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Americans remain powerless
to stop their Deep State demons  

Our leaders tell us lies and expect us to believe them as the truth. They did it with 9/11, Sandy Hook and dozens of other false flag fiascoes. More recently they destroyed the nations of Libya, Syria and Yemen. Anybody with a brain no longer believes their lies.

Our last three presidents have been perverted misanthropes programmed to deceive rather than inspire. As the U.S. decays into an emaciated wreck typical of all nations that have been ravaged by the Jews — in debt, depressed, and living in a slum with no way to fix it — the Jews who pick our presidents sit back and continue to laugh at their cowardly gentile victims.

In their continuing effort to expand the borders of Eretz Israel, the puppetmasters have again dusted off the worn-out indictment that Syria’s president is gassing his own people. Perhaps this is a relic of the Jews’ World War II fantasy of Nazi gassings that never really happened. Today’s Syria fantasy is a whole-cloth fabrication involving “rebels” paid by the CIA and Israel that has been debunked twice before, but the Deep State buttonpushers have trotted it out again in hopes the gullible goyim will accept it as cause for all-out war against another innocent country that has done America no harm.

The 103 broken treaties with the Indians are sufficient proof that America’s leaders are chronic liars. They lie to other countries, they lie to their own people, and they lie to themselves. Obvious lies are repeated until the public regards them as truth. They follow the infamous dictum of George W. Bush to keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in. These people have no conscience. They tell lies that are obviously lies and expect us to believe them as the truth.

To the everlasting shame of the American people, most of what these sociopaths spew out continues to be regarded as gospel truth by the undereducated and totally bamboozled U.S. population.

And worse, those who insist on telling the truth are most often put in jail.

Three more preposterous lies

The latest twists of empirical fact that once again finds us teetering on the edge of World War are three. The real problem is that Western media and Western government are all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Jews, which is why their views invariably do not reflect, as they say, the situation on the ground.

The poisoning of the Skripals in England and the recent staged shooting at the Parkland, Florida high school are very similar events, in that both were preplanned and then misrepresented to the public after they happened.

Western governments were quick to expel Russian diplomats after Britain claimed a former Soviet spy and his daughter were poisoned on orders from Vladimir Putin. A deputy who wanted to spill the beans about the so-called school shooting and the Hollywood extravaganza that followed inexplicably winds up dead at age 42.

The latest assessment of the event in Britain is that they were victims of shellfish poisoning. The lies that were told about the event took us to the brink of World War 3.

The pretend outrage of Western leaders over this artificially inflated event which still has yet to fully unravel only underscores the classless insincerity of Western leaders who eagerly tell baldfaced lies in order to deliver the unmistakable message to all countries to knuckle under to the Jews’ financial tyranny or be destroyed.

The level of discourse on today’s politics is more Skinnerian behavior shaping than the product of unbiased reason and logic. They couldn’t get away with this kind of fraud in junior high school, but in international politics, something this irredeemably stupid — like blaming Bashar al-Assad for gassing his own people, again! — passes for cutting edge intelligence when starting another war for oil is the ultimate objective.

Israel is ravaging the world, and the United States military is its preferred weapon of choice. All the little red minions that are the European statelets all support the suppression of free speech, and putting people in jail for questioning the bogus Jewish history that has taken us to this sorry pass.

As we speak, the bogus Jewish history takes center stage again as America prepares once again to bomb Syria over a preposterous lie.

Deception is destruction

We are caught in a vortex of broken promises. Human nature now lies shattered by technology and corrupted by the betrayals of its heroes, its leaders and people who choose to lie to get ahead. Trust lies dead in the dust of some abandoned highway, some relic of evolution (in my case, newspapers) that couldn’t keep up with the speed of modern thought.

Americans simply cannot transcend the brainwashing that has rendered them unable to see that their own country is the brute of the world. Nor can they see that the thoughtless savagery they have inflicted on the whole world has begun to be inflicted upon themselves.

Hiding behind such sadistic slogans as “free market” (which means any nation who adopts it has no protection from the international bankers) and “strength in diversity” (the surest way to destabilize a country is to mix its tribes), Americans breeze through life considering themselves princes of the planet when in reality they are not only ignorant accessories to mass murder, but willing victims of their own plantation owners in their failure to perceive the scams perpetrated against them that deliberately rob them of their fortunes and ruin their lives.

By our naive inattention my generation supervised the imminent destruction of both their country and the world. And worse . . . we are complicit in the destruction of human history, thereby aiding the forces of evil who seek to enslave all life to their own twisted purposes.

People in the United States walk around thinking they are the “heroes of democracy” when in reality their obliviousness permits the rest of the world to regard the USA as the voracious vampire which every day it shows itself to be.

We failed to connect the dots — if our country was lying about what it was doing to other countries, and admitted it, why couldn’t we see that it was lying about what it was doing to its own people? Mostly, we still don’t see it, and our march toward oblivion seems now more than ever to be shrouded in a thickening chemical fog and an ever increasing miasma of broadcast lies.

The way the newspapers tell it, our leaders veer out of control and do inexplicable things. They are distracted by scandals of their own making, and the news of the day — the crimes they are committing beyond the sight of the public — gets lost in meaningless social chatter.

But behind the scenes, for the last 200 years, with each and every president, the message is the same. I remember a few years back some ditzy woman from Wisconsin was running for president and she kept saying, “First, we have to pay down the debt . . . “ and the real kicker is the $20 trillion debt can never be paid down, which tells you something about presidential campaign rhetoric.

What they tell you is not only not true, it is not even necessary.

For those who refuse to see

You can’t have good health without a healthy nation. If you can have no confidence in your nation you will have no confidence in yourself.

Those who grow up without fathers can never really respect their elders, because of the resentment of the abandonment that they feel. Such a society is weak. The strength of a nation depends upon the security and contentment of its citizens. The strength of a family depends on having a mother and father. 

The strength of nation depends on the strength of its families; in the USA today the strength of the family is in intensive care. The divorce rate and the rate of babies born out of wedlock are both over 50 percent. The strength of American families is weak.

If you’re listening to someone who tells you we’re going to get out of this easily, you’re sadly mistaken.

We are being sucked into the vortex of artificial intelligence and don’t know what will happen. Based on previous medical interventions, the outlook will be devastating. More diseases will be created than cured, and the powers that be will like that.

The first element of freedom is learning that what you earn yourself determines who you are. If you go along with the status quo you will end up empty on the road to nowhere, one of the lemmings who passed this way this century without noticing too much, and whose life was spent in pursuit of nothing meaningful.

The end of this story has yet to be written. As you get further into it, you will find that the only person who can fix what’s wrong with the world is you.   #

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