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Except for the loving embrace of the State

No more real heroes, only celebrities, easily manufactured and replaced

Day after day, they prove it to us, again and again. We can’t trust what our government says. And that means we are not standing on firm ground when we make decisions that affect our lives. Therefore, no matter how many noble platitudes these corrupt bureaucrats throw at us, we can never be sure if they’re true, and more often than not we find out that they aren’t.

Worse than that is you can’t ever get a straight answer from the government about anything. The notorious Attorney General John Ashcroft killed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) back in 2003, with a memo to federal government departments not to cooperate with people seeking government records. And now they don’t.

The big crimes remain unsolved. The rich get away with murder. Individual attempts to find truth and justice are permanently thwarted, and their champions often murdered surreptitiously. With each passing year our lives are greatly diminished.

There used to be heroes in American movies. That all changed in the 1960s, some time after the first Kennedy assassination, when Hollywood trumpeted a new style of movie, one which featured the anti-hero. Charles Bronson, as the homicidal avenger of nasty criminals, comes to mind, setting records (at the time) for the number of people he gunned down in a single film.

It was an excellent way to destabilize society by glorifying violence. Today that impulse has metastasized and putrified to the point of openly urging blacks to shoot whites.

As they do with everything, Jews turned reality of its head and switched from movies about heroes to putting sympathetic faces on stone-cold killers, just the way their want their populations to be — silent cowards. And this is Washington, with its legions of venal, self-serving politicians perpetually failing to produce any new heroes. Instead it inflicts its voters with deceptive measures imposed by a foreign power that forever benefit the very rich and damage the very poor.

Lots of people analyzed this movie phenomenon as merely appealing to people’s love of violence, but it was really the puppetmasters’ plan to further damage the intellects of American moviegoers. They don’t want any heroes; they want lily-livered cowards who will obey every order from the government. Killing people is acceptable behavior, at least to the malignant moguls who run Hollywood like the Jews run Israel, of benefit to no one except themselves.

There is no mystery explanation to the decline and demise of the American republic. Too many manipulations, too many bribes, too many former politicians with secret bank accounts in Grand Cayman, and many are shackled into obedience by embarrassing videos, which these days could lead to their arrests (if we had a functioning Justice Department).

It is the lack of moral fiber and commitment to their oaths that has ruined America; too many secrets that got some people rich but ruined the integrity of the country.

There are no heroes in America anymore, at least on a political level. There are only money grubbing sycophants, eager to be the first to say whatever will make them the most money. This is the way children are brought up today, as the social fiber of the nation has been demolished by women’s liberation and homosexuality, and also most importantly by the slanderous Jewish sabotage of the Christian churches.

It was the parish priests and ministers who kept the fiber intact, and it was the rabbis who destroyed it with ecumenism and the false motto “strength in diversity”. Exactly the opposite is true.

America kills its heroes, and then venerates them. Lincoln, Kennedy, King — hated and disparaged during their lifetimes, praised to the skies after death to mollify their constituencies. This syndrome perhaps morphed into the now-dominant Holocaust religion and Gothic adolescents worshipping the various Gods of death cults.

Which is why we have a spectrum of political functionaries all whistling the tune written by Israel. There simply have been too many plane crashes or unexpected bullets provided by ‘lone nuts’.

It’s always about more money for Israel abroad and more money for Jewish groups at home in a robbery that has lasted more than a hundred years, but still the public — blinded and deafened by white noise — has no clue as to the heist.

Squeezed down to nothing

What we did to the Indians is now being done to us. We are being herded onto a cyber reservation from which we will not emerge unscathed. Possibly, we will be unrecognizable if we emerge at all.

We need to be able to speak openly about the Jews. Because we cannot, we are unable to unravel the important mysteries of our time. The great issue of who is behind these events remains prohibited from public discussion by the propaganda which people have received from prostituted media that have persuaded them to internalize a false history and recoil at any critical mention of this sacrosanct group of people who claim to be better than everyone else and also, more importantly, immune from everyone else’s laws.

Who could possibly stand up to this omnidirectional onslaught of information overload, or the channeling of children — all children, your children! — into categories most useful to the power elite. Sometimes you see them on TV, dancing to the tune of men who give them money.

The choice to groove on the power of this devil-worshipping, drug-sucking dementia is your door to psychological skid row, lots of things you would never tell your grandchildren about, were you lucky enough to have them to sit on your knee.

You know I’m leading up something, right? Stalling for time. I know you’ve had enough bad news and don’t need any more. But until you get the worst of it, you’re never going to make the best of it, are you?

The true enemy is the monster that has taken over the American dream and created exactly the opposite of what was intended, which was liberty and justice for all.

Best of the worst?

Trump, who is Trump? probably the best president since Kennedy, but still — and this is a fact we must never forget — wholly owned by Israel. The depth of Israel’s control over the United States is never more evident that in its control of U.S. presidential candidates. Jewish billionaires choose U.S. presidents and have throughout the 20th century.

My greatest fear is that Trump will facilitate an Israeli peace plan for the whole world — which will mean no peace at all, forever.

America has gained its ascendance by slashing and swindling its way to the top. Now it has been betrayed by its own leaders, who are unable to resist the emoluments (I love that word) of Jewish men who possess virtually infinite amounts of money (because they create it out of nothing!).

These are after all the Phoenician traders who burned up one country after another with their insane ideas. Their best secret is that you can never pin them down.

They moved from ancient Canaan and Carthage and seeped into all corners of the world in a Brotherhood of the Ripoff that survives to this day. They trip people up with the names they invent for themselves (Communists, feminists etc.) and leave countries looking like dead cows in the desert when they move onto their next conquest.

America gained its comfortable opulence essentially by making war on every country it met. This is morally unacceptable. And it begs the question if the human species will continue on as an impulsive predator, letting the bottom line overshadow its best qualities?

We need new heroes. No, not the kind that Hollywood produces. We are beginning to see the light. Our government, the media and our entertainment industry are always feverishly trying to attract our attention and convince us that we can’t do without them. We must do without all of them if we are ever to attain authentic liberty.

When Jews are in control, it means certain death for all the non Jews who object to their control, as demonstrated by the early Soviet Union.

The world should know by now — you can’t trust an American. And you never will be able to as long as Jews are in control of the USA. When that sad day comes and you can’t trust anyone, then the total totalitarian society that the Jews call peace will be complete, and the darkness will be so deafening you won’t want to listen to anything anymore. Because all hope will then be gone.



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