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  • 9/11 Legacy False Flag Terror

    9/11 Legacy False Flag Terror

    A series of Kaminski essays about 9/11 - what really took place and why. Read More
  • Holocausting Humanity

    Holocausting Humanity

    The Truth behind the Holocaust and why Germany was destroyed in World War II. Read More
  • Ideas that Never Die

    Ideas that Never Die

    Kaminski explores the history of the destruction of society through a series of essays. Read More
  • When We Lie to Ourselves

    When We Lie to Ourselves

    We’re all trapped in a complex web of mistranslated myth. Read More
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The same old game

Parasites killing the host


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Jewish world psychopathy, infecting every country with their irresistible bribes and insincere promises, which they never keep.

So this is the face of Bill Gates’s idea of population control. No, not needles in the arms of virile young men on soccer fields, terminating their lives in poisoned paroxysms of pharmaceutical perfidy. I’m talking about bombs from above, obliterating useless eaters where they stand, condemned by the Talmud for being ordinary, innocent humans who never wanted to kill anybody. I’m talking about Gaza.

Little Arab babies lined up on a cement slab, their faces swabbed in dust and caked dry blood, their dreams, the dreams of little kids who just wanted to go out and play, their dreams are frozen in time, just like their bodies turned to instant kosher statues, rigid and cold, with perhaps a bullethole in their foreheads, neatly wrapped in plastic shrouds, their grief stricken parents whose hearts are wracked by the pain of knowing their lives had come to this, their kids lying dead in the dust of civilization turned to dust, while smarmy Jews in faraway synagogues smugly sneer and say, “This is the way it had to be, those Amalek, they are so bad, we knew we had to kill them to get them off the land God promised to us,” they muttered snidely on the ruined patch of desert they had stolen not so many years before.

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A Kaminski retrospective

A sampling of the Internet’s most overlooked writer

Written many years ago,
very relevant today

• • •

Eyeless in Gaza (2005)

The corpse of American culture (2005)

The world can’t trust what America says (2003)

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Inhuman monsters

Americans and Israelis
bear responsibility for
mass murder in Gaza

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It’s nice to be vindicated, but it’s no reason to stop sounding the alarm.

For 20 years people have been calling me an anti-Semite for stories I’ve written — “9/11 is a hoax,” “Jews don’t believe in freedom of speech,” and “Quack Attack” — and now the truth is all coming out as the world and cities and towns everywhere teeter on the brink of a deliberately planned destabilization of societies everywhere accompanied by this major culling of the population specifically planned by billionaires and executed by their soulless flunkie doctors and politicians.

In their slavish support for Israel and the lying Jews, all Americans are responsible for this unprecedented mass murder in Gaza, tens of thousands of Palestinians deliberately slaughtered because of a fake provocation set up by Israel murdering its own citizens — just like 9/11 — to justify their slaughter scheme.

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Someone else’s shoes

No one can be right about everything

And this will make everyone angry about anything

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It seems to me the main cause of trouble in the world is the nearly universal tendency of everyone to not see the point of view of whomever it is you’ve chosen to argue with, causing the fight you would have just as soon avoided.

Much of the time, this is why wars start. And I must stipulate at the top that there actually is a right and a wrong to every question. It’s just that the correct answer most often depends on where you sit. “Whose ox is being gored” is a familiar way of describing this dilemma.

A simple question recently brought this home to me. A friend with whom I seldom disagree about anything suddenly caused me to question my own judgment, at least initially. I had been pontificating vehemently about the behavior of Israeli Jews slaughtering Palestinian babies in Gaza. I was doing the boohoo thing, unsuspecting of the curve ball I was about to be thrown.

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The other guy

Do you wish to be happy when you die,
or would you prefer to learn how to live?

Traveling teacher Apollonius of Tyana was praised
by emperors and philosophers who were real people,
not mere characters in a fabricated mind control religion

Short and simple, Christianity is a religion designed by the controlling elite,
for the express purpose of total world manipulation of the masses. 
And any and all religious institutions over the ages 
which in any way conflicted with this idea were to be destroyed. 

The law, said Apollonius, obliges us to die for liberty, and nature ordains that we should die for our parents, our friends, or our children. All men are bound by these duties. But a higher duty is laid upon the sage; he must die for his principles and the truth he holds dearer than life. It is not the law that lays this choice upon him, it is not nature; it is the strength and courage of his own soul. 

• • •

It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what one does not believe. It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, 1807]

What is real and what is fiction? Is what we believe the real truth or just a fantasy? Is there any difference between what we imagine and what we see before our eyes?

Is it better to think or to believe? Remember, religion is the enemy of knowledge because it professes to know everything and will say anything to maintain its control of people’s minds. Religious people don’t have to think because they already have their answer. What does that mean when actual thinking is required?

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Traitor Biden must be fired

But there’s nobody left
to do what must be done


It should be crystal clear by now that Joe Biden should be fired because he was hired by the Jewish billionaires who run the world to destroy the United States, a task at which he has succeeded mightily.

Trouble is, there’s no one left to fire him. Paid-off politicians are all accomplices to all these bad decisions that have destroyed the country.

A phony epidemic set the stage for the fixed election of a brain dead candidate that began an omni level demolition of a supposedly democratic society which has for some decades if not centuries been dominated by financial interests far more interested in personal profits than in the security of the country they have pretended to serve.

The main problem now in removing this presidential tumor at the center of this terminal illness of the republic is that the entire structure of the U.S. government — down to even the local level — suffers from the same disease that has turned the White House and the nation’s capital into a crime syndicate whose fatally injured victims are the American people.

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The network from hell

You know who they are


The Myth of the Good Jew

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Raping the world.

Murdering children and laughing about it.

Dancing on the corpses of people they have slaughtered.

Buying politicians.

Bribing hospital administrators with huge bonuses to kill their patients.

Recruiting people with no souls to pose as compassionate leaders.

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Traffic jam

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Fact of life. People disappear. No one knows what happened to them.

Later they say they never really existed. Viewed from far away it’s just another urban riddle. But friends who knew them — loved them even — know they’ve gone missing.

Just imagine. You’re sitting in your car, motor running, kids fussing in the back seat, wife whining, “We’ve got to get out of here!” Traffic backed up as far as the eye can see, both forward and back.

The cop at the front of the jam explains, “I’m just following orders. No one gets through.”

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The failure of belief

Representatives of God
act more like the devil


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Spare me the benedictions, bozo! What kind of smarmy sermon are you going to preach this Sunday when the whole world is staring in stunned silence at the rows of murdered children — little emaciated corpses frozen solid in twisted contortions of blood-stained horror — lined up in the bombed out buildings of Gaza

Our belief systems have failed us. They are of no consequence in the makeshift morgues of mass murder.

Our leadership is totally corrupt, pursuing policies of pornographic profit. They’ve turned the world into a snuff film. The pious preachers who are supposed to save our souls are sanctifying slaughter. I’d say we’re all going to hell if we weren’t already there.

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I'm with the Palestinians

Hi Willem,

I don't know why it should happen now, but it finally hit home about what you said about the Palestinians the other day, and I suddenly realized that  I am carrying my previous attitude about them that I formed in the '70s when I was considerably to the left politically of where I am now. I'm not even sure that left and right are still politically recognizable anymore, at least not in the way they used to be. Left has gone totally freaked out Communist wanting to destroy their own country and right has gone totally corrupt  proJew capitalist devoid of all humane concerns. The left used to be humanitarian and compassionate in my time while the right were uncaring warmongers. Now the roles have somewhat reversed, judging by the left black penchant in recent years of wanting to burn down American cities, while the right just wants to preserve the good lives they have already led.

So where does that leave the Palestinians being systematically exterminated these days with no one to argue on their behalf except as charity cases destined to wind up on an impoverished reservation if they manage to remain alive at all.

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A prayer for sanity

and a promise of retribution


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If there is any real hope of justice in this world, anyone who believes in God should wish whatever is happening to the Palestinians who are now being exterminated in the Sinai desert should now happen to those beasts on two legs who are now doing the exterminating.

They need to be eliminated from the Earth. And the rest of the world knows who they are. It is the sad misfortune for the American people that chief among these malignant miscreants are the leaders of the curdled republic forever to be known as corrupt and soulless warmongers, the United States of America.

That would be called justice, and it is something that never — or at best rarely — has happened in this savage, bloodthirsty world. To wish otherwise, as the U.S. government currently does, would make you as guilty as those barbarians doing the killing, those righteous hypocrites now happily feasting on the blood of innocents and claiming they are the World’s Chosen People.

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Insane America backs Israeli insanity

Slow suicide of society revealed as deliberate
as entire world lines up to destroy Jew-run USA

Sure, let’s burn down the forests
and destroy all the farms
like the government says

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The term mental illness is seldom used by Jewish-dominated media to describe the homicidal actions of Jewish-dominated government, doubtless because they are they both infected by the same warped values, which are best characterized by the trending trait of killing their own citizens to demonstrate a fabricated threat that needs to be addressed by the mindless aggression of total warfare which is the basis of their own profitability.

It happened on 9/11, it happened with COVID, and it’s happening now.

This is the most recent example:

Israeli military deliberately killed Israelis

The revelation that Israel engineered the murder of its citizens to justify its response aimed at wiping the Palestinian population off the map — and hence increasing the murder of its fellow residents by an exponential factor — is merely the latest example of this twisted kosher power alliance’s desire to use the murder of its own citizens as an excuse to murder those it falsely blames for these horrendous crimes in the first place.

You want evidence? For simplicity’s sake, let’s take it back only 30 years: Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Sandy Hook and all the school shootings and public murders and massacres, and most recently, the COVID scam and the Maui incineration with the still-unexplained disappearance of 2,000 children. Add in all the other suspicious holocausts of cities and towns purportedly caused by beams from the sky, plus the “accidental” torchings of our food supply).

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What could the truth be worth?

I think what I do is important. But I get very few responses. 

Lately I mentioned how ironic it is that the USA is quick to join Israel in genociding the Palestinians, but at the same time International Jewry funds these international aid organizations like Catholic Charities and Lutheran world services who fund all these Third World young men on their long journeys from Africa and other places. 

First to Istanbul, then they fly to Bogota, then they go by bus to the Darien Gap in Panama, then they are taken by other buses up through Central America to the Arizona border, from where they are distributed by other aid agencies throughout the USA, given debit cards and $2,200 per month — more than what I get from Social Security — they’re given cellphones, free food and free lodging and the choice of where they want to go, what city they want to sponge off of, all in preparation for the time when all together they will begin to violently remove Americans from their homes and take their places. 

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The new Nakba

You are now entering
the Great Catastrophe

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WE are entering a period of mass madness, a worldwide Nakba, the great catastrophe, a festival of death, from which we will not easily emerge for many years. I predicted this back in the 1990s, I could see it coming, I’m amazed it has taken so long to get here. We have been in a period of constant war for centuries, it’s impossible to deny. The events in Gaza have allowed it to accelerate and now there is no easy remedy, and it’s already spinning out of control.

As I’ve said now for some 20 years at the end of all my essays, our affliction is caused by a corrupt belief system in which we believe we will not die, and this has resulted in the already well developed destruction of our civilization.

How ironic is it as we send our troops over to help Israel exterminate the Palestinians, International Jewry has fabricated a demonic plan to send endless numbers of immigrants up through Central America across the border from Mexico to destroy the United States from within.

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When lies become truth

When lies become truth
we turn into shadows of ourselves,
hollow entities of use to no one,
willingly abdicating our own destiny
to the slimy purposes of those butchers
who control our lives.

Americans are a bunch of zombified low life users
unable to ask the very questions that will keep them alive.

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The nightmare of the artificially imposed reality clouds our real view of existence, when the most profound statement ever uttered in world history can be found in the surreal words of George W. Bush when he endorsed the false yet official explanation of the 9/11 catastrophe with this classic utterance of newspeak manipulation.

“We have to keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in.”

This memorable slice of demonic advice was followed by his subsequent rejoinder, “They hate our freedoms,” when he was talking about the infamous hijackers who never existed, and ever since have never been proven to exist, despite the thousands of hapless Muslim patsies who were jailed as their accomplices.

