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A twilight world of imposed reality
where children shoot each other
and Big Brother grabs our guns

There is no law in America today, only commands from the very rich as to how life should proceed, which are then duly implemented by their toadies in government and entertainment.

The things our government does do . . . do not benefit the average American person. They benefit only those stealing the possessions and inventions of others and becoming fabulously wealthy. Just like the Jews stole the movie industry. Or the World Wide Web. It wasn’t theirs to begin with, and then suddenly it was.

The immoral behavior of recent presidents sets the average American attitude on a downhill course to a life of Bill Clinton-like dissolution, always looking for a path to a permanent vacation and getting away with crimes for which others go to jail. The U.S. has become a nation without character that lives on lies.

In a phrase originally used to define pornography back in the 1960s, today’s Washington political scene has “no redeeming social value”. It has only quick profits for the shrewd and the crooked, and the constant threat of senseless war for the rest of the world.

The key to everything

There is a secret we are not allowed to talk about. It is the source of pretty much all of our worries.

The entire world of written and spoken language all spars and jabs at each other, each professing to strive for the truth, or at least to advocate their way of seeing things. Only a courageous few ever focus on exactly from where society’s irritants are hatched and sent into the world. Most people are afraid to confront the issue. They have seen what happens to people who do.

Who are the drivers of our misery? That info is absolutely embargoed on TV, because the same people who own the networks are the ones manufacturing the misery. And running our world into the ground.

Think for a moment how gullible we are. I can tell you from many years of experience that the news you hear on the radio and TV is designed to lure you away from more important issues, and to mask the crimes that are being committed in your name. How much more unaware can we be to have allowed the disintegration of our culture to this point?

I mean, the food we eat is only semi food, filled with Glyphosated GM flour and other non nutritious junk. Much of it is laced with secret ingredients that could eventually kill us or at least make us sick. It’s the same with vaccines that deliberately ruin fertility and shorten lives. The government has always been infamous for not revealing vaccine ingredients, as well as inventing both the strain of flu and the vaccine at the same time.

Air is still more or less air, except for the impurities we inhale that require medical treatment. Increasing particulates in the air seem to hamper breathing in many parts of the world.

It’s like bankers creating money. Doctors create diseases in the same way, and psychiatrists push pills to collect the bills.

No escape from evil

We always thought we were the good guys. Except that we weren’t.

The signature slaughters of the 20th century were conducted by Americans . . . just think about the A-bombs we dropped on Japan, viewed by most as an unnecessary, sadistic act to establish military superiority over the whole world. Or the repeated incineration of Dresden at the end of World War II, when the outcome had already been determined. We bombed for eight days and turned 750,000 people, refugees mostly, into molten syrup.

This is a secret complex America still possesses — the potential for inexplicable violence — and probably will until its eventual overthrow due to careless hubris. But even these acts of unbalanced savagery continue to be surpassed by today’s voracious American military.

Turning the Iraqi city of Fallujah into a smoldering mausoleum, 350,000 dead, all because some punk-ass American mercenaries got what they deserved, was about the worst of it. Sure, you could count American sadism as the motivational philosophy in Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison where electrical wires were attached to the genitals of Muslim prisoners.

It is a testament to the accomplished ignorance of the American people who don’t know that America has facilitated the murder of a half million Syrians (and been run off once by the Russians) — as well as repeatedly gassing Syrian children and then trying to blame it on Syria’s president, that Washington is still using the same arguments past presidents have used.

Stupid newspapers tell stupid Americans to believe it, and they do.

Now Israel has started drilling in the Golan Heights, which belong to Syria, making even more likely the possibility of a wider war. Maybe our last war.

A victory over death?

“Men use one another to assure their personal victory over death,” wrote Otto Rank, the famed Jewish psychoanalyst, who insisted “The death fear of the ego is lessened by the killing, the sacrifice, of the other; through the death of the other, one buys oneself free from the penalty of dying, of being killed.”

I’m not sure I’m with you on that, Otto. It could just be another of those manipulative Jewish psychoanalytical bromides, a flimsy excuse for inexcusable murder. I’m not sure all those American soldiers who come home from some horrific tour of duty overseas and commit suicide would have agreed with him either.

