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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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How the Babylonian Kabbalah Judaized Christendom

Antidote to your poisoned American public school education
and solution to the continuing zombie Jewish nightmare


It's all about capturing the paradigm.

Most people still believe it's progress to profit by deceiving someone, which is why they can actually cheer the deaths of their own sons and daughters in totally bogus foreign wars and homicidal medical experiments. It is the goal of most of the people I know, love and support to overturn this paradigm, despite a majority of people who are their friends all whispering into their ears: "It's too dangerous to confront them directly. Look at what happens to people! So call them Zionists. You won't get killed that way." "Right," I always reply, "and perpetuate the scam."

Anyone who has ever read any of my stuff knows that I'm rummaging around in the arcane vestibules of history primary to reaffirm and buttress my perceptions of the present, and maybe glean some lesson that someone may have missed that might magically arrest and detoxify our current slide into a meaningless oblivion produced by the powers that be, who more and more seem to be the collective apparition of a species suicide myth, a self-destruct mechanism installed by a poison belief system (the Bible IS kind of like the Israeli Stuxnet virus, now that I think of it).

Anyone familiar with my work also knows I'm disorganized to the max, preferring to rely on the prevailing winds of the universal vibe to carry me in the direction I'm supposed to go, rather than build up any solid defense of any particular piece of evidence and become the expert on it. I've been tuned into a bigger problem for the past three decades: the dead end street we're on. Back in the 1980s at several alternative newspapers, I used to envision a cartoon of Dan Quayle, the former vice president, in a blue Ford convertible driving over a cliff while singing "Yes we have no potatoe!" Today, it's a much darker image, best not described, because we are living in the days where reality has eclipsed fiction, or perhaps it is more accurate to say the bogus fiction we use as a foundation for our reality is actually collapsing our reality into the giant heap of blood and feces it actually is.

So, in my disorganization this fine Sunday morning, rather than listen to Hillary Clinton explain how Pakistan doesn't understand U.S. logic, in a random pile of old mail (these from the past ten years collectively total several feet high), I found a single piece of paper with the engaging title "How the Babylonian Kabbalah Judaized Christendom."

I've often yearned to get the whole story — any story, every story — on a single piece of paper for maximum ease of comprehension, and this piece of paper — with a thousand years of suppressed and concealed history condensed into a single understandable list — a treasure trove for history buffs — did that: about a hundred lines of 7 point type in three and sometimes four columns, covering the time from . . .

1066 Kabbalists sponsor Norman [Guelph] Conquest of England
2001 Fake 9/11 plane videos launch War on Terror hoax (ADL sics Christendom on Islam).

I'll let the actual text tell the rest. Each column tracks the parallel developments of three factions: Original Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

More importantly, you can copy-and-paste-Google every single item in this timeline and expand your knowledge of the real history of the world exponentially (hint hint).


Original Roman Catholic Faction
Kabbalists ally with Papacy to destabilize Byzantine church
'Divide and rule'
1054 Eastern Orthodox Schism [Anti-Papal East]

1066 Kabbalists sponsor Norman (Guelph) Conquest of England
1095 Kabbalists arrange 1st Crusade to take Jerusalem from Islam
1118 Knights Templar learn Kabbalah from the Ismaili
1180 Maimonides Talmud (Great Ashkenaz Rabbi) 'Blacks equal apes'
1227 Pope allies with Black Guelphs against Ghibellines [Italy]
1240 Mongol invasion drives Khazar Jew kingdom west into Europe
1270 Zohar [Kabbalistic commentary on Jewish Talmud] "Evil equals Good"
1290 Edict of King Edward [expels Jews from England forever]
1307 Knights Templar forced underground "Friday the 13th"
1382 Wycliffe version [1st English Bible] 1st chapter/verse division
1478 Marrano Crypto Jew Torquemada leads The Inquisition
1482 Papal Bull-sanctioned Castilian slave trade kicks into high gear
1479 ACTUAL INVENTION OF EUROPE — Unification of White Tribes: Fall of Granada — End of Jew friendly Moorish occupation
1492 Catholic Spain Ejects the Jews and their Moorish co-agitators.

At this point the list splits into the three faction categories

1517 Protestant Reformation splits Christendom
Kabbalists foment Protestant schism to Destabilize Christendom
'Divide and rule'
1517 Marrano Crypto Jews from The Alumbrados in Spain invent Jesuit Society to co-opt Papacy

In the Roman Catholic faction . . .

1540 Papacy in crisis sanctions The Jesuit Order
1545 Council of Trent: Roman Catholic counter coup attempts to reacquire Protestant territorial seizures (embattled papacy enlists Jesuit counterinsurgency services)
1554 Lurian Kabbalah [Ashkenaz sorcerer Isaac Luria]
1571 Battle of Lepanto ends Ottoman naval dominance in the Mediterranean [Jews had betrayed Christendom]

In the Protestant faction (1517 AD) . . .

Protestant Schism (Anti-Papal West)
1530 Rosicrucian initiate Martin Luther [Lutheran Church]
1534 Predestination heresy [Crypto Jew lawyer John Calvin]
1534 Acts of Supremacy [Venetian bankers co-opt King Henry 8th]
1558 Kabbalist Jew John Dee recruits Elizabeth I Stuart of England
1572 Calvin's student John Knox [Scottish Presbyterian Church]

The Orthodox faction time line begins . . .

1453 Fall of Constantinople: Guelph/Lombardi bankers of Venice and Genoa pit Ottoman Empire against Byzantine Empire
1547 Rebirth of Roman Empire: Constantinople's survivors resurrect Orthodox Byzantine culture in Moscow

The 1600s

Protestant faction:
1605 'Guy Fawkes' Jewish banker hoax [rise of British Empire]
1606 King James Stuart charters English colonization of America
1609 Bank of Amsterdam [used to finance 1688 Orange coup]
1609 John Smyth America [Baptist church]
1611 King James I Stuart (anti-papal) Bible version
1620 American Puritan Plymouth Colony (Anglican Separatists)
1649 Bankers' Calvinist 'Cromwell Revolution' Judaizes England
1655 Cromwell reverses Edict of Edward I to readmit the Jews
1660s England wrests slave trade from Catholic Spain/Portugal
1688 Privatized Sveriges Riksbank [Jews conquer Sweden]
1688 Venetian bankers sponsor William of Orange coup in England
1694 Privatized Bank of England [Jews conquer England]
1694 Sovereign State: The City of London Private Corp [Financial Arm of The World Order]

Roman Catholic faction:
1618 Thirty Years War Dialectic [Catholic vs. Protestant]
1666 Sabbataen cult supplants Judaic monotheism (Donmeh crypto Jews infiltrate Islam [Turkey])
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes [France]

Orthodox faction: no entry

The 1700s

Protestant faction:
1717 Freemasonry founded in Britain on 7 Noahide laws [Talmud]
1726 Wahhabi Heresy [Bank of England finances 'divide and rule']
1730 Freemasonry infiltrates France from England
1738 John Wesley [Methodist movement]
1740 Askkenaz House of Rothschild organized to run Conspiracy
1776 Jew banker Haym Solomon finances American Revolution
1783 U.S. federal government a white Constitutional Republic

Roman Catholic faction:
1773 Suspension of Jesuit Order in Catholic countries
1776 Rothschild funds reconstitution of The Alumbrados [The Illuminati] to subvert the Protestant Reformation
1782 Illuminism co-opts Freemasonry at Wilhelmsbad
1789 Illuminati creates Jacobins for French Revolution

