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‘Your mind is already gone and you don’t know it’


You know what is holding back the water and it won’t last much longer. Your last battery is running low and the bridges are out. The rescue crews are too far away to help you. I sometimes wonder how people regard their final wave when the last wall gives out, and the dark sea steals their last breath.

People in Puerto Rico know: Pitch black, no power, only the flickering beam of an aging flashlight — no political theorizing now — wind howling, ripping the shingles from the roof, and then the neighborhood blows away. Death is random and cruel. Cars thrown several blocks land on people. No electricity for a year, half the population flees to Miami. Throughout the Antilles many thousands were never seen again.

People in Houston and New Orleans know, the water kept rising and the lucky had to be rescued off their roofs. The ones who survived owe their future from knowing when to run away. Some called it urban renewal by weather control. Thousands more were bussed elsewhere and many of them reportedly remain unaccounted for.

But in Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia you likely never heard of, desperate residents who remain unburied try to recover from the unusual combination of both a tsunami and a volcano. They know better than anyone that in a split second the world can change and you can’t do anything about it. The big wave hit the new bridge in the city of Palu at about 18 feet high and they’ll be digging up the dead from the mud-packed rubble for a long time yet.  

In the western United States a high tech tsunami comes from the sky, in narrowly focused laser beams captured on cellphone video that roast houses at incredibly high temperatures but leave the trees a few feet away their naturally pristine green. Of course the government offers no rational explanation. This year’s Northwest forest fire epidemic seems connected to this suspicious phenomenon. Many observers have linked this to a program known as Agenda 21 that seeks to depopulate vast areas of the U.S. and herd human cattle into cities where they can be rigorously regulated.

Throughout the U.S. and many other countries, a nutritional tsunami of poison has been well established by the longtime Jewish company called Monsanto, which recently merged with Bayer and is now the biggest of Big Pharma.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy. Documents recently made public as a result of multiple lawsuits filed against Monsanto by people who blame exposure to Roundup for their non-Hodgkin lymphoma suggest Monsanto has known for decades about the health risks related to glyphosate.,11125 

A tsunami of a more visceral type supposedly rained down on Las Vegas last year when the staged bullets of a lone nut supposedly gunned down 50 concert goers. Various witnesses thought the shots came from a helicopter or people on the ground. The really significant aspect of this event was that the cops finally gave up trying to explain what happened, and no believable official account has emerged from the police ever since.

Meaning?! Americans may be murdered any place at any time by a government that no longer needs to explain what happened to anyone.

Psychological tsunami

And after thousands of incidents such as this, the psychological tsunami occurs when the government tries to explain prefabricated terror incidents as the work of some dark enemy nobody can adequately identify, because when they try to, what turns up is a sinister connection to people in power who seek to convince a brain damaged populace that they need to be protected from these mysterious sinister forces . . . who “hate our freedoms”.

No, it wasn’t our freedoms they hated, Mr. Bush. It was more the bombs and the lies delivered by the United States that did not differentiate between the guilty and the innocent that really bothered all those people, who are now suddenly dead and forgotten.

One can’t help but wonder about the unnatural nature of all these disasters, of the unprecedented weather events that exhibit the hallmarks of manipulation, which some books say has been going on since 1947, but of course our government denies anything that resembles the actual truth.

All these fake terror incidents which the government creates to convince everyone that we actually need this kind of intrusive interference in our individual lives have caused a significant psychological change in the American personality — an unnecessary change you could call fear of fake terror. Or fear of the cops coming to the wrong address which happens to be yours and killing your dog . . . or your whole family.

But if we suddenly mistrust our leaders it also means fundamentally that we don’t trust ourselves, because after all, fixed elections or not, we elected them. To distrust ourselves, I believe, is a form of mental illness, deliberately cultivated by the medical and pharmaceutical industries which prefer to create — rather than cure — these profitable lifetime addictions.

Madness under ice

Perhaps this one kind of tsunami supersedes all the others . . .

In the 1938 novella, the surviving scientists wonder if they will even know when they are no longer men and have been assimilated by the Thing. 

It is a dark tsunami of the mind that drowns people who try to figure out the suppressed mysteries behind the constant lies the predators feed to their prey. And the worst tsunami of all is this mainstream media narrative that has created generations of artificial people who cheer the killing of untold millions of people for the benefit of a very few shysters who aren’t even legitimate citizens of anywhere.

But why the sudden rush to the bottom of the world? Movers and shakers from all over the world are scratching their heads trying to figure this one out. Even the Russian patriarch Kirill and Illuminati bagman John Kerry have flown to Antarctica to witness this puzzling apparition.

“. . . something gigantic beneath Marie Byrd Land in the Antarctic appears to be breathing, “forcing the ice surface thousands of feet above them to rise and fall by as much as 20 feet . . .” .

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin sputtered “It is evil itself!” before he was shunted off to a rubber room.

Cosmologist Jack Heart writes:

The paranoiac premise is plainly articulated in iconic horror film director John Carpenter’s 1982 cinematic classic The Thing. In the movie, the shape-shifting entity is an alien from outer space marooned in the Antarctic for a hundred thousand years. When it’s thawed from a block of ice, the Thing wipes out a Norwegian and American base, impersonating and killing the hapless scientists one by one. Once its slime gets on the victim, it assimilates them, leaving an exact duplicate of the victim, including their personality and memories.  

Sounds like Communism to me.

This assertion made me think of the work of Carlos Castaneda and his view of “the predator.”

We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile . . . They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore their food is always available to them.   

. . which led to some thoughts on . . .

Viral parasitic consciousness 

Parasites, like narcissistic personalities, seek only to validate their own fallen measures and desires while shunning and disabling the free-will and creativity of those they feed upon (anyone carrying compassion). Thus, the human society has been mentally and emotionally entrained and enslaved through a variety of means to the point that the more accurate level of advancement is far beyond the requirements of economic, technological, informational, political, medicinal, and intellectual systems that are present today.

What we have access to and the capacity for is so far beyond what we have today that this is akin to a situation where a person with great power and creativity is kept within a small, limited mental and physical cage by a domineering and malicious relationship with a being who literally is only projecting the imitation of the causal and reasonable partner but is actually the predator in a predator-prey situation.

With that said, the more accurate description is a parasite and host relationship as the human has all the power to choose who, what, where, and when the changes occur yet they are sleeping to their true power like a lion who is kept in a circus show dancing and parading for a tiny man with a whip and a cheering crowd of people who have no capacity to even fathom the kind of true, organic power that the lion knows by heart but is beaten to forget or ignore until just that moment when the parasite exposes itself for the last time.

The skeptic in me asks if this is just a preliminary setup to condition people to the false flag alien invasion, which is by now long overdue.

They could blast away half a continent if they wanted to, and then blame it on goons from outer space, but you’ll know who’ll be behind it, because I’m telling you right now.

You know you’re in trouble when our best chance in the White House is admittedly under the control of a sinister worldwide cult.

And if you can’t name the predator at this late date then your chances of survival are . . . not what you might like them to be.


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