John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

A few thoughts on the kosher suffociation of the entire world

Because they own the media, we almost never hear a bad word about them.

In our mainstream media, answers to all our important questions are always inconclusive. Patsies are convicted of contrived offenses, but the real criminals go free. The real criminals are running the show, laughing at the suckers who through their ignorance allow them to plunder the world.

This is why it’s important to know the elephant exists, that elephant in your living room that makes everything you think, feel and say subject to observation, sanction and sudden termination with prejudice if you run afoul of the powers that be, as so many do.

You can lose your life for what you say these days. Doctors who want to cure cancer? Farmers who want to stand up for a Constitution that get laughed at by judges and mocked by presidents?

The elephant sits at the top of the pyramid, invisible to those who never investigate the conditions of their own existence.

Other than the pairing on the evening news of deferential blonde babes and heroic black anchormen, it should be noticeable by now that the most distinguishing feature of a present day mainstream newscast is the absence of a certain word — the forbidden word! — in connection with slaughters and swindles of every type.

Voltaire: “ . . . those who you are not allowed to criticize . . . “

We little people shake our heads at our own history, wondering how gullible Americans have been to have enthusiastically supported our government’s brazen banditry across the centuries and throughout the world, and frequent murder of its own citizens when it suited the elephant’s twisted agenda.

I guess most Americans figured they were sharing in the booty and kept their mouths shut at the moral quandaries that arose with the theft of other people’s property. Maybe our day of karmic retribution has arrived?

Those who trumpet America as the exceptional nation merely reflect the destructive directives of Judaism, the piranha of religious beliefs which infiltrates and subverts all other cults and instructs their practitioners to kill or enslave everyone else in the world, an insidious objective just about already achieved with humanity transformed into a ruthless standardized species of fashionable robbers and killers.

We should be asking to fit into the world community instead of strong-arming everyone into accepting self-destructive terms.

Just who are we asking our children to emulate these days? Jew robot Hollywood killers who betray their friends for cash?

And how many years before they learn the real story, that the real world is run by the legendary elephant in the living room,

Elephant in the living room ' is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

 a prison warden if there ever was one, about whom we choose not speak but instead tolerate its wanton criminality for reasons we do not fully understand.

Who talks to the people who make the governments run? Who picks these people and grooms them and gets them to do their bidding?

Who is the ogre on the top of the totem pole whose decisions determine the fate of billions, where to lay the blame for the bloodthirsty behavior of thoughtless armies? What is the reason they go mad and butcher children?

Who made 9/11 happen? Hoodlums in caves in Afghanistan? Who wrote the checks for the new trucks driven by ISIS mercenaries in Syria?

None other than the Hidden Hand, plundering Western Civilization throughout the 20th century, their system of bribery finally perfected and irresistible to all.

Most people misbelieve what the media are. They are like an endless fleet of drones delivering government disinformation to your brain 24/7, justifying hollow reasons for war and why they allow your food to be poisoned and your medicine to be tainted.

Why is this important? Every decision you make in this life is based on information you have culled — sometimes unconsciously — from information you have received from media. So what the various arms of media tell you becomes your life!

What power behind the scenes — always behind the scene because it is protected by the powers it supports to commit crimes. It’s OK to put that farmer in jail for defending his rights, or hand out life sentences to patriots, but no powerful politicians at the top of the Washington gossip machine is ever going to be arrested by a constabulary than protects only the rich.

The general public never achieves cognizance of the mighty force that controls every single aspect of its existence. It is a well-camouflaged force engineering every atrocity, but almost never spoken of.

People who venture too close to the truth have a nasty habit of winding up suicided by those whom police forces are designed to protect.

In a land where everyone is safe,
but no one is free.

We have to ask ourselves if what we have done to the Earth has been worthwhile for either. An honest response is embarrassing as the dead sea creatures ooze out of the ocean and our leaders sincerely insist eating plastic food is good for us.

The principal cause of the destabilization of the United States is the fact that media tell us false stories, wars are created where none are needed, and seedy little money men brag about their high moral purpose while their institutions for salvation crumble beneath the weight of the lies they have told about themselves.

They tell us that in order to survive, we must accede to the lies, partake of the lucrative government cost-overruns, accept the occasional assassination, and not protest too loudly when corrupt media insist false reasons for war are true. They tell us to never question the government’s consolidation of our formerly free country into a police state in which everyone is safe and no one is free, and mostly we don’t.

