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Sold out by our own leaders

Jewish control of finance is a moral carcinogen that has destroyed the world’s churches and universities and corrupted every government on Earth. It is also deliberately destroying the world’s families.


All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from Hitler to Gadhafi — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people.

Can we trust our leaders? No, let’s be more authentic that that. Can we trust ourselves?

Has all the misinformation we have ingested over time erased our ability to make rational decisions? I’m convinced that it has. I’m convinced that many lifetimes of humans all believing that what they believed would enable them to discover that the imagined prospect of eternal life has lured humanity, time after time, into making the wrong decisions about pretty much everything.


In the same befuddled way, men can travel a long way in one direction and never understand where they were going until they become mature enough to understand what information has been hidden from them, and then they very often experience a pole shift in the way they think. I found it funny when I heard Ronald Reagan say that a long time ago, but then I experienced it myself so I know it happens.

When people say they support something they very often don’t even know what it is they’re supporting. This is especially true of Zionist Christians, who enthusiastically support the most vicious nation that has ever existed — Israel, the world’s leading murderer of innocent children, which shoots Palestinian children for sport.

This is also true about America, which tolerates and support all sorts of crimes by Israel. The important thing to remember about belief is that while it may inspire or reassure, it also blinds you to new ideas that have the potential of being more profound than your own.

No trace of reality

None of the people currently running for president — or the current occupant of the White House — have any intention of telling us the truth about 9/11, the wars for Israel or these contrived terror incidents complete with crisis actors in ham handed attempts to get us to give up our guns. This is how far we are from freedom.

Anyone who can run for president must back up all the government coverup stories and refuse to prosecute their criminal predecessors. In this way the Deep State remains forever alive, a zombie entity that consumes everything good and turns it into wretched evil, war after war.

We have crimes being committed against the public that remain unsolved and unexplained. We have no one to recognize them as crimes because they are all connected to a criminal system that protects its own, which is why Hillary Clinton has not been prosecuted for treason. Our law enforcement apparatus plays a key role in creating the public acts of violence so it can continue to grow out of proportion to the actual need for it.

There is no way we can get quality leaders interested in America because they are held in suspended animation until they sign a contract to, above all else, defend Israel. If they don’t sign it they don’t get the campaign financing to buy the ads to win the elections. TV reports don’t mention this because stations and networks are owned by the same people who lend the money to politicians to run for office.

The road to hell is paved with bought-off politicians. We’re on it. And the Jews own it.

What anti Semitism laws conceal?

Just before the World Wars began, Americans were solidly for peace and non involvement in European wars. The wishes of the American people have never had any effect on what the U.S. government eventually does. The war presidents involved passed themselves off as peace candidates. Yet both Wilson and FDR were controlled from behind the scenes by the most powerful Jewish bankers in the world.

Just as Holocaust laws prevent honest discussion about the true facts of World War II, the purpose of anti Semitism laws is to provide camouflage for Jewish crimes, especially manipulation of money and its markets, but also bribing politicians (which is done pretty much in public). This has given them control over not only all the businesses and governments of the world, but also over every aspect of human endeavor.

The Jews have infected everything in the world with their soulless, bottom line mentality. Any consideration of any other sources of the world’s problems would be misplaced. In the words of Gutle Schnapper, mother of the Rothschild dynasty: “If my sons did not want war there would be none.”

And this is the primary reason why our leaders can’t be trusted. They give lip service to people’s wishes but in the end they obey the orders of their masters, the men who have cleared them for duty to the ruthless Deep State.

It happens with every war. Americans always say clearly that they don’t want wars, but the leaders, controlled by the International Jews, make them happen anyway.

We can never have honest leaders as long as they are appointed by the captains of corruption and profess a policy that benefits only the kingmakers and not the people in general.

Why we can’t find a leader we can trust is because there is no religion we can trust. Religions have totally disgraced themselves seeking to continue benefits from the immoral states they unfailingly support. If we can’t believe, the world will die.

To be afraid of your own leaders

People who are afraid of their leaders live in an unjust country.

There is no leader we can trust. In order to get your foot in the door of American politics, you have to leave your conscience behind.

I’ve asked this question so many times I’ve become a pariah just about everywhere. “Name me the leader of a country,” I request very politely, “who was actually beloved by his people?”

Most people survey in their minds their recent leaders. The faces of Obama, Bush and Clinton, that sordid trio of criminals, pass through their minds and they wretch.

