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and our DNA hears what we say

I used to like the idea of the ancient Celts, who considered it the coolest thing to make the last words they uttered in this life a joke. It would have meant that not even death had a hold over the speaker, presumably who fell in battle. So I went looking for examples of people’s very last words and actions and found the most common occurrence of the last thing you do in your life is to tell the truth because you’re talking to God and what good would it do to lie to him?

When Sir Isaac Newton died, he was humble. He said, “I don’t know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

People of great age and wisdom with nothing left to prove are famous for telling the truth, no matter how much it costs them. You witness it in the stern resolve of 90-year-old German woman Ursula Haverbeck against the merciless Jewish overlords who seek to establish their Holocaust lies in the minds of everyone in the world. In total fear of an old woman and showing the compassion of the Jew, they slammed her into jail. Alfred Schaefer, Horst Mahler, Ernst Zündel . . . so many other valiant comrades who chose to decide that the last thing they would ever do is tell the truth, and they all paid dearly for it, because this is a world that is run by lies . . . noble lies, vital lies, murderous lies . . .

In a world misled by lies, 90 year old women who tell the truth go to jail and a presidential candidate openly commits treason and after a trail of murders and sexual perversion skips free on all her crimes.

Foremost in the minds of many are the words of dead heroes and the cold command they exert over their followers to obey the stern dictates of a wrathful God that enabled Joshua to slaughter whole countries and Israel to poison the world with its psychotic greed.

And that makes me think of all those courageous American soldiers who continue to give their lives to the cynical machinations of rich but cowardly punks whose avarice is insatiable and their honor nonexistent.

So too are those dead who gave their lives for a false goal, a trophy of political cynicism, while their tearful descendants for the rest of their lives continue to worship the meaningless sacrifices that killed them.

For those forever in pain over loved ones lost to political lunacy, or any other reason, the German mystic Rudolf Steiner delivered a famous lecture, “The Dead Are With Us” in 1912.

“ . . . our dead abstract concepts of eternity lead us astray, and we wander outside under the streetlight of science, rather than inside our soul where the key can be found.” The following is excerpted from

In this one lecture, Rudolf Steiner tells us that the spiritual world is closer than most people realize. What things might that be which are closer to us than we think? Our dearly departed who disappeared from our view, for example: they seem to us impossible to reach. We cannot talk to them, see them, and we often mourn in our hopelessness for them. In our misery, we are like the Sufi trickster Nasruddin who was searching out under the street light for his keys and a friend joined him. After an hour, his friend said, "Nasruddin, where were you when you dropped your keys?" "In the house." "In the house? Then why are you looking for them out here?" "Because there is more light here than inside." We are looking outside for something which exists inside of us but, unaware of that reality, we search where there is more light to our way of thinking, up until now.

Steiner, who invented biodynamic farming and the Waldorf system of education, is the author of the famous trick describing how to talk with your sorely missed but departed loved ones.

When we say "Let me sleep on this" we are in effect putting the question to spiritual world while we are asleep, and the next morning an answer will arrive to us if we slowly awaken in a receptive mood.

The moment of going to sleep is especially favorable for us to turn to the dead. Suppose we want to ask the dead something. We can carry it in our soul, holding it until the moment of going to sleep, for that is the time to bring our questions to the dead. . . . On the other hand, the moment of waking is the most favorable for what the dead have to communicate to us. And again there is no one — did people but know it — who at the moment of waking does not bring with him countless tidings from the dead. . . . At the moment of waking the dead speak with us, give us the answers.

Those of us who routinely talk to ourselves eyes closed on our pillows try to sort out the events of the day and plot the course for tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that everyone does not experience this, but they tell me it is so. Where else are you going to figure things out is my question?

So elaborating on the thought that everyone is schizophrenic when you talk to yourself to mull over your life’s decisions, who is it you’re really talking to? God? Or your DNA? Besides, who would want to go to heaven when it’s occupied by perverts like child molesting cardinals or Swaggart-like evangelists with the fire of the devil in their eyes.

The mysterious OneLife DNA guy, whoever he was, said you’d be talking and your DNA would understand what you’re saying and make changes to itself.

And so the discovery by the Russian scientist Pyotr Garjajev, which has lain dormant in the archives of Rex Research for more than a decade, has now bubbled into public view.

Scientist Proves DNA
Can Be Reprogrammed
by Words and Frequencies ... 

The research team has found that the genetic code, particularly for the other 90% of our DNA, follows the same rules as all human language. It’s the alkalines in our DNA that organize themselves according to the rules of syntax, the same way in which words are assembled to create phrases and sentences. They even follow a system of semantics very similar to the study of meaning in language forms and adhere to the rules of grammar. Think about that. Our DNA follows a regular style of grammar and set of rules just like our languages. Spiritual teachers and healers have known for thousands of years that things like prayer, affirmations, and chanting could impact the body in a physical way to induce healing. Now, science is finally proving that our DNA is really listening to us. Of course in order to communicate with our DNA to affect a conscious change in our bodies, we have to do so on the right frequency of feeling we already have that which we desire. 

This means with the proper intention and vibration, our words are enough to reprogram our genes and ignite the healing process within us. 

The purpose of life is to expand the hope of others and thereby repay the love that has fueled you in your every action. So the next generation becomes what we think and do today, to some extent.

So here is the message. We can reprogram ourselves. In doing so we can remove this harsh rule that has changed us into murderous automatons and resume the quest to establish humans as the most caring and capable beings in the universe.

Don’t fall for religious promises that don’t exist. Without death, the possibility of love does not exist . . . Do away with one and you lose the other. It’s a good system God invented. It keeps us from turning mean and helps us love others.

So what’s the last thing you say to God when you finally go to meet him.

Thank you.

Thank you for the greatest gift that can ever be bestowed on any living entity, the gift of life. Do nothing to take it away from anything that breathes, as best you can.


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