Orthodox faction:
1721 Russian Empire officially declared by Peter the Great

The 1800s

Protestant faction:
1803 Privatized Bank of France [Rothschild conquers France]
1806 Rothschild uses Napoleon to destroy Holy Roman Empire
1812 London Bourse victory [Rothschild scams Bank of England]
1814 Dutch central bank [Rothschild conquers Netherlands]
1830 British East India Co. achieves total enslavement of India
1830 Freemason Joseph Smith [Mormon church]
1839 Treaty of Nanking [British East India Co. enslaves China]
1845 Pro slavery USA Bible Belt [Southern Baptist Convention]
1848 Dispensationalist Heresy [Rothschild agent John N. Darby]
1870 Privatized Reichsbank [Rothschild centralizes German state]
1881 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President James Garfield
1881 Ashkenaz fleeing Russian pogroms begin pouring into America*
1882 Privatized Bank of Japan [Rothschild conquers Japan]
1883 Freemason William Miller [Seventh Day Adventist Church]
1884 Freemason Charles T. Russel (Jehovah's Witness church]
1884 Berlin Conference [Christendom plots to enslave Africa]
1890s Russian Jews begin buying up U.S. seminaries
1898 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany rebuffs Zionist leader Herzl
1899 Boer War [Rothschild usurps white South African colonizers]

Roman Catholic faction:
1809 Napoleon kidnaps the Pope ["The Fatal Wound"]
1814 Restoration of Jesuit Order in Catholic countries
1815 Congress of Vienna redraws world map [Rothschild
1815 Waterloo [Rothschild crushes Napoleon's uprising]
1823 Rothschild captures Vatican purse [usury legal]
1837 Illuminati lodges in North and South begin stoking up Abolition and Secession pretexts to foment Civil War
1866 Jesuit Order assassinates U.S. President Lincoln
1868 14th Amendment coup instates British Admiralty Law
1869 Boshin War [Jesuits crush Japanese resistance]

Orthodox faction:
1815 Congress of Vienna [Russian czar rebuffs Rothschild roadmap]
1828 Tanzimat ends Ottoman independence from Western banking
1853-56 Crimean War: Rothschild pits European coalition against Russia [Russia loses her holy places in Palestine]
1861 Russian czar emancipates the slaves [serfdom abolished]
1863 U.S. Civil War alliance: Russian czar sends naval fleet to the aid of U.S. President Lincoln
1881 Jewish terrorist assassinates Russian czar Alexander II [bomb]
1881 Jews destabilize Russia: Russia makes secret deal with embattled czar for pogroms to force Ashkenaz exodus to America*
1885 Ottoman sultan rebuffs Rothschild bid to buy Palestine

The 1900s

Orthodox faction:
1904 Russo Japanese war: Rothschild pits Japan vs. Russia
1905 Jews flee to Germany after failed Communist coup in Russia
1908 Donmeh crypto Jews take over the Islamic Ottoman Empire
1914 WW I stage-managed to transfer Palestine from Ottoman Empire to British jurisdiction
1915 Armenian Genocide: Donmeh Jews pit Ottoman Muslims against Christians
1916 Menshevik Jew faction disables Russia's defenses for Bolshevik Jew faction coup
1917 Russian Revolution coup: Rothschild sends Bolshevik Crypto Jew fifth column from New York City to De-Christianize Russia
1941 WW 2 stage-managed to transfer Palestine from British Empire to Rothschild jurisdiction
1953 Rothschild sends Bolshevik Jews to crush Stalin's uprising
1989 Fall of Berlin Wall: Cold War hoax comes to a close [several nations possess UFO and Directed Energy Weaponry]

Protestant faction:
1901 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President William McKinley
1904 Colonization: Christendom completes enslavement of Africa
1909 Zionist movement publishes Cyrus Scofield Bible version
1913 Privatized "FED": Rothschild conquers U.S. federal government
1915 Illuminati reactivate Klan to funnel Blacks to Jew subversives
1917 Balfour Declaration: Rothschild threatens British Empire
1918 Rothschild destroys Islamic Ottoman Empire via British MI6
1922 ADL Jews pit the NAACP/Boulé proxy against Marcus Garvey
1928 British MI6 Freemason founds Islamist Muslim Brotherhood
1932 17th century Crypto Jews become Wahhabi Saudi theocracy
1944 Bretton Woods/IMF World Bank design national debt slavery
1949 Rothschild sponsors Communist Mao coup in China via MI6
1969 Neocolonialism [continued interference via comprador]
1963 Rothschild assassinates U.S. President John F. Kennedy
1968 Rothschild kills French President DeGaulle's uprising
1974 Watergate: Rothschild kills U.S. President Nixon's uprising
1979 Rothschild sponsors Islamist Khomeini coup in Iran via MI6
1980s Neoconservative Crypto Jews take over Republican Party

Roman Catholic faction:
1903 Pope Pius X rebuffs Zionist leader Theodore Herzl
1929 Sovereign State: Vatican City [private corp] SPIRITUAL ARM OF THE WORLD ORDER
1933 Transfer Agreement: Rothschild funds Crypto Jew Hitler to force Ashkenaz colonial exodus to Palestine
1939 WW II stage-managed to design a United Nations-vs. Israel Hegelian Dialectic
1945 Yalta Rothschild Cartel divides world map into 7 opposing Hegelian Sociology laboratories [totalitarian Communism in the East and monopoly capitalism in the West]
1946 Iron Curtain speech launches Cold War hoax
1947 National Security Act: British MI6 restructures U.S. government; "Bluebeam" alien/UFO hoax programs begin
1949 Rothschild creates NATO bloc to drive totalitarian technology development for WW3 plus 2012 Bluebeam hoax
1958 "October 1958": Rothschild coup unseats newly elected Pope Joseph Siri [Pope Pius 12's choice]
1963 2nd Vatican Council removes phrase "perfidious Jews" from liturgy [guilt of crucifixion]
1964 Culture Revolution: ADL Jews use the assimiliationist Boulé to federalize sovereign states [divide and rule] [overt Judaizing of America]
1965 Jew Senator Javits overturns U.S. immigration ban
1967 Sabbataen Labor Zionists capture Jerusalem
1969 Marxist Hollywood Jews air fake video over live TV [ADL hoaxes Apollo moon landing]
1982 Sovereign State: District of Columbia [private corp] MILITARY ARM OF THE WORLD ORDER
2001 Fake 9/11 plane videos launch War on Terror hoax [ADL sics Christendom on Islam]

This sheet of paper arrived in an envelope with no return address, and it was not revealed to me who the sender was. I only wish to say, "Send me more stuff, please."

First thing you do after reading this list is to email (or write) all your old history teachers, sending them a bill for all the time you wasted listening to them.

Your government, acting on the truculent behalf of the Jew World Order, has created, engaged or otherwise employed the terrorists in all these actions THROUGHOUT HISTORY to further regiment the robotized state they envision controlling, or, better make that, actually do control. And without our knowledge, due to the Jewish educational system whose aim is to create those very robots — you and me — who play the role of puppets, while they design all the songs and lyrics that we sing.

The one single thing that the American people are no longer equipped to realize is that they themselves have been declared Al-Qaeda sympathizers, and the so-called U.S. government will deal with them in the way it has always dealt with them, which is so clearly reflected in the policies it has created.

Think you know history. Think again.

And savor the Jewish flavoring in all of it that continues to regulate and distort every single move we make throughout our lives.





Dinosaur fever

Epilog to ‘T-Rex and the Crater of Doom’

The coolest book title I ever read is “T-Rex and the Crater of Doom” by a geologist named Walter Alvarez about what is known in epochal time as the K-T boundary, which gives evidence of that startling event 65 million years ago that wiped out every living thing on Earth that was larger than a chicken. The imprint of the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan peninsula of eastern Mexico can be seen from space as well as in the geological strata. This antediluvian shadow of a meteor strike filled the planet’s atmosphere with a darkening dust lasted for centuries and reduced the Earth’s inhabitants to little more than microbes among algae.