The winner in this category by a landslide is Adolf Hitler, followed closely by Muammar Gadhafi and then Saddam Hussein. The United States, acting on orders from their Jew masters, murdered each one these heroes.

Who’s your pick as the greatest leader you’ve ever known? Have you ever even known one?

Or are you one of those who still does not know that our history has been flipped on its head. We are not the good guys. We, Americans living in the USA who do not pay attention to what our government is doing, are making war on the world, totally on behalf of the Jews.

Can any leader really be trusted?

We can’t get our bearings about what we know to be true because we have been fed such disinformation over time. The standard histories have been proven false. A whole level of information regarding our history — the changes after the Civil War that nullified the Constitution, for instance — has been excluded because our history books have been produced by people trying to cover up their own crimes, and hence recorded that history to their own advantage.

Massively. Throughout the 20th century. 1918 — The War to End All Wars? Preposterously false assertion, thirty years before Orwell thought to write about it in his predictive fiction, which has mostly come true. All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from from Ahmadinejad to Assad — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people. These heroes have been sabotaged, assassinated and replaced by soulless minions of the Deep State, who prefer their yachts and whores to acting justly.

Our leaders have lost respect for humanity and we have lost respect for ourselves by not demanding and achieving things that would make us human beings that God could love. But instead we have murderers and liars telling us how to live our lives.

As long as we have Jews in our government, we will have neither a successful government nor a free country

Government targets patriots

Think I’m picking on Jews too much?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Jewish entity has been waging all out war against the United States for the past century.

Today, Jewish billionaires, working in concert with the Israeli braintrust, are bankrolling not only their favorite U.S. presidential candidates but also funding the invasions of both Europe and America by Third World poor people, disrupting and destroying the fabric of the societies of dozens of primarily (soon to be formerly) white countries. In the U.S. alone statistics show 25-30 percent of national welfare expenses go to unregulated aliens who have stolen their way into the U.S. from their shithole country of origin.

It appears now that the invasion and destruction of Libya ordered by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the key move for Jewish NGOs to plan the invasion of Europe with aggressive African men. As has happened with past American presidents, there are no plans to indict Obama and Clinton for the premeditated murder of Gadhafi. That was just U.S. business as usual, and that my friend, is the nation you support.

One of the Libyan leader’s famous promises was to keep the African hordes from storming across the Mediterranean and invading Europe. Once Obama had murdered the beloved Libyan leader (by having him sodomized in the street), it was only for Jewish NGOs and Jewish oceangoing terror gangs to arrange the transportation of unskilled African and Arab males to begin the rape of Europe, where many countries now are rotting from within under the strain of Third World gangs warring against the locals and raping their little girls. Hooray for Islam! And goodbye to Europe! Another battle won by Israel, the thief of nations.

The enemy of everyone

We are all foolhardy. We seek to keep things the way they are, and that’s the one thing in the universe that can’t be done. The universe is really a verb masquerading as a noun, constantly changing from moment to moment, never to return to its previous state.

The presidential elections are useless. The only ones allowed to run are those who have sworn allegiance to and taken bribes from the monsters who thrust the population into the garbage disposal of their warped dreams.

Jews cannot prove — in fact they have no desire to prove —that they can get along with the rest of the human species. They regard everyone else as lesser beings than themselves and point to their control of every social system on the planet as clear evidence of their superiority.

Right now we have Jewish trillionaire Elon Musk preparing to launch 7000 5G satellites that presumably can fry up California faster than you can say Malibu on Toast, or what really happened to all those 20,000 residents of Paradise, California who disappeared in the flames caused by beams from above?

Because of these achievements and the attitude it engenders in the Chosen people, Jews manifest clearly as an enemy to every other ethnic group or nationality on the planet. Jews are only interested in everyone else as slaves to their demonic intentions, which are to eliminate everybody they don’t like as quickly as possible and then enslave everyone else, a goal which they have pretty much accomplished.

Which is why none of these so-called people should ever be allowed to hold positions of trust. When the Jews unleash all the insane weapons they have built, the rest of the world will never have a chance. Which is why they need to be stopped now, before it’s too late (which it probably already is).

And still, the people who could have saved the country are still afraid to talk about Jews because they’ll lose their jobs. As the world hangs in the balance, their comfortable slavery is too important to them.


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