John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

The Jewish cemetery of Prague

Excerpted from
“Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar,”
by Miguel Serrano, pp. 446-458


A Macabre Story And The Fate Of Some Writers

The writers who have dared to penetrate the secret of the Jewish Question have in one way or another been liquidated, sometimes physically like the recent assassination of François Duprat in France, the poet Robert Brasillach at the end of the ultimate Great War, or else in silence and forgotten like the greatest such as Knut Hamsun, Nobel Prize for Literature; Luigi Pirandello, a partisan of Fascism today absent from the stages of the world, and Ezra Pound.

Who remembers a novelist of marvels named Knut Hamsun, Pagan singer of the Northern forests of Norway? Who has dared to give Ezra Pound the seat of honour that befits him? Who has yet written his true biography? It was I who dedicated the only monument raised to him until now anywhere in the world, in the very ancient Spanish village of Medinaceli. Moreover I don't know if it is still there when those who contributed to its erection hardly knew who Ezra Pound was.

And Louis Ferdinand Céline? And Francis Parker Yockey1 who died in prison in the United States? The procedure is nothing new. A fatal destiny that falls on those few foolish writers who have dared to delve into the abyssal mystery of the international conspiracy of Judaism. This has all been known since Classical times. How many fundamental works have disappeared, how many lives have been cut short!

So many profound truths we shall never know! There, in the Library of Alexandria, where the essential texts disappeared. Then later with the forty thousand volumes of the SS Castle of Wewelsburg . . . .

The prolific writer Sir John Retcliffe died on November 8, 1878 at the age of sixty-three. He wrote nearly fifty novels, widely read in his time. Among the titles are: Sebastopol, Nena Sahib, Puebla, and so on. But the true name of this writer was Hermann Goedsche. He was not English, but German. He had chosen his literary pseudonym and published his last novel, Biarritz, in 1868, ten years before his death. After that work he never returned to writing. Moreover the silence around him was intentional. What had happened?

In that ultimate work there was a most strange chapter entitled The Jewish Cemetery of Prague, that has been reproduced by another writer in a small pamphlet before the last war. Where did Retcliffe, or Goedsche, get the documentation he used to write this chapter? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion had still not circulated through the world and Achad Ha-am had not made his ideas known in Russia.

Retcliffe tells us about a Cabalistic Sanhedrin held in 1761. There the representative of the Tribe of Ruben, Isaac Beilhacke, spoke of “Freemasonry as a powerful instrument in the hands of Judaism to pursue its aspirations of universal political control.” So Goedsche anticipated what was proclaimed only in the year 1897 at the Zionist Congress of Basel and given us to understand through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: “Freemasonry is the instrument by which we shall achieve universal hegemony.”

The Cabalistic Sanhedrin, held in the Eighteenth Century in 1761, is the Fourth Sanhedrin. The Fifth Cabalistic Sanhedrin occurred in the year 1851. Both dates add up to the same numerical value, the sum 15, which in turn add up to the numerical value of six, the Jewish number, that of the 6 million of the “Holocaust”.

The Sixth Cabalistic Sanhedrin must have been held in 1941 because that, in turn, also adds up to the number 6, doubly 6 for being the Sixth Sanhedrin. That would be the definitive one, marking the triumph and domination over the world with the recovery of Jerusalem, the Jewish terrestrial Chakra.

1941 was the year Vicente Huidobro2 told me that Hitler had lost. In that year all the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial forces of the Lord of Darkness and his acolytes coalesced against the Führer and Germany. The orders were given reaching the furthest corner of the Universe.

Where was the Sixth Sanhedrin held? Not in Prague because the city was in the hands of the Germans. We do not know where it was held. Most likely somewhere in the United States. The Fifth Sanhedrin was held, according to Retcliffe, in the Jewish cemetery of Prague, next to the tomb of the Great Master of Cabala, Simeon ben Yehuda.

There, assessing the century that had passed since the holding of the Fourth Sanhedrin, the representatives of the twelve tribes of Israel rejoiced in what had been accomplished, so extraordinary, for Jewish hopes. And they gave instructions for the next hundred years, until the establishment of the throne of Israel over the world. That coincided almost exactly with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to the extent we can suppose Achad Ha-am, or Ginsberg, must have been instructed about these directives.