The gap in the geological strata between the Cretaceous (dinosaurs) and Tertiary (mammals) (K-T) epochal time periods that was deduced from the paleontologists’ dig in southeast Texas reveals that all the fossils deeper than the gap that exists with no fossils at all were completely different from the fossils that formed later in time when life had somehow recovered from the disaster.

So I got to thinking, you know how dogs and birds can somehow sense when some disaster, like an earthquake, is about to strike? And I wondered what those dinosaurs who were about to disappear in one humongous, all-encompassing bang were sensing just before the big rock hit? Did they simper and whine like skittish collies in a thunderstorm? Or did they just look up with those those big Fred Flintstone eyes, and — just like us — wonder what the hell was about to happen as the big blue kachina zoomed toward their invisible posterity.

Not long ago in geological time, but very long ago in my own life, when I was a longhaired hippie cab driver on an Ivy League campus, I read a book from an elegant bookcase in a rich woman’s house titled “The End of All Men,” written by a Spanish writer named C. F. Ramuz in the late 1940s, about the sun frying the Earth and everybody slowly sweating to death before they melted completely. Of course, there was this one character, writing a story in a sweltering room about how as nobody realized that the end was nigh, life went on as usual as the great cosmic clock ticked away the last seconds of . . . someday, it is as certain as the stars which blow up and spread their dust throughout t¢he universe . . . someday, human hearts will no longer beat. And in the darkness of infinite space, no one will remember anything we ever did.

On second thought, I believe I am confusing this with a Twilight Zone (‘50s TV show) episode in which a suitably hysterical actress named Lois Nettleton portrayed a feverish citydweller dying from the lethal heat of an expanding Sun. The twist at the end was she was really having a delusional nightmare, because the Sun had gone out and everybody was freezing to death. I have never seen a better artistic rendering of these pole-shifting paroxysms known as dinosaur fever.

I believe this theme to be very much on the minds of mˇany humans these days, as various nooses, all of devious design, tighten around their necks. The stiffness of clumsy rituals prevents clarity of thought, and widows finger their rosary beads, Jews peruse their account books while fondling themselves to keep from thinking, and Muslims hit their knees five times a day to convince themselves this will not happen, that they will never be forgotten as long as Allah smiles from a friendly sky. Too bad the Jews have poisoned the skies. It makes it a lot more difficult to even see the sky, not to mention breathe it. Breathing sky has become hazardous occupation, as the shadows of our own Book of Revelation nightmares manifest in real time and space as the metaphysical excretions of our own braineating guilt over despoiling the garden we were bequeathed.

Speculating about imminent disasters has definitely become a growth industry these days, especially on the Internet. Capt. Eric May is the champ in my opinion. According to him, Paul Wolfowitz has been trying to blow up that refinery in Texas City now for, it seems, five years or longer. And we always get the news that it’s going to happen next week. The real trouble with all this fearmongering is that most of it is true, and though the happy traffic in Texas City might be as bad as ever, Capt. May’s assertions are metaphorically correct, as they are trying to blow us up on a perpetual basis. It’s simply what they do. But the final words on this tangent of thought have already been uttered, in the immortal quote of one of the founders of Rolling Stone magazine, Ralph J. Gleason, who said (something like) “ . . . you may think that you’ve gotten really paranoid about far too many things, but in reality, things are much, much worse than you could possibly imagine.” I love that line. It’s so true.

So when Dr. Tom Termotto, one of the last standing pointmen on the Gulf “oil spill”, confidentially sends around my old friend John DiNardo’s shocking speculative hypothesis, which he insists was confirmed by a renegade employee of the U.S. Geological Service, that a major landmass is about to erupt from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, causing untold shoreline damage from Cancun all the way around to the Florida Keys from a colossal tsunami — and it could happen any minute — those familiar symptoms of dinosaur fever begin to aggregate in the mostly ignored recesses of my brain, and the same rush of panic that caused me to jump in my car and drive a thousand miles back in May 2010 because I believed I was beating the tsunami to the Georgia border by a matter of minutes begins to creep back toward the center of my mindscreen. This is truly the tax bill from hell.

Here where I live on Lemon Bay, except for unusual weather patterns, things have seemed normal since my return last autumn. The tourists are comfortably glazed with relief from their normal routines. Though fewer in number, they happily splash in the apparently normal bathwater of the Gulf. Dolphins habitually softshoe past, and gather at Stump Pass where they frolic and chatter and buzz the passing boats with elegant bursts of 50-mph underwater speed. The routine retinue of birds appears to remain complete, with the sensitive little sandpipers and sanderlings and the occasional frigatebird all present and accounted for. I like the royal terns best; they remind me of Billy Idol.

Five hundred miles northwest of here in the hurricane target zone — from Apalachicola, Florida to the bayoued delta of the Mississippi River — Kindra Arnesen’s lesions from the benzene and ethane in the New Orleans air have become much like Cindy Sheehan’s laments for her son killed in a war fought for lies — both sure signs of the death of the American dream, and both largely forgotten and ignored by the majority of Americans transfixed by amusing tailgate parties at large sporting events. Forced gaeity, traditionalized. Such a comfort in routine. It’s a well known fact that when you turn up the music, you cannot hear the screams.

That is, until your head hits the pillow, and you wonder what your future, if you have one, holds.

It is the fatal mistake of humankind that, when they don’t know the answer to something, rather than to say they don’t know the answer, they make one up. This is really the syndrome that has gotten us into the pickle we’re in.

I love pondering the idea of biologist Lynn Margulies that we are descended from clams; I think it helps me relate to animals better. But then again, it could just be another symptom of dinosaur fever.


The Barefoot Revolution

Freedom from pain is just one step away

The automatic gift for plugging into the universe?
It guarantees a pain free good night's sleep!

I was always fascinated with dirt. When I was little I was usually covered with it from head to toe, playing cars in the dirt in my friend Richard's backyard. With dirt, I reasoned in those blissful early school years, you could build anything.

Much later in life, trolling for apt metaphors about Earth's enigmatic situation, I blurted out into an empty room, "We need to return to the dirt!" It seemed a perfect metaphor, given what I knew about the moon hoax and the fact that no human has ever been there.

Stop trying to nuke the universe and re-establish our connection to the dirt has always been my best advice to any inhabitants, no matter what species, of this planet.

In the dirt where is the real information is — things we've never seen before, especially knowledge of ourselves.

One such thing pertains to your health — everyone's health.

Which leads us to the one thing that connects us all.


"If you don't feel well, or if you don't like jet lag, just take off your shoes and socks, and go outside and stand barefoot in the grass for 15 minutes . . . The barefoot story is about the deficiency of electrons."

So spoke James L. Oschman, Ph.D., creator of the movie "The Living Matrix", at the recent Thunderbolts conference.

The mind boggling thesis of his presentation was that if you took off your shoes and socks, and stood on bare ground of any type, the natural energy of the Earth would restore your health by restoring the electron balance of your cells.

Oshman remarked:

• Bodies were naturally grounded in ancient times sleeping on animal hides on the ground or wearing conductive moccasins. Barefoot is natural.

• Rubber and plastic shoes came in 50 or so years ago — they disconnected us from the Earth, and this is a problem.

• Grounded means connected to the Earth with its abundant supply of electrons, stabilizing our internal electric environment.

By synchronistic chance I had just been trolling through Jerry Tennant MD's new electric anatomy book, "Healing is Voltage," which confirmed and amplified these observations.