Rank’s student, Ernest Becker, wrote: “Modern man lives in illusion, said Freud, because he denies or suppresses his wish for the other’s death and for his own immortality; and it is precisely because of this illusion that mankind cannot get control over social evils like war.”

“How right Freud was on enslavement by our illusions based on our repressions,” wrote Becker, who died in 1974. “This is what makes us cheer for war as a country; killing others makes us feel safer, and that’s why the war machine rattles on.”

A question I would have liked to ask Becker: It seems to natural to be defending ourselves and it suits our psychological proclivities to be in charge of our life’s situation, but how are we to react when the causes of war have been fabricated to conceal some crime, like robbery? And haven’t all wars been fought for this reason — theft of some precious commodity?

The wisest and saddest people in the world are those who come home from the wars and actually know what they’ve done.

What the young can’t see

Perhaps the most difficult thing for growing political minds to comprehend is the hidden danger of liberalism. Young people are naturally drawn to idealistic issues, and because they are young and inexperienced, they identify with the underdog. That’s why you get so many young people thinking Antifa is a good organization, when in reality it is just a Communist party goon squad.

Children naturally sympathize with those in distress, but as children they also fail to recognize the conservative discipline it takes to build a happy life for yourself.

You see what happened to Europe when it became deliberately overloaded with Africans and dark skinned people from other places. Normal life is no longer possible there, only defense from possible rape and murder every second of the day, just like South Africa.

And what very few people can see is how the Jews manage to always take the higher ground by constantly appealing to everyone’s conscience while possessing no conscience themselves. This is how the Jews manage to swindle everyone.

Trends toward liberalism and liberality always end in revolution. A nation that doesn’t stick to its founding principles never lasts long.

The young can’t see that, because they are still among the have nots, resentful of the awesome power of the world that they have no part in.

They cannot yet see the years of work and worry it takes to achieve a secure life for your children and their mother. And they mostly can’t see that an authentic life means what you earn will make you strong and what is given to you will make you weak.

Worst of all, we are deliberately misled by the leaders of society at the time. Our teachers want to keep their jobs so they don’t challenge the orders that come down from the Department of Education to teach your children things they know are deliberately wrong in order to properly train for the lives of slaves they are destined for.

We’ve not only been betrayed by all those around us, we’ve been betrayed by ourselves. We’ve compromised when we didn’t have the courage to object strenuously. They are about to take everything from you, and unless you stand up for yourself and stop them, they will take everything you have, including your life.

This is the imposed reality that has plagued us throughout the 20th century and into the 21st: We are taught to believe lies that we don’t recognize as lies until far too late. The Federal Reserve system is one such lie. Honest presidential elections are another one.

The worst part of it is that you can’t trust your friends. You don’t know what they know and they don’t know what you know. If you don’t know them that well, they could turn you in as politically incorrect, or even worse, a Holocaust denier. Your attempts to explain the concept to officials will fall on deaf, ignorant ears. Purveyors of false stories inexplicably come between you and your friends, and your alliances are foiled by suspicion. Prejudices are exploited, misgivings are misinterpreted, and pretty soon, the group is rent asunder over differences that could have been worked out, except by religious lunatics.

When you feminize the men and masculinize the women you will have an army that is much easier to defeat. While military officials argue about the rights of transgenders instead of the specifics of national defense, Americans don’t realize they’re on the verge of being slaughtered.

Welcome to the Twilight World

Welcome to the Twilight World, where your voice is never heard.

When your identity is erased for not being politically correct, you won’t have access to money.

Where your wishes are never fulfilled, only frustrated.

Where you learn to distrust the people you trust most and totally believe what the voices in the big box tell you to do in order to be popular with your friends who will let you down faster than you can look at your watch.

This is the Twilight World right in front of your eyes, nothing but lies drained of vitality and meaning. You fail to see it much before your hair turns white and the sinews of your upper arm begin to droop.

It is the world you left for posterity, just as ignorant as it always was.

A Twilight World of imposed reality, where children shoot each other at the government’s request and Big Brother grabs our guns. Not as bad as in England or Sweden, where they import strangers from around the world to rape their daughters.

dysfunction vs. disfunction
(The ‘y’ makes you think of dystopia, which is where we are.)

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