John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Editor, Essayist, Revisionist, Prehistorian, Analyst of the Jewish threat to the human future

Knowledgeable Internet political observers likely know that for the past 15 years John Kaminski has been trying to get the world to understand that a super rich Jewish intelligentsia is responsible for all the trauma that torments the world on a daily basis.

9/11? The World Wars? Poison medicine? Toxic food? Corrupt government? Phony elections? Sadistic cops? Cowardly preachers? Financial strangulation? The blame for all these crises is the same in every instance. But the shades are pulled down in people’s minds. To venture into this territory is to write your own destruction.


Like the ranchers out West who acted on principle and are now being held without bail, naked in solitary confinement, abused by the guards, found innocent but rearrested on new, arbitrary charges, so the American people are sloshed back and forth by the lies of their government. Worst of all, the public pays no attention to their plight of these ranchers, even though it is a harbinger of what soon with happen to all of us.

At the age of 72, John Kaminski has learned that virtually every facet of our society is owned and controlled — and probably invented — by Jews. That last one hundred years of our history is demonstrably false and destructive, because it reveals the massive theft from and perversion of Americans who foolishly trusted in their silver-tongued leaders and failed to perceive how the deck has been stacked against them.

Whenever Kaminski investigated the great political crimes or the famous social upheavals, the tangents always led back to the Jews. This had happened so many times, so when 9/11 happened he was equipped to perceive it and all its devastating effects on the world around us.

Initially embraced by the public for his frank stance on the 9/11 atrocity, he was later shunned for openly pinning the blame on the Israeli Mossad and the Jewish international bank manipulators, who are the owners of the media working hard to cover up these crimes.

This is Kaminski’s 10th website since 2003, all of them operated by professionals who volunteered their time because they believed what Kaminski was saying needed to be heard by the widest possible audiences. This will be the first one more or less run by himself.

Kaminski believes as many people as possible need to realize that the Jews who are running our country absolutely do not have our best interests at heart. Ordinary American citizens are no more than cattle, and now they’re importing savages from Third World countries to reduce the affluence of Americans down to the level of the rest of the world’s nations, many of whom have millions of their citizens living in landfills, which is the Jewish plan for the rest of the world.

If you fail to believe what Kaminski reports, then I urge you to examine your own life and feel how much the noose around your own brain is tightening in the midst of all the lies the government spews out every day.

Rather than making the country more refined and its citizens more capable, the Jewish controlled powers that be have instead sought to diminish the intellect of its citizens so they would be less apt to complain about crony capitalism and how the rich — mostly Jews — live off the fat of the land while the majority of the world battles starvation on a daily basis and has no say in their own future.

John Kaminski edited small town newspapers, mostly in New England, for the better part of three decades. During that time he learned two things: 1, that a reporter’s greatest enemy is his own publisher, who must conceal the crimes of his advertisers in order to survive; and 2, the media can devastate the lives of innocent people, not only by unjustly defaming them, but by changing the way they think and tricking them into going places they never intended to go.


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