The hijackers were only phantoms planted in the minds of the public by the perverse perpetrators who sought to make war on the entire world and make a lot of money doing it. The money has been made and the innocent victims are long dead and still dying.

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America supports genocide

Apparently, even its own!


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White people in general but Americans in particular have embarked upon a fateful course that will lead to their complete destruction should they fail to see the error of their ways and divert from their present suicidal course. This tragic self deception might have already reached its conclusion, rendering its devastating effects irreversible.

The ironic fact that whites have been lured into this social suicide by nonwhite Jews is meaningless consolation for the loss of their once robust but thoroughly sadistic empire.

The maniac collection of psychopaths known as Israel has renounced all pretensions of normal human behavior and decided they are the controllers of the fate of everyone on the planet. Exhibiting the most pronounced combination of psychiatric abnormalities and antisocial behavior, they have decided they can kill anyone they wish for any reason.

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Ruthless agents of chaos


Desperately trying
to conquer a broken world

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The overthrow of civilization has always been their goal, no matter how many corpses it takes to achieve their demonic objective. They don’t even mind killing some of their own to camouflage their guilt in their insane drive to destroy the world and reign over the wreckage of a broken planet.

Their heart’s desire, what they’ve always wanted, is plainly visible today in the pulverized landscape, crying children and mutilated corpses of that hell on Earth better known as the Gaza Strip. In all the world’s history, no people has ever more badly treated its lesser brethren more ruthlessly than the smug, sadistic psychopaths of the outlaw nation of Israel, that deranged Jewish monster now sabotaging societies all over the world.

Setting the stage for their desperately desired worldwide conflagration, Jewish NGOs, in cahoots with an utterly corrupt U.S. federal government, have recruited hungry volunteers from all desperate nations and facilitated their passage to America’s southern border in preparation for a secret revolution that aims to turn the USA into a poverty-stricken Communist state convincingly resembling Palestine.

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Cure for the curse

Permanently eliminating
the world’s foremost problem

Either they all need to be destroyed,
or they will destroy the world.
This is an immutable fact of history
which everyone already knows.

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They are the victims of their own primary commandment, which is to kill everyone else that they cannot convert into obedient slaves and merely save a few specimens on reserve for organ transplants and as sex slaves.

Klaus Schwab. Albert Bourla. Benjamin Netanyahu. Ron DeSantis. People who believe they are better than the people they are trying to kill. They are transcendental hypocrites of the highest order, utterly unable to recognize the first and foremost rule of their own philosophy, which is:

Love of money is the root of all evil.

This Jewish hypocrisy is destroying the world, as monsters insisting genuine human beings are cattle, counting their money while the rest of the world starves, and shooting children in the head for sport.

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Shadow of the monster

Don’t ever trust mainstream media
or the billionaires who own them


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Interesting statistic. Hat tip to “bonanzaman” and Stan Hess for finding these statistics about the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

133 million registered U.S. voters. Max turnout maybe 65 percent, let’s say 90 million. No one would embellish Trump’s votes, so 74 million is likely the case. That means O’Biden got 16 million (instead of the 81 million they said he got). But 74 plus 81 equals 155.

Do you think the election was fixed? Do the math, if you dare. If you wish to be honest with yourself.

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The looting of the world mind

and the murder of civilization


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If we didn’t see it happening in real time, we wouldn’t believe it. But there it is, right before our eyes.

Our cities are in ruins and criminals are encouraged to destroy what remains of them, though most of them are too wrecked on mind numbing drugs that kill them as they stand there on street corners, bending over comatose and never waking up.

So instead the mob that our government has become imports a replacement population from the backwaters of the world, who as we speak are preparing to replace all the dupes who have worked so hard to make what they call a good life.

America is going down hard and most Americans still don’t realize what’s going on. And they won’t until the assembled gangs of the world burst through their front doors and slit their throats, courtesy of the psychopaths masquerading as your U.S. government.

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Extinction of innocence

leading to

resulting in
as we have known it

Shattered trust disfigures society
as engineered poverty closes in;
people worry as banks
take their money from them.

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When you can’t trust the law . . .

Law enforcement has become totally untrustworthy when a president rakes in billions in foreign bribes and honest citizens protesting his fixed election are given long prison sentences by corrupt judges. Zombie media ignore porous borders deliberately left unguarded by silent leaders primping themselves in the mirror of their own perversions . . .

When we learn to trust nobody in authority, society stands shattered.

Have we become too smart to be sincere and straightforward? Does everyone in the world harbor ulterior motives concealing every aspect of their behavior? Is everyone running a scam with a payment plan? Can anyone be trusted? Do you dare mention this to your spouse?

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Maui and 9/11

Premeditated mass murder,
sandbagged investigations
and deceptive explanations

American politicians
have no qualms about
killing their own people

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What kind of government kills its own citizens to further its own corrupt political objectives? Possibly the correct answer is ALL governments, but for certain, one undeniable answer to this all time important question is the U.S. government.

How many false flag atrocities do you need to see? How many lame explanations do you need to hear? How many innocent people do you need to see put in jail for telling the truth or lose their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Although the murderous combination of corporate media and corrupt politicians attempted to blame 9/11 on imaginary Arab terrorists, 22 years of critical history have demolished that fantasy thanks to our leaders’ own inability to authentically name the perpetrators of that monstrous tragedy because they would have had to name themselves.

Likewise, the premeditated immolation of the glitzy Hawaiian village named Lahaina clumsily blamed on a hurricane too far away to even muss up anyone’s hair fails to obscure the knowledge of the high-tech beams from above which melted cars and holocausted homes with people inside them whose tragic corpses could not even be identified from the incinerated white ash of their cremated remains.

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Slaughterday matinee

Preview of coming attractions:
Get your popcorn ready
and settle in the for
the last days of your life


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You have to take them at their word, you know. You can’t just chalk it up to political hyperbole or boastful bragging. When they say they’re going to reduce the world’s population, they mean it. And by now you know their diabolical project is well under way.

What kind of masochistic madness could propel the most powerful men in the world to burn down civilization in the name of health?

Or devise a medicine that the more you took the more likely it was going to kill you? Read this, then weep.

The results of their study, shown graphically above, demonstrate that the more doses of the original vaccine you took, the more likely you were to catch covid. In other words the original Covid vaccine is not merely ineffective against Omicron. It is actually anti-effective.

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Vaccine vampires

Do the untested injections
make victims mentally ill?

Remind yourself:
Testing, masking, lockdowns
and vaccines all don’t work

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Experts estimate 80 percent of Americans have received at least one injection of the so-called COVID vaccines. Perhaps it’s only the people who haven’t received the shot can perceive the tragic changes in personalities of those who have.

We observe a mysteriously dark countenance among our vaccinated friends that wasn’t there before, and attribute it to the daunting realization of the profound mistake they have made having witnessed the unexpected deaths of so many others.

Others insist it’s not a psychological change, but the physiological effect of what has become known as the “clot shot,” which strikes down both athletes in their prime as well as babies in their wombs.

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Permanent nightmare

Things we are not allowed to talk about

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I’m starting to feel like Edgar Allen Poe, the 19th century master of horror stories, now that our reality has turned into one. It seems to me that the personalities of everyone who has received the poison jab have turned dark, and become not metaphorical zombies but real ones. This scary thought seems verified by our own current collection of presidential candidates who are all hollow shells of humans secretly backed by sinister billionaires whose heartfelt intent is to kill everyone and everything to increase their bloodthirsty profit margins. Is this what human destiny has become — cannibal monsters consuming ourselves? You tell me.

• • •

Thud! The sound of a falling body hitting the canopy at the bottom of the World Trade Center tower, yes, the falling silhouette of a body twitching spastically in the air, fighting gravity in the final moments of his life, permanently etched in our consciousness, looming like a silent scarecrow in our dreams, emulsified in a puddle of his own bodily fluids.

Splat! Like dropping a watermelon from a very high place, splattered on the pavement. What made him jump? What was so unbearable that freedom became that 10-second fall to oblivion in his final moments, an act preferable to being roasted by a direct energy weapon a thousand feet above the unforgiving Manhattan pavement?

Or like the mother in Maui assured by blasé firefighters that the buildings were cleared and everyone was safe, then coming home finding the body of her young son clutching the family dog, his crumbling little corpse still smoldering in the rubble of the lie of America’s torpid future and its hideous past.

Why weren’t they talking about these things in America’s wretched presidential debate last night? Why weren’t they talking about the phony wars America inflicts upon the world for the purpose of the pustule of profit that motivates America’s curdled politicians, as they smile grimly at you while they cravenly beg for your vote?

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Six decades of U.S. terror

Blaming foreign enemies
for crimes cooked up in D.C.


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It’s your future they’re holding in their blood drenched, money grubbing hands. Your instant death by incineration could happen anywhere, at any time, without warning, with no help coming, followed by no explanation that makes any sense.

We have to erase them before they erase us, permanently and forever, and never let them do this to us again. We know who they are. It’s time to go and get them. We know their names. They must be erased before they erase us if freedom is to be preserved.

Continuing survival of the human species we have known seems like a bad bet. We only know that Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and many others have committed many thousands of death penalty offenses.

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Outlaw state

Murders its own citizens,
takes bribes from enemies,
floods the land with aliens,
rapes its own children
and prosecutes their parents,
torches people’s homes
and lies about their crimes



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Now that it has been revealed as a shameless killer that deliberately murders its own citizens with so-called medicines it knows will kill them, and is led by curdled politicians who openly take bribes to sabotage their own country, why should any sane person continue to regard the government in Washington as a benevolent entity concerned with the welfare of its own people?

The U.S. government is no friend to the American people.

How long will we continue to pledge allegiance to a nation gone mad as it has been turned by a soulless foreign power into a killing machine now slaughtering its own loyal citizens?

Maybe the larger, more relevant question is this — does the United States even still exist anymore now that it, along with most of the rest of the white countries in the world, has been turned into an African shithole because of the insane policies deliberately flooding the Western world with strategically recruited refugees.

Sorry, my friends. No more talk of “the land of the free and home of the brave.” Don’t give me any of that “support our troops” crap. The United States of America has become a criminal bully that has earned its new reputation as the world’s newest outlaw state.

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Enemy of everyone

Drunk on its own corruption,
government in Washington
betrays all its allies while it
exterminates its own citizens

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Since our leaders have proved to the whole world that they simply won’t tell the objective truth about anything, Americans had better get used to the idea that they now are the enemy of everyone — most especially including our own government.

Repeating: The USA is now the enemy of everyone on Earth

You can see it in every interaction now, from the abandonment of its own troops in Afghanistan among the false reasons for wars it creates to the cynical prosecutions of its own former president who kept it out of most wars and now faces life in prison on a variety of contrived and specious charges.

Land of liberty now a totalitarian mess

Thanks to the sinister, shadowy control by International Jewry, the United States has become the enemy of every county on Earth as it lies through its teeth on every issue. Most tragically of all, the USA has discarded its own admirable traditions and begun murdering its own citizens as well as plundering its own country by opening its borders to random disease-bearing, drug-peddling alien criminals which it has deliberately arranged to import.

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Mangled menu for your mutilated future

You can’t get there from here




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The battle for your own brain

Eyes of demons in the dark
encircle your future’s campfire

As the world around you goes up in flames,
ponder the sweet swindle of the phrase
“Strength in diversity” with your dying breath

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What was it you were supposed to believe? As your mind thrashes about in the surf of unsolvable crises, how do you deal with questions your life depends upon answering correctly when you know the information you must use to fix these problems is predominantly faulty if not totally false?

Adjust your impression to the fact that things which used to be perfectly right are now absolutely wrong. Ponder the fate of the statues of old war heroes now lying trashed and broken in a smoldering neighborhood strewn amongst the tragic rubble of our broken culture.

As logic collides with desire in this invasion of your sleep, close your eyes and observe the disjoint video carousel now orbiting inside your own eyelids. Once again, cognitive dissonance nags unmercifully at the foundation of your common sense. This inner insurrection causes you to suspect your belief system is somehow connected to the cause of your problems.

