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What will you say when they come for you?


A man may be personally ever so well off, and yet if his country be ruined, he must be ruined with it.
— Pericles (Thucydides), 423 BC

‘A system that does not believe in truth must be overthrown by people who do’

Otherwise we’re all just narcissistic robots of use to no one and no thing while killing other people for profit. Failure to repair this swindlers’ system has created a species enslaved by attractions that amuse and addict them but simultaneously conceal from them the frauds behind the social extortion within which they live their entire lives, which eventually turn bitter from the pointlessness of their inevitably misplaced efforts.

How do you deal with a government that declares the truth is no defense? You overthrow it, or concede that you are a powerless slave.

Assuming any judge at any time in history can be impartial and immune to the political realities of his time remains a shot in the dark very much dependent on many variables. You may assume to your advantage that your judge is the product of the system that has arrested you, and determined to enforce the will of his employers regardless of what the evidence might prove.

This totalitarian tendency is frighteningly evident in all the countries of Western Europe where courts have ruled, in Alice in Wonderland fashion, that the truth is no defense. Sylvia Stolz is the famous German lawyer who has been jailed repeatedly for simply trying to defend her clients. Judges whose minds are mutilated by this enduring Jewish conspiracy refuse to listen to common sense and hard evidence because their bureaucratic careers depend on them ignoring all the evidence and simply suppressing the truth.

Law abiding citizens nowadays get charged not so much with material crimes like murder but more likely with violations of government restrictions meant to regulate a potentially unruly populace by either curtailing or regulating some of their popular freedoms. Too many of these regulations over time have resulted in freedom being reduced to the condition of a human in an iron lung, unable to breathe without permission from the state.

Your judge is corrupt, your state is criminal, and your odds of being found innocent by conventional means are minimal.

So when that day comes, and you are hauled before a judge for committing some spurious illegality such as Holocaust denial or 9/11 truth, here is some advice about what to say.

Same reason for every problem

When you take the trouble to learn the real history of the world, you will soon run afoul of anti-Semitism laws, because the Jews have taken control of what the public learns about history. Because what they have written is mostly an agglutination of self serving lies that make raping children legal that they must cover up by extraordinary means.

In an obnoxiously booming voice, the judge intones: “By challenging the state’s history about World War II, your have been charged with defaming the memory of the dead, and committing hate crimes against the Jews! How to do you plead?”

“Your honor, I submit that Jewish claims about the so-called Holocaust are false, and consequently Jews defame the entire world by insisting they are true. In keeping with the well known legal maxim “the defense for libel is truth”, I further submit that I can prove my case about World War II deaths, whereas the Jews — despite a Holocaust publishing industry that has flooded the world with preposterously impossible fiction — cannot prove anything close to the atrocities they have cynically alleged. They have failed to do this in previous trials because they cannot prove their lies or dispute the truth of their debunking without simply telling more lies.

It’s not 6 million, it’s 290,000. The majority of German labor camp fatalities occurred after allied bombing had cut off supply lines and people died of either starvation or typhus. Internees at the Auschwitz camp had a swimming pool, a dentist and they put on plays. The Germans were much kinder to their enemies than the Jewish allies were to their German prisoners. Contrast these Auschwitz amenities, please, with the way the Americans bombed Dresden into literal rivers of blood or let 2 million German prisoners starve to death in a field in France after peace had been declared.

All the horror stories attributed to America’s enemies are really warped reflections of America’s own actual behavior against the world — barbaric beyond belief! One cannot help but wonder about the IQ of Americans who support the criminal activities of the American military, activity that U.S. leaders continually lie about, as demonstrated by Donald Trump’s current blithering about Syria, where children are apparently killed by U.S. proxies and used in videos trying to blame poison gas attacks on the innocent Syrian president.

And as with 9/11, they’re not even convincing lies, which means the American people who support their criminal government’s behavior are forced to act even stupider than they already are!

The billions of dollars extorted from nations and peoples around the world thanks to Jewish lawyers and judges bribing legislators and world leaders for Holocaust reparations are based on a projected Jewish homicidal fantasy falsely attributed to the victims of precisely this behavior.

These claims are the product of the classically depraved Jewish imagination, which is hostile to everything but its own sadistic fantasy of wreaking vengeance on the whole world for the pain they have inflicted upon themselves for two thousand years.

360 degree tyranny

You cannot discuss contemporary politics in an authentic way without uncovering excessive and subversive Jewish influence in practically every category of human endeavor.

This control of course begins with the Jewish monopoly on money. This enables them to influence every activity on the planet, and also to record their very biased accounts of these activities and distribute them to the public as gospel. Since they control the bulk of the world’s media, the reach of their propaganda dwarfs any other source, and thereby greatly affects both the attitudes of people as well as the operation of the world.

The consensus reality they have foisted on the world is curiously devoid of actual human characteristics, with everything coming down to financial survival in a world of plenty within which the vast majority are stricken by horrific poverty. And ruled by a ruthless overclass who regard most of their fellow humans as . . . cattle.