I have visited the Jewish cemetery of Prague, national monument for Czech Marxism. There I wanted to see the tomb of Rabbi Loew who served as the inspiration of Gustav Meyrink for his extraordinary novel The Golem. The legend claims that this Rabbi created a golem in times when Prague was a centre of alchemists and was also visited by John Dee and his medium Edward Kelley. There are always little stones left on the tomb of this great Rabbi in homage, constantly left there by Jews. (And thus we can see that, contrary to all the falsehoods spread about, the Nazis during the government of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague left the Jewish cemetery and its tombs intact).

Retcliffe describes the Fifth Sanhedrin thus:

“When the last ring of the bell that announced midnight in Prague had faded away through the Jewish cemetery, next to the tomb of the great Master of Cabala, Simeon Ben Yehuda, a faint light was lit illuminating the 13 strange figures dressed in white ritual robes (of Levites). A hoarse voice, as if come from a coffin, addressed the assembled: “I salute you the elected representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.”

And he continued:

“Are you prepared to fulfill the promise of the next hundred years to come?”

The answer was:

“Yes, we are.”

“Tell me, then, who each of you represent.”

In order, they went on to say:

“Sceptre (Tribe) of Judah from Amsterdam, Sheibet, Sceptre of Benjamin from Toledo, Sceptre of Levi from Worms, Sceptre of Manasseh from Budapest, Sceptre of Gad from Crakow; Sceptre of Asher from London, Sceptre of Issachcar from New York, Sceptre of Naphtali from Prague, Sceptre of Simeon from Rome, Sceptre of Zebulun, from Lisbon, Sceptre of Reuben, from Paris, Sceptre of Dan from Constantinople.”

The Director, or Controller (Retcliffe does not give his name or place of origin) sits on the tombstone, while twelve representatives approach him to utter softly in his ear the secret word, composed of seven syllables that enabled them to enter the cemetery. The first to give the word is the representative of the Tribe of Levi:

“Our fathers built the reunion that every hundred years, in the year consecrated to Yahweh, gathers the elect to the graveside of the Great Master of Cabala. His doctrine guarantees to the Chosen Ones dominion over the earth, power over every generation of the semen of Ishmael, the Outcast.

For 1,800 years this doctrine has upheld the People of Israel in our fight for the kingdom promised to Abraham, through pressure, death and persecution of all kinds. Israel has never renounced this purpose or this struggle.

As the People of Abraham were dispersed through the world, the entire earth shall be theirs. The elders of our people have led the war for centuries. Israel has been reborn from her defeats and the power and control already exerted over peoples and thrones, openly and secretly, is immense.

Because the God of the earth is ours.

When gold is in our hands, then power is also. Gold is the New Jerusalem, power, vengeance, satisfaction, everything men fear and desire. We meet in this place of the Elders of the Secret Circle for the fifth time to establish our plans and strategies. For five hundred years every new Sanhedrin has recorded our victories.

Yet no century has been able to satisfy us with so many successes as the past one, because Masonry, a small but well-chosen troop of heroes, has conquered every position in cultural, economic and political life necessary to carry us to power with irresistible impetuosity.

Thus we now know the moment of domination and the promise comes close to say: The future is ours! The dark times of danger are already over . . . The progress of the so-called liberal culture of the Gentile peoples is the best protection for our plans of domination. If a nation should dare to oppose us we shall alarm the entire world by means of propaganda under our control so that all the other peoples imagine the struggle against us to be vandalism, a crime against humanity and culture.

The nation that dares to be insolent towards us will be destroyed through the most powerful means that Universal Judaism commands.”

(And this was written in 1868!)

The voice of him who sat on the tomb interrupted:

“Let us now examine the means our people command in the seven markets.”

They spoke in order. First the representative of the Sceptre, or Tribe, of Ruben:

“Fould and Company” he explained “with 20 million francs (we must not forget we are in 1851 and currencies have a very high value), A.J. Stern and Company with 30 million francs, G.L. Halphen and Company, 20 million, Anton Schnapper, 15 million, Samuel von Haber, 7 million, J.E. Kann and Company, 5 million, H.J. Renach, 7 million francs, Bischoffsheim, U. Goldsschmidt and Company, 15 million francs. Including the smaller companies with about 80 million, the capital of our people, today in Paris alone, comes to 200 million francs.”