"Every cell in the body is designed to run at a voltage of -20 millivolts up to -25 millivolts. We heal by making new cells. Making a new cell requires -50 millivolts."

"We get sick when our voltage drops below the operating voltage of -20 millivolts. Thus all chronic disease is defined by having low voltage."

So where does all this energy come from that is going to fix your health automatically? Try 3 million lightning strikes per day, every day, among other sources.

Going barefoot while connected to the Earth results in an instantaneous transfer of charge, Oschman explains in the video. Better than that, an acupuncture pressure point named Kidney 1 denotes the exact center of the sole of your foot. "Every step we take connects us to the Earth via the meridian system to every nook and cranny of the body."

Connected to all body systems these electrons [which are light!] go everywhere, right down to the cells.

"Sleep improves because they have less pain. When there's less pain, there's less inflammation. Electrons from the earth are nature's antioxidant — the best treatment for inflammation."

Healing begins instantaneously. Oschman spoke of the accelerated healing of injuries. "If you hurt yourself, get barefoot onto the Earth."

He also spoke of cardiovascular benefits: the increased heart rate variability with normal electron flow is a major indicator of longevity — with less clumping of red blood cells and less blood viscosity. "Every aspect of cardiovascular disease is connected to blood viscosity," he said.

For those with trouble sleeping, Oschman had the best news of all: sleeping grounded, a new practice known as Earthing, normalizes the rhythm of Cortisol, the stress hormone, guaranteeing restful sleep.

Tennant advocates the creation of a new medical paradigm for human beings.

Like the Thunderbolts astrophysicists, he convinces us of the validity of switching from a chemical based understanding of medical treatment to an energy based perspective, the universal component of which is electricity.

"One can solve the riddle of whether electrons are particles or waves by assuming the nucleus is not a proton but a capacitor.

"Light is simply the vortex of energy known as electrons. Since we cannot measure where it is now because it is moving in a vortex. Heisenberg found he could not figure out where it was at any moment."

"The frequency of each light vortex (electron) is the distance between the arcs and the vortex."

"All living things are fractal" (and this I believe points the way to what are certainly new human dimensions).

And the newest and most important one is the understanding that electricity is the universal language that connects the stars to ourselves.

Just knowing that makes us healthier. So stand out on your lawn for a few minutes, hook up to the universal vibe, and listen to your body tell you it feels better already.

Imagine if we had a world where we didn't have to go anywhere because we already had all the things we could possibly want right where we were.

Take your shoes and socks off, go stand outside, and make it happen. Your body will thank you.

Be sure and check out The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of healing.


The Power of Fireflies


Prepare yourself for a real shock. Maybe the best one you'll ever have.

I am convinced that for man to survive now,
his perception must change at its social base. [. . .]
Everything is energy. The whole universe is energy.
The social base of our perception should be
the physical certainty that energy is all there is.
— Carlos Castaneda,
The Art of Dreaming, 1993


Dr. Jerry Tennant's dog slept on his master's head for 18 months, and restored the electron imbalance caused by a brain virus, revealing a genuine empathic connection pets have with humans that causes them to help us heal when we're sick that can be measured in electrical terms.1

David Kaas pitched ordinary drinks in a funny way on the Venice Boardwalk in California by telling people that if you spin the healthy fluids you drink to the South — to get the electrons in synch with your body — you will never get cancer and could potentially live forever.2

In mulling the blue beams of light that occasionally shoot into the sky from such power point landmarks as Mount Shasta or the Bosnian pyramids, archeodetective Frank Joseph recounts the theft of a mechanism from the great pyramid by Moses — a combination tectonic stabilizer and electromagnetic pulse weapon (which was used only once, at Jericho) — that was the original reason for the Jews' obnoxious attitude toward rest of the world — a one-of-a-kind weapon that worked for Joshua but never worked again.3

People ask the question: Did Tesla discover the secret that electrified the pyramids of ancient Egypt?

But the really vivid and reassuring explanation of how our lives are ruled first and foremost — and completely and perpetually — by electricity is expressed by the Thunderbolts guys — David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill and their merry band of astrophysicists at — who chart the path of energy on colossal electromagnetic filaments from faraway galaxies, wafting with timeless grace among the stars, connecting everything, living or not, and fueling our Sun (among uncountable other suns) with an unmeasurable power of vitality that shines to Earth in the soothing waves of visual ecstasy known as the auroras, then sizzles downward to energize the core of the Earth and distribute the endless bounty of its life-giving force — let's hear it for crabgrass! — to each and every living thing in equal measure. This is my definition of God.4

All those other religions have only anthropomorphized their own projected demons, all based on denial of death and the exploits of mortal men now dead.

In a state of synchronicity, everything that crosses your path is germane to your quest. We spend most of our lives ignoring all the signs (my specialty) and proceeding heedlessly on the course to which our childhood orientation has aimed us, seldom questioning its intent until the leaves turn brown and the hair turns gray.

So what should come zooping across my screen this morning is nothing but the perfect metaphor for all of this confusion and misperception that has the world locked in the funky grip of psychotic perverts pretending to be God's representatives.

Remember, all of us are descended from cannibals, but we will be forgiven if we show by our actions that we now realize it was wrong. Realize that every ounce of love and pleasure we get in this world (not counting pets) we get from other people — and not by the courtesy of divine bureaucrats telling you how to live!


Bioluminescence nanoscientists at Syracuse University can produce artificial nanorods that mimic the light produced by fireflies, foreshadowing a future that one day may offer Christmas tree lights that don't need to be plugged in, among other more ominous possibilities.

"Firefly light is one of nature's best examples of bioluminescence," said a Jewish chemistry Ph. D. candidate working on the project. "The light is extremely bright and efficient. We've found a new way to harness biology for non-biological applications by manipulating the interface between the biological and non-biological components."

Although finding a positive use for natural products is one of humanity's most legitimate pursuits, the invention of artificial living light foreshadows yet another potential component of the post-human, artificially created human.

Yet pursuing the power of nature — not trying to replace it, but harmonizing with it — is the way we should go.

As a replacement for the the psychologically compromised and corrupted religious structure of the planet, the understanding of how we are electric beings in an electromagnetic universe seems like a perfect solution to the moral quandary of subjective spirituality that now pollutes the world.

Ever since I realized that we're all connected electrically, I've been trying to grasp the entire scope of how electricity animates our every action in life. The field of thought seems as big as the universe itself, and I still feel that I'm holding onto an elephant by the tail.

When I contemplate the facets of the subject of electricity — from glycine cell communications to the practice of Reiki masters massaging their prana — I've finally found a hive where all the bees who buzz are friendly, most working toward the same goal, and anybody who brings in Scripture for any other purpose than detoxifying propaganda is laughed out of the room as utterly irrelevant.

Life is about figuring things out, not accepting somebody's word for it.

This electricity epiphany first hit me in a meaningful way when I read Comyns Beaumont's depiction of what happened to the inhabitants of Earth who wrote the Norse myths.6 The fact that you can trace them to Troy greatly increases the chance that what the Norse myths recount is giant flaming rocks hurtling from the skies and destroying civilizations.7 Archeologists confirm the last civilization at Troy was incinerated in a single day.8

But not only comets and meteors, but as Velikovsky marvelously depicts, giant electrical thunderbolts that fried large parts of the Earth repeatedly from the 4th to the 2nd millennia BC, and caused Tutankhamun's wife to wear comets on her head.9 This is the Aton religion of secret societies.

