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Ultra rich tighten noose on liberty; everyone is convinced that fake history is real


Today in U.S. public schools, children are being taught to hate themselves and to be ashamed of who they are. Their teachers are demented Communist homosexual ideologues. Why are they doing this? Obviously, it is to make these children something other than what they normally would turn out to be.

For what purpose would they warp a child’s destiny like that? To make them more controllable, to make them more willing and gullible dupes of the state who will never get to learn who is actually running their lives. How can they learn that when their parents don’t even know?

The people who run the world want only one gender — workers.

Change boys into girls and you radically diminish the physical strength and combat readiness of men, making such a country much easier to conquer. Change girls into boys and you seriously jeopardize the reproductive capacity necessary to maintain a healthy population. Both trends sabotage the family structures that are the bulwark of stable societies. Get people all queer and the target group dies out, that’s their formula. Who is responsible for these nefarious trends?

Boobus Americanus

Under current conditions, there is absolutely no chance that Americans can elect a president who is genuinely on the side of ordinary Americans. The best they can do is what the banks tell them to do, and that is never good enough to create a thoughtful and secure society.

They serve at the pleasure of Jewish billionaires.

The U.S. political system is totally constricted by these kosher internationalists who have allegiance to no country, only to the restricted circle of power that regards financial profit as the only legitimate human motivation.

The American people have been reduced to quantifiable pawns in a corrupt electoral system. They can expect only cynical gimmicks and no actual beneficial services from the people who control this process, because the purpose of the process is to fleece those it controls. Those who have eyes to see realize that this is happening now, everywhere in all corners of America.

As a result, the American republic has degenerated into a viciously obscene game show in which those who support the ruthless policies of its corrupt leaders will reap their modest share of kickback largesse and those who oppose these actions for their lack of truthfulness, honor and justice will be ruthlessly punished or eliminated.

These processes are already well under way, and, unbeknownst to most Americans, have been throughout the history of the republic. Most writers avoid writing about this process because they know the axe could fall on them if they don’t choose their words carefully, as so many no longer employed former star journalists have discovered.

Today, there is zero chance for bonafide freedom in Game Show America. Unless you latch onto somebody who is very rich and well connected, your chances for survival and prosperity are not that good.

All locked into the same lie

Every single would-be presidential candidate must embrace the false narrative established for the 9/11 debacle and the phony wars, invasions and false flag atrocities that have followed. They must accept the bogus stories about the murder of ambassador Christopher Stevens and his entourage in Libya and the fact that President Obama demolished the Constitution and enriched his cronies with bogus no-bid grants.

As with all candidates for every significant political office, candidates must be gutted by the real powers that be for their unquestioning loyalty to Israel and the Jewish traitors who control America's financial system. The fate of the Palestinians remains the same as the American Indian and has been sealed by the willing ignorance of the American electorate, which remains totally deceived by the fictional reality created by worldwide Jewish media.

They must act as if they didn't know the alien child invasion from south of the border was not an accident, but a stratagem devised by Jews to deliberately destabilize America's social services system, wreck the health of future generations and cause chaos in the small towns in which these Guatemalan escapees have been distributed.

Just think about bloodcurdling ignorance of the recent group of presidential candidates: Obama with his untraceable history, Hillary making jokes about foreign leaders she murdered, Jeb Bush thinking his brother did a good job, Newt Gingrich propelled by Sheldon Adelson's billions. Remember Ron Paul, the man Americans wanted to be president but the media didn’t, and gave us Obama instead?

None of them was capable of telling the truth about 9/11, because that is the truth that will blow America apart, and at this point, America needs to be blown apart, along with Israel, England, and all members of NATO. This bunch has poisoned the world, ripped off every country and repeatedly murdered its own citizens. It does not deserve the blind allegiance it maintains with crass public relations tricks that are palatable only to the Joe Six Pack segment of society.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear ordinary Americans try to justify their support for the military. Worldwide child abuse and the ritual killing of the innocent are the hallmarks of the American military as it assists the Jewish braintrust in social engineering that is deforming the species and plundering the planet.

History will continue to unroll itself in this warped fashion until two sides both wrapped in flawed logic with misplaced priorities collide, providing the heaps of bodies in needless deaths that the powers that be seem to periodically require.

Disturbing trend

Too many times to be coincidence I have heard others of my age bracket recently utter the dispiriting phrase, “I’m glad I’m old.”

Like a giant exhale of bad air, the secret so many elderly will admit to if you can get it out of them is that the confusing chaos that envelops all our social pitfalls is more than many people can continue to handle, especially the very old,

On the other hand I know of at least two 90-year-olds running their own websites on the cutting edge of reality. and and 

But the throwing up of hands by so many reveals the weariness with which we watch the latest battle of righteous politicians strutting their hour upon the stage with no fundamental change whatsoever from our rape-and-pillage foreign policy which even as we watch it we begin to learn that our so-called wars against others are in themselves precipitated by a foreign power, and we Americans are simultaneously betraying our own country.

We missed our chance to make the world a better place in our generation. Instead we turned it into a paranoid and polluted police state, and we’re having trouble facing and fixing what has been done to the world. We are all responsible for that, as that small percentage of people with a social conscience realizes.

I often say the world has been environmentally wrecked on my watch, and I sure haven’t done much to stop it. I live in a country where practically no one admits the truth, especially the politicians who pretend to run the country.

I’ve often said a person needs to live in a stable and sane culture to be truly healthy, and Americans achieved that at periodic times and places during their early history.

But far more than that, the tricks that have been played on us by own leaders over time have led us to constant disappointments and officials put in jail. Senior citizens have always been appalled by the behavior of the younger generation, but today’s Millennials have created the reputation that they are barely civilized, socially confused and not very nice to old people.

That would be the result of a society that has constantly lied to its own citizens while one small segment of society steals everything from everyone else.

Maybe it has always been that way. The things humans have claimed to accomplish over time don’t seem to have done much to ease the burdens of those who are hungry. Nor have they created equitable societies in their own countries, either, only rat races where the rich dictate the rules and the poor scramble for whatever crumbs they can scoop up.

This is why people pay so little attention what their government does as they watch so many leaders wind up in jail for the lies that all politicians, even if they are not caught, inevitably use.

The big prize for politicians in Game Show America is seeing how much money you can make without getting caught for things that ordinary Americans could never get away with.


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