John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

As their nation disintegrates from a controlled financial demolition, engineered environmental disasters, and medical malpractice that has needlessly cost the lives of millions, the debilitated residents of the United States — perhaps too late to save themselves — are painfully waking up to realize their country has been taken over by a foreign power.


Their fortunes stolen by corrupt profiteers, their minds rotted by behavioral deceptions, and their children condemned to perpetual wars that never needed to happen, the shellshocked citizens of what was formerly known as the greatest country on Earth now face extermination and ruin because of the very lies they have been persuaded to accept.

Their health poisoned by toxic medications, their property stolen by swindles that become illegal laws, and their futures erased by harmful addictions perceived as their own desires, the imminent destruction of America presages a worldwide catastrophe already well under way that foreshadows the extinction of all natural life on this planet.

As the trees turn brown and the oceans congeal into toxic jelly, the blame for this unprecedented cataclysmic crisis in all its myriad manifestations inevitably tracks to the same source — the people who control the money and continue to poison everything they touch.

The United States of America has not been run by Americans for a very long time, if ever.

A half-black Jew who changed his name to Alexander Hamilton derailed the experiment in participatory democracy at the very birth of the American republic. Chief aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, it was Hamilton who spearheaded the creation of a central bank that forever would prevent freedom-seeking European colonists from achieving their idealistic goals of liberty and happiness.

A little more than a century later, the mass influx of Russian Jews disingenuously claiming persecution in their homeland descended on the USA by the millions, and through their corruption of the political process and the imposition of a colossal scam that allowed them to charge Americans for their own money, began the downward slide into deception and disease from which the U.S. would never recover.

This same strategy today of uncontrolled immigration has collapsed a functional American infrastructure into a meaningless morass of overburdened social services that has changed the very ethos of the USA from principled self-reliance into a degraded dependence on free lunches and stealthy swindling that has left the populace suffocating from its own corrupt opportunism.

Every day at any hour, you can prove to yourself that America is not run by Americans just by watching television, or searching in any medium for any meaningful explanation of how the great experiment in democracy has been destroyed. You won't find it. You will only find advertisements for needless products of dubious value and deliberately misleading statements about what is actually happening to you.

All propagated by the same cynical source, the same insincere voices passionate in their advocacy of the very policies that have destroyed everything humans have ever held dear.

Jewish TV networks, Jewish Hollywood, Jewish magazines, Jewish control of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, Jewish control of universities and the American Federation of Teachers, Jewish control of the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association, American cops training to kill in Israel, everyone in America being afraid to speak out about Jews for fear of losing their jobs, AIPAC and the ADL advocating prison terms for those who protest Israel's continuing crimes against humanity, Christian denominations worried about their tax-exempt status fearful of commenting on Jewish atrocities, Monsanto (once slave traders, then weapons makers, and now in control of world's food supply) peddling poisons, and Jewish control of the Internet through Google, Wikipedia and control of the chokepoints of ISPs and wireless networks — all conspire to terrify the American populace into fearful silence even as they are being sickened and terminated by this twisted Talmudic terror.

The bogus bogeyman of terrorism constantly seared into American consciousness by hysterical kosher commentators demanding citizens give up their freedoms in exchange for security that benefits no one except the very rich was — in fact — actually created by the very same psychopaths who devise and deploy the hired enemies, and profit from their weapons contracts as they maim and murder gullible goyim victims all over the world.

And still, the vast majority of Americans, deluded by their drugged dreams, refuse to name their own killers, even as they slowly die their unnecessary and premature deaths, or mistakenly blame some group of fellow victims as the cause of their demise.

The world's science establishment has been cowed into subservience by the financial tricks that limit the scope of their thinking and  misdirect their investigations.

The world's artists — particularly songwriters — are intimidated into silence about the real culprits as they create the false lyrics to our morose predicament and bask in the misguided adulation of their own learning-disabled groupies.

Everybody in the world is coerced into betraying their own principles in order to make the almighty buck, never fully realizing that this is the very cause of society's terminal disease.

Meanwhile, the Jews sit back and count the money they have stolen from both sides of every conflict — conflicts they have conceived, fomented and profited mightily from the disease and death they have caused.

Even at this late date, America's so-called intellegensia refuse to factor in the Jewish problem as the core reason for virtually all of society's ailments, lest they jeopardize their professional reputations and personal profits.

And in apprehensive silence, they watch with their fingers fruitlessly crossed as the Talmudic formula for conscienceless rape and pillage strangles the American dream into its final chapter of permanent unconsciousness, and endless, silent night.

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