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a landscape of our future

caused by local rapid variations in the refractive index
of the medium through which the light is traveling

a distant star on the horizon at sunset, gleaming
and glittering all the colors of the rainbow

fragmentation of desire

Look back, see the future and try not to cry

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Sweet Jesus! It’s not a pretty picture, past or future, desolation in both directions, paradise turned to landfill. Either way it’s lost boys dodging their own nightmares, and conspicuously failing to do so, resulting in hard times and unjust death for everyone.

Slaughters of the past seem to dominate expectations for our future as the powerful practice their manipulation of the weak. There is every reason to expect the future will be exactly the same as our pockmarked past: upheavals and catastrophes perpetually triggered by profiteers.

The cantankerous Greek philosopher Diogenes sat outside in the town square for most of his life hoping to meet a real human of truth and valor.

He modeled himself on the example of Heracles, believing that virtue was better revealed in action than in theory.

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Morality vs. reality

Do you plan to seek salvation
in a police state environment?


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If you wouldn’t trust Joe Biden with your children, why would you trust him with your country? How did it happen that someone not even in control of his bladder could be in control of the world?

This is the choice that traps us in our fate and fouls our future.

The people who run the world are known killers and liars. They have murdered their way to the top. Yet these are the people to whom we entrust our children’s futures.

It is the quintessence of self delusion to expect justice and fulfillment from those who have lied to get to the top.

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Universal dementia

The mind-locking lie
of cognitive dissonance


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Welcome to Ukraine, weary listeners. This is our new normal. The whole world is about to become just like Ukraine.

Yes, we’ve seen this pattern develop too many times before. A dire threat is contrived, a preventive war is waged, the country is destroyed, the people zombified, and the men who control the money laugh derisively. A bunch of other useless eaters down the drain, they cackle.

Now, ponder all the peace-preserving, humanity-benefiting achievements of so-called U.S. foreign policy. Did we benefit from them? Or is the American war machine driven by someone other than our elected leaders serving their own needs at the expense of our own.

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Just for the record

Only expanding human
consciousness will save us


Nobel Doctor Dr. Ervin Laszlo REVEALS
Akashic Records & the Quantum Field Are REAL! |

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I live in the Akashic record. Just me, my computer, and billions of other disembodied voices, some living, some not. Not too many live ones have I met yet.

Twice Nobel peace prize nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo calls it the Akashic Field. Celebrated mystics Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner referred to it as the akashic record, repository of every hidden dogma in world history.

Laszlo is more to the point. “The universe IS an Akashic field.”

It’s all about what you believe. Different levels of intelligence flow all around you, infinite ideas from long forgotten orators float into your brain that form your consciousness, which is fed by information, then refined into a functional model of how you view the world.

‘You are what you eat’ has never been truer than when it comes to absorbing information. We’re always struggling to wean out the practical assets and reasonable explanations from the overwhelming amount of airhead fluff and disingenuous deception in the daily media glut that dulls our senses and inhibits our quest.

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TV is for fools

who prefer to be deluded



Now the main human occupation has become
detoxing official lies of our slavemasters

and wondering why black candidates are never asked:
What do you plan to do for white people?

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No one should be listening to mainstream media news ever again.

If you missed all the other lead pipe hints over the years, Tucker Carlson getting fired by Fox news should have thrown you over the edge.

He was the last, perhaps final, somewhat realistic reporter with a daily gig on mainstream TV. All the rest are implanting communist brainwashing into your shellshocked brains, or what’s left of them.

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Homo mania and universal dementia



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As I’ve said before, when they convinced us that Arab terrorists in their supposedly hijacked jetliners brought down the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, the world controllers were finally certain that they could make us believe anything.

The mind shaping atrocities that followed included a homosexual president married to a man, law enforcement committing crimes instead of solving them, and the government demanding everyone take a poisoned injection for a disease that did not exist.

Trapped in their media-induced misinformational swoon, the people barely uttered a peep of protest on their way to becoming mindless serfs with serious medical complications if not fatal diseases.

Once you believed the 9/11 myth, it was only a short step to accepting the idea that taking an injection that likely would kill you was the best way to maintain your health.

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Calming down

Ignoring the white noise
as it darkens into black

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“Calm down, everybody tells me.”

I can document most everything I say, but most ordinary people can’t begin to perceive how they are trapped beneath layers of misinformation, like sheets of clear plastic pinning them to the ground. They can’t begin to see reality, lost as they are in daily demands, wiping kids’ noses, paying taxes and making sure there is food in the house.

It’s a kind of social arson surrounding us now. Every facet of modern life — from the fixed elections to the drag queen story hours — is on fire, singeing the seams of our sanity. Look at all those food processing plants. What was it? 1,900 in two years burned to a crisp by mysterious forces. You want ashes with your crickets for breakfast?

Governments still telling everyone to take the jab but concealing how many people who have died from this “medical care”?

“Relax!’” they tell me. “Lighten up.”

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The law of Moses

and the sabotage of societies


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Perhaps you missed it, but way back in 2012, CNN — the Commie News Network — ran a story suggesting Christopher Columbus — he of the October 12th holiday for his apparent, much celebrated discovery of the Western Hemisphere — was actually a Jew. (1)

Then, 600 years later, the Columbus Day holiday was opposed by native Americans because the explorer’s arrival began the genocide of millions of indigenous people. The American Indian Movement likened Columbus Day to the German people establishing a holiday to celebrate Adolf Hitler with parades and festivals in Jewish communities. (2)

On August 2, 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, acting after after centuries of typical Jewish crimes — notably usury and swindling — ordered all Jews to leave Spain. On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail for India and wound up opening the door to European plunder of the Western Hemisphere. (3)

But the more significant effect of these three events was this.

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Republic of the Beast

Our deeds are too frightful
to be viewed in the light of day


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Contemplating the sickening behavior of American presidents in this darkening night of the human soul makes me realize why we need religion because we need some force to save us from ourselves and our own demented behavior. Even though all our religions are corrupt far beyond belief, they are all we really have to save us from ourselves.

Orchestrating unjust wars to steal the valuables of people less fortunate than ourselves, that’s what our presidents have always done, then lied about it to the credulous people who insincerely praised them as heroes.

It’s not just American presidents who produce this tectonic nausea in our bloated bellies, but all world leaders, demon dictators of the proletariat, who tend to leave our most noble brothers and sisters eviscerated and bleeding amid the radioactive rubble of their greedy misdeeds. And who are always profoundly ungrateful to those who gave their lives for rich people’s curdled objectives.

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Same old story

Tucker and Trump tussle
with the neocon war machine


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Tucker Carlson delivered as important an editorial essay as any mainstream journalist has ever delivered last night, but as with all public political utterances bellowed out by outraged commentators over the past 150 or so years, it missed the main point. Namely, that the USA is now and forever controlled by a foreign power. Make that a demonic foreign power.

The exiled Fox news star described the public persecution of America’s exiled president as well as anybody ever has by pinpointing the exact moment of Trump’s betrayal of Washington’s war machine as an emotional statement he made during a 2016 presidential debate. Namely, that no one in the American power structure would admit that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — even though they all knew that was a lie — which was the false reason that so many Americans (not to mention Iraqis) died in that lengthy, ugly war that never needed to be fought.

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Cognitive decline

Is it me, or is it what
they’ve done to us?


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I thought it was just me. I made up many excuses for it. I heard all my friends describing the same symptoms, but I never suspected a thing. After all, I’m 78 years old, in declining health with my share of aches and pains. Why shouldn’t it become harder to write, more difficult to string thoughts together, and feel anger when I can’t remember simple things? It’s just what happens when you get old, I kept telling myself. Many of my friends were saying the same thing.

I’ve been given a great gift in this life. It’s the ability to write, to string thoughts together and paint a coherent picture in words. At the peak of my ability, now located about 20 years ago, I didn’t have to think about what I was writing. The stories just flowed out. My mind was doing the work. I got that advice long ago from a famous sci-fi writer named Ray Bradbury, in a little book called Zen and the Art of Writing. It contained one predominant piece of advice. Don’t think. Just let your thoughts flow out by themselves. This system works. Twenty years of stories on my websites prove that. It’s not a matter of letting your subconscious flow, they say, although that’s what it is. But you don’t have to think. These thoughts literally come out of nowhere, out of the aether, some say. Or, as the ancient Greeks would say, from the Muses.

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Just another Sunday morning

The youngest soul among them
was left in the car to die

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Religious people are stupid. I’ve been saying it for years. Religion is the enemy of knowledge. People who put their faith in front of their common sense are asking for trouble, and they often find it.

Not as starkly as a young Florida couple did this past Sunday when they left their baby in the back seat of their car while they attended church for three hours in Palm Bay, Florida. The Mount of Olives Evangelical Baptist Church. For three hours! In the midday Sun where late May temperatures flirted with 90 degrees!

What is the point of religion? Isn’t it to worship the awesome power that gave us our lives? Isn’t it to pray for protection for those we love? Not only ourselves, but our parents and all our children?

What important thing were they doing ignoring the welfare of their baby while inside an air conditioned church asking the Almighty to save heir lives when they — in an unconscious and oblivious state, presumably engulfed in rapturous religious zeal — were needlessly squandering the life of their child with their self-righteous ignorance.

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As freedom slips away


Do you think it’s normal
to promote euthanasia?

Even though there is nothing more important on America’s to-do list, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s announcement about impeaching President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have drawn much interest in Washington. In fact in yesterday’s Congressional squawkfest, the loquacious Congresswoman was laughed at by one of those typical CNN-type Jew shills trying to blame America’s black riots on white supremacists.

This hardening political debate between those robots repeating the neocon mantras that the elections are honest, COVID is real and we need to make war on Russia by supporting the most fake corrupt country ever invented slam up against rational onlookers still aghast about the J6 heroes being imprisoned by America’s Orwellian legal system, relegating Biden’s impeachment inquiry as somewhere less important than our next president Ron DeSantis conducting all his Florida government business in Israel, which is where he truly belongs.

All the genuinely important stories, like the government evicting its disabled veterans to make room for the refugee terrorists it is busy importing from south of our nonexistent border, are scrubbed from most newscasts.

The fact that Rep. Greene’s description of Biden’s insane behavior as a deliberate attempt to destroy America is perfectly accurate, the enforced media spin that turns reality on its head seems to have won the day among the zombified American electorate that believes Biden won the last election and the U.S. needs to obliterate Russia even it means starting WW3 to do it.

The fact is this.

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Storm warning

This is the future
you’ve been waiting for.
You likely won’t live to see it

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The picture is all too familiar to you. The exhilarating hopes of human kind are embodied in this incredibly complex machine as it majestically lifts off the launch pad. In real life, humans have learned to shoot for the stars, but all too often lately, this thrilling scene ends in premature disaster, as the rocket explodes in a fantastic burst of colored smoke and thunderous sound, smashing dreams of grandiose glory in a pile of smoldering wreckage scattered across a gloomy landscape. Dreams dashed, hope shattered, the future blunted by someone’s carelessly inprudent miscalculation.

Usually it takes years to find out that the original reason for the launch was bogus in the first place.

I perceive this scene this morning as hopelessly queered by further tragedy, burgeoning disasters blossoming everywhere as the world develops into preplanned anarchy, with millions of hopeful “refugees,” their expensive tickets punched by hidden billionaires, streaming across the Rio Grande, being ushered toward a future that isn’t really there.

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Before our minds were hijacked, part 1 (2017)


The early northern Europeans, who had made the decision to retain their individual sovereignty, talked of them as monstrous organisms. Sometimes they called such a group a "giant" because the group acted like one single enormous person. Sometimes they called it a snake or serpent because the group organism moved in a sneaky fashion and was poisonous. Dragon was the common term for "body politic." Dragon was an unreal, animallike idea-creation obviously invented for only one purpose — to designate the indescribable group-monster.
— John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 21

If you think the world has gone crazy — and there’s plenty of evidence it has always been crazy — it could be because of the dominance of words from outside your brain interfering with your own perceptions that form naturally inside your everyday thought processes. Call them inklings or intuition. They trigger barely audible alarms every time something doesn’t sound quite right to you. Minus the programming, this is your own innate intelligence speaking.

Despite the outrageous outbursts of nasty public behavior observed in our confusing times, people are trying to fathom, manipulate and better understand the human thought process (subliminal advertising, neurolinguistic programming, braintainment, etc.). So it’s a natural question to inquire about how human brains worked long before there were cities, before actual language regimented everyone into rigidly defined categories, into nations and occupations, into religions and schools of thought. 