We are firmly in the grasp of that invisible force, that infamous hidden hand, which sabotages all prosperous nations and reduces the populace to a joyless servitude where everyone is so busy making ends meet that they don’t notice the blood spattered across the face of Earth by men who seek to make a profit from what they can steal from anyone and everyone.

In fact we become like them and help propagate all these shortcut profit strategies that cost more in the long run than they ever did when first proposed.

One false slip of the tongue and your life can be ruined if the wrong Jew gets wind of what you have said. Free speech does not apply to white people pointing out that mass rapes by Muslim savages are bad for any country. Still, neither were the bombs dropped by doped-up American boys on Arab wedding parties.

This pragmatic practice has generated generations of whores, thieves and con men who package beast-like slaughters of innocents with patriotism, brought to you by the elephant who can buy anything, the parasitic hidden hand that eventually collapses all human civilizations.

You can’t expect to solve a problem without identifying the cause of it. We are making no progress in detoxifying our problems or neutralizing our threats because Jews profit from them, and when we cease to be of use to the manipulative Jews, they will kill us, just as they did the Palestinians, with the extreme, senseless prejudice they have exhibited through their history.

Lots of people I know lately have been talking about the value of this writer or that broadcaster without realizing that the vast majority of Internet commentators consistently fail to talk about what the great Henry Ford and other patriots devoted their lives to exposing what they called the real problem of the world — psychotic Jewish perfidy, which teaches that it’s OK for Jews to rob and kill everybody else.

The reason our present is so chaotic and our future is so dark is because we have believed in the lies our past that have convinced we have been good and noble when the objective reality is that we have been anything but.

In an ever shrinking database of manipulated facts, Americans have lost the ability to think critically, if they ever had it.

The history we know is utterly false.

Really, we destroyed our country a long time ago by accepting what the Jews said was the truth.

Everyone is safe but no one is free. And the elephant murders whomever interferes with its plans.

Eaux de elephant
smells like sewage

Agents of the invisible elephant like German chancellor Angela Merkel, loyal Communist ideologue, who turned over her robotized country to African and Arab savages — this is the promise fulfilled of Communist idealism, where structures are wrecked and the minds of the people are controlled by the Wizard of Neocon Oz into sleepwalking toward their own demise.

No one has broken the spell of mainstream propaganda and the rupture of consciousness of the perception of what America should be reveals to all what a corrupt creature the vaudeville of Western governments has become. What kind of chaos will result when the financial screws are tightened and the beast begins to consume those who have supported it in its rise to power?

The current rise to power of Donald Trump offers only the illusion of an alternative to the Neocon Tyranny that has controlled America for almost 40 years.

Seeing him on stage with arch 9/11 conspirator Rudy Giuliani is almost as bad as how Trump introduced himself at the beginning of the campaign, by claiming it was Muslims who watched the Twin Towers fall when he had to know they were really Israeli intelligence creeps.

In fact Trump is more connected to Jews than even Hillary, since he got his big break from a casino license courtesy of the Rothschilds in the late ’80s and like all good politicians has profited mightily from an unending series of clever bankruptcy maneuvers.

His opponent, the execrable Hillary, runs a $200 million influence peddling operation and has been given the right to commit crimes by an FBI chief who was formerly her subordinate. <>

So this is the choice these highly intelligent Americans have arranged for themselves, prattling and preening around the countryside and never addressing the core of corruption within the United States, which they themselves are major parts of.

So as with past elections, it really doesn’t matter who gets elected, since all the candidates, once nominated, surely possess the support of the Sanhedrin, and will work for the goals of Israel with maximum ardor and ruthless criminality.

America’s future will not profit from the continuation of this cabal of saboteurs, but as in years past, no matter who you vote for, you get a candidate who is definitely controlled by that ugly elephant that has defiled everyone’s living rooms with its poisonous presence.

To vote in this election is to admit no one in America is able to run the American government capably or honestly without a phalanx of dual Israeli American citizens supervising their corrupt work. Come to think of it every election of my life has been run this way, two candidates saying the same thing and surrounded by Jewish advisors, reliable servants of the invisible elephant and experts in social sabotage. Jews are strangling the life out of the free country we used to know as America.

We can’t fix anything until we fix that.


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