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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Chimps with Machine Guns


Chimp with machine gun

After watching this video, don't tell me there aren't animals who are smarter than humans. Which species would you prefer to have patrolling your neighborhood?

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When Russia Saved America

Hacked to pieces by Jews (how many Jews have a sense of remorse over this -- they

whose world view revolves around the collective guilt of gentiles for every Jewish ill,

real or imagined?) For the sake of all victims of Zionist Jews past, present and future,

you had better pay close attention to the warning in the following article. - Dick Eastman

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Becker’s Paradox

How the world stays trapped in its own bad dream 

Beware of what you crave for you will get it. — Euripides, Shakespeare, Emerson 

Men cause evil by wanting heroically to triumph over it, because man is a frightened animal who tries to triumph, an animal who will not admit his own insignificance, that he cannot perpetuate himself and his group forever, that no one is invulnerable no matter how much of the blood of others is spilled to try to demonstrate it. — Ernest Becker, Escape from Evil, 1974

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Finicum’s Ghost

For sure, the vast majority of people refuse to realize the magnitude of the emergency we are in. They munch their snacks, burn their gasoline and think the road goes on forever.

They ignore the fact that their road could end as easily as it did on that snowy highway in eastern Oregon earlier this year, when an honorable man speaking on principle to cops who were ordered not to listen was shot down for defending our own rights as a citizen — which it is now virtually against the law to do.

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Canyon in the heart

December 01 2004

An abyss of icy silence divides those who care from those who don't


In my dream I am looking out over the edge of a vast cliff, searching the infinite distance for a word. How to describe the great divide between these two warring factions of the American psyche?

In the distance I seem to see two people standing back to back, staring off in different directions. Their teeth are clenched hard. Both are certain of their vision.

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American scumbags

Indifferent citizens remain silent while
our criminal leaders murder millions,
including the best of our own people


Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

President Barack Obama is fond of telephoning mediocre homosexual athletes and making a big deal of congratulating them for their "courage" at "coming out of the closet", but when it comes to a true American hero, someone who stands up for individual freedom, "for liberty and justice for all" like Lavoy Finicum, who was shot to death in the Oregon snow by smelly government hit men, Obama is nowhere to be found. He probably was out playing golf, or sneaking into some gay bath house in Chicago.

More recently, he might have killed his own Supreme Court justice. We know he has ordered the deaths of many other Americans who had stories to tell that he didn't want told. We live in a system that allows the powerful to commit crimes while imprisoning those of lesser status who have committed no crime at all.

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Prisoners of the Slave State

Realizing your thoughts have never been your own

You just voted for one of two candidates who are both completely wired to the puppetmasters, the slave owners, the people who own you, who own the ground you walk on, as well as the food you eat and the wars you die in.

Voters elected Donald Trump in a landslide and he won by a whisker. That’s how the votes were counted. It was a spectacle to astound the masses, and keep their minds off the real issues of the world, none of which were discussed rationally during the presidential campaign just passed.

But it was all a staged drama, much like the Romans who fed Christians to the lions to keep everyone’s mind off their disintegrating lifestyles.

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'Eyeless in Gaza'

September 15 2005

What we look for in others is what we need to see in ourselves

The title of Aldous Huxley's 1955 novel, "Eyeless in Gaza," alludes to the Biblical story of Samson, who revealed to Delilah the secret of his strength — his hair — and was betrayed to his enemies the Philistines. Deported as a slave to their city of Gaza and blinded to make him harmless, he was forgotten until feast day. By then his hair had regrown, and even blind he was able to pull down the temple on the heads of the celebrating Philistines (and kill himself at the same time).

Is this a parable of the human future?

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Tomorrow has Been Stolen

Your home is on fire, but you don’t really want to know. As your drowsy eyes flicker on the edge of sleep, a faint scent of smoke hovers somewhere in the distance. Smugly comfortable in your favorite easy chair — the one you have worked for all your life —  you simply don’t want to to be disturbed. It’s not worth worrying about, you tell yourself.

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Man is a Frightened Animal Who Must Lie in Order to Live.

We’re all trapped in a complex web of mistranslated myths that have been used to anesthetize the populations for purposes of commercial exploitation. This is the pattern of all history. Keeping the peace means getting people to agree upon a pleasurable lie. And always, the local God is turned into a hammer with which to slam the neighbor.

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