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Nothing we can say or do
will enable us to live forever

 Priests are not to be reasoned with, they are to be locked up. — Nietszche

Lying is as old as humanity itself. We all tell ourselves the biggest lie of all, but most don’t remember it until our final moments close in.

So much military mayhem over the centuries has been blamed on religious differences, but wars are always about material gain and blaming creeds for them is simply a clever way of covering up crimes being committed under the rubric of some pretentiously noble but invariably criminal rationalization.

Two of America’s longest wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, provide us perfect examples of this — Iraq for its oil and Afghanistan for its drugs, the two main commodities that keep the Deep State in power.

How is it that government can lie to us repeatedly? Well, they learned it from religion, which pretends to believe all these amazing tales that wind up concealing a hidden bottom line that seems to be that priests can’t keep their dirty hands off the kids, and that’s where secrets come from, both in church and in government, across time.


Express bus to heaven

Sometimes I think very religious people imagine they are going to be transferred upon their departure from this life to a place commonly called heaven, where they will continue the existence they’re living now, only in a more diaphanous way.

They neglect to realize souls are the only thing that supposedly make it through to this blessed place, and everyone forgets that part. You don’t take your consciousness into the afterlife, only your soul goes there. Souls can’t speak. They can only feel. Your soul can only leave its mark upon the world.

The cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker once wrote, “For centuries man lived in the belief that truth was slim and elusive and that once he found it the troubles of mankind would be over. And here we are in the closing decades of the 20th century (1974), choking on truth.”

Becker nailed the coming psychopathology that now grips America when he wrote, “The crisis of modern society is precisely that the youth no longer feel heroic in the plan for action that their culture has set up.”

I should say not! the USA is now known the world over as a hired killer for Israel. How are the kids supposed to be proud of that?

Kids today can go to Hollywood and get drugged up and pimped out, and that’s the way much of the world works.

Becker synopsized that in order for the organism to be armed toward self preservation, the fear of death must be present behind all our normal functioning. But the fear of death cannot be constantly present in one’s mental functioning, else our organism could not function.

It must be properly suppressed to keep us living with any modicum of comfort. To repress means more than to put away and to forget that which was put away and the place where we put it — constant psychological effort to keep the lid on.

It’s something that always sits just below the surface of your mind, and remains the top titillator in murder mysteries, in which death is always the great attractor.

Identifying your vital lie

Nothing we can say or do will enable us to live forever. That’s not the way the system is set up. The system is set up to make making children irresistible and God couldn’t have picked a better way to populate the Earth.

To insist otherwise is to deliberately lie to yourself because there is no verifiable record of anybody having lived forever. Only in mad fantasies. Your death can only be a reflection of your life.

That’s the message of life that everyone seeks to conceal. In doing so, this evasion of reality compels everyone to not see the real truths of life, or worse perceive their exact opposites as courses to be followed. Obscured by all religions and by psychology as well is the notion that interacting with others in an honest way is essential not only to one’s own health, but greatly affects how we see ourselves.

And in terms of the fate of the world, it is the cause of all the wars that are manipulated into being by the moneymen as troops are deployed everywhere, all of them trying to fatten their own wallets and kill their own deaths.

Not what you say but how you act

And if you think you can earn your way to heaven by mastering a few rehearsed lines, you have been sadly misled, starting and continuing with Paul, the converted Jew, who captured the world with the bleeding heart of Jesus.

The only way to get to heaven is to be kind and just and honest with others. No church or religion I know of says that. They always invent these magic dimensions that are nothing but archetype-triggering fiction centered around reincarnation that have been practiced since the dawn of time.

Moses was really Osarseph, leader of a band of thieves and lepers who were expelled from Egypt and have been robbing people and sucking the blood of innocents ever since.

That you may not live this life for yourself because when you live your life for others those are the memories you take with you to infinity. It’s a lot simpler than everybody thinks. With total trust in God you can die a happy death and that is a prize to be sought — no worries ever again. You can never get that from any religion without complex lessons and plenty of money. The real tragedy of religion is that it’s available for free to everyone with eyes to see.

Religion obscures the true meaning of God and instead uses the concept as a hammer to oppress others and gain control of the existing order. Religion mobilizes fanatical adherents to commit colossal crimes against innocent victims, who in many cases are practicing the same religion as their killers, only in a different language.

In no case do any existing religions support the natural order of God-giving life to everything that lives. Instead they seek to enslave their adherents to follow a political course that benefits the creators of the mythology but keeps followers in the dark and in check. Those who claim creation is all coincidence remain oblivious to the endless miracles of chemistry and electricity that keep us alive. But those who claim they possess the magic ingredients of eternal life are nothing but sadistic soothsayers supporting themselves with their vampire vaudeville acts.

Jews foment war between Muslims and Christians

I’m a Celt. I start out by thinking everybody’s sincere. I figure everyone I meet could wind up being my best friend if given half a chance. In this kind of world you take a lot of bumps and bruises doing that. But if you persevere you are rewarded by meeting the most thoughtful characters who benefit and enlarge who you are. That’s the way the world works.

Lately, though — or maybe always — this process has been overtaken by an insidious parasitism, fueled by envy and deception in a competitive mindset that is absolutely not conducive to community. It is, deep down, a total lack of trust in other beings.

Perhaps this is a reflection of America’s exploitative behavior in the world.

Preemptive war is a crime against humanity and the United States is up to its eyeballs in the evil practice of it. Now Venezuela, yesterday Syria, the day before that Ukraine, ceaselessly precipitating war around the world, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Korea.

We are the murderous tyrants, spewing verbal garbage about justice and international law while snatching toddlers from around the world for use in these adrenochrome insanities.

Everything is covered up; nothing we hear from cashbox media is authentic or the truth. The medicines we take are mostly poisons. Doctors with cures for cancer are routinely murdered, cops ignore the pattern (just like they did with 9/11) and the TV news and government spokespeople are absolutely indistinguishable.

A wall of false information obliterates every sensible thought you ever had and it becomes impossible to follow the plot when all the information is false. The history we have been implanted with is simply too incredible to believe yet everybody believes it. This is the true status of human evolution.

Facts of the matter

How unconscious do you have to be not to realize that every aspect of our lives is controlled by Jews? From the air we breathe to the food we eat — not to mention politics, religion and education — in every region of our journey through this life, the Jews are in control of the curriculum, and we dance mostly unknowing to the tunes they perform for us.

Start with the Presidents of the United States. Jews control all elections everywhere. Jew shill Hillary Clinton against Lubavitcher puppet Donald Trump. Some of us voted against Hillary hoping to prevent World War III, and that’s all Donald Trump has been talking about since his upset (?) election win. In all past elections of our lifetimes, the candidates have always been Jew supporter vs. Jew supporter: Obama-Romney, Obama-McCain, Bush-Kerry, Bush-Gore, etc.

This phenomenon is portrayed as normal by mainstream mass media which are wholly owned by Jews, either directly or by camouflaged financial pressure.

So our Democracy has become a total myth. We have only one political party in America — the party of the Jewish bankers, in which Jewish casino owners have the most impact on American presidential elections.

And in the final analysis you have absolutely no say in what they’re going to do to you.

Conclusive evidence of this is your inability to fully recognize what they have already done to you, and continue to ratchet up, every day. It’s almost as if real humanity has completely lost control of its own destiny as it spirals toward the drain of ignominious irrelevance, while the movers and shakers dine on the corpses of murdered children.



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