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    When We Lie to Ourselves

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They are scrubbing from your mind
everything you ever hoped to know


My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
—Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1818

As material not favorable to the entities who run the Internet slowly but surely disappears from public access, this deliberate shrinkage of the human knowledge base accurately replicates what has befallen the human mind during the 20th century — our minds have been profoundly diminished by a standardization of information that has eliminated much important knowledge from our brains. Especially facts that relate to fitness, survival and government.

As we can see by the world around us, the trend — this stifling of so-called politically incorrect information — has left humanity less compassionate, more confused, and in danger of forfeiting its future.

Every time some category of thought is declared out of fashion or no longer relevant — like learning how to catch and cook your own supper from scratch — it is actually a theft from the overall repertoire of human abilities, rendering our species more vulnerable should one of its much-applauded laborsaving devices run afoul of one of Murphy’s Laws — like the electric grid going down for many months, for example.

The recent banishment by Amazon, Facebook and Google of topics deemed unsuitable for general consumption by our Jewish overlords are really a more abrupt action than the subtle manipulation of our minds that actually kicked into high gear at the beginning of the 20th century with several pivotal events, notably the creation of the income tax and other related items all mentioned in the Communist manifesto.

Items declared nonessential by the higher minds who presume to be the censors of the world are simply flicked into the trash bin, and the skills and insights — and the depth of character — that went with them are lost. Their lame excuse most people use is to always let the computer take care of it. This ruthless consolidation of human knowledge has accelerated exponentially ever since Tesla’s invention of electric light.

Are humans conceding reality to computers? They say the government has our future planned by computer.  Our brains have been shrinking. Our IQ is going down  On this current trajectory, our brains will soon stop working at all, and be replaced by the same software now running our government.

Politically correct suicide

One can clearly see today the imposition of homosexual indoctrination on small children is a direct attempt to sever the child from any authentic sense of public responsibility because of the sexual addiction he is afflicted with in public school before he can formulate any rejection of it. Even more than women’s suffrage or women’s liberation — or the later still inexplicable legalization of homosexuality (1973) — the legalization of pedophilia under one Jewish rationalization or another will provide the final nail in the destruction of the nuclear family and complete the atomization of the human population.

What child can ever authentically love a parent who does things parents are never supposed to do? No nuclear family means total control of your life by a Jewish government. Any level of Jewish government in any country means a significantly shorter lifespan for all non Jews.

Judging from what I hear on Jewish media, women seem to prefer their own liberation to functionally organized civilization. An overwhelming percentage (I’m guessing) of women would prefer their own independence to the responsibilities of motherhood. This is what happens when you live in a country you can’t really believe in. This is why Women’s Suffrage led directly to Communism, and also why Jews champion all manner of perversions — because it makes their own bizarre practices seem relatively normal by comparison.

Drinking the blood of children is not normal. That’s what comes after pedophilia. As long as Jews are in control, this is the human future.

When names become ghosts

The recent removal of Confederate statues throughout the Southern United States reminds me of the way the Israelis changed the names of Palestinian villages they destroyed and replaced them with their own new towns with Jewish names that vaporized the names of the original inhabitants. It’s called erasing history. It was also called ‘poisoning the well’, something Jews did to Palestine and continue to do on all levels to the entire world.

These conscienceless censors would have us believe Palestine never was, just like the Confederacy never was. What’s interesting about this is that both of these stories have been lost to history in favor of the politically correct but totally bogus version of events.

These monuments honored the memory of leaders who fought on the morally right side of wanting to control their own lives, but they were knocked out by the financially stronger North, which then plundered the South for a half century of “carpetbagging” before turning its guns overseas as the 19th century became the 20th.

After a 2016-18 march across the South tearing down Confederate monuments in many states, the debate about street names that referred to Rebel heroes reached Austin, Texas recently. A proposal to change the names of seven streets led to a suggestion that the very name of the capital of the state of Texas because it was named after a patriot — but also a slaveowner! Stephen F. Austin. One wonders if the name of Washington will one day be changed for some similarly reactionary reason.

This triumph of superficiality over substance and the debate it has kindled refocuses history’s spotlight on the actual reasons for the War Between the States, better known in the South as the War of Northern Aggression.

Antifa thugs hired by George Soros dutifully trumpet the racism angle, but anyone with knowledge of real reasons for what came to be known as the Civil War was about the North’s financial exploitation of the South. The recent destruction of Confederate monuments began with Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, one of the most revered figures in American history, shows that those eager to destroy the memory of those who held the USA together have no regard for anything but their own self-centered programming. These protesters are too scattered to realize their behavior is actually destructive of their own objectives.

Political correctness has now overtaken reason in the American mind, and that — like the Jews — poses a danger to all living things.

No past with no future

The past is buried, the knowledge is lost, and the same scams keep repeating.

A Jewish billionaire pays destitute immigrants to protest the injustice of having to live in the shadows of statues of white men, and suddenly politically correct governments are falling all over themselves allowing ex-slaves to sue the government for reparations over their mistreatment centuries ago!

This billionaire even manages to have complete control of a president for eight years, who funnels guns to terrorists, and after his term is up, he sets up a shadow government down the street from the White House intent on continuing his sabotage of everything good about America.

Cheryl Benard wrote about these maniacs . . . “Fanatics rewrite history to edit out the bits they don’t like . . . Taking a statue away is not a social reform action, it is a pseudo-action to make people feel they are accomplishing something when in fact they are not.”—-accomplishes-22142 

From American Indian villages or Palestinian towns, making monuments disappear or changing the names of villages erases not only the past, but it conceals the crimes of the past.

