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When laws are passed that declare specific historical facts
off limits to honest questions, you know for certain
that a lie is being told and a crime is being covered up.

Our lives are shrinking right before our eyes. What we say, what we do, what we believe are all catalogued and monitored, then passed on to spooky bureaucrats who screen your data for behavior not sanctioned by the Deep State. When something doesn’t fit, alarms go off, and you lose a few credit points, or a few YouTube channels, or if you’re a doctor with a cure for cancer, your life.

Today, some rapists in England do less time than those smeared with the anti-Semite label for questioning the lies Jew censors have declared to be reality. This has resulted in a new intensification of what is and what is not permitted speech in public dialogue, as people cringe in fear about how their Jewish overseers could choose to punish them were they to openly express how they really felt.

The thing to remember is that since Jews disproportionately support political candidates, lawmakers regard assisting them in their causes as very beneficial to their own careers, which is why we have a pint-sized outlaw state that champions every sort of perversion controlling the mightiest military machine in human history now plundering the world without mercy.

The great purge of data concerning World War II by Amazon, Facebook and Google links up with the European Union ban on Holocaust questions to cast a giant shadow across the Western world that spotlights a classic conundrum — why do 90-year-old women get put in jail for insisting on the true facts of history?

What kind of sick people would do that?

When laws are passed that declare specific historical facts off limits to honest questions, you know for certain that a lie is being told and a crime is being covered up.

No choice but to believe

Society has failed because religion has failed, trying to prove a point that cannot be proven. When people rely on faith, they are more susceptible to being scammed, because they sincerely desire what they are being offered. Too often have people believed in a guru who claimed to be in communication with the divine who left their followers, if they lived, with broken minds, destroyed cities and empty wallets.

The irony of ironies is that there is no healthy alternative to faith. What do we say to a newborn babe about what his life is going to be. Faith in life is what must be conveyed to children, or else they will fail to thrive. Hope is the essential ingredient in all our plans. Without it we will wither and die, just as now today, our planet is shriveling up before our eyes, principally because what we have done to it, but more to the point, because of what we believe.

As it remains unpolluted by the queer tinkerings of powermad priests, the Christic impulse comes hardwired in the hearts of all humans. It doesn’t need to be taught, it is already installed, and best brought to life by a mother and father, and hopefully sisters and brothers.

It doesn’t need to be taught. Life teaches us about it. The ones who insist you have to learn something about it that only they can teach you is automatically a charlatan. In their fear and loneliness, people flock to them in droves.

Priests molest children, rabbis deform babies’ penises and mullahs order infidels to be slaughtered. Confused and in the darkness of their own minds, their followers beg them for guidance.

One of the best things you can say about the Catholic religion is that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic. Back then they both believed in justice and look where it got them? Murdered by the Jews, along with so many other prominent freedom leaders of the 20th century.

The kings of Egypt were called pharaohs only by the Jews, just as the Germans were called Nazis only by the Jews. These two Jewish labels seriously obscure our view of history.

Earlier with the god kings of the Mesopotamians the god and the king were one in the same. Eventually the king, being involved mostly in wars, became more secular, and a chief priest was appointed to keep the public believing that the king was really godlike. The priests mainly kept the books, and that’s how the Roman church got so rich.

As civilization transmuted toward modernity kings pretty much disappeared whereas priests attained an unprecedented power, specifically the case of Rome where popes ordered nations to heel and they pretty much obeyed. Even today there is a Doctrine of Discovery held by some to be legally binding that the Catholic church owns most of the real estate in the world, and what it doesn’t own the Queen of England probably does, according to this smelly historical propaganda.

Religions expect us to endorse this rancid arrangement with our undying devotion. Somehow (actually, by the invention of all Protestant denominations by Jews), that long ago heart of the Christos has pretty much disappeared from our modern corporate churches.

Not only has religion failed to keep us moral, the religions themselves have become immoral. Perhaps most were immoral from the start as they all made the survival of their own creed more important than allegiance to the creator, the source from which springs all honesty.

Peace requires clear standards

The entity known as the United States of America is hastening the arrival of its own demise by failing to adhere to the accepted moral standards of the world. Telling the truth and keeping your word are two things it does not do well. It might come as a shock to most Americans, but the U.S. has never done either.

Israel, of course, has elevated this disease to a new level of insanity, placing itself above the law and shielding criminals from prosecution in the scenes of their crimes by refusing extradition with any other countries.

At the same time Israel claims it can snatch anyone it chooses to bring to Israel, convict them of anti-Semitism, and then execute them (much in the same way that Lenin chose to get rid non-Jews at the bloody beginning of the Soviet Union), the Jews howl in feigned horror when its agents are arrested for stealing state secrets in the U.S. Eventually Jews buy enough U.S. congressmen to get the traitors released and sent back to Israel.

Many of the great criminals in American history escape justice by fleeing to Israel. But eventually this practice has become unnecessary since the Jews gained complete control over the three branches of the American government. Now Jews can commit daylight robbery and remain right here, unafraid of a justice system that for all practical purposes they own.

To throw these 90-year-old women in jail for insisting that the Jewish story about World War II is an utter fabrication is the telltale sign of totalitarianism, which has arrived without most people knowing. There is no way to appeal. The government you thought might protect you from unjust charges is much too keen not to offend the Jews who support them, so you will have no help from any government dependent on kosher bribery, which is practically every government on Earth.

When we find out what the real deal is, and the odds of our being able to correct it, we seek a numbness, a relief from pain of knowing we can no more change the course of the world than we can relocate a mighty river from its predetermined passage to the sea.

No wonder there’s an opioid epidemic. All these frantic plans for immortality and safety from the great chasm of darkness are too much to bear without some sort of crutch. The stupidest things humans do is kill other humans to preserve some semblance of their own eternal lives.

Present hypocrisy augurs bleak future

Is it our ultimate goal to spread murder and mayhem, barbarism and exploitation throughout and universe? If this is so, then we are a virus that needs to be stopped.

However, further examination of this problem reveals this is not our true nature, but a spell that has been cast upon us by perverts who are afraid to be alive, and teach us to be like them.

Jews need to be treated like any other human, no better, no worse. Because of their failure to be human — to claim an exempt status from the laws of mankind — Jews need to be sanctioned in a serious way. The rest of the human species need to be protected from these parasites.

Jews need to be segregated from the rest of the human population, where they can prey upon each other to their hearts’ delight.

Religion has failed to keep us moral because of the constant infighting among different sects of the same religions, most of which were founded by Jews to promote discord and disunion. This blatant embargo on talking about Jewish crimes and criminality has rendered most of our social criticism pointless and ineffective, failing to hit the real target of our investigations.

Worse, the priest skulks into the shadows when asked about his government. He repeats the lies he has been told to by his superiors, because this is the way they’ve decided to run the world, using the promise of eternal life to endorse the platform of perpetual war, because under those conditions they are able to continue their vampire vaudeville act.

Today the priests stay silent, afraid of uttering impermissible speech, and terrified of losing their 501(c)3 tax exempt status. It is the method the Jews have used to erase spirit from the world, and you who have eyes to see have a clear idea of the disaster that this has caused.



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