John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic


Chimp with machine gun

After watching this video, don't tell me there aren't animals who are smarter than humans. Which species would you prefer to have patrolling your neighborhood?


Just imagine the revenge the dead souls of animals might wreak on their human killers if they could. But surely they wouldn't, because they're animals, utterly purposeful and pragmatic, doing what they do because they do it in the grace of God's holy sunlight.

Whereas humans kill anything that moves, ever trying to scrub the shifting shadows from their own concocted dreams.

Sickness abounds in the world and in ourselves. It is in our nature to heal the sick — we don't need to be taught that. It's intrinsic, and all animals possess this trait. Team players in the sport of life. Somehow everything that lives knows there is only one species of baby, although some species go ahead and eat them anyway.

Each new invention takes us further and further away from ourselves. We define ourselves today in the context of the electronic conveniences that shape our behavior — always driving us apart and seldom bringing us together except through the interface of contracts or the sale of a prized toy.

Our abstractions have robbed us of our knowledge of ourselves. No longer able to build a house, skin a bear or even live a sensible life, we have been shorn of our very survival necessities. We traded them in for a big TV. 

Our connection to natural life has been severed by technological conveniences, made us flabby and unable to survive in the wild as any other animal does naturally and with mystic grace. That force we call God has given them everything they'll ever need for a fruitful life.

What every other animal on this planet can do, we cannot do — survive in the wild. 

We have been imprisoned by our own technological abstractions, and are poisoning the world.

Our contraptions and contrivances have trapped us in a paralyzing miasma — we're doomed to sucking on the big mechanical welfare teat forever! Because cunningly manipulated technology has made feeble slaves of us all, unable to care for ourselves even as we ingest the popular public products that hasten our demise.

I've long held the notion that the principal threats to our own survival are inside ourselves, miscellaneous misperceived boobytraps that have been installed in our brains, by people we would not really like to meet, people like Bernays and Kinsey and Bella Abzug, not to mention Pope Leo the Khazar and Rabbi Kook the Elder — who just turn your stomach when you think about what they've done.

So who are the real chimps now? The Americans, hands down. They've pissed away paradise trying to keep up with their neighbors, and now all are demented and bleeding on the spearpoints of the mass projected Jewish marketing of poisoned products.

You name it — it's poison. From petrochemical to nuclear to biotech to, now, neuronal nanomanipulation — all poisons — all meant to diminish us, for purposes of more convenient control, into minimally conscious reflexively conditioned droids — and frankly, I think most of us are pretty much in this condition already.

Fear the Flavenoid, baby! Eschew the Adderall.

Airport goons make molestation a way of life. Cops on steroids taze grandmothers. Doctors prescribe known poison, keep the real cancer treatments from the people they would cure. Kids worship our boys in uniform, which both helps and makes it worse when they come home dead.

The chimps are coming. Your life insurance premium just went up.

It's not the enlisted chimps we have to worry about — they're just trying to get a Green Card, free dental, and a college education. Although they will kill you to protect their investment because that's what they've been ordered to do by their Jewish controlled Christian evangelical generals.

It's the hired chimps, that Blackwater bunch that is always changing its name  . . . yes, it's the hired chimp spooks — and most especially the ones who are imported from somewhere else for specific tasks, because if your license plate lights up the wrong lights on the wrong switchboard, you could be blown to bits by a stone drone bone without additional notice in circumstances that are now becoming increasingly regular.

Think about this while you're waiting at your next traffic light.

This is the true Obamacare — to be blown away by a drone in heavy traffic.

Most important, it's the guys who hired the chimps who should be the constant focus of our investigations, the button pushers who hire the candidates with no verifiable history to inflict their rapacious pronouncements upon a perpetually puzzled populace. Wonder why that is no longer. It's the schools, who for a long time now have trained only chimps with machine guns.

Chimps with machine guns. A new nickname for the U.S. Army, as well as every cop in the country, all mindlessly taking orders from the people who are trying to destroy all nations rather than the ones who are trying to save them.

Chimps with machine guns. Dig it. Dig it deep. 

Let the soothing comfort of your patriotic security seep deep into your chemically compromised bones.

Don't wait for the light to change. It already has.

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