“This signifies 47 percent of the French government debt.”

Said the Sceptre of Levi representative.

“The House of Pereira and Mires, Marranos, are also ours. We estimate their fortune at 30 million.”

The report from London followed:

“Moses Montefiore, 2 million pounds, Moses and Son, Bischoffsheim and Goldsschmidt, Stern Brothers, 4 million, R. Raphael and Sons, 800 million pounds, Louis Cohen and Sons, half a million, Samuel Montague, half a million. The lesser houses of the City have more than 4 million, which makes a total of 811 million pounds for London.”

Then came the turn of the representative from Vienna:

“Moritz Koenigswarter had 14 million florins, H. Todeskos, 15 million, M.L. Biedermann and Company, a million and a half, Ephrussy and Company, a million and a half, Leopold Epstein, 3 million. Including the lesser houses, in Vienna we dispose of 61 million florins, or rather 152 million francs. There are 2,268 million florins of public debt. In case of failure, our fortune will double.”

Berlin followed:

“S. Bleichroeder, a million, Mendelsohn and Company, a million, A.C. Plaut, a million, S. Herz, a million, N. Reichenheim and Sons, two million, Liebermann and Company, two million, Hermann Gerson, a million and a half. M.E. Levy, a million and a half, Joel Meyer, a million and a quarter, Moritz Gueterbrock, three-fourths of a million; Louis Reiss, half a million. Finally, the smaller houses, ten million. In total, we count with 24 million talers, or rather, 90 million francs. In this way, the twelfth part of the public debt is in our hands. The amount is still small, but we already increase it by means of family relationships and marriages wisely planned with the goyohr and goyim.”

Hamburg continued:

“H.B. Oppenheimer, four million marks, J.E. Oppenheimer, three million, Jaffre Brothers, two million, Pintus, two million, Nathan and Sons, two million, Behrens, Sons, a million and a half, Ferdinand Jakkobson, a million and a quarter, Samuel Levy and Sons, a million and a half, L.R. Veit and Company, one million, A. Alexander, one million, Liber and Koenigswarter, one million, M.M. Warburg, one million, H. Jonas and Company, one million, Hesse Neumann, one million, W.S. Warburg, two million, In total, 40 million marks, including the lesser houses. Or rather, 75 million francs. The wealth of the goyim is much greater still.”

Frankfurt took his turn:

“H.S.Golschmidt, 7 million florins, Marcus Koenigswarter, two million, Jakob H.S. Stern, 2 million, Sulzbach Brothers, 2 million, Lazares Speyer Elissen, a million and a half; Eduard Moses Kann and Company, one million. Including the lesser houses and lottery agencies, 8 million, moreover with the houses united to the Rothschilds in Paris, Frankfort and Vienna, 100 million, reaching 123 million florins, or rather, 260 million francs.”

The representative of St Petersburg began to speak:

“E.N. Guenzburg, 2 million rubles.”

Rome and Naples followed:

“20 million liras.”

Amsterdam was last:

“Hollander and Lehven, Lippman, Rosenthal and Sons, Becher and Fould, Wertheim and Gompertz, in total some 40 million florins.”

“Thus our people today, the great capitalists of Israel in Europe of the year 1851, dispose a capital of more than two million million francs... You know labour is the servant of speculation and intelligence. We have the tenacity of the serpent, eye of the eagle, memory of the dog, community of the beaver... Our heads have been raised above the nations and enslavement of the future. Many of us go to the baptismal font, but the water does not weaken the spirit but rather the flesh.

Those renegades continue belonging to us and we pray for them on the Day of Expiation. The Jew does not become a Christian, but the Christian becomes Jew through the generations due to the mixing of their blood. The baptized are the ladder by whom we climb roads closed to our people. Every mixed-blood remains faithful to us but not to those who are not of their flesh and spirit, despite baptism, on condition that we do not expel them like lepers, something we must not do...”

“The time has come for us to map out the way forward, in accord with the direction of our Elders and the experience gained from these past hundred years to march through the coming hundred years, always towards the final goal. We, the Elders, are the brain that orders and commands the blind multitudes, the goyim herd. We are the impassive architects that place the stones of the tower that will reach the skies. What say you, Sceptre Reuben, tell us how Israel shall conquer the domains of every people of the Earth.”