What makes these kosher depredations more difficult to identify lately is Jewish control of the police. The arrest of Jez Turner in England for shining a light on the private Jewish police force named Shomrim reveals the closeness between the British constabulary and the nefarious kosher influences that have controlled Great Britain for centuries. The Jewish courts slammed Turner into jail as fast as possible and we will be lucky to see him come out in one piece.

Police in the U.S. who are now trained in Israeli terror tactics have in recent years become infamous for murdering innocent bystanders, trashing the wrong addresses and shooting people’s harmless pets.

Among the worst are the hundreds of people who have been thrown into jail in Germany over the years for trying to tell the truth about the lies the Jews have told about World War II, as well as other world events, notably 9/11.

Germany has turned into a nation of Jewish controlled robots unable to see the perversion of history that transformed Adolf Hitler from the world’s greatest leader into the world’s greatest villain. This false history has resulted in the tyrant Merkel, an East German lesbian Communist, inviting Africa to invade Germany at the behest of the Jews, deliberately debauching her own country.

It would seem to be clear by now that all the Western countries have been sabotaged by deliberately harmful immigration politics that make them more susceptible to sabotage and instability, which is just the way the Jews want them . . . just like Palestine, with people living in rubble constantly bombed by Israel simply for the crime of not being Jews.

Debunking Holocaust propaganda

Here’s what you say to the judge:

I can prove what I say and you can’t prove what you say. Your Holocaust tale is a hoax, constructed to serve as a smokescreen for your colossal crimes, which aim at nothing less than the extermination of the entire non-Jewish population of the world.

You call my actions a hate crime? I call it investigating of a neverending 360-degree conspiracy in which Jews have created a world of their own that basically excludes everybody else on the planet and is totally devoid of any trace of either nature or reality.

Most notable among these restricted freedoms is the need for permission to own firearms to protect oneself and one’s family from random acts of violence, which often are generated by our own police. All gun control measures aim to enslave the populace and make it easier to murder government opponents.

Private possession of guns is precisely what has kept America relatively free all these years. Give up your guns and you give up your freedom — followed shortly thereafter by your life.

But rising beyond all that in importance is the ability to say and think what’s on your mind without regard to offending someone. This freedom has been profoundly impinged and the blame can be placed at none other than the Jews, who today control every aspect of our lives through their control of medicine, education and entertainment.

Starting with our money, which they graciously create out of nothing and then charge us for it, they control all our media, which means every thought in our head — cradle to grave — comes from them.

All Jewish judges or judges appointed by Jews should step down immediately, and in the case of all the Jewish 9/11 judges should be charged with treason and corruption as well.
People who are sentenced to prison by Jewish judges for political crimes should be immediately released and the judges who sentenced them should be jailed for treason for helping the U.S. government cover up its crimes.

Jewish billionaires totally control U.S. elections with multiple fail safe mechanisms that prevent a genuinely uncompromised person from ever occupying the White House. First, they have more money than anyone else, since they print it out of nothing without government oversight. Or more precisely, they are the government oversight.

Control of the money enabled them to seize control of media, first newspapers, then movies, music and entertainment across the board. Three Jewish men founded the TV networks, Hollywood studios were dominated by Jews, today’s universities are dominated by homosexual Communist Jews completing the indoctrinated perversions inflicted on our future generations and sending them out to destroy society.

The religions have all been hijacked by the Jews through control of money and a nonprofit law that exempts them from paying taxes if they keep their mouths shut about the atrocities your government commits on a daily basis.

Determining which aspect of human endeavor has been most profoundly disfigured by Jewish thought is a difficult choice.

Art was the first thing that crossed my mind. As photography gained ascendance in the late 19th century, so painting went mad. Biased reviewers in Jewish publications extolled nonsensical works which today sell for many millions of dollars. This is an even bigger swindle than the progressive income tax, principal bankrupter of most Americans, and of course another Jew invention as well as a prominent plank in the Communist Manifesto. It is far too late when most of these kids not sociopaths really learn to hate the country that nurtured them instead of the miscreant leaders who betrayed them.

The pollution of journalism

The utter Jewish pollution of journalism I really did not learn for real until after 9/11, when 100 percent of mainstream media failed to critique the U.S. government’s performance in any way. Instead they swallowed the propaganda without a peep about those phantasmagorical Muslim bandits who “hated our freedoms” and looked the other way when Chertoff sent all those captured Jewish terrorists back to Israel without so much as a parking ticket.

Honest people are dissuaded from running for public office because Jew bankers prevent them from getting campaign loans if they don’t sign up to support Israel, as Cynthia McKinney found out when she lost her Georgia Congressional seat. Ever since it has been OK for Americans to sacrifice their children so their CIA can distribute heroin all over the world.

So you’re OK with slaughtering innocent people in order to keep your gas prices down and your social schedule from being interrupted, is that right? This is the attitude of a nation that doesn’t really deserve to survive, at least with its present cast of criminal characters lying to everyone . . . including themselves.

Defend the people being put in jail by crooked judges for speaking the truth about Jewish perfidy, or the day will come when there is no one left who will remember what freedom ever was. 



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