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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Transcending the lies
we continue to believe


Do you believe we have an honest government? Do you believe you are an honest person? Where is the disconnect? Are we all doomed to take the bribes and keep our mouths shut?

All writing is but the making of maps. Teaching everyone how to get from here to there.

Though separated from his product, man is more and more, and ever more powerfully, the producer of every detail of his world. The closer his life comes to being his own creation, the more drastically is he cut off from that life.
— Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, 1968

That dire assessment is verified by the number of other species we continue to kill off. Can you see the connection between the thoughtless genocide of all wildlife on this planet, and your own scheduled departure?

Do we kill because we need to deny our own deaths? Because this is forbidden to think about, we are blocked from the seeing the root of many of our problems. The invention of a foolproof escape mechanism — muttering a magic formula that guarantees eternal life — has merely anesthetized the patient, but not really cured the disease, and much wrong continues to be wreaked in the name of the various holy scriptures.

We never signed on to this ridiculous deal when we were born. Somehow the fact that we don’t live forever is responsible for most of the wonderful things we DO have, notably, love, which comes in an infinite variety of flavors, and as any child will tell you is the best thing. As I have said before, without death, the possibility of love does not exist.

But we’ve turned death into some kind of candy store fantasyland. Millions of Muslims will kill on demand for the specific X-rated items promised to those killed in noble battle against the infidel when they reach the Islamic afterlife. (I guess before they die they want to practice on European girls.) This stupid orientation is right up there with rising from the tomb after three days and sitting at the right hand of God. They are merely embellished prognoses from the formula most religions have used since the dawn of time.

Cut the crap! These stories are fairy tales for children! The trouble is, down through history, the adults have never realized that killing other adults over they way they say their prayers is the absolute height of insanity. Humans have internalized these childhood make-believes and convinced most of the planet to believe in sacred fantasies that totally ignore the natural world and all the creatures in it. Only this invention called a soul, as Nietzsche put it, delegitimized all of human history, and made all of reality secondary to what the priests told us.

Totally suppressed in this debate was the knowledge that the less we follow the suggestions of nature the more likely it is that we will destroy ourselves prematurely. In both the world and ourselves, this process seems well advanced. Our ability to believe we can construct a better life than nature has provided for us has led to the trashing of the planet and the poisoning of all species with profit-making gimmicks, the worst of which is religion, which invariably says everyone who doesn’t follow their exclusive formula is evil, making it the No. 1 generator of wars.

It is a barometer of our failing health that American mainstream popular music for the past 57 years has failed to mention any significant social problem, or suggest any solution to the negative influences that seem to descend upon us BECAUSE of our government, rather than DESPITE our government. This kind of talk has never been allowed on U.S. airwaves; or, not since before World War II.

That should tell us something is wrong, but the population at large has become too estranged from the actual reality of their own lives to recognize it. We should have known something was really wrong in 1913. It should have told us a hundred years ago but the power of public relations was harnessed by Freud’s nephew — who got women to smoke! — and the artificial reality was well under way.

You don’t need to be religious, you need to be principled, something the Jews can never be because they are taught from the time they are 8 seconds old to hate the world around them before they learn how to steal it.

You’re not only responsible for everything that does happen to you; you’re also responsible for everything that could happen to you.

News you might have missed

The human, it turns out, is the most well developed lifeform in the universe. At least as far as we know. Other than the large sea creatures in the ocean, the only lifeforms who are thus far more advanced than humans are those characters imagined by humans and placed in a fictional context that seems real. Sometimes more real than real.

With capabilities unmatched by any other species. humanity’s great fault is its failure to realize the gifts it has been given and the powers that it possesses.

Until this fact is overturned, you should proceed as if it is true. And when and if that fact is ever superseded by new knowledge, let our mature understanding of ourselves realize this would be great because the universe contains more knowledge that we can comprehend, so it would be wonderful to learn new things from creatures of great wisdom whom we in fact aspire to emulate. As long as they didn’t want to eat us.

Which is the great fear of most of the animals on Earth.

If we are now the highest lifeform in the universe, we really should start acting like it.

Let the children lead, for they are us in our best sense. When we stop working for them we’ve stopped working for ourselves.

Will we wake up and discover what it is we really have to do, knowing that the promises of religion are mind control hoaxes? Our survival depends on it.

If we don’t emerge from the fog, we will disappear forever in the useless rubble of our own creations.

The very principles on which we base our lives are based upon an illusion. Nietszche was right. When Saul/Paul invented heaven, he destroyed the previous history of humanity and created a mindlock situation in which nothing you can do in life is as important as gaining eternal life in heaven.

This made our reality totally unreal, forever and ever, Amen.

On the road to a poisoned nirvana 

The danger in all this is that when you declare heaven does not exist, does it release the hounds of hell upon the world? Or are the Pope and John Hagee really those infernal dogs? Better we should determine why and how these hellhounds exist and eliminate the conditions of their creation. Many of them hide in churches and mosques, but far more lurk in synagogues, eager to snatch your money AND your soul.

The lies our holy men have told us are reflected in the secrecy of government decisions. Executive privilege, they used to call it when I was covering various municipal councils. It enabled them to do things in secret that the public would be very upset to know, but when push comes to shove the business world has no ethics, and government is really just another business.

When there is no moral authority to oversee its behavior, government will commit any kind of crime to preserve itself long past the time it should be thoroughly cleaned out and consigned to an infamously bloody and misguided history. Everyone already knows that the psychopaths who control it now are not going to give back the country they have stolen from us, so it’s up to us to get it back.

The early odds from Vegas on this bet are not good.




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