And the Elder of the Tribe of Ruben began to speak:

“Every ruling house and the nations of Europe are completely in debt. The mobile capital will be in our hands. We will oversee the fortunes of the States. We must assist the governments to contract debts in order to control them more and more. We shall then ask the States for guarantees for our capital, in institutions, railways, taxes, mines, properties and state lands. The stock market is a happy invention of ours, completely in our hands.”

The Sceptre of Simeon spoke his words:

“Substantial property must also pass into the hands of Israel. That will not be difficult if we are able to control fluid capital. Therefore the most important aspiration of Israel must be to displace the actual possessors of the land. Above all the property of the great landowners is dangerous to us. We must therefore facilitate the contraction of debts by young aristocrats in the cities. In this way we will bring the aristocracy to ruin through the fear of scandals. Moveable property must also transform itself and become salable merchandise. The more we make property something small and fragmented, so much the easier and more cheaply property will fall into our hands... We have begun the acquisition of real estate. In Paris and Vienna the greater number of houses is in our hands...”

The Sceptre of Simeon fell silent and the Sceptre of Judah began to speak:

“The artisan class is the strength of the middle class, much as rural property is the strength of the aristocracy and they block the way for Israel. The artisan must be ruined.”

(I lived ten years near the city of Lugano. That beautiful small city of the Ticino, with Longobard and Celtic ascendancy, has been destroyed in its class of traditional artisans by means of department stores as innovations completely in the hands of Jews).

“The artisan must be nothing more than a worker.”

The Sceptre of Judah continued.

“We shall reduce them to this through the unconditional liberty of the professions. Anyone can be one. The manufacturer will replace the master-artisan. Capital will replace ability. With the transformation of the artisan into an industrial worker, we shall dominate the masses for political purposes. Whoever resists this system must be annihilated through competition. The masses of the people will be on our side in this struggle against the artisan because they can then buy merchandise at a lower price.”

Various other Sceptres spoke. The Sceptre of Naphtali said:

“We shall never accept subordinate positions. Justice and advocacy for us is of the greatest importance. We are presented with the opportunity to enter into the position of our enemies and their true power. We have already bought many State Ministers of Finance, as well as Ministers of Justice. Our goal must be the Ministry of Cults. We must keep demanding civil parity and equality...”

“A benign bankruptcy law will be like a gold mine in our hands. Before everything else we must ensure that the laws against usury are abolished in all countries. We must convince our enemies that in this way money will be obtained more cheaply. Money is a merchandise like any other and the law must give us the right to raise its price when that is better for our profit.”

Then the Sceptre of Benjamin spoke:

“Israel must gain fame and honour. Her sons must become the heads of companies wherever one looks in the arts and sciences. We shall have to obtain great honours as musical actors and interpreters, since in those professions speculation can find good opportunities. We need the fields of medicine and philosophy for ourselves, giving speculative theories greater room within them. Doctors penetrate into the secrets of families and have their lives in their hands.”

The Sceptre of Asher then took his turn:

“We must demand free marriage between Jews and goyim. Our sons must marry into influential aristocratic families among the Gentiles. We shall give them money and they shall grant us influence and power. Mixing with the goyim has no effective influence over us, but it does over them.”

(This last affirmation is extraordinarily important, it shows that an arch-mixed people, quintessentially bastardized, have nevertheless been able to conserve that tremendous, powerful, dark nucleus called the “Anti-Blood”. Only a diabolical and mysterious Pact could maintain the anti-biological extra-human constant that we try to define as spiritual, if the constant were not precisely a product of Anti-Spirit, of an Anti- Race. As well as super-human, if the constant were not infra-human. In Hitlerist Germany law prohibited every marriage between Aryans and Jews. And we now see how right they were).

“A Jew must never make a prostitute of a daughter of his people. If he wants to satisfy his carnal appetite, there are sufficient numbers of non-Jewish women for him...We must make a commercial contract of Gentile marriage and their women and daughters must always be submissive in our hands.”

Finally, the representative of the Sceptre of Manasseh took the floor:

“If gold is the foremost power on earth, the press is the second power. We can only bring the plans we have made here to fruition when we have the entire press in our hands; then we shall have reached the goal.

Our people must direct the daily press. We must be the masters of the great morning and daily political press that prepare public opinion, literary criticism, news and theaters.