Benard writes:

“To the Taliban, the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan were impious remnants of a pre-Islamic age, idols that deserved to be blown up. Now these irreplaceable, priceless and beautiful statues are gone, lost to the world. ISIS dynamited Palmyra (“a heathen site”) and many other beautiful and valuable places in Syria and Iraq, including the tombs of the Biblical prophets Jonah and Daniel and countless other historic treasures.”

Goodbye Robert E. Lee

We have entered a new phase of social civilization. Depending on your perspective, it’s either the complete psychological castration of men or the liberation of the world through Communism, where the dictates of the leaders of this Jewish utopia must be honored by all or respected by none.

We see its hallmarks already. 89-year-old woman put into jail for telling the truth about events 70 years ago! What is so important about this? The truth of the Jewish lie may not be admitted in any instance; otherwise, people will fail to believe it. That is why it is crushed to reflexively and completely whenever and wherever it arises.

From Charles Lindbergh’s father and Henry Ford down to Ernst Zündel and Ursula Haverbeck, Jewish media have deceived the world, erasing the real heroes from history, those who told the truth, Douglas Reed, Father Coughlin, so many others . . .

This is the meme to remember, the meme for our time — tell the truth and go to jail. I’ve been saying it for 15 years. Few have listened. Each day, it seems, more people are put in jail for pointing out the lies of the past. These are always Jewish lies.

The Schaefers await sentencing to join the latest class of truthtellers sitting in German jails for trying to speak the non Jewish truth about World War II. As I race to complete this story, partial news that Arthur Topham, longtime editor of the Radical Press in British Columbia, has been taken into custody for his ceaseless efforts to tell the truth about Jewish tyranny in Canada, where it is particularly virulent.

The thing that underlies everything I do is the knowledge that human participation in the life force of planet Earth of what it must be for our own species to survive is woefully deficient. People spend their lives thinking about the wrong things, which make them sicker, and not knowing the information that enables us to create a more functional way to live our lives, and to steer clear of those who let the emoluments of high office deflect them from the course toward justice they once pretended to follow.

Jews claim they're the only real humans, but all that means is that they're not really human at all. Two thousands years of recorded history show us with embarrassing clarity that Jews are now and forever immune to reason and common sense, may not be argued with, and above all else, may never be trusted.

Perhaps that is why in the entirety of its history, the United States of America never kept its word in any of the 103 treaties it signed with the Indians it displaced on the North American continent.

New kind of crime

Today I sense an ever growing danger in the pattern of staged events designed by the government to make us all believe their vigilance is essential to our safety.

The early iterations of these choreographed episodes of public slaughter all involved post-event embarrassments which revealed the fraudulent nature of the performances. Lately, however, a new trend in government-sponsored organized crime was revealed by the unsolved murders in Las Vegas of people who were shot from helicopters yet the government has announced it was all done by a single deranged shooter of the Lee Harvey Oswald/Adam Lanza reputation.

Despite a long and sordid history of false flag events conducted by the government throughout its history to manipulate the public into accepting either a declaration of war or passage of a new law somehow restricting the use of guns, lately we have had a new kind of crime on our hands, one that inflicts maximum damage but — and here is the change! — the crime is never fully explained, nor it is ever solved. At some point, the government simply stops talking about it, and the fickle public soon forgets about it.

The message to the public becomes . . . you can kill 50 people from helicopters in Las Vegas and blame it on a lone assassin, or you can light northern California on fire with exotic microwave weapons, and yet you will not be prosecuted for it, nor even arrested, because you are plugged into an intelligence network that is bigger than any one police force, or even any one country.

And it’s the same police force that puts old ladies in jail in Germany for saying politically incorrect things in public.

This is nothing new. It’s the same police force that gave guns to Mexican drug dealers, the same bunch that releases Israeli spies who sell secrets to America’s enemies.

The northern California fires appear to have been caused by microwaves from the air. If this is true it would mean that the U.S. is under attack from its own government. And because the government owns the media, nothing is being said about it.

When history gets twisted

Since Jewish money is behind all these defense expenditures, and since Jews put back door controls in everything they manufacture, there is no resolving any of these crimes through democratic debate because Jews totally control this aspect — as well as all the entities which report on these matters, and the systems that adjudicate them — so that nothing will come of efforts to solve problems via democratic debate.

For whatever mystical reason, you may not argue with a Jew. Nothing you can say will change his mind, because his mind is permanently made up, and nothing in the universe can ever sway a Jew to deviate from his programming (unless it is a bigger swindle).

Our brains will stop working if they no longer have a noble purpose.

Traditional prayers don’t cut it anymore. You must show your gratitude, and in such demonstrations of compassion and purpose, you validate your life, you return the gift to the universe that gave you your life.

You don’t do that by taking money from some rich Jew to burn down buildings in our own neighborhood, no matter how much you hate the slumlords who own them.

You do that by cleaning up your neighborhood and remaining true to your family, not running off to some faraway place to avoid the inevitable karma of your own fate. This is something no one avoids. Realizing it makes you much less likely to kill someone else, although African savages hacking white people to death in South Africa, I’m sorry to say, makes black people untrustworthy everywhere.

And I’m just as sure that black people have been saying the same thing about whites (and with far more justification) as whites have about blacks.

So we have the perfect conditions for the race war that the Jews have been planning since Albert Pike uttered his fateful prediction — three World Wars! — in 1871.

Other than their own pathological hysteria, Jews have no proof of 6 million dead in German concentration camps.

To deny history is to deny ourselves, and that’s the last thing we ought to be doing.

One day all Americans woke up and found the country they had given their lives defending had been stealing from them from long before they were born. We should wish this was that day, though it clearly isn’t. Perhaps it will never come.

All those who disregard those lives erased by war and greed are sure to suffer the same fate as those who are blown away in an instant by somebody pushing a button somewhere far away for reasons that are always very bad.


by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”


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