John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

In order to clearly see our future, we must clearly see our past. As it stands now, our collective past disappears into a confusing fog of garbled legends all claiming to be the ultimate truth. Preachers of all these myths have one thing in common: the survival of their chosen creed is far more important to them than the message they preach.


At some point, for peace of mind, we are all compelled to either accept the ultimate truth of our lives on faith (learning from guides we have chosen to trust) or suffer the debilitating dysfunction of doubt.

Ever more steadily the world is learning—through constant revelations of sexual and financial debaucheries—that the doctrines and dogmas upon which we base our moral principles are riddled with falsehoods, hypocrisies, and provable misinformation.

The choice for all who seek to rid themselves of this unhealthy perversion of their thoughts is to undertake the arduous journey of self-knowledge, to find out who we are and why we chose the path we did.

The moment we choose to do that we realize that the Bible was written to cover up the real history of human society.

Yahweh is quoted as telling his fellow Elohim as they confounded the tongues of humanity at the Tower of Babel “so they would not become just like us”.

Though the priests of posterity built divine legends around them, in reality Yahweh and his crew were descendants of a worldwide tribe of seafaring plunderers who brought civilization to illiterate tribes with the magic of language and science, all done, of course, while relieving the primitive locals of their valuables.

Prehistoric legends of Viracocha, Thoth, Hermes and Odin invariably describe red haired white giants who—while they weren’t slaughtering feckless enemies—worked metal and planted crops, which were technological marvels thousands of years before the time of Christ.

In appreciative awe and subservient wonder, the Neolithic natives from whom we are descended called them gods.

Plato’s last essay told the tale of a Western land, a superior civilization that was destroyed by a cataclysm in extremely ancient history. A major philosophical industry has grown up around the Atlantis legend, but the subject as a whole has been largely excluded from mainstream history, cut off from the mind of man when it was erased from the mainstream by the establishment of the so-called Son of God in Rome.

That was when humanity was hoodwinked into worshipping a manipulated abstraction aimed at totalitarian control of the masses, which succeeded beyond anyone’s worst nightmares.

But before all that happened, human civilization had a very ancient history twice as long as the distance in time from the heyday of Rome to our present brink of World War III status. All this history is what the insane Christians burned in the Library of Alexandria or hid in the Vatican Library.

Plato’s Atlantis legend is very much infused with specific details from the Minoan civilization on the Mediterranean island of Crete which was destroyed by the great Thera volcano c. 1500 BC, precisely at the time the most ancient traditions of Egypt, Babylon and the Ionian legends began to be recorded. At that time, Crete and the seafaring Phoenicians controlled the known world. The famous Invasions of the Sea Peoples are what destroyed Egypt; the alphabet we use today comes from the Phoenicians; all the Greek gods derived from Crete.

But Plato insisted that the great island civilization was located beyond the Gates of Hercules, i.e., in the Atlantic Ocean. Although it may yet be a transcriber’s error, Plato placed the event of the great planetary destruction ten thousand years earlier.

And here is where Atlantis scholarship will forevermore change the way you think about the ancient history of your ancestors. This is the great secret they have covered up all these centuries, and probably is the basis of most of the secret societies in the world today.

For a period of about twenty years up until the late 1940s, a respected British newspaper editor named William Comyns Beaumont touted his theory that fragments of a great comet destroyed the fabulous civilization of the Hyperboreans, which he located somewhere between Scotland and Scandinavia.

In his epic “The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain”, Comyns Beaumont makes the astounding assertion that the written records of human civilization — Egypt, Sumer, Mycenaean Greece, the Indian subcontinent and South America — were all first established by giant white seafaring Nordic refugees from the great comet that destroyed their home in 1332 BC.

The sun turns black, | earth sinks in the sea,
The hot stars down | from heaven are whirled;
Fierce grows the steam | and the life-feeding flame,
Till fire leaps high | about heaven itself.
— Snorri Sturlason, AD 1315, Voluspo: The Wise Woman’s Prophecy


The work of Comyns Beaumont forms the basis of everything written by Immanuel Velikovsky (“Mankind in Amnesia”) and Michael Tsarion (“The Irish Origins of Civilization”), as well as dozens of other suppressed and forgotten scholars (Gerald Massey) who produced amazingly unpolluted versions of empirical ancient history.

Comyns Beaumont writes of the catastrophe in the the north that sent survivors sailing for safety all over the world. He finds the real story in a surprisingly late version of very ancient history, the Icelandic legends.

(p. 12) This occult verse, a sacred saga of the skalds [poets], describes how Surtur, known elsewhere as the Mighty One, flashed a flame with the power of sunlight with grim results. It describes a catastrophe when mountains collided, heaven itself was rent in twain, and how the race of Giants was hurled into Hell. The giants in the epic are related to the Scandinavian fabled city of Asgard.