Step by step we shall supplant the goyim. Then we shall dictate to the world what must be thought and believed, praised and condemned. In a hundred different forms they shall hear the cries of Israel's grief and the laments over our suppression, our torments. Thus the masses will always take our side, even when every man, individually, would be against us.

With the press under our control, we shall convert justice into injustice and ignominy into honour. We shall destroy faith in everything our enemies appreciate. We shall be able to make war and peace. To raise talent up or cast it down, persecute it; condemn talent to the silence of the grave. We shall deliver nothing gratis . . . If Israel has gold and the press, then we can ask what day we wish the crown to grasp the sceptre over the peoples of the earth...”

Now the mysterious Director of the Cabalistic Sanhedrin, laying a stone on the tomb, spoke the final words to close the fateful assembly:

“The Roshe-Bathe-Aboth, the 12 Shebatim (representatives of the twelve tribes) of Israel have spoken wise words this night. Wise and grave. They shall be the pillars of the coming times in which we shall rebuild the Throne of David when, in another hundred years, in the year consecrated to Yahweh of 1941, the leaders of the Shebatim shall return to gather together.

Now the semen of Jacob shall know how to maintain itself united in fortune, riches and power, as we were once united in disgrace, danger and persecution. Each one must help the others.

The mighty hand of our Lord Yahweh guided us during the forty years in the desert, taking us to the conquest of Canaan and leading us after 45 times 40 years of pilgrimage through the world to the domination and conquest of the entire universe.

If Israel follows the advice here given, resolved by the present Sanhedrin, our descendants, when the hundred years consecrated to Yahweh have been fulfilled and they come here again, to this place next to the tomb of the founder of our brotherhood, we shall be able to announce we are the true princes of the earth and the promise made to the People Israel has been fulfilled: He shall be the master and every remaining nation his slaves . . . Renew now your oath and be gone with the wind toward the ends of the earth...”

Each one took a small stone from his pocket and dropped it onto the grave in that night that was already falling.

What could the source of information of Sir John Retcliffe (Goedsche) on the Jewish world conspiracy have been in those years when the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was still unknown? The Alliance Israelite Universelle had been founded and the Jew Isaac Adolphe Cremieux had made the objectives of the organization known eight years before the publication of his book.

In 1869 notice was given of an Ecumenical Council, the first if its kind, the Israelite Synod in Leipzig. The Council declared for the expansive existence of Judaism. In 1864 a French Jew and Mason, Joly3, author of The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, seemed to have been inspired by the same source as Goedsche.

Apparently the German writer had come into possession of a document called Program For World Domination that had circulated among Russian rabbis. And Joly also came to know about it before writing and publishing his Dialogue, a screed against Napoleon III.

Joly was sentenced to fifteen months in prison and later ended up committing suicide. The Jew and Mason Leon Gambetta delivered the farewell address at his funeral. Cremieux was also present. Then the Dialogue of Joly would serve a comparable role as inspiration for the editor of the Protocols. However Joly, in his Dialogue, did not use the essential part of the document, something that also did not appear in the Protocols.

Nevertheless Goedsche-Retcliffe did use that essential part which corresponds with the scene in the Prague Cemetery. The source used by that writer as well as by Joly has since been preserved in writing entitled Discourse of a Rabbi On the Goyim, published in 1900 by the Austrian deputy Wenzel Brenowsky under the title The Jewish Talons.

What would serve as the essential programme of this revelation is significantly earlier than 1864 and would have been written in Hebrew in the form of a speech given by a Rabbi in the synagogue of Simferopol, in the Crimea, on Jewish aspirations for world domination that began to circulate among Russian Rabbis. This is preserved in the archives of the Odessa courts.

Quite possibly the German writer, without knowing completely what he was doing, unwittingly drew up a literary plot revealing a great secret and thereby arousing the wrath of the enemies of his race. Today who knows about Retcliffe? Where are his books? Who reads them? Above all, who remembers the history of the Cemetery of Prague and the Fifth Cabalistic Sanhedrin?4

. 1  American writer and philosopher who wrote Imperium in 1948 under the pen name Ulick Varange.
. 2  Chilean avant-garde poet.
. 3  Maurice Joly, 1829 – 1878.
. 4  Umberto Eco published another of his ambiguous fictional novels in 2010, The Prague Cemetery, which has a convoluted plot based on these matters.


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