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Oregon ambush continues government’s Waco tradition

Rich politicians use curdled lawmen to bilk ordinary people out of their land.

We are trapped in a system over which we have no control. Rigged regulations legalize crimes against us. Our avenues for redress are choked off by corruption, doublespeak, and media mouthpieces who protect rich thieves.

All public politicians subscribe to the criminal agenda under which individual citizens have absolutely no rights, and will be killed without a second thought if they object to that agenda.

Federal law enforcement agents have no compunction about murdering people who don’t subscribe to their fabricated version of events. The acquaintance of Boston bombing patsy Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was being interrogated in Florida by seven FBI agents — and then murdered — in 2013 was one egregious example. His name, which almost no one remembers, was Ibragim Todashev.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum on a highway in Oregon is the latest in this series of sacrificial martyrs, as he joins a list of government exterminees whose name most people will never remember.

With the forces of evil known as the United States government and its lapdog media all lined up against him, patriot Ammon Bundy, holding forth on principle, might be the most significant American to walk on the public stage in two centuries, or since Patrick Henry uttered the immortal words, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

For it is his insistence that people are being jailed and land is being stolen by an illegal government that has led to a new focus on controversial events in U.S. history dating back to the Civil War that have obliterated what used to be Constitutional protections, turning America from a noble republic into a demonic corporation under which everybody’s rights have been stolen by fast talking lawyers and conscienceless politicians.

068-01329 Waco, of course, was the iconic slaughter that took place on live TV in the spring of 1993, when the federal government, acting on trumped up false charges against a religious commune, killed 103 innocent people to prevent evidence about government drug smuggling at a nearby airport from reaching the ears of the public.

Today, the feds fear public opinion about the jailing of two farmers in Oregon might kindle another Waco debacle. Of course, with the Jan. 26 FBI ambush that killed Finicum and arrested Bundy and a number of his supporters, it already has.

And yet the public remains inert, perpetually distracted by trivia, and deceived by media propaganda describing well-meaning men acting on principle and trying to expose government tyranny as some kind of crazies bent on defaming a responsible government and needlessly interrupting the normal flow of daily commerce.

Bundy, a principal figure in the 2014 Nevada incursion by the federal government trying to steal his father’s cattle so a corrupt senator could sell a section of farmland to the Chinese for a solar farm, now is at the center of the standoff in rural Oregon, protesting the double jeopardy jailing of two farmers and the strong arm tactics of the federal government to steal their land.

Much has already been written about the corrupt connections of the local sheriff and a local judge and their hidden connections to the Bureau of Land Management, which has been behind the efforts to jail the two Oregon farmers on trumped up arson charges for which they have already served time.

Although there has been much talk over the years of an Agenda 21 priority for the federal government to capture as much of the wild land in American West as possible, the Oregon fiasco and the Nevada stalemate seem like carbon copies due to the clandestine presence of a powerful politician pushing buttons from behind the scenes providing the impetus for these unjust fiascoes.

As with the standoff in Nevada, where the now disgraced but still serving Sen. Harry Reid was behind the Bureau of Land Management’s invasion to prevent Cliven Bundy from grazing his cattle on federal lands — which he had done for decades — the Oregon impasse appears to derive from a prior agreement between a Russian company and controversial politician Hillary Clinton — now running for president — to purchase the Hammond Ranch because of its potential for uranium deposits.

Both Dwight Hammond and his son Steven have resumed serving their five-year sentences for controversial arson convictions that hinged on the testimony of suspicious witnesses, one of whom is the current sheriff who some insist set the fires that got the Hammonds in trouble. Furthermore, the Hammonds’ preventive setting of backfires to curtail the progress of larger fires is regularly practiced by government environmentalists.

Ranching Standoff Protest

So as the Hammonds acquiesced to their controversial resentencing, Ammon Bundy and his patriot friends stayed behind in Oregon near the Hammond farm, trying to make the point that the government has stolen most of the land in the Western United States for purposes that are illegal, immoral and injurious to local landowners.