When Odin and his gods went from Asgard to Scandinavia, they taught the natives everything. They even played chess.

“Mythology was never purposeless,” Comyns Beaumont writes. “It was skillfully devised to survive as folklore. A connection may be found between the city of Asgard, that of Knossos, the ‘divine’ city of Crete, or Ur of the Chaldees, and of the capital of Atlantis, all related to the flood epoch . . . .”

The authors’ contention — and the contention of the many who have followed his sensational research — is that the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton, who flew too close to the Sun and crashed is the tale that has perpetuated the story of the comet that destroyed the civilization known as Atlantis.

The academic pettifoggery known as the Ice Age is demolished by Comyns Beaumont — “a tremendous convulsion of nature, which had the most direful effect on the peoples of Britain, Scandinavia and northern Asia.” It also made the Earth’s orbit 5 1/4 days longer.

(p.16)  . . .  sudden, devastating, appalling in its destructiveness . . . a celestial impact of an immense cometary body . . . rained or distributed rocks, stones, boulder clay, till, gravel, sand . . . over great areas  .  . it created islands, drowned others, caused immense tidal waves, swallowed up coastal lands, consumed huge spaces with electric waves [fires], set up volcanoes, and swept away cities . . . almost in a flash. It disorganized civilization for a lengthy period and its residual effects are experienced to this day. . . .  Its coming is preserved for the information of humanity on the Golspie Stone .  . . The Catastrophe  . . . was the Flood of the Scriptures.

Irish legends match the Icelandic ones. The Athenians wrote of the war between the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. A later version of the tale is the Biblical story of the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch.

As it happened, right after I read Comyns Beaumont’s ‘Riddle’ about real ancient history, I serendipitously opened a book from the Welsh Heritage Series, titled “A History of the Red Dragon.”

As I read through it, and the author droned on about what kind of mythological beast the dragon could have possibly represented, I kept saying out loud, “It’s the comet, you ninny!” But he never made the connection. Listen to what he said.

(p. 18) The dragon has sometimes been seen as one of the many fictitious beasts of the ancient Near East, a region rich in monsters  . . . [!] To this region we owe, for example, the unicorn and the many races of weird wild men which, in the Middle Ages, were associated with India.

There is a broad consistency in the image, the habits and functions of dragons from China and India through Mesopotamia and the West which is difficult to account for except by diffusion from a common source. But such diffusion of beliefs about the dragon is more likely to have passed between peoples who already knew the monster and had strong feelings about him . . .

The dragon pictures and beliefs found in pre-Columbian America, in Australasia and in the Pacific Islands show that some kind of indigenous dragon had been pre-existent in those cultures long before they became accessible to cultural diffusion from the Near East.

[p. 20] The original dragon was not copied directly either from nature or from neighbors. It was created everywhere in the minds of archaic peoples who felt a frightening awareness of some great and dangerous force  . . .

The enemies of humankind
Lurk in the human heart, you’ll find:
Here fly the dragons of the mind.

— Anonyma, The Book of Hidden Things

But this author never made the connection to the ancient comet that changed everything and blotted out the Sun before destroying large parts of the planet — it changed the Earth’s orbit so that astrologers had to rejigger their calculations, it destroyed numerous lives and civilizations, and embedded a terror in the minds of all who lived that, to this day, has never completely left us.

The dragon is the comet, and the comet is the wrathful God of every religion ever invented on Planet Earth.

There were giants in the earth in those days:
and also after that, when the sons of God
came in unto the daughters of men,
and they bare children to them,
the same became mighty men
which were of old, men of renown.
— Genesis 6:4

The Nephilim are major players in the Old Testament. They were the Giants of old.

Their strength was prodigious and their appetites immense. Upon devouring all of humankind’s resources, they began to consume humans themselves. The Nephilim attacked and oppressed humans and were the cause of massive destruction on the earth. <>

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls chart a succession of huge people gradually getting smaller over time as the giant genes were eventually diluted.

Two texts of central import to the story of the Nephilim, the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, mention several names for the Nephilim. The diverse kinds of these giants are cited in several passages. They are variously referred to as Emim, or “Terrors” (Gen. 14:5; Deut. 2:10), Rephaim, or “Weakeners” or “Dead Ones” (2 Sam. 23:13; 1 Chron. 11:15), Gibborim, or “Giant Heroes” (Job 16:4), Zamzummim, or “Achievers” (Deut. 2:10), Anakim, or “Long-necked” (Deut. 2:10; Josh. 11:22, 14:15), and Awwim or “Devastators” and “Serpents.”

