John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

We anesthetize our revulsion
by pretending we are heroic


The collective intelligence of Americans is shrinking faster than the brain of a man with a headache who takes Ibuprofen, or swallows diphenhydramine to help him sleep. (See footnote.)

But the principal creator of The Shrinking American Brain is the massive monster of malignant media pumping endless advertising into our brains 24/7, covering up for poison food and bad medicine, pretending to be our window on the world but really painting an ever shrinking portrait of what we are allowed to say in increasingly inane and irrelevant public gatherings.

What is ‘cool’ has now become a sly technique for mind control (he said, as people now walk off bridges playing Pokemon 2). Most kids can’t discern between what is hip and what is destructive, and the mass media push these alluring addictions purely for profit.

Kids, desperate for heroes to idolize, instead run into these manufactured media creations who wind up misleading those who in their teenage zeal believe they have found nirvana. Of such sentiments are gurus born. The result is wasted lives and fractured families. You can bet this didn’t happen by accident.

The media decide what is fashionable and what is taboo. And since the people who start the wars and commit crimes so massive they can’t really be comprehended by ordinary folks trying to maintain their own deteriorating connection to reality . . . let’s face it: the people who pretend to report the news are really owned by the people who are committing the crimes.

Wonder no longer why you have an incomplete perception of reality. The powers that be want it that way, and any explanation they may attempt to justify their benevolence invariably conceals a vast money making operation that is kept secret by government controlled media.

Example? The war in Afghanistan has always been about the poppy crop. This off-the-budget revenue is used to fund all these fantastic false flag operations, the objective of which is to get the lemming public to obey without whining about the ever-expanding abuse they continue to endure.

Examine further examples and observe your brain shrinking away from the horror that is too great to internalize as your own responsibility. Most people scapegoat someone else, which prevents them from scrutinizing their own motivations.

As you argue for your own superiority, contemplate the disaster that has befallen the world in your generation, and reflect upon the part you have — or haven’t — played in it.

And self deception. What kind of history do we have when the clever killer gets to write the final version of events and declare himself the hero?

Is this not the real story of human history, the triumph of betrayal?

As we surveil the vista outside from inside our own perceptual configuration, we look out on the world with regret for the lies we have not challenged that have done so much damage to everyone for making a small group of master criminals that much richer, and the rest of us that much sicker for not being able to recognize the unending series of poisoned maneuvers and products foisted upon us by our leaders.

A history of lying

How do we present ourselves to our children when we are aware of the lies that constrain us in our adult lives? Do we teach them how to suck up to rich people in order to steal their gig or practice their scams when we have learned enough about the path we have chosen? Is loyalty ever really rewarded, or is betrayal the archetypal human trait?

Or does our mental indigestion over the events of the world impart a world cynicism to our children, in which we teach them inadvertently how to cheat and take advantage of people?

Those with the best of these undesirable skills eventually become our leaders. The permanent state of the political art form is getting people to believe promises that can’t possibly be kept.

And there we have the history of the USA. People believing they were getting one thing but always got another eventually found their way to absolute bankruptcy, moral as well as financial.

The really sad cases are the ones who believed in this dramatic construct known as America. Even though they’ve known for some time that the murder of the sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967 and the demolition of the World Trade Center in 2001 were both carried out by America’s best friend in the Middle East.

Our outgoing president ruled that our government doesn’t need a trial to murder someone, and then promptly went out and murdered someone with a drone (and shortly thereafter did the same to his son) for that man’s opposition to U.S. wars against Israel’s enemies.

Do the math. Does someone who correctly perceives the criminal behavior of the U.S. government qualify him for termination under the new rules conferred upon all America by the Manchurian candidate Obama? Apparently so. Are you on the Red List?

Should the Democrats maintain their hold on the White House in 2016, we will have a president who has committed numerous felonies, frauds and perjuries yet remains immune from indictment according to the head of the FBI.

This confirms our shared suspicion that laws are for the little people, and the rich can and will do what they want. There has never been a more glaring revelation about our injustice system than FBI director Comey’s instant exoneration of Hillary Clinton for her obvious crimes.

The fact that she is still running for president gives evidence of the depraved condition of the U.S. government.

The people in charge of our government hire the terrorists who then, for large amounts of money, pretend very convincingly to fight us.

The people in charge of our government, in fact, ARE the terrorists! And we are their mostly unwitting accomplices, in all their perfidious crimes.

What are the real issues?

An honest 9/11 investigation would reveal Jewish control of the American government that permitted a defensive stand down, a fake kamikaze raid, and the demolition from within the World Trade Center towers, pretty much eliminating as a suspect anyone without the sanction of multiple countries, but most especially by the U.S. and Israel.

People all over the world know this as truth, but our government, currently is strangling itself over the lies it has told that are leading the world toward its doom by the worldwide deployment of weapons of mass destruction as it desperately tries to maintain its clumsy fictions.

The tragic 9/11 melodrama has turned American brains to mush, as they may not approach the truth without risking social sanction and quite possibly the destruction of their entire lives.

As with the Holohoax mythology, our government believes you must accept the facts it presents without questioning them. Questioning them would be unpatriotic. And to be unpatriotic these days, according to the perverts who run the world, is to qualify for instant death courtesy of some Clintonesque-type hit squad, or by vampire federal prosecutors getting bonuses for terror convictions who seek to ruin your life because of your attempted association with the truth.

In fact, according to the new Department of Homeland Security rules, it is now against the law to seek the truth. In France, this has already been made into law, which is why Daryl Bradford Smith shut down his website, The French Connection, one of the great repositories of texts relevant to the way the world really runs.

All conversations about the events in the world — from the false flag terror episodes to the clandestine assassinations of bankers and doctors who attempt to break free of the propaganda shackles — both begin and end with the profound realization that Jews control every aspect our lives, and the media manipulation that infects all of the information we receive makes it nearly impossible to ascertain accurate accounts of current events.

The real issue is that we can’t tell this to our children, lest their world view shatter prematurely and their psyches incur permanent damage. If we do not confess our irresponsibility for not developing a forthright government intent on integrity, we let our children grow up with a misrepresentation of history that sabotages all their decisions.

We can’t tell the whole truth about ourselves. To do so would plummet us beyond the depths of despair and compel our children to hate us for our cowardice.

We give no thought to the dead we ourselves have killed by our indifference to what our own government is doing. Then, when we know what our government is really doing, we turn away from the horror, and return to other matters that occupy our lives, stifling the memory of our complicity in this endless bloodbath that benefits no one but the psychopaths who have arranged all these horrific events.


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