Electricity that energized all the civilizations on Earth as we know them today, all started by giant white refugees from the territories that were destroyed by fragments of the Taurid meteor shower (with perhaps an assist from the still recurring Comet Encke). That's why people were always terrified of comets. Some saw big ones approaching for as long as six months before they were actually wiped out by them. The naked Celtic warriors who conquered Rome in 118 BC feared nothing but that the sky would fall on them.10

The Hittites, the Akkadians, several ancient Egyptian dynasties, the prehistoric Chinese — their civilizations were wiped out in a virtual instant, or swept away in an agonizing process of drowning. Coping with it electrified the world, and civilizations coalesced because of it.11

All the gods who came later were merely anthropomorphized representations of geophysical events reinforced in myth to explain actual actions that happened in the world. That we inferred they were the actions of godlike critters was the only explanation available, as comprehension of celestial mechanics did not get complex until the last half century.

In trying to comprehend this fuller version of human history, you would do well to remember the advice of the Mexican sorcerer Don Juan Matus, fictional creation of anthropologist Carlos Castaneda or not.12

Using a method that enables sorcerers to see human as energy fields, Don Juan/Castaneda claimed that the true center of human perception lies a foot and a half behind you in the center of your back. These peyote-sucking experimenters called this invisible apparatus 'the assemblage point', and stressed that by moving your assemblage point — a good slap on the back always works — you see things very differently.

Move it in certain way and you can see much more than you might want to see. Some shrinks might say it's permanent schizophrenia; sorcerers tell us they're talking to inorganic beings from other dimensions, and none of us has the equipment to prove them wrong.

I see this as a metaphorically sound device, and by way of analogy, I would offer as evidence of this process my own shifting of a metaphorical assemblage point, or point of view.

Our own government played a central and compliant role with the forces who wish to enslave society with the 9/11 caper, enabling all the phony wars that followed to happen. This heart-shattering realization, which now most of the population is still afraid to reach, opened up my eyes to the Jewish rush to blood in World War II that pitted three Jewish-controlled nations against the one man who could have probably saved us from the Jews, the passage of the income tax in 1913 that guaranteed financing for World War I, and a Civil War that slaughtered Americans on both sides and which was kindled by Jews and their establishment of the institution of slavery.

By their own connections do they convict themselves of their constant crimes against humanity. And the great fear of what the neighbors will think keeps people from saying what they know to be true.

Religions have always been the enemies of knowledge. They want to keep it for themselves to retain their power. This is why religious folks have no legitimate claim to be open-minded citizens — their minds are ruled by their destructive dogma that teaches them to kill all the infidels.

This is not the way to peace.

Each technological invention diminishes our internal abilities. The dance of material creation is really the dance of death, and it's time we realized it

A much better road would be understanding in an actualized way what connects us all, and that would be electricity, in every way you can imagine and many that you can't.

Don't let them fool you. You can do whatever you want, but everybody already knows that being together in this life is much, much better than being apart. After all, what is more important than that sizzling connection that makes the world go round?

So dump the dogma and plug in to the real world.

Electricity is the one substance in the universe that not only lives forever, but animates every single thing in that universe.

I know, I know: all this information must come as a real shock!

So let yourself be electrified and see what kind of lights come on. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

Humanity was not put here to conquer the universe, it was put here to serve it, with honor and gratitude. We're all here to help turn the lights on, wherever we can. Let's do it.



1. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), MD(P), Healing is Voltage: The Handbook, 2011, self-published. An ophthalmologist with an honorary doctorate in anthropology argues that the world needs a new medical paradigm, one based on the photoelectric effects and specific voltage levels cells need to reproduce themselves. <>

2. David L. Kaas, Farm Physics: A new cure and more, 2009, Baltimore: Publish America. Not only can spinning the electrons in what you drink in the right direction improve your health and extend your life, the right electric coil can rid your world of every kind of insect. More importantly, your health is dependent on understanding the effects of gravity on your own body. <>

3. Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin, Opening the Ark of the Covenant, 2007, Franklin Lakes, N.J., New Page Books: Re: The Pyramid's Stolen Secret, p. 140ff. Moses took something from the Great Pyramid when the Hebrews were driven out of Egypt. Whatever it actually was remains unknown to the whole world.

4. A Voice for the Electric Universe <>

5. Science Daily 6/15/12: Nanotechnology Used to Harness Power of Fireflies <>

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9. Graham Phillips, The Great Comet. The ancient Chinese regarded comets as gods. <>

10. T. Rice Holmes, Caesar's Conquest of Gaul, 1913, p. 168 (also quoted by Tacitus, Gibbon and many other historians).

11. See note 8.

12. Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming, 1993, New York: Harper Perennial. When you change your assemblage point, you reach the first gate of dreaming, where you can learn to control your dreams. Sorcerers know that if you can control your dreams, you can control the direction of your life.


The Timeless Gift of Thomas Cole

The Course of Empire, The Voyage of Life and the America we have lost

Meditation on a forgotten genius, the artist Thomas Cole, or,
A paradise that was hope of the world destroyed by the perversion of the Jews


We have been taught how not to see. The blindness that envelops us today leaves us helpless on the eve of multiple disasters that most of us will not survive. Once, long ago, America was a vision that was the hope of the world. Today, America is the world's worst nightmare as the darkness closes in on everyone with depressing finality, and from all directions.

The clearest vision of this hope that was the dream of America was painted on canvas and distributed widely throughout the U.S. in those hopeful days before the Civil War began the rot that has led us to the eve of destruction we confront today.

The creator of this vision was a far-seeing artist, famous worldwide, named Thomas Cole. In 1842 he designed his wish for the future of humanity with prescient foresight, measured optimism and profound wisdom.

What has happened to us since is the tragic result of not seeing what he showed us, or truly hearing in our minds what his visions told us.

Are you too lazy to save your own life?

Sure, you can titillate yourself with authentically dire predictions about this catastrophe or that deception, and wind up as a heap of quivering Jello bemoaning your own pathetic fate. Or, you can understand where America was headed before it was derailed by a sinister force that beguiled us into greed and trickery, that coerced us into believing that we should act only for ourselves and ignore the eternal truth that without honest neighbors, we will forever have no decent place to live.

This is your choice: to click up some scary YouTube and cower from a disaster you may not avoid, or, try to comprehend what has really happened to us, and take the necessary steps — which are not very complicated at all — toward restoring simple honest lives with the highest values as goals that all of us — except a very few truly evil men — seek to live by.

For once in your truncated, diseased life, develop some discipline and understand the components of what a good life requires. Study these pictures — muse over them — stop looking for a quick fix or some magical force to save you, and understand the work and the knowledge it will take to rescue the world from this consensus insanity that has been imposed upon us by the Jews.

Cole devised the formula with sublime clarity in the mid-19th century, and it would work today, had we but the good hearts and sincere consciences to accept its timeless counsel.

'The Course of Empire'

Although this was never taught to you in any school you attended, Thomas Cole chronicled America's noble spirit that infused the world with its majestic hope.

Cole was best known as the founder of the Hudson River School of art that kindled the spirit of boundless freedom with sublimely inspiring vistas of nature's beauty. In an era that saw the works of Thoreau, Emerson and Melville enlarge the scope of human hope with their grand visions of thoughtful consciousness, Cole's translucent landscapes combined a firm knowledge of history with an understanding of the passages in life that apply to every person who calls himself an authentic human being.

At the center of Cole's philosophy was the notion that each of us has an angel who guides us, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

Cole first captured the world's attention in a series of five grand philosophical dreamscapes titled "The Course of Empire", which charted the predictable lifespans of all great civilizations. These archetypal scenes melded the tragic history of the Roman Empire with a prescient prediction of what would happen to America — In Cole's time, still rising toward world pre-eminence — if it followed the accursed path to empire.

Of “The Course of Empire,” James Fenimore Cooper said it was “the work of the highest genius this country has ever produced.”

