John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

The first Jewish lie

Egyptian debunks Biblical fantasy
that Israelites were slaves in Egypt

Jews lie. Jews have always lied. And most assuredly, Jews are still lying today about everything that has to do with themselves and their sordid history.

So considering how they have wrecked the United States, Russia, Germany and so many other countries by mentally lobotomizing and financially castrating all of them, it should come as no surprise that Jews have falsified their own history from the very beginning.

Or to put it more concisely in the words of an Egyptian medical doctor named Ashraf Ezzat, "The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land."

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Nature has been made illegal

The future depends upon believers, but everything we believe is false

As I see it, the only truly valid instruction we receive in this life comes from our parents when we are little. They warn us against burning ourselves, to avoid being hit by a passing car, and most especially, not to lie, or people won't believe what we say. Which is why it always puzzled me that all the information we receive from society throughout our lives seeks to break down these initial instructions, these common sense safeguards given to us by the two people who love us most, our parents.

Now, our nightmare government claims to love us more than mom and dad, as they yank children into hospital gulags insisting untested medicines filled with toxic ingredients are more sensible than traditional remedies proven effective by generations of common practice. A government that seeks to protect us from ourselves is no government at all, but only our jailer, and all too often our killer.

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Our Complicity in Mass Murder

We anesthetize our revulsion
by pretending we are heroic


The collective intelligence of Americans is shrinking faster than the brain of a man with a headache who takes Ibuprofen, or swallows diphenhydramine to help him sleep. (See footnote.)

But the principal creator of The Shrinking American Brain is the massive monster of malignant media pumping endless advertising into our brains 24/7, covering up for poison food and bad medicine, pretending to be our window on the world but really painting an ever shrinking portrait of what we are allowed to say in increasingly inane and irrelevant public gatherings.

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On the Road to a Poisoned Nirvana

A portrait of the shadow as the spectacle that rules our lives 

"The ideological-totalitarian class in power is the power of a world turned on its head: the stronger the class, the more forcefully it proclaims that it does not exist, and its strength serves first and foremost to assert its nonexistence. This is as far as its modesty goes, however, for its official nonexistence is supposed to coincide with the perfection of historical development, which is indeed owed to its infallible leadership. Though everywhere in evidence, the bureaucracy is obliged to be a class imperceptible to consciousness, thus making the whole of social life unfathomable and insane. The social organization of the absolute lie reposes on this fundamental contradiction."
 — Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, 1967 (106) p. 74 

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Gagging at the Circus of Killer Clowns

Zero chance for peace
from totally corrupt crop
of presidential wannabes

I know we shouldn’t put too much faith in the results of an Iowa caucus, seeing that one year citizens of that Cornbelt state gave an overwhelming victory to an inane Arkansas ex-governor named Mike Huckabee, whose most infamous gaffe was defending a politician who suggested there actually was a category called legitimate rape.

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The depth of the darkness

Man pines to lives but cannot endure the days of his life.
— Edward Dahlberg

No one opens a rosebud to make it blossom.
— Paul Fleiss

How does it come to be that in a world where billions of people believe they will go to a better place when they die, the world in front of our eyes is a neverending parade of unnatural death, thanks to ever more effective ways to kill people, wielded by those ever eager to send us to that better place as fast as possible?

I know, it’s really hard to swallow, that some ancient cult has mysteriously controlled the entire human species since time immemorial. But the evidence for this is seriously mounting, with the ever amplifying focus of all t(his buzz definitely zeroing in on the titanic Jewish spin job that has the world freefalling toward a bloody black hole that is nothing more than the tragic manifestation of its own psychopathological belief systems.

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Canyon in the heart

December 01 2004

An abyss of icy silence divides those who care from those who don't


In my dream I am looking out over the edge of a vast cliff, searching the infinite distance for a word. How to describe the great divide between these two warring factions of the American psyche?

In the distance I seem to see two people standing back to back, staring off in different directions. Their teeth are clenched hard. Both are certain of their vision.

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American scumbags

Indifferent citizens remain silent while
our criminal leaders murder millions,
including the best of our own people


Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

President Barack Obama is fond of telephoning mediocre homosexual athletes and making a big deal of congratulating them for their "courage" at "coming out of the closet", but when it comes to a true American hero, someone who stands up for individual freedom, "for liberty and justice for all" like Lavoy Finicum, who was shot to death in the Oregon snow by smelly government hit men, Obama is nowhere to be found. He probably was out playing golf, or sneaking into some gay bath house in Chicago.

More recently, he might have killed his own Supreme Court justice. We know he has ordered the deaths of many other Americans who had stories to tell that he didn't want told. We live in a system that allows the powerful to commit crimes while imprisoning those of lesser status who have committed no crime at all.

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Prisoners of the Slave State

Realizing your thoughts have never been your own

You just voted for one of two candidates who are both completely wired to the puppetmasters, the slave owners, the people who own you, who own the ground you walk on, as well as the food you eat and the wars you die in.

Voters elected Donald Trump in a landslide and he won by a whisker. That’s how the votes were counted. It was a spectacle to astound the masses, and keep their minds off the real issues of the world, none of which were discussed rationally during the presidential campaign just passed.

But it was all a staged drama, much like the Romans who fed Christians to the lions to keep everyone’s mind off their disintegrating lifestyles.

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The next evolutionary hurdle

July 4 2004

Detoxifying bogus messiahs and accepting the actuality of death

is the only way to stop this worldwide orgy of mass murder


Human history reveals a long tradition of killing the messenger who brings bad news, no matter how real that news might be. Pray with me for a moment that this doesn't happen to the bearer of this all-too-obvious slice of reality.

I am neither a believer in Charles Darwin's observation that humans gradually evolved from hairy hominids who climbed down from trees and started minting shekels, nor do I believe that some very large dude with a big white beard plunked down a hairless white male in a lush garden and then snatched one of his ribs to create his eternally cantankerous main squeeze.

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