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Jew-friendly law axes
free speech for students

As an outcry over Florida’s new censorship law sweeps across the nation, the state’s students prepare for the dilemma of facing racism charges if they say anything negative about Jews or Israel.

The bill passed by the Florida Senate this week mandates students adhere to the severe restrictions on their conversation that Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to take to Israel and sign there on his upcoming visit.

This is a U.S. governor signing a bill in a a foreign country that destroys the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which has been, for 243 years, the very bedrock of American freedom. And the purpose for which we have defended our country.

But it’s not our country any more, is it?


Forecast frigid for free speech

The best comment I’ve seen about this situation was this YouTube comment. “A group so obnoxious that they need laws passed to stop any criticism. Insane. I see more and more people waking up.”

The new law contains (at least) three specific violations of the First Amendment to our Constitution.

• “Myths” about a Jewish world conspiracy are really “facts” and have been since the first time Henry Ford enumerated them in his 1920 book “The International Jew”. That Jews control the media, economy, government and other institutions (such as the White House, Congress, the TV networks, the Internet, universities, publishing houses, Hollywood, the music industry and Wall Street), is not myth, not only because it is fairly obvious, but that it can be conclusively proven in a court of law free of biased Jewish judges.

• Exaggerating the Holocaust by Jews is undeniable. That the statement should be prohibited is the darkest nightmare in world history because it presages the end of free thought. Jews continue to claim 6 million dead yet the official toll at Auschwitz was “reduced” from 4 million to 1.4 million, but Jews still claim 6 million died. The 6 million myth was a propaganda meme Jews first started using in the 19th century. Jews have no proof that 6 million died, only hysterical testimony of unhinged witnesses; around 290,000 was the total figure calculated by the International Red Cross, which monitored the camps.

• There is no double standard involving Israel. It is above and beyond American law. Jews who commit crimes in the U.S. can escape to Israel and not be extradited. If it is anti-Semitic to say Jews avoid can justice in other countries by fleeing to Israel, that means there is no justice in the U.S. court system (which happens to be true). Plus, since Jewish judges and their ideological allies control the U.S. court system, rich Jews like Jeffrey Epstein who rape little girls with their famous political friends get slaps on the wrist instead of life in the slammer.

And Israeli spies like Jonathan Pollard can be bought out of jail

I guess now in Florida, it would be racist for a student to say these things, even though they all happen to be true.

The big squeeze continues

In the long run, this is a continuing shrinkage in what used to be called the rights of man. Every bit of your freedom is being stripped away. This legislation specifically limits your ability to think objectively about forces and events that greatly affect your life.

Like the people in jail all over Europe for refusing to succumb to Jewish lies about the Holocaust, Americans are being assiduously herded into a mental prison from which they will no longer be able to make capable decisions about their lives because of all the false information they have been surreptitiously force fed over the last one hundred years. All fed from the same source of Jew-controlled media.

This grandstand move by a Jew-sucking Florida legislature is the next chapter in a clampdown of people’s minds that surged into high gear last year with the book burning at Amazon and the purge of patriotic materials from Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and other Jew-centric Internet carriers.

While an outright ban on everybody’s free speech would still be a non-starter in semi-conscious America, limiting the restrictions to students will make more difficult the claim that these new censorship rules apply to everyone. But this is the way the Jews have consolidated their hold on the American mind, a little bit at a time.

If this bill is not laughed out of the room, the next iteration of the shrinking of the American mind will be much more serious, and the curtailment of gentile thought will be much more severe.

It’s fight back or lose everything time. The foreign-born Antifa freaks are ready to do anything their paymasters tell them. They won’t be asking if you’re ready to defend the few freedoms you have left.

This is what Florida’s new law prohibits:

• Calling for, aiding, or justifying violence against Jews. (I don’t really hear anyone doing that except for Jews who commit acts of anti-Semitism to gain sympathy for their own sick cause.)

• Alleging myths about a world Jewish conspiracy or that Jews control the media, economy, government, or other institutions. (As I said, Jews control the media, economy, government and other institutions such as the White House, Congress, the TV networks, the Internet, universities, publishing houses, Hollywood, the music industry and Wall Street).

• Accusing Jewish people as a whole of being responsible for real or imaginary wrongdoing by a single Jewish person, group, or the state of Israel, or for acts of non-Jews. (Does this refer to George Soros funding Antifa in order to destabilize America? Would it be anti-Semitic to mention the Israeli symbol on the buses that transported Honduran migrants to Tijuana in an effort to crash the U.S. border and further destabilize America?)

• Accusing the Jewish people of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust. (The score is Jews say 6 million, International Red Cross says 290,000, and not all of them Jews).

• Accusing Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel of being more loyal to Israel than their own nations. (Just observe the behavior of the U.S. Congress!)

• Demonizing, applying a double standard to, or delegitimizing Israel. (Jews delegitimize themselves as human beings by the way they treat the Palestinians, the black Jews from Africa, and all the nations of the world they have swindled across time.)





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