If you value your future — and the future of your country — at all, take a moment to examine and savor the articulate detail of Cole's lucid geopolitical chronicle, as his dream empire evolves through predictable stages of primitive savagery, the taming of its wilderness, and its lavish victory over barbarism and chaos. It then devolves sharply as its triumphs erode and die. What follows is its unavoidable fate into destruction and desolation.

Ponder this relevant glimpse into your own future that was painted 171 years ago.

Be sure and click the enlarge button at the lower right of each portrait and let the full force of Cole's vision resonate in your heart. Don't toss it off as some hasty YouTube to be sampled but not swallowed. Understand what it means, and how it so appropriately prefigured what is in store for us today as we continue on this rampaging path to ruin.

Grand as this vision was, it was only a warmup for what is perhaps the most transcendent series of images any artist of any time ever created by putting a brush to canvas.

Inauthentic Jewish critics have hijacked humanity's artistic sensitivities over the past century and a half with meaningless drivel soberly explaining senseless abstractions, and swindled us into confusing the bizarre with the beautiful. These disingenuous shills never choose to mention Cole in their breathless endorsements, not only because he's not Jewish, but because he preaches ultimate freedom from every kind of terror except our own consciences, which is exactly the opposite of what the Jews want the rest of the world to believe.

American society has been wrecked by Jewish pitchmen breathlessly extolling the blatant inferiority of Jewish art, which has had the effect of dulling the American mind. As a result, most Americans can no longer can perceive what genuine beauty and wisdom — such as Thomas Cole's grasp of the higher lessons of life — really are.

What this principled artist produced next stands as the very highest point ever reached by any master painter, and his sterling achievements have been buried by Jewish poseurs such as Picasso, Gauguin and all the other kosher psychos mindlessly spewing the garbage contents of their warped minds while Jewish reviewers call it genius.

'The Voyage of Life'

Cole created his four-part "The Voyage of Life" series twice. The first set he finally sold, after a European tour, to a collector who initially refused show it to the public. This being the case, Cole created a second set of the same series with the same theme and nearly identical executions, only ramped up with the improvements editing produces, and which I recently had the privilege to experience as it is now the centerpiece of the National Gallery of Art collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

If you have never looked carefully at paintings by masters to feel the full force of their power, then this would be them.

The Voyage of Life series, painted by Thomas Cole in 1842, is a series of paintings that represent an allegory of the four stages of human life: childhood, youth, manhood, and old age. The paintings follow a voyager who travels in a boat on a river through the mid-19th-century American wilderness. In each painting, accompanied by a guardian angel, the voyager rides the boat on the River of Life. The landscape, corresponding to the seasons of the year, plays a major role in telling the story. In each picture, the boat's direction of travel is reversed from the previous picture. In childhood, the infant glides from a dark cave into a rich, green landscape. As a youth, the boy takes control of the boat and aims for a shining castle in the sky. In manhood, the adult relies on prayer and religious faith to sustain him through rough waters and a threatening landscape. Finally, the man becomes old and the angel guides him to heaven across the waters of eternity.

Open each link separately, and then enlarge it to full screen to absorb the elegant detail of each unique but familiar visual description of the major passages in the human lifespan.

An infant guarded by an angel begins the voyage on the river of life. Note the angel on the prow holding an hourglass.

When the mind leaves the angel behind and elevates the ordinary into the magnificent as it approaches the rocky rapids of life.  

Facing the trials of life, man no longer sees the angel, but prays anyway. The sunlight of youth gives way to ominous skies, grass has turned to rock, as the voyage heads toward a waterfall from which there is no return.

Old Age
Man and the angel, alone in the boat, as the river flows toward the waters of eternity. The hourglass is gone.

Who are we as people? The sky is permanently gray in Beijing, permanently milk white in Washington. Mothers abandon their children and take karate lessons. Men get lost in the camaraderie of strangers, obsess over meaningless sports spectacles, and prefer thoughtless addictions to consciousness. In fact the people of the world prefer illusions to consciousness, because the latter contains questions that have not yet been answered, and might never be answered.

People don't want the simple things; they want the tantalizing thrills, and forget what it takes to maintain their health as they strive feverishly to stay high. People don't want the vegetables; they want the exotic fruits and fancy dishes, then wonder why they get mysterious diseases. Same with politics: they want something for nothing, and then act surprised when they realize that what they have is . . .  nothing.

We can't dress wild game or make our own clothes, two things we will need to do very soon, when the supermarkets close and all the food trucks stop running up and down the empty interstates.

Thomas Cole died early, at age 47, of pleurisy on a cold February day, but his work lived on in the minds of those who had seen it, as well as in the other great artists of the Hudson River School, such as his protege Frederic Church, plus a handful of other now forgotten names. Cole was so famous and his work so widely reproduced that versions of his paintings could be found hanging in many American homes throughout the late 1800s.

The hopeful beauty Cole so graciously depicted marked the high point not only in American art but also in the American attitude, which a mere decade later was wiped out by the ominous approach of the American Civil War, fomented by the same force that besieges us today.

The Cole era really ended at a wedding in London at which Benjamin Disraeli recounted a conversation between the two Rothschild brothers, Lionel and Nathanael, plotting to fund different sides in the Civil War to split the fledgling Western republic into two less powerful parts.

You see, the same evil force that encouraged the abolitionists also created and nurtured the practice of slavery, with its endless armada of slave ships that traded watered-down rum for kidnapped African innocents. Ever since, this same force has controlled both sides of every political argument, and lined them up against each other for maximum carnage and perpetual profits.

Jewish bankers supervised the passage of increasingly unfair currency laws and throughout the remainder of the 19th century, fabricated stock market crashes in order to steal land, businesses and people's lives. As Bill Still so meticulously documented in his "The Secret of Oz" video <>, Jews and their European stooges continued to steadily shrink the money supply, retarding America's economic growth and creating an endless robbery, diminishing the residents of a boundlessly rich land into abject poverty.

The creation of USA Inc. in 1871 and the passage of corporate personhood in 1886, plus the assassination of two American presidents who opposed this perpetual financial predation, continued the downward spiral.

From the 1880s on, the steady immigration of Jews from Russia and the Eastern European countries, necessitated by czarist pogroms that the Jews themselves initiated and then misreported to the Jewish controlled Western press, watered down the U.S. electorate with Talmudic radicals, much the same way that unrestricted immigration of Latinos enabled the tyrant Barack Obama to get elected by a seriously undereducated American electorate.

Epitomized by the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty ("Give us your tired and poor and hungry" etc.), these cynical ruses enabled totalitarian Jewish legislation that eventually led to the passage of laws by corrupt politicians bought off by Jews that ruined the American republic beyond repair.

This occurred exactly one hundred years ago, long after Thomas Cole was forgotten.

In the watershed year of 1913, the passage of the Federal Reserve act and the creation of the income tax guaranteed the puppet masters enough cash to engineer the start of World War I, the War to End All Wars. At the center of the Jewish scam was a document known as the Balfour Declaration, in which England gave Jews the right to colonize the criminal state that a half century later would become the outlaw state known as Israel.

Shortly after WW I came the Jewish murder spree known as the Bolshevik Revolution, the great theft of land from American farmers in 1921, the Great Depression of 1929, and the U.S. bankruptcy and Jewish declaration of war on Germany in 1933.

While 7 million American starved to death during the 1930s, German independence created unprecedented prosperity until the Jews in control of the U.S., acting as they had in 1913, decided to put a stop to Germany's financial success by creating the greatest unjust massacre in history, World War II, in which 60 million Europeans and Americans lost their lives in a needless conflagration engineered by Jewish president Franklin Roosevelt.