When the Founding Fathers launched America, they were obliged by custom to mention God in practically every conversation. Today, that much abused icon seems to most people more like a personal improvement product — or an excuse to murder people — rather than a messiah to be venerated.

The white noise of commercial trivia becomes the way ordinary people live their lives. Our identities are subsumed by the products and attitudes we consume. 

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Before our minds were hijacked, part 2 (2017)

The group god vs. 
the will of the people

The "Golden Age of Greece" was built upon the thought and behavior patterns which people had retained from the time when they had consciously upheld individual sovereignty without equivocation. The momentum of such thought and behavior patterns continues for several centuries, even when no conscious traditions perpetuate it; and it was the momentum of a morality based on individualism — not the form of the "state" — that resulted in the glory of Greece. 
— John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 47


John Harland was a suspicious Christian who loved Jesus but mistrusted the church. He idolized those early German people who had not yet fallen under the sway of the Roman Empire, concealed as they were in the forests of the far north and supremely able to take care of themselves. 

From Caesar and Tacitus, we learn that the Germans pushed back or killed off intruders, but had no thought patterns for "owning" land. In this respect they were like the American Indians, but they carried their rejection of "ownership" still further. The Germans made a point of having their chosen chiefs, or "kings" as Caesar called them, reapportion the land they cultivated every year so they would not become attached to one place. They also did not want to become attached to houses. They built minimal houses which were never in sight of each other. 

Harland claims to see deeply into the minds of the ancient Germans.

No king and no word-laws ruled the German people. Word-control was not permitted to transgress against the holy spirit within each individual. Without being fully armed and ready to fight, the Germans never met for public discussions. No word-laws, handing "authority" to some "king" or "prime minister" or "senate," were made at a group meeting. 

Contrast that level of freedom with the constraints imposed on everyone ever since by both religion and government.

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Sick past, sick future

A review of
By John Antstone


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(Except for a few minor editorial comments which I shall bracket in parentheses, everything in this story is lifted verbatim from a dazzling little book titled “The Future is in the Past: Studies and Observations of Reality and Myths.” It was written by a fellow named John Antstone about whom I have zero information except to conclude he has a terrific sense of humor and had much more information about history than I do. The book must have been privately printed since it contains no imprint of a publisher.)

It is chock full of such interesting insights as . . .

Since March 9, 1933 until the present day the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency. The question is: Emergency from what?

Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear — kept us in a continuous stamped of patriotic fervor — with the cry of grave national emergency.
— Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur

By now, you may have some ideas and understanding why the important things in life are hidden, murky and why somebody is spending lots of time, money and effort to keep it that way.

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By now we know

. . . we’re in big trouble!


By now we know . . .

• The 2020 U.S. election was fixed by Event 201, a planning session organized by Bill Gates which created the phony COVID pandemic lockdowns in order to necessitate the need for mail-in ballots which allowed the colossal manipulation of the vote count and enabled the diabolical powers-the-be to install a phony president who couldn’t win an election in his own neighborhood never mind the entire country.

By now we know . . .

• Vote counting may never be interrupted because it facilitates ballot stuffing in the middle of the night that totally reverses the will of the people, who in 2020 re-elected Donald J. Trump by a landslide only to see the vote counting delayed to permit a massive influx of phony ballots inserted into the vote totals that changed the outcome of election, thereby accelerating the methodical destruction of the United States (which actually began in 1913).

By now we know . . .

• Three former presidents — Obummer, Dim Dubya and Slick Willie — have banded together to ask all Americans — many of whom have lost their jobs, their health or their loved ones to the fake disease — to open their homes to illegal aliens, who are now flooding the U.S. thanks to the criminal policies of neglect, sabotage and corruption devised by the Jewish billionaires who run their robotic successor, Sleepy Joe. This is a colossal insult to hard working Americans whose lives and property are now being systematically taken away from them. All four of these wretched creeps have contributed mightily to the designated demolition of America as the final step in the international bankers’ Communist takeover of the world.

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Vaccine insanity

U.S. Department of Defense,
not Big Pharma companies,
engineering worldwide
extermination program


Amid this swirling whirlpool of howling hubris that is human delusion, how is it possible that the world came to believe that injecting poison into your veins was the way to become healthy.

The vaccines were never tested. In fact Big Pharma never even made them, which is why they could never tell you the ingredients that were in them.

The Emergency Use Authorization was fraudulent. To allow a fatal poison to be the only recommended product to be used for a disease that never existed that was based on a test that didn’t work is the greatest crime ever committed by humans.

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When the hidden story emerges

Immoral leaders
inevitably create
immoral nations


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It’s the ultimate one-way street. Once you travel down it, you won’t be coming back. In other words, it’s a lesson you never unlearn. Call it a blossoming of perspective, when something you’d never before realized suddenly turns into something you will never forget.

One you cross this threshold, you can never cross back. Vaporizing this evil smokescreen allows you to walk across a bridge to a new and more authentic perception of reality.

When it happened to me around 1992, I remember saying, “Boy, have I been barking up the wrong tree.”

Just four examples are all I need to change your mind, permanently and forever.

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Slave state

A country with no integrity
creates a world with no future


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What even the most perceptive political observers fail to notice is the uncanny resemblance between the USA’s browbeating of their fellow nations and the unrestrained savagery of America’s blacks intent on destroying civilization by their crazed gesticulations claiming they are owed reparations for atrocities against their forefathers that they never actually experienced to the degree that their ancestors did.

When doctors kill people for money and world leaders lie about the actions they undertake, one perilous question casts its disturbing shadow over the entire world — can human beings ever really be trusted to tell the truth?

This problem has never been more relevant than it is today — perhaps the most pivotal moment in world history — when 6 million people have been murdered for a disease that likely does not exist and the rulers of the powerful nations deliberately kill their own citizens because they pretend to be persuaded by their own faulty logic that there are too many people on the planet.

The human future has never been more seriously threatened as the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride roughshod over a credulous population— wars cynically created, food factories purposely destroyed, diseases intentionally inflicted, and needless deaths drastically increased, all in service to that problematic phantom menace known as financial profit.

Making money our primary goal means that not even our families are safe from our own greed. I’m not sure whether this ethos has ever been recognized throughout human history, but we do know for sure that operating without it is clearly leading us to our destruction.

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Strangled by the bottom line

What do you do when you know
somebody is trying to kill you?

Should you kill them first?

Lots of old people talking about suicide these days. They don’t envy young parents who have to send their kids to school to dodge cross dressing child molesters clamoring for the right to fondle them.

An Olympic swimmer tried to speak at a San Francisco college assembly about how disappointed she was by being defeated by a man posing as a woman but was prevented, mobbed and assaulted by a foaming at the mouth crowd of transgenders and assorted other sexual miscreants.

The transgenders clearly do not believe in freedom of speech and neither does the government that is solidly on their side, and against the rights of normal healthy citizens who find homosexuality repulsive, unhealthy and the principal cause of the destruction of the nuclear family.

The entire world is under siege by rich psychopaths who want to control everyone, and the sad part is that most people, even at this late date, don’t even notice. I’m beginning to think that transgenders are the real zombie apocalypse.

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Erasing childhood


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Don’t let them fool you. There is nothing more important to men than women.

Forget what the trendy magazines luring you toward insanity say. Whatever you learn in the media is a trick designed to simultaneously conceal negative and implant positive vibes about whatever it is they want you to buy.

They know all the tricks. Scared people spend more money.

The world turns on this dynamic. Ultimately, it’s all about buying protection from death. If it has to be advertised, it’s probably not good for anybody.

The USA has been living on this dynamic throughout its history, cleverly commandeering everyone else’s wealth gift wrapped with heroic tales about themselves. Pretend saviors. Fake friends. Proud of themselves, but their references aren’t so good.

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Lost in the fog of disinformation


Real story?
U.S. main threat
to world peace

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.
— Thomas Jefferson

I couldn’t help but wonder if the same people who thought Joe Biden was a legitimately elected president are the same suckers who submitted to the poison jab without any serious thought about it, in which case many of these dupes are already dead and can no longer be contacted. Many of the rest of us, jabbed or not, may soon find ourselves in this position.

In any case, we all have suffered from a potentially fatal case of mass media mindlessness created by the constant waterfall of rigged facts from mainstream sources to the point where we have completely lost track of the truth.

Why are we attacking Russia in a cowardly fashion to punish them for crimes that the American military has committed setting up secret biowar bases throughout Ukraine? It is the same modus operandi that Jews have used down through history. Remember, they only borrowed their neighbors’ valuables when they got run out of Egypt all those centuries ago.

We haven’t been able to believe a single thing the Jews have said ever since.

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Killed by our own robots

Manifestation of dark karma

The great fear is that artificial intelligence will decide that humans are not worth preserving. What that means is humanity deep down does not trust itself.

We have been overwhelmed by our own lies. And now are experiencing their consequences.

We left hope behind, traded it in for the bottom line, before everything collapsed.

We were sabotaged by our own beliefs, which were not true to begin with.

And that is how we managed to kill ourselves with the things we invented.

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Doomed planet



A preview of the
coming years

When time turned to jelly,
and harm felt encouraging.
These were the last signs of life.

Once everyone realized what the deal was, the evacuation became robotic, rather mechanistic, unemotional, almost boring, really. Eyes became hollow shadows in faceless heads. One got the feeling you were walking by the same fence in a neighborhood you used to know, but didn’t want to remember. You didn’t want to remember it was the same portion of the same fence, endlessly passing by, no matter how far you walked, no matter how fast or how slow.

You didn’t want to remember there was no place to go, but you went anyway, and wondered why all these people in the line were doing the same thing.

You wondered how you got here, and where these other people came from and who they were, but in a gray mist of indifference you couldn’t quite make them out, sheathed as they were in a featureless fog of pulsating neon strobe lights.

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Beneath the wheel

Turning the corner
into the darkness

There was a moment, a few months past, when humanity had a chance to change the course of history. An entire country mobilized on the coldest days of the year to cheer on their courageous heroes to overturn the outrageous dictates of corporate communism’s repressive police state. After a week of dithering, the government shut them down. That was the last chance we had of stopping this insane mind infection now giving us World War 3, the theft of all our money, being poisoned by doctors, and immunized against all feelings that make us responsible human beings. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that tragic time. It hasn’t forgotten you.


So I was trying to be optimistic the other day watching our brave Canadian truckers frolicking in the freezing cold trying their darnedest to make us believe we lived in a free world. Saturated as they were with endless reports of bleak BS, of government lies that made no sense, people liked what I said. They were looking for a little sunshine in this endless stretch of government darkness, this rule by enforced absurdity, in which truth was as irrelevant as the next phony press release.

Take a vaccine that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist and keep your mouth shut, they had been told after driving across the country to protest the maniac mandates which had already killed unprecedented numbers of people and suffocated life in general all over the planet. Then came the reaction of the senseless Canadian government. Go home and shut up. Forget about freedom. Crush this polite revolt of well meaning but oppressed citizens without hearing a word they were saying.

Steal their gas. Block the efforts of supporters trying to bring them food and money. Disparage the truckers who constructed bounce houses for their children, call them terrorists. Now it has all been decided. Sundown for freedom. The people will not rise up. In their catatonic silence, they have conceded defeat.

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The objective of government


Harvesting citizens
for fun and profit


The main thing people don’t realize is that the government creates crimes and threats to the public to prove or demonstrate that the government itself needs to exist. What would we possibly do without them? These people just want to keep their jobs and score as many side perks and bribes as possible.

Think of the technical choreography it took to stage these sensational terror events of the past decades, from Oklahoma City to 9/11 to Sandy Hook, to all the school shootings and incineration of towns from above. These were all false flag scams aimed at convincing us government is here to protect us, which, as we know by now from the COVID fiasco, their objective is exactly the opposite.

Needless to say this faux altruism quickly gets out of hand and results in a total loss of freedom as a government of this type eventually classifies most acts of human behavior as crimes of one type or another, giving it total control over the people it is supposed to protect — and benefit.

