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The way each person ought to be


I’ve been frequently accused of mistaking my own wishful thinking for reality. In my idealism, I rue the way the world — and particularly this enigmatic country of mine — seems to have lost its sanity in search of profit. We could have been the benefactor of humanity, the righteous big brother, with plenty of money to spare, rather than the alienated brute, the barbaric overseer of less developed nations we consider beasts, as we consume enough nonessential munchies in a day the cost of which would support a rural Third World tribe for a year.

We actually could have been the light of the world everyone hoped we were, but instead we chose another route, the tired routine of ruthlessness, flexing our biceps to intimidate everyone into doing our will. We played the role of Hollywood tough guys swaggering down a phony path of inauthentic prerogatives, practicing coercion and intimidation, of superiority and manipulation of those not quite as lucky as ourselves, though just as deserving. We thought our guns and our bombs made us better than the real human heroes who cared for their parents until the very end, cultivated their own crops, and raised their children to be resourceful, respectful and honest.

I actually said all that to a popular writer. I was helping her write a book about extraterrestrials — this was many decades ago — and she looked at me funny. I forget her exact words, but her look seemed to say, "You don't understand the way the world really works, do you?" I replied, or maybe I just imagined I replied: "It nevertheless is the way I wish the world to be, and there is no chance it can ever be that way if people like me don't imagine it actually could be the way we wanted it to be.”

Fast forward to thirty years later (this was 2015) and we have a motley troop of well-dressed robots all lined up to pitch themselves as potential "leaders of free world" (as they call themselves), and really not saying anything that would indicate to anyone that they were authentic, sincere and compassionate human beings. These were all blustering armchair warriors who you know would eagerly push the button and obliterate whole countries, but you also know these weasels would run like hell from a street fight if they were suddenly caught out without their security details.

If I could ask them the right questions, they'd all disqualify themselves as fatuous fakes participating in the massive coverup that keeps the American people in the dark and the whole world cringing in fear of the men in suits who are always ready to take our money.

My vote for the most valuable site on the Worldwide Web goes to, which is a safety net of human intelligence, ready to catch the jewels of geniuses whose output was unexpectedly interrupted by the impartial hazards of fate. That is to say, it records the words of those sites which were not quite popular enough to support themselves on the Web, and one day would have completely disappeared but for the authentic vigilance of

One such site was It contained the key to ending wars between humans forever, and thanks only to, it is still available.

The showstopper line goes like this:

There is only one life and it is shared by all living things.

The implications are stupendous. What follows are excerpts from (copy & paste)

There is only one life and it is shared by all living things.

And all of a sudden, a doorway to the future opens, a doorway to a future without war, without rancor or bitterness, without illness or regret, a door to a future we have always sought, but in our fear have never been able to find, never mind open.

A problem can't be solved from its middle. A philosophy, likewise, must begin with the beginning, and that is the dividing line between the animate and the inanimate, some four billion years before the beginning of man.

We seek through our education system to educate instincts, an impossibility, while ignoring the developing human's intellectual need for real knowledge. We deliberately teach our children baseless dogma, ideology, fantasy and fiction, while boundless real provable knowledge, which they desperately need in a world suddenly demanding of knowledge, is ignored.

The result is a destructive conflict between the human and its culture, resulting in escape (drugs, promiscuous sex, alcohol, thrill seeking), rebellion (gangs, crime, drive-by-shootings, teenage pregnancy), racial hate and a work force that has been taught that productive work is degrading and class enslavement.

Often the data is force-fitted to a desired politically correct result. The consequence is complete 'scientific' support for an erroneous ideology.

Somewhere, somehow, we must bring our culture determining thought processes away from intuition, conjecture, imagination and hearsay and start requiring the use of the more demanding, and more successful, engineering practice of provable premises and logical progression with frequent measured verification.

The investigator must cultivate also a skeptical state of mind toward all hypotheses — especially his own — and be ready to abandon them the moment the evidence points the other way

To the teachings of Freud and Marx we add a hundred years of naive conjecture by academics and social workers and now teach it all as fact. It is not. It is baseless dogma and should not be taught as fact. As long as this mental garbage is taught and believed we will never be able to develop a true understanding of culture and its needs. Garbage in, garbage out. That explains our cultural failure.

Sketch of a new philosophy

Direct conclusions derived from the mechanical DNA replication process.

There is no death in the DNA replication process.

Something that became alive with the first life on Earth is still alive in a piece of your life. Inside you is a small but powerful part that has lived forever.

There is no new life created during the replication process.

All living DNA today has been alive since the first life.

Without that piece of DNA inside you that has been alive since the dawn of time, you would not be alive to hear the news.

All of the cells in the human body contain the same life.

There is only one life and it is shared by all living things.

I wonder what will happen when the world discovers killing another human — or anything else that lives — is actually killing part of yourself, something women who have abortions know all too well.

A philosophy that satisfies the needs of the human must also include all other life.

Mutations do not alter the fact that the same life is carried forward when DNA replicates, even though the form of the resulting organism has changed.

If a man-made machine forms a new string of DNA which is a direct copy of an existing living form, and it lives (is able to reproduce and survive), it is the same life that dwells within this new string as in the DNA which has been copied.

This list is more fully explained at the bottom of the OneLife section, but the most important part might be this.

(3.3 [SUB PARAGRAPH] talks about how to achieve proper perspective.)

It is a philosophy of all life, which is needed, not of the human alone. That philosophy of life would then contain the required philosophy for the human and inherently provide the proper relationship between the human and all other life.

It is not that the human needs to take care of all other life as a moral obligation, though that is certainly true, it is that the human is a small part of life, but one which possesses a characteristic (intelligence) which is valuable to the survival and well being of all life. It was life which developed that intelligence, not the human, therefore its service is for all life, not merely the human. The human is, in that sense, a servant to life, a caretaker in the service of life, the good shepherd for all of life.

This is just a little sketch of an infinitely more complex thesis which can be studied further at (copy & paste)

Adoption of a social strategy based on these principles could end the practice of wars between humans on Earth forever, if humans suddenly and unexpectedly became smart enough to put them into practice.

Just imagine if everybody realized that they were not only related but sharing the same life as everyone else. Which, in fact, they are, and working toward the same goals, too.

And which also means that those working for war are not only working against themselves, but working against us, and everyone else.


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