John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Realizing your thoughts have never been your own

You just voted for one of two candidates who are both completely wired to the puppetmasters, the slave owners, the people who own you, who own the ground you walk on, as well as the food you eat and the wars you die in.

Voters elected Donald Trump in a landslide and he won by a whisker. That’s how the votes were counted. It was a spectacle to astound the masses, and keep their minds off the real issues of the world, none of which were discussed rationally during the presidential campaign just passed.

But it was all a staged drama, much like the Romans who fed Christians to the lions to keep everyone’s mind off their disintegrating lifestyles.

The U.S. is being flooded with immigrants to bring it down to the level of the rest of the underdeveloped world. That was Obama’s gift to America, to accelerate the destabilization of the United States by flooding the country with illiterate asylum seekers who eventually overtax and crash all the social systems.

They were saying Hillary was going to start World War III if elected. Now they’re saying The Donald is going to make his predecessors look like diplomats instead of the lackey stooge Jew henchmen they actually were, particularly in regard to anti-government commentary, which sooner or later will be made illegal.

Repression is in the cards

Donald Trump will likely become the most repressive president since John Adams authored the Alien and Sedition Acts that put the opposition in jail in 1798. Thomas Jefferson rescinded them in 1800. But oh do we need a Thomas Jefferson today!

Trump must stifle freedom of speech in order to continue the coverup linking Israeli intelligence and Jewish kingpins in New York to the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Today America is stricken by a Jewish disease, drained of its life’s blood by dual citizen bankers who steal as much as they can and funnel the profits to Israel, which like a vampire drains all countries of their resources with their sophisticated financial trickery.

The American people are so profoundly oblivious to the financial and political swindles that have fleeced them. The most pathetic examples are the presidential elections, where it doesn’t really matter who gets elected because all the candidates are serving agendas given to them by the people who allow them to run.

Prosecute the neocon agenda throughout the world

It happens this way in every election. Both major candidates are always in the pocket of the Jewish bankers. It has happened in every election since Andrew Johnson  . . . or, right after they changed the Constitution to a corporation, 1868 or so, one of the most famous dates in American history, right up there with 1886, 1913, 1933, 1963 and 2001.

In each of these years our Jewish controllers made giant leaps toward turning the world into a giant prison run by them. The last of these dates has triggered the currently running endless war, which figures to intensify once Trump’s pet general Mad Dog Mattis gets his hands on the wheel.

Mad Dog Mattis, our new Secretary of Defense, engineered the incineration of Fallujah as revenge for Iraqi patriots killing four Blackwater mercenaries who were murdering people at random. All this took place in a war that never needed to happen, except to steal oil and please Israel. A dozen years later the killing continues in that permanently destabilized nation.

In their haste to elevate some political hero with undeserved adulation, it seems everyone in America has suddenly forgotten that our demolition of Iraq was a totally unjust war based on lies, lies which are still being told and lies which form the foundation of this predatory psychopathy that the United States and its evil twin Israel are inflicting on the whole world.

The JewSA war machine is like an out-of-control outlaw gang with nobody in the whole world strong enough to stop its reign of global terror.

But none of these comic book characters gets to determine the route of where the War Machine will lurch next. That information is determined by the shadowmasters who rule all cultures by compromising and debasing the leaders they choose to guide their fellow serfs. They make sure these leaders follow the plans they are given. Those who don’t are quickly removed from the scene.

You have no chance alone

You have no representation in government. You are totally in the hands of people who have been bought by the War Machine, which uses judges who collude with the lawyers and leaders bailed out of bankruptcy to execute their orders — in addition to executing as many people as possible.

Nothing you can do or say affects what the government says and does.

These are not states anymore; they are giant prison cells in a much larger penitentiary, soon to include the whole world in a regimented arrangement of conforming sections of obedient people, medicated into perfect harmony by Holy Father’s Rabbinical State.

Just remember this — No 9/11 truth, no peace.

The real news is kept from you. It is replaced by fairy tales designed to subvert your consciousness and lock you into a prescribed mindset that remains enthusiastically obedient to the dictates of the New World Order, a Jewish company.

Among other facts that have been turned on their heads by Jewish media  . . .

• According to a study that looked at 17 states with medical cannabis laws in place, researchers “found that the use of prescription drugs for which marijuana could serve as a clinical alternative fell significantly, once a medical marijuana law was implemented.”
Prescriptions fell dramatically for opioid painkillers, with 1,826 fewer doses being prescribed per year by the typical physician in a medical cannabis state. Amazingly, the trend also applied to prescriptions for depression, seizure, nausea and anxiety.

Window on the truth

"Pizzagate" is another manifestation of the artificial reality splitting off from the real one. The media defend the criminal artificial reality makers because they are part of it. The real reality is confused people struggling to overcome the lies that keep them in chains.

All the most evil deceptions of the 20th century never broke through to mainstream reality. The engineered Great Depression created the need for public assistance and war provided the jobs and profits; it is the Jewish formula, a constant war they call peace.

The Balfour Declaration, Hitler's peace plans, heroin being shipped home in the bodies of dead soldiers, etc. . . . all these things are generally unknown to the general public, who wave their flags and send their children off to die for the bankers.

They don’t understand that Jews had taken control of the minds of American people since long before they were born, and the familiar traditions of Americana — its songs, its movies, its books — were largely invented by Jews. From Hollywood to Washington, our slave reality has been crafted for us.

Expect eventually to be crushed by the apparatus we have allowed to control every aspect of our lives.

Unless we overthrow the slave society, which at present we show no signs of doing.

The corridors of power lead to secret rooms of perversion. They have destroyed our country, and will continue to wreak havoc throughout the world until they are identified and neutralized, not to mention convicted and executed.

If that does not happen we simply remain prisoners of the slave state, for as long as they let us live


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