All of these disasters were devious Jewish enterprises, concealed from the American people by Jewish newspapers.

The subtext of both World Wars was to engineer the creation of the Jewish state, from where, as Adolf Hitler rightly predicted, the Jews could set up a base of operations from which to conquer the world, which by the year 2013 has largely already happened.

But this is not the worst of it.

In this Jewish takeover of the entire world, every single emotion that Thomas Cole itemized and portrayed so reverently in his 140-plus output of painted masterpieces had been wiped from the memory of man, so that the world's population, sickened and shrunken by Jewish control of every aspect of human existence, had been dulled and demented, and utterly unable to resist the herding of well-meaning people all over the world into camps where the only choices for their future existence were enslavement or extermination.

This was a far cry — in fact, the very opposite — from what Thomas Cole, the greatest American painter in existence before the Jews besmirched the entire sequence of art history with their counterfeit nonsense called modern art, had in mind.

Cole's work elevated human intent to a wise explanation of the reality of life, fit for all occasions.

The steps necessary for our redemption and recovery are not complicated. First and foremost it requires wrenching control of the money system from the greedy and homicidal hands of the Jews.

Second and equally important, we must recognize what life is — exactly as Thomas Cole saw it — and follow our guiding angels as calmly and kindly as possible to our inevitable destination, with the bonus prize being a substantial number of people expressing their gratitude for our existence.

We have been taught not to heed our own natures, nor the nature of natural world around us. Behaving like savages, it should come as no surprise why we are treated like savages.

But it all starts with we have been taught not to hear. We must learn to hear what we see before us, or perish.

They are those same timeless lessons that Thomas Cole heard so well, and reproduced for our eyes to see had we but the good sense to listen to what our eyes tell us is nothing but the wisdom of the ages.


The Gospel According to Fred

The world's most misunderstood philosopher 

15th September 2011 

The 'kingdom of Heaven' is a condition of the heart — not something that comes 'upon the Earth' or 'after death'. [. . .] The kingdom of God is not something one waits for; it has no yesterday or tomorrow, it does not come 'in a thousand years' — it is an experience within a heart; it is everywhere, it is nowhere . . .  —&hnbsp; Nietzsche, 1888 

Read more: The Gospel According to Fred

Nick Land’s ‘Meltdown’


24th June 2011 

It is worth noting that, in general, an empire, being based on the enslavement of other nations, is especially likely to be hostile to anything that can give its slaves any insight into a bigger reality. And just as an empire wants to falsify the history of its enslaved peoples so that they cannot remember when they were free, so does an empire want to falsify reality so that its enslaved peoples cannot find their way to freedom.

— Kurt Johmann, Big Bang Bunk, 2000

(You really ought to read this; you'll never believe in the Big Bang again. You can find the meaning of every word in this story simply by Googling 'dictionary word' and greatly expanding your vocabulary.) 

Read more: Nick Land’s ‘Meltdown’

The Pythagoras of Our Time

Architect of the human future on the path beyond technology 


4th April 2011 

The finest thing of all is singing. — Pythagoras 

Master and servant. Master of the Law of Time, and servant of the universal vibe. 

He was the Pythagoras of our time, whose impact on the future will compare with Newton, Tesla and Jung. Among 20th century philosopher/explorers of new realms of human consciousness, his achievements exceeded even Krishnamurti, who refused to be the Illuminati god, and Castaneda, who confirmed communication with inorganic beings.

Read more: The Pythagoras of Our Time

Shadow of the Comet

In order to clearly see our future, we must clearly see our past. As it stands now, our collective past disappears into a confusing fog of garbled legends all claiming to be the ultimate truth. Preachers of all these myths have one thing in common: the survival of their chosen creed is far more important to them than the message they preach.

Read more: Shadow of the Comet

The Ipuwer Papyrus

A story about today written three thousand years ago

Plague is everywhere. Rivers have turned to blood.
The sky rained burning hail. All the crops are in flames.
The heart of every animal weeps. Darkness envelops the land.
In every house, the firstborn child has died.
Pillars of fire reach up to the sky and guide us through the night.
Former slaves now wear all the gold.
— Principal exclamations from the Ipuwer Papyrus,
or, The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage
from a Hieratic Papyrus in the Leiden Museum (1909)

You have told lies,
and the land is a weed which destroys men,
and none can count on life.
— Ipuwer to the Egyptian king, c. 1800 BC

It was its relationship to the Exodus story that kept interest alive in an obscure ancient Egyptian papyrus which remained untranslatable for almost a century in a Netherlands museum. But it was not until Egyptology evolved to its present level of expertise that the full import of this legendary but tattered fragment recounting the horrible demise of ancient Egypt's Middle Kingdom could finally be heard.

The Ipuwer papyrus first gained notice as the historical confirmation of the remark attributed to Moses in Exodus 7:20 about "rivers of blood." The Old Testament version gently defers to the reader's imagination; the Ipuwer papyrus chronicles every agonizing act of desperation in the long lasting torture of a civilization torn to pieces by human jackals after unprecedented natural catastrophes had rocked the whole world.

The actual connection of the two stories, however, has been discounted by most scholars as not the same version of plagues described by Moses in the Old Testament. Thus, while written in likely proximity in terms of centuries, the observations of Moses and Ipuwer were not simultaneous in time, though the words of both rank among the most important statements in the world's early literature.

The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage from a Hieratic Papyrus was ultimately translated by famed Egyptologist Alan Gardiner in 1909 after almost century of detective work by a devoted cadre of scholars.

Henry Zecher's 1997 refutation of the conclusions of Velikovsky about the Ipuwer papyrus reveals how interest in the strange story was rekindled when the maverick cosmologist Immanuel Velikovsky went looking for it for its descriptions of a period of celestial catastrophes in the 2nd millennium BC, and Ipuwer furnished firsthand evidence. Zecher's opinion was that Moses and Ipuwer were close in time but not simultaneous, and that Velikovsky took liberties with his interpretations.

But the intriguing buzz about this obscure document is nothing compared to the document itself, a stark description of the agony of a society devolving in blood, injustice and cruelty right before your eyes. In a work of macabre beauty, it hits way too close to home. Listen  . . .

Behold, it has befallen that the land
has been deprived of the kingship by a few lawless men.


Behold, a man is slain beside his brother,
who runs away and abandons him to save his own skin.

Zecher writes:

. . . whoever or whatever he was, one thing is clear: "Ipuwer was no dispassionate onlooker at the evils which he records. He identifies himself with his hearers in the question what shall we do concerning it? evoked by the spectacle of the decay . . . the occupation of the Delta by foreigners, and the murderous hatred of near relatives for one another . . . ."
Ipuwer is the first sage on record to directly confront the king with the misery he may have caused. After describing rebellion and loose tongues all around him, "the Sage Ipu-wer himself takes advantage of the freedom of speech he notices as a bad symptom in the maidservants. He blames the king. He compels him to defend himself and concludes by saying that what the King has done, though perhaps good, is not good enough."36

Finally, Ipuwer blames the overthrow of his kingdom on both Asiatics and Egyptians alike. Egyptians in the Middle Kingdom hired foreigners to serve as frontier police. It apparently worked well on Egypt's southern frontier, but in the north the frontier police appear to have collaborated with the Asiatics in that Asiatics had assumed greater and greater administrative control over the northern regions and used Egyptian officials.4 

The Egyptian priest Manetho is quoted by Zecher:

         " . . . for what cause I know not, a blast of God smote us; and unexpectedly, from the regions of the east, invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land. By main force, they easily seized the rulers of the land, they then burned our cities ruthlessly, razed to the ground the temples of the gods, and treated all the natives with a cruel hostility, massacring some and leading into slavery the wives and children of others."50

My judgment is that Western scholars down through time have bent over backwards to make their reports on ancient events conform to the acceptable religious orthodoxy of their time, so that when these essays belittle or deride pagan sources for their ignorance, what is being seen is xenophobic sarcasm generated by orthodox Christian propaganda.

