to the lockdown over false medical information now plaguing the world, suspiciously akin to the witchcraft hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 that saw 19 women sent to the gallows.

History will show mad Dr. Fauci and psycho Bill Gates were the chief protagonists in the poisoning of the human species, but the true engineers of the destruction were all the people who remained asleep when it became obvious — as it is now — that the Jews’ mass extermination plot was well under way and nearing its fearsome conclusion — decimation of the existing human population, or doing to humans what humans have done to all the other species since time immemorial.

So to quote the financial guru Doug Casey, “The whole world is moving in the wrong direction.”

Nothing left but a foul odor

Humanity is hurtling toward a disaster of unprecedented proportions, much of it planned and triggered by those with the power and the warped will to streamline their plantation, no matter how many people they have to vaporize to do it.

The puppetmasters soften the blow by bribing the unemployed population with periodic payments, but this is no substitute for real life, only the wages of slaves imprisoned in what could properly be called a nuthouse, inasmuch as healthy life may not be practiced in such an artificial system.

Long term confinement and regimentation will kill the species, or turn it into mole people no longer physically able to leave their work cubicles, which is that case in much of the Third World. Most of the world is now chained to the money machine for life.

You see what making money your god leads to, don’t you? Try the richest people in the world trying to make their sick lives last longer by drinking the blood of murdered children.

The more immigrants who are allowed into the country the fewer rights will remain for existing citizens. We’ve already seen illegal immigrants receive more benefits than existing citizen retirees. One of COVID’s main objectives was to reduce the number of money-gobbling senior pensioners, simply a budget requirement, nothing to do with real life, which is how these guys operate.

Metaphor for destruction

What has always puzzled me is how mainstream media failed to cover any of the objections to this phony vaccine rollout in which the so-called vaccine was not a vaccine at all but an mRNA concoction that Dr. Fauci said would not eliminate the need for the mask or lockdowns. So why take it all, with a 0.5 percent chance of dying from a disease that has never been accurately identified and may not actually exist?

Here we have the power of media and the corporate mindlock on doctors who are not allowed to speak their minds without risking losing their jobs wherever they may be on the medical employment spectrum.

Medical care has long ago been corporatized to the same degree that medicine has been taken over by pharmaceutical salespeople who bribe doctors to peddle their mostly questionable products.

The great Fauci swindle aimed to peddle his own concoction at $3200 per pop while suppressing the real cures for flu in any year has clearly been established as HCQ and Vitamin D.

But to anyone who has even superficially looked at the ingredients of the shot they’re popping into people they know it’s not a vaccine at all, but gene therapy, according to Dr. Andrew Kaufman, the principal destroyer of the COVID myth.

First Sherri Tenpenny and now Vernon Coleman are warning that the new blast of plague promised by Gates and Fauci is not only likely to kill off all those who have taken the suicide shots but before that happens are likely to be carriers of the COVID plague which they received in the vaccines.

As this goes on to its ugly conclusion, humanity remains essentially inert in the stultifed silence of its own pathetic inaction.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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