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Feasting on the rotting corpses of dead countries


There are those who fight for the Jews. And there are those who fight for humanity. These groups are natural enemies. Swindlers vs. pigeons. Only one will survive.

Right now the Jew swindlers are way ahead. The world’s most untrustworthy people have long been in charge of the world’s communications systems, which means your expectations of getting authentic information from anywhere are profoundly slim. They control the universities, the TV networks, the Internet, the music business, the hospitals and our Presidents. And it is they who organized the recent African invasion of Europe as well as the busloads from Central America to Tijuana. Most daunting of all, they control the money, which means they control everything else.

The presence of the Jews is directly responsible for the sorry condition of the world. They are “the Chosen” all right, chose to test the integrity and perseverance of the rest of us. Their crimes have distorted the normal growth of human beings. Compassion for the less fortunate has been stamped out and everyone has been imbued with the notion that only members of their clan are the perfect humans, and the rest ought to be wiped out (which is also what all religions basically preach).

This is a perfect formula for permanent war — somebody is always fighting. For investors, war is the best investment. These kosher miscreants who make their money out of fomenting conflict and furnishing the materials for war to the combatants they have secretly enflamed have no regard for anyone’s rights or feelings. The justify their psychopathological behavior by saying “It’s the law” — but these are laws they have created for themselves.

Particularly since the beginning of the computer age, they have boobytrapped all systems. Check out the Talpiott program,(1) where every computer application known to man has a backdoor to Israel, and then troubleshoot what you thought was your intelligent perspective.

They have poisoned all ingredients, in your stomach and in your mind. Just look at how Google, Amazon and Facebook have redefined the etiquette of the world to resemble something like a Miley Cyrus lap dance. Look up Glyphosate,(2) maiming the genes of the feckless goyim for generations to come.

Wrecking families

Worst of all they have twisted the young into disbelieving their parents and ridiculing the truths they try to tell them. Let’s be clear about this.

First of all, the purveyors of most of the myths people believe do not believe in any kind of God normal people can recognize. Their G-d is Lucifer, practitioner of evil, eater of children. You can read about that in Deuteronomy of the Jewish Old Testament (28:56) where Yahweh commands women who don’t obey God’s holy law to eat their own children.

True, children can and do inform their parents about misinformation and myths they may believe, but this pales up against the unbreakable devotion that most parents feel toward their children. Leftist education and prurient media sabotage the belief in children that their parents love them, when in fact their parents are the only people in the world who actually do. All this is precipitated by Jewish control of media, preaching self-debasement as a sexual kind of pleasure. They let transvestites read to children.(3) It is the worst crime ever committed to lie to toddlers in order to mold them into sex toys and docile workers who will never challenge their superiors.

Jews in control of the U.S. education system are conditioning young children to think of homosexuality as normal, and a Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has openly endorsed pedophilia.(4) The high percentage of Jewish justices shows how far down the sewer we actually are.

We won’t even talk about (at least for now) powerful people who murder children and get away with it. Children quickly learn there exists a powerful presence behind the scenes that nobody dares talk about which controls everything. It is this same shadow of destruction that hangs over us now.

The kids are not alright

Observe how the younger generation, stupefied by the irrational behavior of their elders, is not getting married and raising children, resulting in the rapid disintegration of family structures, the bulwark of civilized and free societies. This fits in with the Jewish plan to destabilize societies so that everyone may be more easily controlled by an unchallengeable central authority.

Lost in the chaos of this deliberate deceit is the primary human need to be not only the greatest you can be but to leave a noble legacy of polishing the jewel of life upon which we all depend, and above all, by your behavior to be a shining example to others. To exploit others so you can get a bigger yacht, as Florida’s newest senator has done, should be a crime and not a badge of political greatness, as it is now.

True individuality is now a crime; disagreeing with the powers that be is punishable by time in jail. Most of us never discover that the powerful people who make these rules are criminals themselves, as the writer Frederic Morton pointed out in his otherwise flattering biography of the Rothschilds.

That we as a nation are governed by criminals should tell us a lot about ourselves, but, like that diet we refuse to start, we postpone thinking about problems that are difficult to solve. If we don’t solve this problem, we won’t get a chance to solve another.

In the future probability you try to ignore, all your problems will be solved for you. Count on none of them being resolved to your satisfaction.

Double vision

There is the Jewish version of reality, and then there is empirical reality, the one in which Jews have been kicked out of countries 103 times, always for the same reason — loan sharking. Through their magical form of behavior — bribery, blackmail and murder — today their reflexive criminality has spread throughout every nook and cranny of society, to every aspect of human endeavor

In the Jewish version of reality, the USA became the world champion of human rights. Overseas, everyone became addicted, not realizing it was a carefully constructed illusion. That so many immigrants have come to America and learned to become just like the ruthless Yanks is a frightening new aspect to the multiple sicknesses plaguing our dying republic.

Sociologically speaking, Jews are the drug problem of the world, clogging up systems of commerce with their unparalleled financial trickery and fouling the network of schools and universities by replacing solid knowledge with their depraved propaganda.

Humanity should be primed to march confidently into the future but instead it is wracked by rich men blackmailing the very fallible leaders of countries into betraying their own people and making many millions for themselves. The wish to dominate others to palliate one’s own suppressed fear of death spreads nothing but misery across the face of the planet, and, as with all crimes, the blowback guilt turns the country doing the persecuting into an emotional sewer of self-disgust, as America has now become.

There’s nothing to be proud about the work of our boys overseas, is there?

Jews help America decay

Laws prohibiting criticism of Jews enable them to conceal their constant and colossal crimes: 9/11, the World Wars, the debasement of the currency and the corruption of the American government and all governments of the world, immunity for Big Pharma Jews killing patients with untested drugs and ridiculous surgeries, deliberately causing mayhem in murder in other countries for the purpose of making money . . . I could go on.

By their insistence that Jews are the only true humans and other examples of homo sapiens are mere farm animals, it should be clear that Jews are the only social group on the planet who are NOT human.

It’s their lack of empathy that gives them away, their denial of fairness to everyone else, their insistence that they are not bound by the laws that bind everybody else. The noble humans of old were above all, fair. Jews have taken over all countries by peddling forbidden fruit to everyone and ruining societies. They got rich in old Poland and Russia by peddling booze, and you can bet today that Jews comprise the major operators in the world drug trade, not to mention white slavery, money laundering (their specialty) and assassinations.

Feeding themselves, and poisoning everyone else. That would be the gift of the Jews.

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1 Israel’s secret weapon: The Talpiot Program:
2 Glyphosate ‘will destroy the whole ecosystem’:
3 Transvestites read to children:
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