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American thugs trade morality for murder


Religion is a lie in and of itself, so why shouldn’t it support the murderous lies of government? After all, they’re both in the same business, enslaving souls for fun and profit.

Yet lie or not, the world is enriched and made safer by those who believe. Nonbelievers are guided by their own self-destructive rationalizations. Wherever they spew their heartless venom turns into a bleeding ghetto, as they eternally try in vain to defeat their own deaths rather than trust in the spirit who created all of us and everything else.

This is the human conundrum. The answer is voluntary impulse control, something that throughout their blood-soaked history humans have never been able to master.

How the American people fool themselves. They have convinced themselves they are heroes, when in fact they prosper on the mutilated corpses of capitalist predation, a thoughtless process that eventually consumes them.

They beat their breasts as victors, but look the other way when their government murders innocent people. They even look the other way when their government murders their own family members, justifying it as patriotism. Legitimate heroes are duped into giving their lives for pranks played by the super rich.

Just as people with no integrity don’t realize they have no integrity, people with no morals never realize that they are immoral — they don’t care that they’re immoral — which makes them a sociopathic danger to everyone else who might be acting honestly.

No hope for fools

A darkness of spirit beclouds the world at the end of turbulent year as pompous politicians go to murderous extremes to prove their incomparable value to clueless voters. Clergy mouth their meaningless platitudes, cover up their coworkers’ molestation of children, and never speak above a whisper about the lies of our leaders.

The government surreptitiously assassinates doctors who cure things Big Pharma does not want cured lest its pill profits nosedive. Television, movies and the universities spew only the tales the warmakers want told. Worse than that, all university research is exclusively aimed at warmaking potential. And then, soldiers who question why they are being sacrificed often wind up dead from friendly fire, if their own government doesn’t kill them first, which is what happened to Seal Team 6 (to cover up the bin Laden death lie).

Churches preach for war to secure their exemption from taxes. That’s why churches never can criticize the state or they will lose their hypocrite’s largesse. Fiery evangelists of every religion preach for the destruction of the infidel who happens to be the enemy of whomever controls the money supply.

The hidden subversion of Christianity was hidden in its restrictions on usury, which guaranteed a monopoly of the financial world to the Jews, whose misuse of that privilege has been the robbery of all countries to fund their continuing desecration of everything they touch.

As a result, there is no longer any moral center for the people of America, no one and nothing to believe in. Everything has been debunked and the perverts have taken over, while their victims — which is everyone — remain too debilitated and confused to even fight back.

Falsehoods for the people

The salient feature of all the wars of the 20th century is that they were all triggered by fake provocations: the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11. In each instance it was the Jewish bankers who engineered these colossal tragedies, while the Jewish newspapers turned hired killers into patriotic heroes, a syndrome that continues today.

World War II remains the most egregious example, as both FDR and Churchill agreed that the demolition of Germany was arranged to eliminate it as an economic rival to the Jewish bankers, whose chief nest was and is in the City of London. 

With the demise of a church-regulated population, the innate sense of morality most humans possess in every culture seems to have dissipated and been replaced by the passionless pragmatic realism of money. This arena is today utterly controlled by the Jews, and spells doom for the human species. Guided only by the concept of profit, a life in which there is no respect for others is not worth living. It leads only to loneliness, misery and self-destruction, and is precisely where the human species is currently heading.

Today, we no longer have the congenial neighborhoods that were interlinked by their churches. Many of the old tightly knit ethnic neighborhoods are now erased, warped by drug addled Africans, and slandered by the perverse prurience of Jewish media trying desperately to standardize us into one-size-fits-all robots.

What preacher today do you know who has reminded Americans their government paid the people who gassed those Syrian children, conveniently forgotten down the memory hole of the spin machine? What preacher is asking which Israeli hit squad machinegunned all those people in Las Vegas? And addressing a stunning act of treason, who will bust the Lutherans for smuggling a staggering number of African tribesmen into Minnesota and Maine for profit?

Throughout the 20th century, Americans’ sense of integrity has been slowly but surely sandblasted out of existence by spin. It isn’t ‘what can be achieved?’ anymore; somewhere along the line it became ‘how much money can you make by achieving it?’

Particularly in the case of doctors, but also writers, this attitude cheapens the effectiveness of the author, often makes him popular but seldom makes him truly useful. Noble doctors who champion the causes of their patients too often wind up dead, as Erin Elizabeth will tell you on Health Nut News

Depressed, or just disappointed

Demoralization mislabeled as depression appears responsible for the poor success rates of anti-depression drugs. Demoralization can’t be cured by drugs, only by a better, more honest world.

As it is absorbed, consumer culture imposes numerous influences that weaken personality structures, undermine coping and lay the groundwork for eventual demoralization. Its driving features – individualism, materialism, hyper-competition, greed, over-complication, overwork, hurriedness and debt – all correlate negatively with psychological health and/or social wellbeing. The level of intimacy, trust and true friendship in people’s lives has plummeted. Sources of wisdom, social and community support, spiritual comfort, intellectual growth and life education have dried up. Passivity and choice have displaced creativity and mastery. Resilience traits such as patience, restraint and fortitude have given way to short attention spans, over-indulgence and a masturbatory approach to life.

Ask around and you’ll probably find out that most people don’t really believe in anything other than fulfilling their immediate needs. This lack of faith in anything leads to demoralization, characterized by boredom.

“Human culture has mutated into a sociopathic marketing machine dominated by economic priorities and psychological manipulation,” wrote John F. Schumaker, a retired psychologist living in New Zealand. (see link above)

Never before has a cultural system inculcated its followers to suppress so much of their humanity. Leading this hostile takeover of the collective psyche are increasingly sophisticated propaganda and misinformation industries that traffic the illusion of consumer happiness by wildly amplifying our expectations of the material world. Today’s consumers are by far the most propagandized people in history. The relentless and repetitive effect is highly hypnotic, diminishing critical faculties, reducing one’s sense of self, and transforming commercial unreality into a surrogate for meaning and purpose.

The more disoriented people become, Schumaker wrote, the more they are controlled by the spin they have chosen, which, being meaningless, ultimately will lead to disappointment, exacerbating the debility.

Over time, people’s core assumptions can become unstable.

So the problem then becomes, not sick individuals, but a sick culture. And compounding this observation, which also pertains to talk about changing the U.S. Constitution, is that the people doing the changing can also be just as dangerous as the people who created the problems in the first place.

When talking is not enough

What do you do with a mad dog? Its behavior won’t change. There is no reasoning with it. We face such a situation in the world today. We know who the dog is. We know the dog won’t listen. Coddling him has resulted in the world we have today, deliberately kept in chaos to justify the force governments use to rob people.

Mad dogs can do anything they want. And if you let them, they will hurt you.

Doing good is not the sole province of religion. People who try to tell you it is are simply trying to snatch your soul, which naturally is owned by you and the ones you love, and no one else.

The best way I know of blotting out the poison white noise is by the sounds of nature, which are increasingly being declared off limits by the Deep State demons desperately trying to herd people into cities where they can be more effectively controlled. My question is, what U.S. city is not already a ghetto?

You don’t need any fancy philosophy. You just need to be a normal human being, which is just about impossible these days considering all of the misinformation and disinformation that have been wedged into the nooks and crannies of your brain over time.

Humans could be living in paradise. But instead they have been manipulated into choosing the ghetto. The big question is who put us here. The answer, said the most famous guy in history, is right in front of you, for those who have eyes to see.


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