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The real Holocaust is what
Jews have done to the world

Because Jews own most media worldwide, there simply is no noticeable discussion on a mainstream level of their role in the wars and upheavals of society. How many famous commentators or legislators wouldn’t mention them on a bet? From the volcanic time bomb ticking in Hawaii to America’s unsavory string of criminal wars against mostly defenseless countries, Jews are the deliberately ignored factor without which none of these puzzling disasters can be adequately understood or solved.

The salient issue of the U.S. war against Syria that is almost never discussed in mainstream circles are the significant oil deposits in the Golan Heights which Israel, with America’s approval, has stolen. As they did with Al-Qaeda, the U.S. and Israel simply invented an enemy called ISIS which gave them the contrived media-assisted rationale to wage war against innocent victim Syria.

And now in London a forthright ex-soldier — Jez Turner — has accurately described British history as totally dominated by Jews, and for this, was sentenced by a court to a year in jail for simply mentioning an accurate historical fact — that the country has been totally controlled by Jews since the 17th century. The sinister City of London fortress and Britain’s corrupt monarchy provide ample evidence of this.

A new clampdown on the use of the word Jew in public utterances is spreading like malignant mold in the minds of men. Say anything negative about Jews and likely you’ll be going to jail, or, at least you can count on Jews trying to put you in jail. And given the Jewish predilection for controlling the legal system, there’s a very good chance they’ll succeed.

 The missing link in the 9/11 probe

Seventeen years of palaver about the 9/11 caper has resulted in absolutely zero progress in identifying and apprehending the perpetrators of the greatest crime in American history. The missing piece is clearly Jewish involvement, which is neatly kept in the shadows by Jewish media, and enforced by a U.S. government totally controlled by Jews.

Now we have a movement revealed by South Carolina’s new law which makes it a crime to criticize Israel. This is the real battle of anti-Semitism. The stakes are that Jews can get away with any crime they commit because they can hide behind the shibboleth that criticism of Jews is a crime in and of itself — the dreaded anti-Semitism.

And what crimes are those? Well, that’s quite a list! Start with both World Wars, the demolition of the World Trade Center, the Federal Reserve, this whole string of faux terror incidents usually involving schoolchildren, the poisoning of the food supply and the hidden timebombs in medicines, the centuries old fractional reserve lending scams culminating in the derivatives boondoggle guaranteed to crash the world economy almost immediately if not sooner, the total pollution of culture by the destruction of religious systems, and a family-fracturing legalization of homosexuality that resulted in a form of self-destructive insanity being ordered by a totalitarian government.

Jews have turned our daughters into whores and our sons into conscienceless swindlers.

In the dreary days of 2018, integrity can nowhere be found in public organizations, only rapacity and love of money. This is the true legacy of the Jews.

We’ve come around this bend before, back in the days of George Bush 2 and his flunkie general Colin Powell. They tried to insist it was both logical and sane to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. Back then (not so long ago, 2004) they were pretty much laughed out of the room. But the mindlock has seriously intensified since then. You may not speak ill of Israel, and you may not use the world Jew in a negative context, or you will be stripped of all your possessions and sent to jail, often without a trial, by Jewish judges and lawyers.

No more talking about Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian children in the head so their organs can be transplanted in palsied old Jews.

This is the new kosher totalitarianism that has the world in its death grip as it crushes the minds of the people forced against their better nature to believe facts that are demonstrably false.

Is the sabotage deliberate?

With any public debate you have saboteurs who appear to be on one side but who are actually on the other. Which side you’re on, of course, depends upon what you believe, and it’s safe to say that most of the people in the world have been badly educated, thanks to Jewish manipulators, about the forces that control their lives.

I was really disappointed in late May 2018 when a man who knows better, Mike Walsh, advocated the use of the word Zionist instead of the term Jew when assigning blame for most of the troubles of the world. This is a battle I have been fighting for most of the last decade, and many other freedom fighter heroes have been involved for much longer than that.

Walsh was commenting on the surprise jailing of British activist Jez Turner. Walsh blamed Turner’s incarceration on the fact that he used the term Jew instead of the less-toxic label Zionist. Thus, Walsh joins questionable media characters such as Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Les Visible (a Jew) and David ‘Rothschild Zionism’ Icke as pretend Jew critics who are actually helping to conceal the Jewish role in today’s atrocity avalanche by using such distracting synonyms as Zionist, Communist and other ‘progressive’ labels. They’re all Jews or Jew wannabes, quite fond of the kosher contributions they may or may not receive. By confusing the public they are assisting Jew criminals to remain anonymous, to remain beyond the consciousness of most Americans who think its the U.S. government that is being so cruel toward them, when it’s really the Jewish puppetmasters who control everything from behind the scenes.

Advocating use of the term Zionism lets those Jews seeking to avoid exposure to non Jews off the hook and betrays all those activists who have put their lives (and their freedom) on the line by opposing the Jewish menace and their kosher lies about history (6 million et al) by speaking directly about them, and not using some smarmy synonym to protect themselves from Jewish wrath.

In 1921, the great Henry Ford had a rule about what to call Jews that everyone would do well to follow.

Name the enemy

The system of Jewish procedure is already fully known. How simple it is! First, you secularize the public schools — “secularize” is the precise word the Jews use for the process. You prepare the mind of the public school child by enforcing the rule that no mention shall ever be made to indicate that culture or patriotism is in any way connected with the deeper principles of the Anglo-Saxon religion. Keep it out, every sight and sound of it! Keep out also every word that will aid any child to identify the Jewish race. Then, when you have thus prepared the soil, you can go into the universities and colleges and enter upon the double program of pouring contempt on all the Anglo-Saxon landmarks, at the same time filling the void with Jewish revolutionary ideas.

Ford spotlighted the necessity of teaching students that the major force attacking America was Jewish.

It is against this that the Jews protest. “You must not identify us,” they say, “You must not use the term ‘Jew’.” Why? Because unless the Jewish idea can creep in under the assumption of other than Jewish origin, it is doomed. Anglo-Saxon ideas dare proclaim themselves and their origin.

The Jews, as the world is beginning to learn, hide their deepest thoughts behind false stories in dark places.

The only aliens on this planet are the Jews, which is why they encourage all this prattling about ET this and extra dimensional that. Their twisted holy book, the Talmud, insists that Jews are the only real humans, and that everybody else on this planet is merely a farm animal, a slave to be used by the Jews for any purpose.

Are we going to forgive the presence of the Talmud, the most egregious hate crime in human history which describes how the Jews may rob and kill anyone they want with no penalty because the rest of the non-Jewish humans are nothing more than cattle — some Jews say cockroaches — to be fleeced and slaughtered upon the twisted whims of very sick people.

You may say this is wishful thinking or conspiracy mongering, but I would say it’s right in line with historical precedent set by the Jews in Russia with their hundred million non-Jewish deaths, or in Germany which they totally destroyed because they weren’t allowed to keep Berlin as the smut capital of the world, or in Japan, which they once lured into a World War by cutting off their supply of gasoline in order to pulverize them later on with what Eustace Mullins called “the Jewish hell bomb”.

The current destruction of Europe is a totally Jewish operation and all the timid politicians and writers are afraid to mention it lest their lose all their bribe money, or their paychecks from Jewish media giants.

But now it’s against the law to mention any of these colossal crimes because it would be anti-Semitic. Our freedom of speech has been terminated by these kosher crackpots. This indeed is the new totalitarianism, and it is totally Jewish.

You want to call them Zionists. Go ahead. The Jews will thank you for it. I call them Jews and say before God that they are the scourge of the world.

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