Beginning as beneficial health standards, this practice of government-as-parent is evolving toward total control of what people are even allowed to think. The trend toward eliminating individuality altogether gains significantly around the world because of this constant and increasing toxification of the environment, necessitating more frequent medical interventions.

Turning us into obedient robots physically connected to a central source telling us how to live and what not to investigate — you know the drill by now. You can see it mobilizing around you like a poison fog. Listen carefully. You can almost hear the spike proteins shredding the capillaries in your brain as you can’t even remember the name of your favorite childhood heroes fade into the fog.

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Common denominator


The lies behind the crime
are the same lie every time


You still don’t understand, do you?

Let me make it simple for you.

20th century. One hundred million murdered in Russia. Sixty million murdered in China.

The common denominator?

Jewish government ruling the world from behind the scenes with Jewish finance, Jewish medicine and Jewish media. Better known as Communism, or by a dozen other synonyms all meant to conceal the true identity of the perpetrators of this diabolical formula for the enslavement of all nations.

Flash forward.

21st century. Two billion murdered around the world by a counterfeit vaccine for a so-called disease never proven to exist. Eustace Mullins was right. He said Big Pharma would destroy us. He also said Jews would destroy all the non Jews of the planet, and enslave the ones they couldn’t kill.

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Crippled republic

Poisoning the world
with murderous lies


This feels like the final act of an epic tragedy.

What kind of deformed, immoral and reprobate monsters could possibly support what the United States is doing in Ukraine, deliberately endangering the health and welfare of the whole world to profit the most corrupt and disingenuous political criminals ever to walk this Earth — namely the current political establishment known as the Deep State now busily wrecking the country and the world we thought we knew?

How shameful is the juxtaposition of counterfeit president Joe Biden frolicking with this pathetic cartoon nightmare who poses as Ukraine’s president compared to the graceful and responsible appearance of exiled president Donald Trump to the cheers of grateful residents of eastern Ohio who have been assaulted and insulted by their own government?

Fortunately for him, Joe Biden is too psychotic to be embarrassed. His obvious intention of starting World War 3 is merely another indication of his crazed condition. His turning over of binding health decisions to the World Health Organization, an unelected body controlled by the arch criminal Bill Gates, is another proof that Biden is a mortal danger to himself and billions of others.

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Nightmare reality

Mass madness overtakes
a misguided population
unprepared to deal with
the insanity of its leaders


Americans live in an outlaw nation that can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. Evidence of this insanity dominates the consciousness of frightened citizens in an overwhelming avalanche of catastrophes happening today that prove to everyone the United States is the chief cause of trauma in the world and the most dangerous threat to everyone’s future.

There can be no other mentally sound conclusion. From 1778 to 1871, the United States government entered into more than 500 treaties with the Native American tribes; all of these treaties have since been violated in some way or outright broken by the U.S. government. (Google)

America’s perfidious performance in the international arena is equally pathetic. Lured off course by robot journalists and demented politicians, the USA has lied to so many people and nations it can no longer realize it is constantly lying to itself.

Think about it . . . and while you’re thinking about it, think about the crimes your leaders continue to commit in your name. Think about that your uncritical assent and inexplicable inaction means you are both the actual victims and ultimate perpetrators of all these crimes.

So here’s what we’re up against?

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The patriotism scam

and the character of our intent


Now at last we can see what the patriotism scam has brought us. In the gray fuzzy dawn the grim silhouettes of motionless bodies frozen in a field reveal the character of our intent. These are the designated enemy we’ve been trying to kill and finally succeeded. Their blood is spent and hardening on the poisoned Earth.

Is this scene in a foreign country, or here at home? With each passing day it’s getting harder to tell.

These dead foreigners overseas look like earthquake victims of our mindless wrath. They stare back at us with sightless eyes, searching for a sun they cannot see, a whole family motionless — mother, father, daughter, son — frozen in time in the dreams we try to avoid or deny, unsuccessfully. It’s why so many soldiers come home and kill themselves, ever afraid to ask who we really are and what we’ve really done. Terminally afraid to face the facts.

Grizzled gremlins of a world we never fully understood, we share stories of how we tried to avoid the draft but failed and wound up seeing more than we ever wished to see. We mourn those friends who can’t come back to share their pain with us, we see those broken families still alive resembling in the fetid gray dawn those who did not come home, trying to heal their broken dreams with any drug that comes along or with some unscripted act of violence that cannot be explained.

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Who can you trust?

In this manipulated age,
maybe not even yourself

Can’t trust your doctors. It’s been proven they’ll kill their patients for money.

Can’t trust your government. If they murder and steal from others, they’ll murder and steal from you.

Can’t trust your local cops. They’ll send a swat team of psychos who will gun down the person who called them.

Can’t trust your preacher, your politician or your professor. They’ll slander those who are really trying to help you because selling their mind control program is more important to them than saving your soul.

Sad to say but totally true, you can’t even trust yourself because you’ve been totally misled by newscasters programmed to say what those who are stealing from you want them to say. The picture of reality they give you is totally false, and you follow along blindly, destroying the world in the process.

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The real axis of evil (2003)

Meanwhile, in 2023 we read . . .

SOTN: Khazarians Concocting World War 3

Popular and reputable websites Veterans Today and State of the Nation, which seem to be claiming to be cutting edge purveyors of contemporary journalism, seem to have forgotten that I wrote this story 20 years ago, and at least called villains by their proper name, which was and is Jews, and not Khazarians (which should tell you something about the influence this ubiquitous evil source has on these two as well as uncountable other websites and news sources).

But 20 years ago we read, more accurately . . .

October 27 2003

The real axis of evil

Monsters in our midst — the U.S., Britain, and Israel

By John Kaminski

Sometimes, after a long storm, the wind eventually blows the clouds away, and the sunlight shines through, revealing a familiar landscape that has never looked so different to us, which comes as a tragic and emotional shock when we realize the time we've squandered refusing to see the beauty right in front of us and the lives we've wasted believing things that in this new light of day we now know for certain were not true.

As I have said many times before in an inarticulate and unformed way, the great tragedy of the 9/11/2001 debacle — in which thousands of Americans lost their lives in a cynical stratagem designed to increase the bloody profits of the weapons makers — was a failure to see how this evil pattern of treason from within was actually the design template of American political behavior throughout the 20th century.

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The wrong side

Why evil always prevails

The chief danger in the world is our inability
to understand what we think we already know

Are Americans mentally ill? How else can you explain their desire to expand a war with Russia that they themselves have started, jeopardizing the health of everyone on the planet?

Why does our government treat foreigners so much better than loyal citizens simply trying to survive? Are these new arrivals the replacement population for an aging population that is being deliberately disposed of by poison injections?

And where is this fabled gravy train on Easy Street which all migrants expect to find in America? Can we expect them to fit in, or have they been recruited to help kill off the American population as the U.S. government is clearly trying to do?

Is it not true that these newcomers have discovered that Americans are ruthless and that is why they behave in the same way?

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The real enemy

On the road to nowhere
in the promised land

It is the mystery true believers are forced to accept without evidence that creates the terrible habit of governments to concoct unprovable mythologies that their credulous recruits regard as unshakable truths, such as “all men are created equal.” In all cases these forced beliefs are lies.

As such religion has played an unwitting role in getting people to take a poison vaccine or supporting a criminally unjust war, when they accept assertions that can easily be proven to be false, if they would simply bother to check their facts.

This is the example that allows governments to keep secrets, often used in the quaint rituals in small towns known as “executive sessions” which conceal the identities of criminals who are appointed to high positions of public trust.

It is the formula for fleecing the public that makes our leaders very rich and the people they misrepresent very poor. This has been going on in America longer than any of us have been alive.

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America’s treasonous tradition

Traitor presidents
all chosen by Jews


Pick an adjective. They all apply. Dimwitted? Semiconscious? Gullible? Deranged?

Easily fooled Americans have never been sufficiently alert to realize that their leaders have never acted in the best interests of the people they were supposed to lead and serve. The picture is all too obvious. All politicians become inexplicably rich by being elected to high office.

Now they’re in the process of killing off all the people they don’t want hanging around the ghettos they’ve created, as well as eliminating all the independent countries in the world and creating their one and only nightmare Jewish superstate.

Especially throughout the 20th century, unbiased American history records a series of betrayals by weak willed leaders who chose personal rewards over the welfare of the nation they presumed to lead. The tradition continues unhindered today.

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Genealogy of mass murder

A tale of three lies: The Holocaust, 9/11
and the COVID scamdemic

The COVID hoax is the bastard grandchild of the Holocaust, as well as the maniac son of 9/11 — both of them Frankenstein concoctions of the monsters known collectively as international Jewry, who for centuries have surreptitiously and sadistically controlled the world’s money, as well as its media, its medicine and the minds of men.

Since I began seriously tracking this suppressed thread — initially from the demolition of the Twin Towers in 2001 — I began to notice two undeniable and ever expanding patterns — the increasing shrinkage of all knowledge into a premeditated formula of duplicitous propaganda (a kind of programming now blatantly observable on Google as the truth of the past systematically disappears), plus this unending and unrestrained hatred of all things German (illustrated by draconian laws Jewish against telling the truth), which have led me to several irresistible observations.

First, and most recently, the COVID scam perpetrated by the Jewish monster known as Big Pharma, never would have happened without the success of the 9/11 scam, which was engineered by the coverup provided by Big Media, another kosher monopoly which tried unsuccessfully to blame the whole charade on Muslims.

It is my unshakable conviction that the COVID scam never would have happened had the true criminals behind 9/11 been adequately identified, which they never were. These were the Jews manipulating all aspects of the conspiracy, from start to finish. They were protected by Jewish media, Jewish judges and Jewish presidential advisers. And they still are — in a closed feedback loop that may not be challenged by the deluded goyim who are being systematically herded toward their own oblivion by prohibiting them from revealing the truth of these matters.

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Congress is a bad joke

Media and feds conspire
in the abortion of reality


Just remember this. If it’s good for the Jews, it’s bad for everyone else.

If you retain any shard of alertness, doubtless you have heard by now of the FBI-Twitter connection in which the criminals in D.C. have turned what was once called representative government into a corporate Ponzi scheme that now has evolved into a mass murder plot aimed at the entire world with its forced poison vaccine mandates making people drop like flies everywhere.

Twenty million dead from the poison jab is the latest estimate from recognized authorities. And remember, the PCR test is a hoax, so you know what’s killing all those people with the weird blood clots. And as long as Gates and Fauci remain out of jail, it will only get worse.

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America is the enemy of everyone (including itself)

Our leaders are all controlled
by bribes from foreign powers


The particularly pertinent question arises today if there ever was a time when we believed what our leaders told us. How long ago was that? Are any of us old enough to remember it? Has anyone ever lived that long?

You must give up your freedom to stay alive is their constant refrain.

And right up to this very moment we continue to suffer from the same eternal scam. Do we really trust our leaders? Our president says we must stay in our homes to stop the spread of this disease that only this super duper new vaccine can stop from infecting others. What a noble reason that would be!

We believed that story right up until the other day when a Pfizer pharmaceutical functionary told the European Parliament, “Oh no, we never tested for that. We were trying to keep up with the speed of science.”

In essence, what she said was, ‘we don’t know if it works or not.’

So how many people during the last few years have lost their lives believing that this test had been done and that was the reason why their government, which they typically obeyed, ordered them to take shots that by now some estimates report have killed more than a million people (some say 20 million!) and totally disrupted the lives of practically everyone on the planet?

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Whatever happened to PEACE demonstrations?

Today, as our civilization crumbles,
Jewish money madmen continue
their psychotic push for endless war


Last year, the terrorist organization known as the United States of America abandoned $82 billion worth of military hardware when it fled Afghanistan in shame and embarrassment. Today, it was announced by a United Nations official that 97 percent of the population of Afghanistan lives in poverty, that is to say, 20 million people facing imminent starvation.

This is only one candid snapshot of the current situation now dominant mostly everywhere in the world.

At the same time, the twisted Frankensteins known as the American political elite recently made a big deal in Washington by hosting their manufactured marionette known as the president of Ukraine. Their designated stooge Zelensky is leading the U.S. charge against Russia to start World War 3, which they have decided is their only way of disguising their long term robbery of the world with their dishonest financial system that has never really worked.

