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This is the filter that blocks
the truth from reaching you

What a scam! New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls President Donald Trump’s actions “a white nationalist takeover” of the United States. Well, this is a wonderful snapshot of how penetratingly deceptive the Jewish takeover of all media can be — it suddenly changes the focus on a president from someone completely controlled by Jews throughout his life to the superpatriotic leader of a White Nationalist coup d’etat! Only a Jew could pull off a trick like that.

From 1913 (Federal Reserve and income tax) to 9/11, this is the same Jewish spin which throughout the 20th century left the nation and the world putrefying in a stew of falsehoods resembling an unflushed toilet. And the question of who committed all these colossal crimes is always left unasked by order of the government and its International Jew-controlled media.

Throughout his campaign and now for his first three years in office, Trump has thoroughly bamboozled the not-so-bright right wing faithful that he is on their side, distracting everyone with a manufactured border (Israel busing Guatemalans north) and supposedly improving the economic situation in America by selling missiles to anyone with enough oil revenue to buy them.

Deliberately ignored in all this is that Donald Trump is wired intimately to the most virulent of Israeli racists — the Chabad Lubvitchers! — through his sons, his daughters and all those Jews in the New York real estate scene — Netanyahu stayed at his house years ago, for God’s sake!

Most don’t hear anything about this because the same people who commit the crimes own the media and have bought all the politicians.

After the crash-and-burn performance of the Mueller probe into Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia, that subject of Israel came up in mainstream media — but only briefly. Yes, several writers asked if the Russia hysteria was not really a cover story for Trump’s obvious collusion with Israel. But that line of questioning was quickly quashed and the Democrats, by now completely insane, instead turned their attention to other ways to destroy their country that gives them the freedom to sabotage anything for the wages George Soros will pay.

Crackdown on honesty

Have you noticed? Anything the government does not want you to know suddenly becomes a popular campaign cause in mainstream media, such as banishing all comments about deaths caused by vaccines and the public’s inability to sue vaccine makers after the murder by injections of their loved ones.

The Jewish media giants — Amazon, Google and Facebook — have suddenly become arms of the government, imposing censorship on tens of millions of people that the Deep State world government could never get away with. Let it become clear in your own mind — Amazon, Google and Facebook are part of the Deep State government and are intent on erasing the last vestige of your privacy.

I trust I do not need to say that these three malevolent enterprises are owned by Jews and follow the Talmudic mindset of treating the cattle harshly and eliminating them as quickly as logistics will allow.

Amazon’s destruction of all the real evidence about World War II was only one of many flagrant violations of Americans’ so-called Constitutional protections.

Regarding Paul Krugman’s assertion above, Trump has played the feelings of the American patriotic right almost perfectly. Sure, there have been a few slipups, like referring to those Muslims who were across the river on 9/11 when everyone who has studied the event knows they were Israelis.

The level of Israeli penetration into American society and government is so excessive that Chertoff got to fly those 37 Israeli terror suspects back to Israel without so much as a question about why some of them were driving a van full of explosives toward the George Washington Bridge on the most shameful day in American history.

Trump is loading up the Saudis with the weapons of World War III and nobody in the Congress is lifting a finger in the name of peace. Peace is not America’s game. It never has been and apparently never will be.

Hate crime hypocrisy

Who is it that has to make laws to hide the truth and put people in jail for challenging their obvious lies?

Who is that must disparage other religions with terms more suited to ignorant boys reading pornography than mature adults respecting the wonders of sex?

Whose history is so sordid, so stolen, so inauthentic that they must resort to changing all the facts of history to cover up their crimes?

It’s more than ironic today that the ones who cry the loudest about hate crimes have as the centerpiece of their religious philosophy an all-encompassing broadside of hatred against every non-Jew on the planet.

The Jewish Talmud is the original hate crime.

It is the only religion in the world that sanctions the rape of children and the swindling of others. The Jews’ mastery of money down through time has profoundly deformed every nation is has infected, and left them bloodless cadavers of the societies they used to be.

Through its legal expropriation of the USA money supply, the world has been wracked by wars, staged economic collapses and millions of innocent people murdered in the name of military profit-taking that benefits no one except the very rich who work very hard to keep everyone else in the dark.

Once upon a time when I heard this title I also heard the denial from Jews everywhere that this was a “forgery”. A forgery of what, many have asked. I’ve always found this document the most vivid and accurate historical document I’ve ever seen. Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler, two champions of individual freedom, saw things the same way.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 

These need to be studied. And if you want the overview, try this one.

Protocols, short version 

The James Von Brunn story 

The law is not the truth

Any time anybody invents a law to prevent you from investigating a certain subject — and it can be any subject — you can be sure that law was created to cover up a crime, or if not a crime, at least a lie.

There is a parable at work here to be noticed. I first caught wind of its years ago during a speech by our feeble former president George W. Bush when he was describing what the al-Qaeda terrorists were likely to do. Ever since I have been unable to undo the thought that Bush was at that moment describing not what the terrorists might do but what his U.S. government was already doing. The passage of time has shown that my intuition then was correct.

No honest statement about anything can ever come out of the U.S. government until a forthright account of the treason of 9/11/2001 comes to light. And that statement must include a detailed explanation of Jewish involvement in this treasonous tragedy if we are ever again to entertain the notion that we actually aspire to enjoy genuine freedom.

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