The presence of disreputable talk show host Pete Santilli, who was arrested along with the Bundy group, has triggered allegations that the whole affair was some kind of false flag operation on the order of such other government charades as the Sandy Hook “massacre” or the Boston Marathon bombing hoax. (See note below.)

But what remains unchallengeable is the pattern of federal commandeering of private lands throughout the West that benefit only the politicians arranging these deals.

Also irrefutable is the nobility of Bundy’s group in protesting further unjust encroachments by a federal government intent on following the dictates of Agenda 21 by buying up as much wild land as possible.

Although the murder of Finicum and the arrest of Bundy and friends bring yet another facet to this 21st century episode of rebellion in the United States, the story up till now has spotlighted three major facets, each one as important as the others.

Ranching Standoff Protest

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, left, speaks as Judge Steven Grasty looks on during a news conference. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

First, newly appointed Sheriff Dave Ward previously worked for not only the Hammonds, but also for the Bureau of Land Management. Furthermore, he testified against the Hammonds at their trial, “creating a serious conflict of interest” in handling the situation after the trial. <>

The other major local player in the Hammond/Bundy drama, Steven Grasty, is a man of many titles. Oregon News Live reports Grasty is not only the Harney County Judge, he is Health Adminstrator, County Commissioner, Chief Budget Officer and CEO. No separation of powers in Harney County. Grasty also oversees the County’s landfills. In addition, Grasty’s brother is a BLM agent in Vail, Colorado.

The second major item of eye popping interest is a story on Intellihub by Shepherd Ambellas that Hillary Clinton’s foundation took massive payoffs and promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to the Russians along with one-fifth of U.S. uranium ore. <>

Ranching Standoff Protest

Russia’s 2013 acquisition of a Canadian firm named Uranium One was “essentially brokered” by the Democrats’ leading presidential candidate, enabling the Clinton Foundation to rake in $2.35 million in “contributions”, according to Ambellas.

Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Uranium One and the likelihood of uranium deposits beneath the Hammond Ranch add an ugly subtext to the ongoing tragedy in Oregon in which a farmer is deprived of his land and a principled supporter of that farmer is shot to death by the FBI in a totally unnecessary ambush.

The connection of local officials to federal agencies participating in a plot to rob local people of their land because of the wishes of powerful politicians to make millions of dollars in the resale of the land has been a phenomenon throughout the West.

But perhaps the longest lasting ramification of the great Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff of 2016 will be the civics lessons generated by Alaska State Superior Court Judge Anna von Reitz, whose discourses on the false nature of what passes for the U.S. government have raised eyebrows and opened minds across the Internet, and led to legitimate questions about the criminal impostures of so-called federal agencies.<>

And perhaps one day soon a majority of Americans will fully understand the words of Constitutional scholar Arnie Rosner.

There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

Since about the early 1860’s most, if not all, legislative activity has been conducted in fraud and is therefore null and void.

Which means that the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the arrests of Ammon Bundy and his friends, the jailing of Dwight and Steven Hammond and the coercive theft of thousands of acres of land from dozens of farmers were all illegal acts, outside the color of law, and should be prosecuted as such when duly constituted courts are created to deal with these crimes.

The apparent illegality of the federal government which has become a corporation and therefore uninterested in the needs and rights of ordinary people as expressed through the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz and the examination of events on the website provide us with the best hope of regaining the patrimony which has been stolen from us by corrupt lawyers and politicians who have created and perpetuated the fictitious criminal entity known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.

Ranching Standoff Protest

Ammon Bundy with his pocket Constitution, protesting an illegal occupation by the feds.

Free the Hammonds and Ammon Bundy and his friends, and prosecute the murderous agent who killed Lavoy Finicum, a man who was only fighting for the rights of us all.

In this material is a clear path to overthrowing the criminal corporation that is destroying the world. We just have to figure out how to use it and overcome the resistance of the corrupt system to factual information.

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