John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Letter from Uncle Mike
No. 2, 12/22/21

The connections that undoubtedly existed between Hitlerism and Tibet are very mysterious and, until now, have not been fathomed. There was a spiritual bridge set between Berchtesgaden and Lhasa. The proof this was so can be found in the tragic destiny of Tibet, which fell as an independent nation after the physical defeat of Germany. In this world controlled by Jews the destruction of Tibet was accepted internationally, this could not be a coincidence.
The Maestro always used sacred words to refer to sacred matters. Professor C.G. Jung, having to move in the profane world of contemporary science, that of psychology, treated this very theme from a scientific point of view. But he made absolutely extraordinary declarations about Hitler to H. R. Knickerbocker, in an interview published by the Hearst International magazine Cosmopolitan in New York, in January 1939. [ . . .]
Jung said the following:
“Hitler is a spiritual vessel, a semi-deity or even better, a Myth. Mussolini is a man and therefore everything in Fascist Italy has a more human character than in Nazi Germany, where things happen by revelation.
As a man Hitler scarcely exists. In any event he disappears behind the role... I have seen the Duce and the Führer together when on an official visit. I had the good fortune to find myself only a short distance from them and thus I could study them well.
I saw Mussolini looking like a child at the passing of a parade of German soldiers (goose step) and with the passage of the cavalry military band, where the cavalry drummers directed the horses with pressure from their legs alone; Mussolini would use his hands to strike the big drums of his thighs. Mussolini did not hide his aesthetic emotion with the spectacle and, on returning to Italy, introduced the goose step into the Italian Army.
In truth this marching is the most impressive that can be seen... In comparison with Mussolini, Hitler gave me the impression of a frame, a wooden structure covered with clothes, an automaton with a mask, like a robot, or with the mask of a robot. During the entire ceremony of the military parade he never smiled and remained aloof.
He did not show any mark of the human. His expression was inhuman, that of a being with a continuous purpose, with no sense of humour. Hitler seemed the double of a real person as if Hitler the man were within, like an appendage, deliberately hidden so as not to interfere with the mechanism...”
“What an extraordinary difference between Hitler and Mussolini! With Mussolini one feels that one meets with a human being.
With Hitler one is astonished (scared). We know we can never talk with this man, because there is no one there. He is not a man, but a collective. He is not an individual but a whole nation. (A Tulku, in pristine and sacred words).
I accept as literally true that he has no personal friends. Hitler cannot be explained by means of personal contact, as a work of art cannot be explained by the personality of the artist. The great work of art is the result of the entire world in which the artist lives and of the millions of people who surround him and of thousands of currents of thought... Mussolini can find a successor, but I see no one who could replace Hitler... Hitler cannot marry. If he marries he will cease to be Hitler. I do not wonder if he has sacrificed sex-life for the cause.”
All these declarations of Jung are so exceptional we shall have to return to them more than once. Jung continues:
“The true passion of Hitler is Germany. This also means he finds himself ruled by an Idea. The Idea is always feminine. The mind is a woman because the head, the brain, is the creator; mind is like the mother's womb. The Unconscious of the man is feminine (anima), that of the woman is masculine (animus).”
“Hitler has no personal ambitions. His ambitions go much further beyond those of ordinary people... Hitler's power is not political: It is magical.
To understand this term it is necessary to know what the Unconscious is. It is the part of our mental constitution over which we have no control, which contains thoughts and even conclusions over which we have no awareness... The secret of Hitler is not that he has a more powerful unconscious, more filled with thoughts and memories than other men. Rather his secret is that his unconscious has an extraordinary access to his consciousness and that it permits him to dominate and move it.
It is like a man who is actively listening to a whispering voice from a mysterious spring-head. And he acts in accord with her. We have too much rationality to obey her. But Hitler hears her and obeys. The true leader is always guided. Hitler himself has referred to his Voice. Therefore he always knows better than his advisers and than the opinions of foreign observers. This is because the information accumulated by his unconscious reaches his consciousness by means of an extraordinary ability that makes it more correct than that of all those who reach different conclusions from his.
Hitler cannot cease to obey his Voice. When he announced the invasion of Czechoslovakia in the Sports Palace the voice of the human Hitler trembles. What man would not feel fear in that instant, on making the decision that could compromise the destiny of millions? Nevertheless the Voice commands him to go forward.
