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Because Jews monopolize media,
they totally control our minds

(and their fake history conceals their crimes) 

With each new technological invention, the intrinsic physical capabilities of human beings diminish. As the light gets brighter, the human mind darkens, and with a flabby confidence allows the machines to take over all its thought processes. Of course the great fear of artificial intelligence is that it will realize how stupid and gullible humans really are, and simply and completely eliminate us.

Too bad we couldn’t do that with most presidential candidates, eh?

What began in the early 20th century as control of mass communications has now evolved into a death spiral for human individuality. Just imagine: in the future we will all be like each other. What was once mere verbal programming through widespread media outlets has now morphed into manipulation of the very young toward accepting, basically, perversion as normalcy en route to their future as nonreproductive obedient drones.

They have you convinced you’re well educated. Yet all your life you have been blocked from knowing the actual circumstances of your existence. Even down to the identities of your leaders. Not to mention the purpose of the nation you so proudly proclaim is the leading force for peace in the world. What a bloody joke!

Throughout your life you have been duped. Misled. Fleeced and abandoned. By a false narrative propagated by the “authorities”, you have come to believe things that are not true, and things that have never been true.

America’s republic system was castrated by martial law and Reconstruction laws after the Civil War, turned into a corporation with no Constitutional redress for citizens. This was followed by handing over the U.S. money supply to international Jewry in 1913, resulting in nothing but wars and financial crashes ever since.

America’s fake news icons remain silent about the greatest crime in American history, the demolition of skyscrapers in New York City that made the Jewish leaseholder very rich though the real masterminds of the atrocity have to this day never been officially identified.

With our entire history falsified, it becomes almost impossible to ferret out the accurate, unpropagandized version of pivotal events in order to make competent decisions in the present.

None of that is happening today — everything is subjective propaganda based on a fictive history that turned the good guys bad and the bad guys good. The United States government and their friends in Israel invented al-Qaida, as an all-purpose enemy meant to be caught only when convenient, and often to be used as secret operatives, as has been the case in Syria for some years.

How deep is the deception. Even Tulsi Gabbard believes in the myth of al-Qaida.

And so it is throughout history that the people with the biggest guns and fastest conveyances are the ones who dictate the terms for everyone else.

At some time between Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild and George Soros, the cabal of Asian nomads that have come to be known as Jews gained control of money supply, and by doing so have dictated the terms of civilization ever since. Despite the avalanche of propaganda praising their intentions, you should know by now they have a well known death wish for the rest of us.

Which is why they try so hard to make laws criticizing anything they do. Like putting a 90-year-old woman in prison so she could not pollute the public mind with glaring discrepancies in the Jewish version of history. Or teaching children about the joys of homosexuality in first grade.

The perpetual slaughter of the Palestinians ranks as one of the most awful exterminations in history and the world is paid to look the other way.

Jewish newspapers, TV stations and magazines give you a version of reality designed to disempower you, glorify war against innocents, and promote their own shills to shape you into the slaves they want.

Both World Wars were about the creation of Israel. WW1 was precipitated by the Balfour Declaration and WW2 was a passion play (with 60 million dead) demonstrating why Jews should be given a Palestinian homeland.

We see how the Jewish takeover of mass media has resulted in the destruction of many truthful documents about U.S. government perfidy throughout the 20th century. Especially prominent has been the cleaning up of our hired killers into brave defenders of freedom.

Foremost among these coverups are the two World Wars and the 9/11 false flag attack — all of which were instigated and executed by the richest and most powerful Jews in the world.

The number of countries and millions of people that have been needlessly slaughtered by the American Jewish war machine because of this false narrative aimed only a making money from the profits of war (especially the worldwide sale of Afghan heroin by the U.S. CIA) is on the heads of the American people, because they are still not smart about what their leaders and their puppet media mouthpieces have been saying about what they’ve been doing.

There is no reason to be picking a war with Iran only because the Jews and their kosher Saudi cousins want one. But Trump’s war mania is nothing new for American presidents.

Obama furnished automatic weapons to Mexican drug gangs and now Communist inspired demonstrators want to open the borders in a move that will destroy the U.S.

Bush Jr. decided to do a shock and awe on Baghdad when he knew his stories about weapons of mass destruction were total lies. Clinton sent all those jobs overseas, murdered his coworkers and raped underage girls. And Bush Sr. tried to kill his own boss by using a friend’s addled son. It was the same technique Lyndon Johnson had used on JFK.

Now Trump tried a lame false flag on Iran, risking the future of humanity of yet another lie by our leaders.

The American people are too simple minded to believe their government could possibly be so evil, when it actually is. This is where the churches have really failed us. Only they could have stopped the American experiment from turning rancid.

These are the people who are now relentlessly driving us toward World War III in pursuit of their insane aims.

Expecting presidents to tell the truth is something that befuddles every generation that has not witnessed the same sad stories as reasons for war told over and over by the same gray eyed bureaucrats who calculate their commissions with far more accuracy than the body counts attached to their demonic projects. Hey, what’s a million or two peasants when it comes to the bottom line?

It’s no wonder the Jews look down on the gullible goyim. They’ve stolen everything America has to offer and we nod obediently when they are praised by compliant media, which they of course own.

You observed them wiping out most public access to information that puts Jews in a bad light. Amazon purged the truth from their book shelves and now exclusively peddles Jewish lies about world history. Any American who deals with Amazon is really a traitor to humanity. Most Americans don’t care about that.

I mean you can’t talk about Jews killing children and stealing their kidneys and expect to get a loan at your local bank. That’s the control Jews have over our minds. They dictate what we are allowed to think.

Jews destroyed Christianity and used Muslims and homosexuals (they infiltrated seminaries) to do it.

By rights, everything a Jew says should be inadmissible in court, because their holy book, the Talmud, constantly urges them to lie to Gentiles. How much more evidence do you need?

Inadvertently or not, we have bought the kind of government we deserve.

All Jews are criminals, all Jews know they are criminals; they hide behind the excuse that because they believe what the Talmud teaches, it’s OK to cheat, rob and steal from the goyim because goyim are only farm animals to be used as slaves for the Jews. It says that — and much worse — in the Talmud, the Jews’ so-called “holy” book (and there has never been a more unholy book in world history).

These are the worst possible people to be shaping society when they only care about themselves.

Is it too late to take off the blindfold? Only you can decide. You may choose to die without looking at the monster which, by our ignorance, we have helped create.

The Fourth of July has become a celebration of slaughter for lies that were yesterday and will be tomorrow. I don’t do fireworks demonstrations any more. They remind me too much of when we bombed Baghdad in the Jewish American war against all humanity that continues to this day.





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