What follows is my redaction of this ancient document, reduced to simple contemporary language from the archaic structures of the hieratic (which is a shorthand hieroglyphic) text. For sheer enjoyment and to verify my condensation, I highly recommend reading the whole text. It's not long, but very vivid.

Condensed 21st century AD version
of a 2nd millennium BC document

1.  Society is falling apart. Everyone says 'steal while we can'. A man regards his son as an enemy. The virtuous man mourns as strangers arrive. The plunderer is everywhere and the servant takes what he finds. The women are barren. The land will not support life.

2. Poor men are now rich. Hearts are violent, pestilence is throughout the land, blood is everywhere. Many dead are in the river. Every town says: "Kill the powerful." The river is blood, yet men drink of it.

3. Barbarians from abroad have come to Egypt. Servants wear jewels, the dead wear rags. Those who were in the sacred bark (religious vessel) are now yoked to it. The palace is spoiled. Laughter has perished.

4. Every corpse was a hard worker. It was the noise, years of noise, no end of noise. Now everyone's hair falls out. Rich and poor wish to die. Children wish they had not been born. Everyone slaves at the grindstones. Trees are felled and branches stripped off.

5. All envy the food of others. . . . . the children of princes are dashed against walls . . .  A man strikes his brother. The roads are being watched. People are being robbed and murdered. The hot tempered man says, 'If I knew where God was, I would serve him.'.

6. Food is stolen from the mouths of pigs. Everyone is naked. Society is in shambles. All is stolen from the government. [scribes] are killed and their writings are taken away. The legislature is now a tourist attraction.

7. The fire has gone up high. The rabble have destroyed the king. The pyramids have been plundered.

Egypt is fallen to pouring of water, [this is the story of The Flood] and he who poured water on the ground has carried off the strong man in misery. Behold, the land has knotted itself up with confederacies, and the coward takes the brave man's property.

8. The poor have become rich. Self-serving men rule. New gods arrive. Righteous women trade their children for beds. Priests steal cattle. Leaders flee.
9. Those who had beds now sleep on the ground. Pirates grow fat. All are adversaries. Friends are enemies.

10. Commoners beg for food. Lower Egypt weeps. Men come and tell us to leave.

11. Remember to remember the good life we had. The sun once rose in the West. The frightened man is not distinguished from the violent one.

12. He brings coolness upon heat; men say: "He is the herdsman of mankind, and there is no evil in his heart." Though his herds are few, yet he spends a day to collect them, their hearts being on fire.

Would that he had perceived their nature in the first generation; then he would have imposed obstacles, he would have stretched out his arm against them, he would have destroyed their herds and their heritage. Men desire the giving of birth, but sadness supervenes, with needy people on all sides. So it is, and it will not pass away while the gods who are in the midst of it exist. Seed goes forth into mortal women, but none are found on the road.

13. Does a herdsman desire death? Then may you command reply to be made, because it means that one loves, another detests; it means that their existences are few everywhere; it means that you have acted so as to bring those things to pass. (This is Ipuwer talking to the king.)

You have told lies, and the land is a weed which destroys men, and none can count on life. All these years are strife, and a man is murdered on his housetop even though he was vigilant in his gate lodge. Is he brave and saves himself? It means he will live.

14. It is better to be a slave, and have a place to lay your head. But in this position, men cannot defend themselves. In this state is the end of them.

15. How does a man kill his brother? These Asiatic troops we hired are eating all our food.

16. What Ipuwer said when he addressed the Majesty of the Lord of All: [. . .] all herds. It means that ignorance of it is what is pleasing to the heart. You have done what was good in their hearts and you have nourished the people with it. They cover their faces through fear of the morrow.

That is how a man grows old before he dies, while his son is a lad of understanding; he does not open [his] mouth to speak to you, but you seize him in the doom of death [. . .] weep [. . .] go [. . .] after you, that the land may be [. . .] on every side.

17. This broken tablet only warned of future plunderers breaking into the tombs and desecrating the corpses of the nobles.

And there the Ipuwer papyrus breaks off. Zecher writes:

What became of our friend the scribe is not known. That the Admonitions ended with this last verse was argued by Gardiner on the grounds that, like the Dispute Over Suicide, it ends with the question of "whether life or death is preferable..." And Gardiner's comment on verse 16,1 is poignant:

"The concluding words of Ipuwer, if such they be, are by no means so clear as we could wish.

"The Egyptians are apparently likened to cattle, for whom ignorance is bliss. The sage now turns to the king: thou hast done what is good in their hearts. Thou has nourished them with it(?).

"These words can hardly be understood otherwise than ironically; the king has fostered misery and without will or intelligence to better their condition. The last sentence may perhaps be guessed to mean: they veil their faces(??) because of the fear of tomorrow, that is, they fear to look the future in the face.

"At all events the phrase fear of tomorrow touches the keynote of the book, and may very appropriately be its last utterance: today sorrow is everywhere; unless people mend their ways, what hope can they have for tomorrow?"87

References and endnotes:

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Note on stanzas 11 and 12 (from Zecher):

Gardiner's interpretation of the Ipuwer verse might be favored over Velikovsky's, but there are the Magical Papyrus Harris, the inscription in Horemhab's tomb, and the panel in Senmut's mortuary, to consider. It is also worth noting that ancient literature abounds with references to the sun reversing its direction in the sky. Plato in Statesman and Laws, Euripides in Electra and Orestes, Senaca in Thyestes, and Caius Julius Solinus in Polyhister, among others, all mention a time when the sun rose in the west before changing its direction to rise in the east.

Thus, after the king, the scribe was perhaps the single most important person in Old and Middle Kingdom Egypt. This makes Roberts' last point compelling: "'The Satire of the Trades,' a poem written several hundred years after the fall of the Old Kingdom, tells how the scribes lorded themselves over barbers, potters, arrow makers, and other rival tradesmen... 'There's nothing better than books!/It's like a boat on water.' 'See, there's no profession without a boss,/Except for the scribe; he is the boss.'"78
One must wonder if retribution brought on by such arrogance is not part of the reason why Ipuwer now fears for his life: "Indeed, scribes are killed and their writings are taken away. Woe is me because of the misery of this time" (6,8).

It is at this point that Ipuwer utters his "Messianic" longing for the ideal king who will rule with benevolence and justice. This is the section, appearing out of the large lacuna on page 11, that [Egyptologist James Henry] Breasted called "the most important passage in the entire speech of the sage, and one of the most important in the whole range of Egyptian literature."84

"Behold, why does he seek(?) to fashion men? The frightened man is not distinguished from the violent one. He [the supreme god] brings coolness upon heat; men say: 'He is the herdsman of mankind, and there is no evil in his heart.' though his herds are few, yet he spends a day to collect them, their hearts being on fire(?). Would that he had perceived their nature in the first generation; then he would have imposed obstacles, he would have stretched out his arm against them, he would have destroyed their herds and their heritage. Men desire to give birth(?), but sadness intervenes, with needy people on all sides. So it is, and it will not pass away while the gods who are in the midst of it exist. Seed goes forth into mortal women, but none are found on the road. Combat has gone forth, and he who would be a redresser of evils is one who commits them; neither do men act as pilot in their hour of duty. Where is he today? Is he asleep? Behold, his power is not seen" (11,11-12,6)

The ancient words of Ipuwer tell all.

So it is, and it will not pass away while the gods who are in the midst of it exist.



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