And he must obey her... Hitler is like Mohammed: He is the Messiah of Germany who teaches virtue with the sword. The sword must uphold the spirit of Aryan Germany... The religious character of Hitlerism is put into relief by the fact that the German communities throughout the world have adopted Hitlerism in spite of being so far removed from the power of Berlin.
When Hitler speaks by shouting it happens because he must do so, because through him the Collective Unconscious of his race speaks itself. His voice is, at a minimum, that of seventy or eighty million Germans. He must shout even in private conversation... The Voice he hears is the Collective Unconscious, especially that of the Collective Unconscious of his race, but also of many Englishmen, Frenchmen and even Czechs who feel admiration for him, as well as fear.” [ . . . ]
In the daily The Observer of London in October 1936, Jung wrote:
“German politics is not made, it is revealed through Hitler. He is the Voice of the Gods... Hitler governs by revelations. Hence the hypersensitivity of Germans towards criticism or attacks against their leader. It is a blasphemy for them because Hitler is their Oracle...When Hitler was pressed by other nations not to withdraw from the League of Nations he isolated himself in his retreat for three days and then, with no explanation, said: ʻGermany must withdraw.ʼ This is a revelation.”
“In Germany they now work for the creation of an aristocracy. The SS are being transformed into a caste of knights (like the Teutonic Knights or the Templars) who will govern seventy million Germans... Without the idea of an aristocracy stability is not possible. You, in England, owe the possession of the world to the gentleman.”
As for the possession of Hitler by an Archetype, his analysis is of limitless importance. Jung said: “seemed the double of a real person, as if Hitler, the man were within, like an appendage, deliberately hidden, so as not to interfere with the mechanism.” [ . . . ]
And Goebbels declared, referring to his Führer:
“Who can boast of having seen him as he really is? He moves in the world of the Absolutely Lethal. Nothing else makes sense, neither good nor evil, neither time nor space. That which he is, I am ignorant. Is he really a man? I could not ensure it. There are moments in which he causes me terror...”
So it is. The Hyperborean Archetype chooses the most appropriate intermediaries so that his intervention in this world should be effective. He prepares and presents his machinery. Nothing more apt for the expression of an Archetype of the Aryan Collective Unconscious, to use Jungian terminology, than the people of Germanic race with their “sense of postponement as their dynamic motor.” Hitler himself said it: “If I had found a better people than the German, I would have gone there. With all its limitations, it is the best.”
In ancient terms, in sacred words, those which my Maestro used: This is the coming and incarnation of an Avatar, of a God (to no longer say Archetype), of the Avatar of Vishnu, of Shiva, or, what seems more exact, of Wotan, the Nordic Kristos. Of his arrival in order to work among Vîras, among heroes. [. . .]
The description Jung made of Hitler is that of an empty body. Empty of what? Empty of Hitler, it seems.
“There is no one there!” He said. That was my impression too. But what Jung means cannot be exactly as he says it. It is a literary figure of speech. Because nothing can be completely empty, except a cadaver. That is why a cadaver's inert matter weighs more than the living, lacking the flatus of the soul, the pneuma that lifts it. A Medium, for example, does not give the impression of being empty, but occupied by another force, or rather possessed. But a Medium and Hitler are two opposite situations, even though they may seem similar.
Is there something in the phenomena of Hitler that can compare with what happened to me? Did someone go out from his body? What happened to his Astral? My Maestro had said: “Hitler cannot only go out into the Astral, but he sees the Astral of others without going out of his physical body.” The Maestro said he once went to the house Hitler was constructing on the top of a mountain in Berchtesgaden, which I have visited many times and whose true name is Gralsburg, Castle of the Grail. Hitler was seated in a room surrounded by windows, watching the mountains and valleys through binoculars. Hitler saw the Maestro arrive and said to him: “Wanderer, continue on your way.” [ . . . ]
Hitler delivered his life, his body, his vehicles to the God Wotan of his ancestors so that He could rise into His Twilight. Thus Hitler was the Führer. He was the Platonic Archetype of this Hyperborean Idea that circulates in the blood of Aryans. He was Wotan. He was the bearer of a Power.
That Hitler was an initiate, or already came initiated, is proven because he could go out of his physical body, could see beings from other worlds. He only needed to put himself into a transcendental state; to retire into the lonely forest or mountain, to hear his Voice, as Jung tells us. Then there was his dreamlike expression, with his otherworldly eyes lost in the beyond, as we can see even in various photographs and as even Jung described him: “A visionary, a kind of Mohammed. The world has never seen the like...”

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