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Are we still able to recognize ourselves?

Consider the areas taken over and now dominated and warped by Jews.

We see it foremost in media, women whose boobs fall out of their skimpy costumes, then sue their pimps for back pay and claim they’re liberated. Like newspapers which shaped our view of the world and got us to support wars that left the bankers rich and the people poor. Then they claim to be our champions. No wonder nobody believes anything.

But they couldn’t have their hammerlock on media without complete control of the money supply, a quest that began in the 1640s when Cromwell and his gang of Dutch Jews engineered the beheading of English King Charles I. The centralization of Jewish control in the City of London has ravaged the world ever since with inflationary spirals, preplanned wars and absolutely corrupt banking practices.

With these three things, Jews not only control governments, but also people’s minds. As a result of their virtual monopoly on media, they define the spectrum of reality and simply blacklist aspects they wish to make disappear. They groom suitable candidates and manipulate them into public office, from where they can empty the coffers of governments and the wallets of the people. No U.S. president has served who was not completely controlled by the Deep State banking machine, which today is a totally Jewish enterprise. Those candidates and elected officials who could not be controlled were assassinated.

I think this is still the main formula.

A big part of big media’s mind control of the population is entertainment, which principally has turned white children into black wannabes through control of the music scene. America has relied on black musicians throughout its history even though white translators and adaptors generally wound up getting the credit for smash hits and masterpieces. Jews have destroyed the American music scene the same way they destroyed the Roman religion, with an infinite number of indistinguishable imitations so that no one could really tell the difference between one and the other.

Particularly noticed in the 1950s was the subtle introduction of homosexuality into fiction (J. D. Salinger) led to total obliteration of restraint in the 1960s and the legalization of homosexuality in the 1970s, a major triumph for the Jewish destabilization template, which ripped the heterosexual heart out of Western culture and doomed the nuclear family to oblivion. Next to the women’s liberation fostered by Jewish groups in the late 1800s, the legal and moral liberation of homosexuals was probably the greatest societal destabilization of Western culture ever perpetrated by those psychopaths trying to destroy it.

It accelerated the growth of bizarre behavior as it reduced the fecundity of white populations, the result of which is a world population with a lower IQ than existed in a Western culture which was primarily built by whites. But this is no apologetic. The chief problem today is that the rest of the world wants everything that the whites have invented and are willing to behave just like whites to get it. This is not good news for anyone.

Perhaps it was in the 1960s that I first noticed the really penetrating songs — genuine socially conscious analyses — began disappearing toward 1970, replaced by more superficial songs that are the ones still played today. It seemed then like the culture was shifting from marijuana to cocaine and music became more plastic and the lyrics more meaningless and less political.

They say now that was a Laurel Canyon CIA experiment, but we come to love our addictions like The Beatles and when they are deconstructed into something bad (like some kind of Frankfurt School programming), well, it hurts a little when our past is trashed.

Who among us today dares say our memories of past decades were not more pleasant that the constant string of social catastrophes that confront us today?

Yet some memory is necessary. To understand the present it is necessary to reanalyze past events in the light of subsequent knowledge, and that enables us to see the stunning idiocies that have trashed America with programs which made the elite rich richer but the average Joe and Jane a lot poorer.

Still, most people have yet to see it.

Now we can more clearly see that the trend toward corporate consolidation which eliminated the Mom & Pop grocery stores was really a clever cover story for the rise of corporate communism as now we see that rich Jewish companies can actually control what everybody else thinks and speaks. And buys.

And woe is you if you try to point out their lies.

They taught us that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree; they didn’t teach us that James and Lionel Rothschild decided to manufacture the U.S. War Between the States.

They taught us that Adolf Hitler was the bad guy in World War II. They didn’t teach us that Eisenhower starved to death 2.3 million surrendered German soldiers after the war, and kept it a secret.

They taught us that Muslim hijackers knocked down the Twin Towers in New York City. But they didn’t tell us FEMA was in town the night before, setting up shop to monitor the disaster they knew was coming.

After money and media come medicine, armaments, illegal drugs, gambling, the law, education, science, entertainment and religion. The Jews control all these aspects of our lives. Money? Jews can print as much as they want, out of nothing. All money under the present system comes from debt. It is the specious fees of middlemen that always sink economies. It happens constantly.

All the reporting on every event derives from Jewish ownership of providers and advertisers. One untoward remark about Jews can put giant corporations out of business, never mind small enterprises simply trying to tell the truth.

I first noticed something wrong in the histories of both art and music. Both have been polluted by irrelevance, unable to stand by themselves as were the masterpieces of old.

Then there is the matter of Albert Einstein, not just the plagiarism of his most basic formulas, but the lack of verification of his postulations. Curved space? Quantum physics? Big bang? Dark matter? All fiction, all Jewish fiction that has derailed physics education, as well as science in general with all these preposterous postulations.

We know about the law. Get yourself a Jewish lawyer. We know about politics. Everyone who runs for public office must sign a statement supporting Israel or they can’t get money to run their campaigns. We know about medicine – push the pills or don’t get the yacht.

Jews are not qualified to be citizens of any country except Israel because they are first and foremost members of a revolutionary clique aiming at the overthrow of all countries, a process which has already occurred in all but a few countries. The remaining countries, the ones that try to remain outside the international money cabal, are the ones the Jews and America choose to bomb, and replace with puppet leaders.

You can see Jewish influence all over the 9/11 investigation, with the Kean commission that never even mentioned Building 7, to Chertov letting 37 Israeli terrorists fly back to Israel with no charges, and of course three Israelis who admitted being sent to the U.S. to monitor the events of 9/11, with the clear implication being that lots of people had foreknowledge.

And now today you see the lockdown of information about the Jews’ Holocaust hoax of World War II as Amazon, Google and Facebook, three Jewish entities, refuse to permit any knowledge about WW2 that doesn’t match their scripted propaganda, and is automatically erased from their files.

Just as the American people are about to be erased from the files of history in the process of being turned into a mindless, tan-skinned army of robot slaves, no longer able to think independently of what Jewish media tell them to think.


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