Other giants are mentioned in these texts as well, such as Goliath (2 Sam. 21:19), a giant with twelve fingers and twelve toes who is mentioned as one of the Rephaim (2 Sam. 21:20), and a tall Egyptian (1 Chron. 11:23). The passage of Numbers 13:26-33 recounts the Nephilim of Canaan that Joshua and the other Hebrew spies saw. Furthermore, according to Judaic lore, a certain one of the Nephilim, Arba, built a city, Kiriath Arba, which was named for its builder and is now known as Hebron.

The wickedness of the Nephilim carried with it a heavy toll. Genesis 6:5 alludes to the corruption that the Nephilim had caused amongst humans and themselves: “The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become…” Their evil rebellion had incurred both the wrath and grief of God.

God instructed the angel Gabriel to ignite a civil war among the Nephilim. He also chose Enoch, a righteous man, to inform the fallen angels of the judgment pronounced on them and their children. God did not allow the fallen angels any peace, for they could not lift their eyes to heaven and were later to be chained. The end of the Nephilim came about in the war incited by Gabriel, in which the giants eventually annihilated each other. <>

There’s that false official version of history again. Oh, they killed each other after an angel went to see them, typical Biblical nonsense. Sounds a lot like what Hillary Clinton says when she goes to Pakistan. Any resemblance to current political tactics is not coincidental.

In Biblical historical texts, the Amorites are most frequently mentioned in connection with the Nephilim and the Nephilim-based tribes. Sayce, among other historians, have uncovered historical references to the Amorite-based Nephilim as being of light complexion, being blue-eyed, and possessing dolichocephalic traits (aka: “long-headed”). <>


“The Nephilim are major players in the Old Testament. They were the giants of old.” —  John Kaminski

The Norse legends are full of stories about Giants, but they all revolve around the Twilight of the Gods and the Armageddon caused by the comet called Surtur, which is chiefly known in the 21st century as a bad ass Marvel comic book character with a blazing sword. <>

The conclusions of Comyns Beaumont and the reams of scholarship on the same theme that have followed in his wake all point to this event as the critical link to the foundations of our civilization. For one thing, it explains how all the ancient civilizations arrive in written history fully formed in their institutions, practices and achievements.

Contemplate for a moment, if you will, that all the history you have ever learned is false and that according to Comyns Beaumont, civilization did not come to Europe from the East: it was spread to the far corners of the world by white giants who has mastered the sea and a written language that made them seem like extraterrestrial gods to the primitive natives whom they plundered.

And that leads us to an even more momentous question about the origin of rivalries that led to wars on this planet.

If white giants who fled the wrath of the great comet all those years ago founded or guided all the ancient civilizations in their practices and rituals, how does it come to be that we are now divided up into so many warring factions once united in our mutual compassion about that mind boggling terror from the sky?

Is it not the same con game that has continued since even before the dawn of civilization, with the more powerful and smarter whites exploiting feckless natives perpetually in the dark about everything? The same thing that’s happening today?

White giants with awesome weapons and unfathomably sophisticated language pretend to be the benefactors of the less enlightened with all sorts of technological attractions, but why are these countries always plundered and turned to rubble? Since the dawn of time.

How odd would it be if it were me, a serious chronicler of Jewish depredations throughout history, who absolved the Jews of their collective guilt for the crimes they continue to commit, because he discovered that all the religions of the world have their roots in the genes and teachings of giant white barbarian druids from Scotland who colonized the entire world before anything was ever written down?

In my life, two of the people I respect the most have both disagreed with me about blaming Jews for the condition of the world. R.D. Willing, author of “Money: the 12th and Final Religion”, tried to tell me it was the Brits who were running the Jews, but he hadn’t read Comyns Beaumont.

And when I asked Eustace Mullins, foremost chronicler of Jewish perfidy in world history, whether it was the Sanhedrin or the Queen who really ran everything, he replied without hesitation, “The Queen.” But Eustace hadn’t read Manetho, the Egyptian historian who reveals the Hebrew invasion of ancient Egypt, nor did he know about the comet.

How odd would it be if Richard and Eustace were right for the wrong reasons, because the basis of all world cultures was seeded so very long ago by the white giants of prehistoric times so vividly depicted in the Icelandic legends?

Maybe somebody somewhere will print out this story and file it in a drawer that somehow will wind up in a cave centuries into the future that will accurately explain what happened to us as a species and caused what is about to happen to us now to happen at all. (Short answer? Priests.)

The gods that came down from heaven were actually fragments of a comet that destroyed significant parts of the planet. That’s what first got people to analyze the sky, and read human portents into its activities, and eventually fantasize deities whose wrathful temper ruled the lives of men.


Those who survived this cataclysm began the civilization that we know today, as those who survive the many contrived cataclysms that approach us now will, in a similarly haphazard way, begin the civilization of tomorrow.

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