In every instance, it has only made generations of sinister swindlers richer, and the general population poorer, proving persuasively the parasitic priorities of the psychopaths who run the world.

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Flop dance


As the year of the fear draws near,
do you dare ask yourself,
will you be next?

Sorry, no Christmas cheer this year, my dear. Only the brain dead will celebrate.

The rest of us — not only those who have taken the jab, but also those who have hugged and kissed the ones who have, and been terminally cursed by the phenomenon known as shedding — must ask ourselves this.

Will I also do that hellish flop dance that so many have done as the last act of their unfortunate lives?

Doubtless you have seen the flop dance — but only on video, if you’re lucky. The ones on the subway platforms stick in my mind like the vision of hell that they are.

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Nobody in their right mind
supports U.S. criminality
except Jewish bankers


Given the corrupt cretins who have ruled the world at least for the past several centuries, anybody who actually calls themselves an American patriot these days is not only both a liar and a crook, but is also absolutely insane, because that is the warped character of their leaders, a condition never more obvious than at this very moment as they fry up World War 3 on the border between Europe and Asia.

If you took fraud out of the American economy there’d be nothing left.
— Max Keiser

It has been my working theory for nearly a decade (since 2014) that events are being controlled from behind the scenes to make the USA so obnoxious to everyone that all the countries in the rest of the world will one day rise up unanimously and put this obnoxious super thug out of its homicidal misery once and for all forever.

Call it the German treatment if you like, only the Germans didn’t deserve their fate like the rapacious American army has earned theirs.

Just now reading about the Chinese leader cozying up to the leader of Saudi Arabia crystallizes an inkling in my mind that I am progressively witnessing the deliberately caused death of the West.

Lately, however, I have modified my original prediction upon realizing this angry unanimity of the world’s nations about the need to destroy America would no longer be necessary because deliberate acts of sabotage by corrupt U.S. politicians in Washington were doing the job nicely all by themselves without any overseas help at all.

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Death jab

Human race
post mortem


If I could title my first published collection of essays America’s Autopsy Report (2004) about 9/11 and the phony wars which that deception triggered, it is even less of a stretch to call this essay Human Race Post Mortem (2022), as our species marches zombie-like to its own funeral.

Beyond all the misguided actions we commit and all the futile gestures we use to insist that we are independent, self-controlling beings, the overwhelming evidence reveals that we are neither. We are really stumbling simpletons consistently unable to determine our own destinies.

We are pathetic, misinformation driven puppets hurtling toward our doom with no solutions in sight and no powerful force or person willing to rescue us from our sorry slide into semi conscious slavery, if not outright extinction.

Statesmen have become stooges, soldiers now morph into sodomites, and doctors demonically devolve into demons, poisoning the blood of the patients they pretend to save. Our peripatetic human heroes have slithered into the swamp of their own greed, and are no longer trusted by sickly consumers who once idolized them.

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The 3 Stooges of the future

‘Ye’ and Alex Jones
‘breaking the Internet’

Americans forced to listen to
three fools not making sense,
scrambling all the issues


Perhaps they thought that since our mainstream politicians had become so farcical, corrupt and irrelevant, the public wouldn’t notice if they were replaced by lame entertainers spouting senseless mind control gibberish to see if people could tell the difference. They were right. They couldn’t.

It was a familiar formula.

Cartoon buffoons drooled religious recipes that revealed no clue to the underlying inescapable political reality that assails us all these days, which is that Jews control every aspect of our lives including religion, finance, education, media, medicine, entertainment, all calculated to direct us away from understanding both our condition and predicament and reduce us to obedient slaves, if we are allowed to live at all.

You’ve seen this trick before.

Conflating good old time religion with political propaganda is a combo that has always worked. Alex Jones, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes managed to bedazzle the spin universe with a disjoint collection of the well worn memes of fundamentalist Christianity and leave everyone with the sense that these three refugees from a dysfunctional high school that has lost its accreditation sounded exactly like the people running the world — incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Much ado about nothing, devoid of not only solutions but even of serious questions.

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The way to the future




by March 1, 2023

Homicidal psychopaths
have murdered millions


Unelected criminals have proved themselves
blood drinking mass maniac killers

Fake pandemic death toll rising precipitously


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Load lifted




I’m free. Free again. Free at last.

The charade is over. I am not a radio guy. Just as I thank God every day that I was not born a Jew, I also thank him/her/it that I was not born a radio guy.

Not that radio guys are bad. I just don’t happen to be one. Basically radio guys are stand up comics. That’s what attracts audiences. This is a very valuable profession. What would life be without laughs?

I am way too serious. Terrified of the future because I’ve seen too much of the past. Way too much.

And I simply stutter too much. And think too much. This is what comes from being an editor for so long. When you think of something to say, a few seconds later you invariably think of a better way to say it. This is not something that ever happens in the audio media. Once it’s said, it’s done.

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The takedown of America

into the sewer of Judaism


This is the story about the takedown of America into the sewer of Judaism.

The relevant image is one of a nearly naked little girl who was once a Disney darling named Hannah Montana and the heroine of America’s little girls now morphed into a slut named Miley Cyrus down on all fours in a smoky nightclub doing something called twerking while being urinated upon by bulbous Hollywood icons and rancid Washington politicians, a squalid scene represented by Jewish media as the zenith of America’s pop culture to the doped-up lurid lunatics young American males had become.

Wait! Don’t turn away, it gets worse. Consider the natural evolution that this nightmare image had become, this sadistic slander who our young women had been turned into, would unnaturally evolve in a worldwide murder plot our Jewish doctors had concocted to turn everyone into rotting corpses by an inoculation sold as something to prevent them from getting sick when it was the quintessential representation of sickness concocted by the sickest monsters who ever lived.

Has it ever occurred to you that the Jewish company that sponsors the evening news has made billions from the so-called vaccine that has killed millions?

These are the gifts of Jews upon the world, the final insults to people who hoped for heaven but in their narcissistic indifference received hell instead.

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Waiting to die by living a lie

The choice of robots
bound for purgatory


The truth has always been that we are living a lie. Say the magic words and live forever. Oh, and put some coins into this collection box. Priests insist Gods can be bribed into granting you eternal life. And the world has operated on these capricious corruptions for thousands of years.

Our leaders insist on keeping secrets in the name of security. This is how we conceal the truth from ourselves.

Now there is a more pressing problem. Give us your children, they demand. And we do, willingly. This is the clearest sign we will not solve our problem. This is the emerging darkness of our future.

No more motherhood. Our children are the new food. Sucking their blood. Chewing on their organs. Rabbis lead the way.

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Children of the devil

Disgusting Americans
fail to see themselves

Ukraine was the last straw. Once again, it was a case of Americans refusing to see that they were the bad guys, the wanton killers, obliterating innocent people for reasons they didn’t fully understand, wouldn’t even try to understand, and didn’t even care that they didn’t.

How many times had it happened in our lifetimes? Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea. Do we dare even try to count the countries we have obliterated with our sophisticated weaponry and false excuses?

But Ukraine has been the most rancid of them all, because we engineered the faux revolution there and now object to Russia’s wholly justified fear that we stashed our bombs and our poisons right next door to them, and have eagerly demonstrated our intent to use them.

And once again we started killing their citizens in the name of spreading our toxic brand of freedom around the world, and now have gone to war because Russia insisted it had the right to defend its own country.

Of all the lame excuses the USA has used to murder people in foreign countries, this is the most rancid of all, and likely the maneuver the one that will destroy America’s imitation republic permanently, because the world has had enough of this so-called gunboat diplomacy, this Jewish-controlled American homicidal hypocrisy, and the inability of Americans to own up to their own indifference, their own despicable depravity.

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Trapped by the facts
into naming the perps

In a world controlled by lies,
you may not speak the truth


Kaminski Goes Ballistic/
Behind Enemy Lines
10/17/22 5-7 p.m. US EDT
with special guest Maisie Shaw

Can’t hide it any longer. I’ve been pigeonholed. Yep, I’m a one-trick pony. Trapped by the facts into naming the perps. It’s the one thing you can’t do in this mind-controlled age. You can’t name the perps directly.

I’ve lost the liberals. And I’ve lost the Christians. Those two groups can’t see they’re controlled by the perps; in fact, they have been created by the perps. They fight so hard to convince themselves they’re fighting against the perps without seeing that by their own beliefs and practices, they’re really serving the perps they pretend to fight. It’s difficult if not impossible to convince them otherwise.

Occasionally a few will wake up, but doing so often requires repudiating their life’s achievements, and it takes a rare intellect to admit they’ve been living a lie, especially if it has been a profitable one, as it has for most Americans.

You can’t name the perps outright because the perps control reality. But they want you to pretend they don’t, that they’re just another ethnic group who happen to be more clever than the rest of us — which they are.

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Familiar killers eager to start World War 3 

Americans remain hypnotized
by fraudulent TV 'authorities'

Human society must be liberated
from Jewish control — or perish!

November 28, 2015

Disabuse yourself of the notion that America is not controlled by Jews. It has been been — completely and ruthlessly — for the past century or more.

Prior to World War 1 the Jews enlisted the help of Theodore Roosevelt to split the Republican vote and get "the Peace President" Woodrow Wilson elected, who soon thereafter declared war on Germany, resulting in 17 million dead.

Prior to World War 2 the Jews faced the greatest threat to their worldwide financial hegemony after Adolf Hitler had evicted central bankers from Germany. Fortunately for the Jews they already had a Jewish Communist sympathizer in the White House who overrode the widespread peace sentiment in both America and Europe and created the worst war in human history, 80 million dead.

In both these cases it was Jewish control of media that turned a peace loving populace into dutiful soldiers who sacrificed their lives in wars that never needed to be fought.

Today we have presidents and presidential candidates surrounded by Jewish handlers and choking on Jewish lies. But the deciding factor is media, which limit what can be discussed. Since the foul media apparatus in the so-called free world is wholly run by Jews, we have no prospective presidential candidate who opposes the suicidal course of the American war machine as it ravages country after country at the behest of its Jewish masters.

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Hurricane season


Reflections on the breath of nature
and the destruction of mankind

SFR KGB 035 Hurricane Season
with Capt. Paul English at the wheel

Some people call it the Kali Yuga. Others prefer Twilight of the Gods, or even Armageddon. The Jews who run TV try to sell it as The New Normal, with a sly wink in their Big Eye, and for which any resemblance to the ancient and evil Eye of Horus doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

I just call it hurricane season for humanity, one that comes along regularly throughout human history, snuffs out most if not all living things, and eventually leaves the blessed Earth in the condition it was meant to be in — pristine — until the next bunch of criminal hominid nuisances comes along and screws it up again.

Whatever you choose to call it, this current climate of chaos has humanity by the nape of the neck and is about to deposit its self-destructive darlings into the phantasmagorical dustbin of history.

All these jumbled images in my mind seem immersed in the savage wreckage of a tropical storm that at this moment weeks later still leaves undiscovered bodies floating in the turbid shoals of Florida’s ritzy Gulf Coast — shattered Sanibel and crippled Captiva islands, and the suddenly erased Fort Myers Beach.

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No planes

You know nothing about your reality


Flashback! Twenty-one years ago.

So there I was, gingerly tasting about my third sip of morning coffee, when through grainy sleepy bugs my eyes trailed off toward the TV. Not too fast, not too slow, but methodically, the silhouette of the plane silently dove into the skyscraper. I gagged as I swallowed, the building erupted in flame and the world changed forever.

Something about that snapshot of memory, now etched like a bronze plaque in my mind, didn’t wash then and still doesn’t wash now, even though I’ve relived that moment thousands of times on video from every angle — the sudden flash just before impact that some thought was a last minute missile, the missing piece of the wing as the plane approached the building, the nose of the plane poking out the other side of the skyscraper before the screen suddenly went black.

Such a perfect gash. Not a trace of flame, for one perfectly pregnant moment. That intervening millisecond has been stuck in the throat of my mind ever since.

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Weltanschauung: Superconsciousness

You are about to find paradise just a little further up the road


Weltanschauung is a German word that describes your way
of looking at the world using all of the knowledge you possess.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Thus I repeat myself, year after year, searching for the answer that will solve our problem, and scratch our eternal itch.

This is how we defeat the enemy, which is ourselves, and turn the world from the agonizing dilemma which it has become into the unencumbered paradise it was meant to be.

The key to this success is the proper application of spirit. No, not the manufactured mind control device that has created a prison in which all the souls are regimented into obedience by a false construct that confers its imaginary blessings upon slaves to propaganda meant to benefit only the controllers but not the people who have been deceived into being controlled. The proper application is to find the tool to control one’s fate, and not have this fate dictated by oafs merely interested in profiting from your slavery, but by those teachers providing lessons for your liberation independent of anyone’s control but your own.

One such genius was Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), and philosopher, poet and politician who wrote magically on two levels — the empirical and the astral — and in his book “Manu and the Man to Come,” pages 33-42, outlined what I believe is an essential plan for the human species to finally salve that permanent itch of dissatisfaction with itself that has since the beginning of time threatened to destroy everything we have hoped to have and be.

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America supports the killing of whites

Report from South Africa
by activist Jan Lamprecht

Kaminski Goes Ballistic/
Behind Enemy Lines

Jan Lamprecht’s websites:

John Kaminski’s websites:


The wind and the windmills

Pray look better, sir . . . those things yonder are not giants but windmills.

Our greatest foes, whom we must chiefly combat, are within.
— Miguel de Cervantes, 1615

Once upon a time, not that long ago, people depended on their horses and buggies to get around. The automobile was a shocking new invention that scared horses and changed the nature of reality. So it should come as no surprise that our reality should change and we should be shocked by the changes.

Maybe the worst of our new insanity is that our government is trying to kill us instead of protect us in order to make a healthier world. What does that say about the notion of progress? And how dark does that render our fearful future as we self-flagellate toward our own oblivion?

The sci-fi notion of Ray Bradbury that a fireman’s job was to start fires rather than put them out has become true with our current government that deliberately commits crimes instead of trying to solve them. Think of all those towns mysteriously burned to a crisp by beams from above, or a school whose children are murdered but whose names never show up in the obituaries.

In all these transitions, mainstream history is shattered and a new narrative begins. Today, suspicions about the falsification of history abound. Is the Earth round or flat? Does outer space really exist? Or are we living in a simulation?

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Death of the future

Deranged dementia of demons
destroys paradise we polluted


Our leaders have failed us. The result is the needless deaths of millions, easily the greatest crime in the history of the world.

Their lies have covered up the monstrous fact that our doctors have deliberately poisoned us. These unnecessary injections have killed our children and ruined generations to come in the name of criminal profits that have destroyed the economic health of our society, and likely permanently disfigured the future of our species and all life on this planet with its perverted plague of profit making insanity.

Many millions more needless deaths are sure to follow as a result of these poison prescriptions that the doctors we trusted have looked us right in the eye and said we needed to take.

What this cynical advice has produced are the cold bodies of our children, communities suffering from dislocation and starvation, and a permanent mistrust of authorities who have proven they are dangerous to human life and health.

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The big snip and the heart of stone


SFR KGB 023: Patriot Pat’s swan song
Special edition on toxic Jewish traditions

Tune in Monday, August 22, 2022
5-7 p.m. US EDT,

Once upon a time, an artist pretending to be an interpreter of the ancient Mayan mystical religion (he did a really good job) once told me:

The key to integrity is admitting your faults.

I’ve never received a better piece of advice. Why is it so difficult for people to follow it?

Not one single government has ever followed it. Nor any religion. Only a very few people I’ve ever known have even attempted it, although lately I’ve noticed, given all the recent turmoil in the world, a lot more people — best by desperation — are beginning to try it. One astute (though kosher) observer has reported that 12 million people have now died worldwide from the phony COVID vaccine. A few people are beginning to ask themselves why.

“What might be wrong with what I myself believe?” they ask themselves.

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Civilization suffocation

Depressing diary in a decaying society


So people are driving crazier on the road these days and you have to wonder if it’s because they know they know on some level that they’re being systematically exterminated. The overall level of panic out there in the world is seriously intensifying.

Those seeking answers to these and other questions about existence and belief are developing the impression that their government is definitely trying to kill them. When you ask this question to some official who might be able to answer it, you are told that this is not a question you are allowed to ask, so you are left to ponder those statistics of all those babies dying in the womb on your own.

So this epistle is about an aging writer trying to keep up with a series of shocks that have knocked the human race back in their seats — eyes wide, breathing labored, neighbors frequently dying — awaiting the next planned catastrophe that will further diminish their lives. And just when you thought I might have no more bad news to deliver . . .

But first the good news: the new radio show is going well, 22 episodes into the journey. People are listening, the numbers are good, the atmosphere on the new network — — is positive. Everybody’s working hard, and working for nothing but the opportunity to tell the truth.

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9/11 vs. COVID

The sorry tale of a nation gone mad


Dr. Ed Kendrick of
talks 9/11 lies and COVID lies

What goes around comes around. The same scam that silenced a stunned world in 2001 worked its identical horror show in 2020 when everyone was intimidated into fearful silence by a threat so incomprehensibly shocking that it took a couple of years to sort it all out and realize we’d been duped by a trick so bold — or a lie so big, as Adolf Hitler once said — that we could not initially dispute it.

It took the patience of time to fully understand the false flag nature of the two contrived disasters, but by then the dirty deeds had been indelibly etched into the muddled minds of humanity because of the spin power of Jewish media and their ability to convince everyone that the lies they produced were the truths that had happened — which they were not.

These spectacular symptoms of insanity are happening more frequently now, as misled by manipulative maniacs, the rotting republic known as the USA hurtles toward its doom.

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Truth control: The battle for context

How the man behind the curtain
manages to remain invisible



Russ Winter of
Hidden history extravaganza

The word “context” denotes the setting of a word or description that can throw light on its meaning. Due to the worldwide control of media by one particular gang of hostile misanthropes, all reports of any type are published out of context by this one group’s attempts to conceal its identity.

This is how the battle for 9/11 truth was lost, as the one group behind its planning, execution and coverup also commanded its explanations, investigations and determinations, so this is how we got Arab hijackers flying passenger jets into skyscrapers because “they hated our freedoms” today being taught to impressionable children in schools around the world.

And because that battle for public opinion was lost to the clever spin of cynical publicists, this is how the world was inveigled into taking an inoculation which at worst would kill them and at best prevent them from staying healthy and living happy lives.

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Vax murderers

Doctors, politicians, editors
deserve the death penalty
for conspiring to commit
premeditated genocide

The world government’s current murder for profit/population reduction scheme includes Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media working together to exterminate millions of people — and succeeding.

Instead of interrogating ordinary people about their vaccine passports and punishing them if they’ve been smart enough to avoid the poison jab, I recommend something far more beneficial to the public interest.

Instead of needlessly interrupting the lives of innocent citizens with these senseless and sadistic annoyances, let’s indict all these sinister doctors, perverted politicians, elitist executives and media misanthropes for mass murder. Because the evidence is ironclad.

But unless you turn off your TV, you won’t be able to hear it.

Hear it, understand it, convict them, and then execute them. All of them. Here is the evidence.

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The voyage to Hyperborea

in the magical prose
of Miguel Serrano

who dared to suggest
artificial intelligence
is the true Jewish god

Kaminski Goes Ballistic
KGB 019 8/1/22 5-7 p.m. EDT

A cold chill suddenly engulfed me, like the entrance of a ghost into the room. The Jewish messiah is artificial intelligence, just as Serrano predicted . . . “a species of monstrous Golem, without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, transinfinite. Perhaps he could even have an electronic brain, a robot, which they manipulate.” He explains . . .

. . . the Judaism of the origins was formed through the inclusion of a series of foreign elements, foreign to this super-mixed people. We have seen how Moses, who was not a Jew, nor was Joseph, an Egyptian priest named Touiya. Nor was Joshua, a Philistine general who stopped the sun, successor of Moses. Solomon would have been an Assyrian named Salmanazar, or an Aryan Amorite initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries of Hathor. Even Kings David and Saul. The Jews took the idea of the Messiah from Egypt, about which one can read in the stones of the Egyptian temples . . .

Suddenly, everything you thought you knew begins to fall apart.

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A disaster whose time has come


No invasion necessary
as treason from within
has done the job well

My worst fear — our worst fear! — is coming true, just as I said it would almost a decade ago.

That worry was — much like happened to Germany — the reputation of the United States would become so disgustingly disreputable that the community of nations could not help but arrive at a consensus conclusion that all the countries of the world had to gang up on the USA and put it out of its sack-of-shit lying misery before it could do any more damage to everyone else.

(Except Germany never deserved the bad reputation it was given by worldwide Jewish media, whereas the United States more than obviously does, given its never-ending string of invasions under phony pretenses during the last 200 years.)

(And Americans have become so comatose that they watch in stupefied incredulity as their lives are being destroyed by obvious lies they are simply too immobilized to contradict, never mind resist, and too stupid to even understand.)

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Speak free or die!

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Kaminski Goes Ballistic on speak free It is July 25, 2002. the phone lines will open at 6 pm and the number to call is 605-562-0400 with an access code 811 7272#

I’m John Kaminski, accompanied by my sidekick Patriot Pat and tonight’s guest, the Targeted Individual, who is the author of a book that has been floating around the Internet for more than 10 years in various iterations that chronicles the devastation of the world since ancient Egypt and continues the threaten our extinction today. which is why tonight’s show title is

Speak free or die!

and you shouldn’t have
to wonder why

The next word you speak
just might be your last


Surely you know by now, we don’t have actual news anymore, we only have propaganda that we are mandated to believe. Talking TV heads read from the same script everywhere — you’ve seen the videos where on every channel they say the same thing, even use the same words. Freedom of speech has become your right to parrot what you are told to say. Say anything else and you can expect to go to jail, have your bank account shut down, or be fired from your job.

We used to live in a free country. You’d be a fool to call it that today.

Rather than itemize all the ways in which our freedom has even stolen from us, I wish to cut right to the chase of what has turned our world into a prison camp where a small group of crazy billionaires has decided to rid the world of its useless eaters, using an array of deceptions to simply eliminate the larger part of the human population.

Although many rose up to resist this profound erosion of life on Earth, most people simply went along wth the lies and tried to hide from the shadows that lengthened across the quality of human life.

The targeted individual we meet today kept an incredible diary of many of these unfortunate events which today have brought us to the brink of annihilation as billionaires play with people like chess pieces as the future of humanity teeters on the brink.

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The lateness of the hour

Or, where the heck are we,
and who exactly are ‘they’?


It doesn’t even matter if you find what you’re searching for. It’s the fact that you’re searching is the only thing that matters.
— Jason Breshears, author of Archaix

So Henry Makow wrote and asked me to comment on his latest essay explaining that the Jewish philosophy of “creative destruction” (his phrase) was simply the malevolent kosher way of putting a sweet spin on wrecking world society so they could rebuild things the way they wanted them and not have to be so deceptive and secretive about their desire to be the kings and the rest of us whom they decided not to kill to be their obedient slaves, a philosophy they have preached for thousands of years.

I said “Sure!”, wrote him a brief note about it, more of an outline than anything else, and this is an embellishment of that note. To cut to the chase, I found his story pretty much on target, but as an open minded guy, I’m alway willing to consider other alternatives. I never want to treat anybody unfairly, no matter how atrocious their reputation as ruthless killers happens to be.

Since these remarks will attempt to provide a perspective on all of human history and the eerie fact that all down through time there appears to have been one single notorious entity working against the health and happiness of the human species — which serious scholarship cannot refuse to identify as what is now called Jewish — I would be remiss in not mentioning these observations are being made on the eve of a contrived worldwide catastrophe which to describe as unprecedented would probably be an overreach, yet an extremely fierce adjective would be required to adequately describe a deliberately planned scenario in which it appears billions of people are about to be murdered in the very near if not immediate future in a population purge planned by the so-called power elite, which just so happens to be dominated by Jews at every level.

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Your future is on the line

It’s a phone call
just for you!

And now the kids await your answer
to a question that is always asked too soon
but is never answered soon enough,
if it is ever answered at all.

Your future is on the line, but the phone keeps ringing and it always seems there’s nobody home.

They tell you that the world is controlled by power, by strength, by weaponry, by force of arms. That is the history we have been taught, by stories of conquerors and wars and vast numbers of deaths, stuffed in among smarmy explanations that never really say anything at all.

But they’re dead wrong. The world today is controlled by fear.

Although the final equation is still measured in deaths, we observe in our latest false flag fiasco, the Great Reset and its self-suiciding plandemic, take the jab and die is their new slogan. Their new mandate. So the weapon has been reduced to a hypodermic needle that too many people think is their friend, but like all new friends hyped up by the powers that be, it turns out to be our deadliest enemy.

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Tightening the noose

Scheduled slaughter
of the sleeping sheeple
creeping ever-so-closer

The Google noose has now begun squeezing a little bit tighter around the circumference of our shrinking minds with a black banner in every Gmail asking, “Do you want to continue receiving messages from this sender? Please give us feedback about this message. We won’t ask you about this sender again, although you can always unsubscribe of mark it as spam in the future. Yes No.”

So this is how Big Jewish Brother seeks to:

1. Drive us further apart by getting us to rat on our friends and cutting off our contact with them.

2. Nosing into our private business by asking us to explain the behavior of our friends.

And 3. warning us that the subject matter of specific emails which draw these warning labels subliminally communicate to us that we are engaging in suspicious behavior, so why don’t we confess about it now before more drastic action needs to be taken.

What a considerate watchdog, eh? Giving us advance warning that were are treading on the border of thin social ice, just a short step away from improper behavior that triggers those ever popular banned speech alarms that have infested Twitter and Facebook for years.

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Kaminski Goes Ballistic, Act 1, 7/4/22

Behind Enemy Lines

with special guest Patriot Pat
and call ins from around the world


(This is the transcript of the radio address linked above.)

It’s July 4, 2022. I’m John Kaminski and I’m here to tell you . . . in a country gone bad with a government gone mad, the Fourth of July is no longer a holiday, it’s an emergency.

Welcome to the new KGB report, the Kaminski Goes Ballistic report on In the second hour we’ll be taking phone calls, and we want to hear from you. The proper phone numbers are on our website, and we’ll be repeating them throughout this webcast. But first there are a few things I have to tell you. You already know most of them, but I have to tell you anyway, because if we don’t acknowledge that we know them, our future just keeps getting darker.

When they cut off the gasoline, the money, the internet and the power, it will be too late to do anything. We have to do something now, before it’s too late. What to do? That is the question. Ultimately we must force our governments to resign. But how, when the cops protect them and not us?

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America is being suicided

Happy 4th of July,
you faithless fools

Belief in the big lie
is how you will die

A country gone bad,
a government gone mad

Americans are too stupid
to be ashamed of themselves

700 million will die from vaccines

Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

An idiot president trying to start World War 3. Doctors killing people for money. Newspapers cheering black thugs burning down American cities and robbing stores at random. Police putting white people in jail for demanding freedom and honesty.

Fixed elections. Supply lines deliberately sabotaged. Food processing plants being burned down. Crops and farm animals being purposely destroyed. Borders open and insecure and a government strategically distributing foreign strangers into vulnerable American communities.

The psychotic zombie state known as the United States of America celebrates the worst birthday in its entire history this coming week, as it careens toward oblivion unchecked by rational norms of human sanity while making war on the entire world, including its own loyal citizens.

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'Slaughtered by the FBI'

The forgotten music
of patriot Carl Klang

Carl Klang collection
featuring Gordon Kahl and Sam and Vickie Weaver and 17 Waco children  

Throughout my lifetime popular music has been a politically impotent wasteland of high tech and cutting edge irrelevance with not a single song adequately describing the insidious political oppression of our times.

Seemingly aimed at the anesthetization of conscience while ignoring our criminal government’s constant abuse of both the truth and its citizens, popular music in the United States has long since decayed into an endless dirge of pathetic narcissism completely ignoring the crimes of our leaders since those heady days of the late 1960s when trenchant anti-Viet Nam war lyrics galvanized a suddenly awakened public into widespread protests about the injustices of U.S. aggression and actually stopped that phony war.

As the age of corporate consolidation inexorably evolved toward total Communist control, the magnates who ruled the recording industry also consolidated their grip on the entire media spectrum and eliminated all those sentiments that revealed our government’s accelerating slide into totalitarianism, typically hiding it all behind the brittle BS of puerile patriotism.

On the periphery of public consciousness, ignored by the Jewish record makers whose aim was always to prevent us from awakening as well as to feed us more drugs, a persistent underground of political consciousness was consistently muted and ultimately sedated by the cynical producers of political pablum.

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Religion vs. belief: The fork in the road to ourselves

I want to apologize to my friends at the outset of this analysis, because it is far too tame. I have always aimed at the middle of the road in discussing these matters because the purpose of social criticism is to convert the uninformed into the informed. But given the fragile mental stability of true believers, I choose to be clinical rather than confrontational as a sudden realization of these matters, if they can be understood at all, often brings with it a shockwave that can be psychologically traumatic.

Religion is the enemy of knowledge
but belief is the engine of our lives

The worst enemy you can encounter will always be you yourself.
— Nietzsche

You know the old saying. If you want to keep your friends, the two things you must never talk about are religion and politics.

So it’s a rare surprise to find a friend you can keep when you can both agree to disagree with the twists and turns of life’s riddles. Perhaps even more important is recognizing someone else’s perspective that is different from yours just as valid as your own. This is the true path to peace and understanding, not to mention the key to world peace.

Without considering the perspectives of others, blind belief leads to misunderstandings and even wars as illustrated by the constant strife in the Middle East or even the destruction of the 9/11 skeptics movement when the the insistence of one group of believers to discriminate against others who did not accept their strict path to holiness ruined the coalition trying to demolish the lies the criminal government and its monstrous allies used to deceive the people.

In recent years, religion has done little to keep the world on the moral track it pretends to practice.

The sex scandals of Catholic priests molesting little boys, plus their pious superiors mostly covering up these crimes, are well known. Less well known is the profiteering of the Lutheran and Catholic denominations flooding the United States with Third World aliens, a trend that has led to open borders in the Biden administration changing the character of America from a collection of mostly friendly communities into a crime ridden free-for-all of hostile refugees generating competitive crime gangs.

But the main shortcoming of all the religious denominations in America today is their failure to insist upon the morality they pretend to believe, which some think is the major reason the USA, behind the patriotic drivel of its corrupt media, is really a warmongering monster unable to tell the truth to the patriotic citizens who love it the most.

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Killing us right before our eyes

Abortion and vaccines
are Jewish ritual murder


Most of you won’t remember Torches of Freedom? They were the scam Freud’s nephew Eddy Bernays invented to lure women into the street in the first step of a fateful series of sociological gambits that created what has come to be known as women’s liberation.

Encouraging women to smoke cigarettes in public became symbols of emancipation and equality after Bernays hired fearless females to puff in public during a 1929 Easter Sunday parade. The phenomenon went worldwide and brought both freedom and lung cancer to the millions who followed his lead.

Today a clever variation of the same swindle is sweeping the world under the righteous but deceptive campaigns for freedom to be promiscuous for women and protection from a phantom disease for everyone else. Preaching freedom and security all at once. What could go wrong?

My friend Matthew gave me this idea. I didn’t think of it myself. It simply struck me as eerily accurate.

“These are blood sports disguised as health moves,” he said. “The blood sacrifice disguised as abortion masquerades as the sacred Jewish ritual murder of goyim.”

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When the air gets sucked out of the room

How fear of a certain word
controls the whole world

(Because young people are so poorly educated these days, and hence, so dense, I have to explain what the phrase “when the air is sucked out of the room” actually means. It is employed when something so startling is said or done that everyone involuntarily inhales in surprised astonishment that is often tinged with a combination of embarrassment and fear, and therefore, at least metaphorically, sucks the air out of the room.)


So, have you ever experienced this? It’s like the air being sucked out of the room . . .

The minute you mention the magic word, people start looking over their shoulders to see who’s listening. Their eyes dart around the room, their voices become hushed, they lift their hands and pat the air as they suddenly and subconsciously begin to worry about their futures, and who might be listening to them that they don’t know is there.

Mentioning things people are afraid to talk about is an indication of how the minds of the world are controlled by fear, controlled by a force that can ruin your life in an instant, which compel you to involuntarily modify the truth even though you can harm yourself by doing so.

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Tell the truth and go to jail, part 5

Monika Schaefer reports
on Holohoax prisoners
unjustly incarcerated

THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2022 5-7 P.M. EDT

We’re talking about something that has been going on for much longer than we realize. Cicero talked about this in ancient Rome. You find nothing but trouble when you start talking about the Jews, because they have always controlled the superstructure of society, which is the money that controls the lives of everyone.

“Tell the truth and go to jail” is a story I’ve written at least four times. In 2009 it was about Horst Mahler and Fredrick Töben, referencing the decades-long ordeals of Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson. All these forthright individuals, most of them now dead, insisted on reporting the truthful facts about what Germany tried and failed to stop organized Jewry from painting a picture about World War II that was not true, just as the reasons for even starting and conducting World War II were not true as well, which is part of the larger story about all the wars that always start with behind-the-scenes finagling of very rich Jews consolidating their hold on the money supply.

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Free diagnosis!

Shut down the government,
incarcerate the leaders,
then try the doctors
for mass murder


I am not a doctor, but I play one on the Internet. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever I prescribe is not going to kill you, which is a lot more than your so-called doctor in real life can ever say, since according to statistics iatrogenic medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

But the news is much worse than that.

If the PCR test can’t actually identify any disease whatsoever and the so-called COVID virus can’t be proven to exist, than regardless of what the newspapers scribble and the TV talking heads bluster, nobody in the entire world has ever died of COVID.

There is no COVID, just like there was no AIDS. Both were pathological phantoms, and in fact were invented by the same man. He happens to be the highest paid U.S. government employee, which should tell you what your government is really all about.

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The real war

Trying to survive the Jewish attempt
to exterminate the white race

There are these crazy people out there who are telling us that they have to kill us in order to save us. There is a twisted logic to what they are saying, but in the final analysis it makes no sense. If we live our lives constantly afraid of dying we never really live at all. Yet this is our living nightmare today — living in constant fear of those who are supposed to be protecting us but are actually trying to kill us.

It’s more than a fear. It’s our new reality.

We all share that growing sense of horror that creeps up the back of our necks when we watch that ultimate creep Bill Gates wringing his hands with a demented glee as he explains to us how his vaccines and his edible insects will reduce population and that’s a good thing because there are too many of us living on this planet.

Identifying the perpetrators

If I have to tell you that the world you have known no longer exists then you have not been paying attention.

You are not imagining it. Your world is not falling apart, your world is being torn apart by psychopaths who want it to happen. You know it’s a real war because, unless you live in Antarctica, your life has already been turned upside down.

All around you you see countries all over the world being turned into totalitarian Communist states in which people’s individual rights are being systematically taken away. Australia and Canada have provided two recent frightening examples of formerly free nations which now prevent their citizens from leaving their countries without first submitting to poison vaccines which, if they are not killed outright, become trackable for the rest of their lives by high tech devices hidden in these injections they were compelled to take.

The world we have known has already been taken from us. It is no coincidence that all the megalomaniacal millionaires behind this obscene objective to radically reduce the population of the world using mass murder by medicine all have one single, wretched, wicked and singularly sadistic aspect in common — they are all Jews.

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The crooked road

A massive hyperloop of self deception
upon which we crash into ourselves
trying to explain what they told us


What’s the worst thing you can think of? Looking into a mirror and seeing the face of Joe Biden leering back at you, chortling satanically!

It’s the fate of the world and your own destiny all rolled into one, absolutely shrieking at you that your life has been a misguided waste.

And you realize — you simply have to, if you have any brain whatsoever — that one day soon you will wake up and there will be no tomorrow.

So by now you know you have a swindled yourself out of a perfectly good life by all your demented false hopes.

It also teaches you the value of following the instructions of people that you thought you could trust, like doctors and presidents.

By now you know there is nothing left to do but to hug the ones you love and prepare to kiss your ass goodbye.

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