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The fate of genuine patriots

DCDave lays to rest the idea
famous war hero committed suicide

The Assassination of James Forrestal
by David Martin, Hyattsville, Maryland: McCabe Publishing 2019

Genuine patriots always get murdered by their bosses, because their bosses are never genuine patriots. What the public fails to see in all these ugly snapshots of history is the hidden hand behind the scenes more powerful than any president or any country. This dark monster essentially gets to decide all significant issues in its favor, and it has done so throughout history.

James Forrestal falls into a uniquely significant category in American history. He was a war hero and genuine patriot who was murdered by his own government for opposing the plans of the not-so-secret group of financiers who controlled the USA throughout the 20th century. In the aftermath of World War II, that plan was the creation of the state of Israel.

Perhaps most impressive and most damning of our own government’s perpetual rancidness is the formidable number of people over the years who have known or suspected the real story of Forrestal’s murder, but have pragmatically assisted in the creation of the government’s fake urban legend about his alleged suicide.

It almost seems like Dave Martin has talked to every one of these fakers, and each of them — all establishment “expert” historians — has failed the test for candor, which tells you a lot about the mainstream history you receive from your usual sources.

Martin’s warmly reviewed investigation sets the record straight on the fate of a great American who served his country well before being betrayed by his own bosses and thrown out of a 16th story window to shut him up.

The year was 1949.

What is never mentioned in the mainstream suicide story cynically attached to his history by Jew-controlled media and the government that killed him was Forrestal’s principled opposition to the creation of a Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world.

The straight shooting Forrestal had distinguished himself during WW2 as Secretary of Navy, and had been so efficient President Truman named him as the first Secretary of the newly formed Department of Defense. But that reputation was quickly and deliberately tarnished for one simple — and diabolically familiar — reason: the Jews get what they want no matter how many people they have to kill.

They had suckered Forrestal into thinking he was crazy was by tapping his phones in ’47-48, and then denying that his phones were tapped. But almost immediately, Forrestal’s warning that U.S. support for the creation of the new state of Israel would cause nothing but trouble in the Arab world made him a marked man.

This didn’t sit well with President Truman, who reportedly received $2 million in cash to support the creation Israel. Almost immediately Forrestal was removed from his duties and hospitalized as a supposed suicide risk on the 16th floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Forrestal was shortly thereafter found 13 floors below the open window on the 16th floor. An explanation of why a cord from his bathrobe was tightly tied around his neck has never been explained by any investigation.

Other questions never answered in this unsolved mystery include the poem he was alleged to have transcribed shortly before his demise. The handwriting was definitely not his, but nevertheless, previous authors who wrote books about Forrestal’s death repeated this distraction attempting to cover up a murder with a suicide story.

Martin relishes taking a well-deserved flamethrower to the reputations of many mainstream historians and journalists who participated in this bogus roast, in particular such well known columnists as Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell, whom the author exposes as shills for Israel.

Not only did Martin write the book, he created the conditions for the Forrestal coverup to unravel by repeatedly requesting but finally receiving, in 2004, the so-called Willcutts Report, from the Navy’s Judge Advocate General. It had been kept secret for 55 years.

What opened up the uncloseable can of worms was that the admiral in charge of the investigation, Adm. Morton D. Willcutts, testified that Forrestal showed no signs of depression. Depression was the ostensible reason for his suicide, at least in mainstream media accounts. Yet the Willcutts testimony reveals glaring inaccuracies in the accounts of Forrestal’s death in the pages of his two early biographers, especially in regard to the sanitizing of the crime scene.

The unsaid implications of the book are that Forrestal was assassinated by agents of Israel for expressing opposition to the creation of a Jewish state.

The general public, hosed as they are with Jewish frames of reference no matter where they turn, might not notice in Dave’s book of incredibly reliable sources seldom mentioned out there in Jew-controlled cyberspace. As a reviewer I personally enjoyed a wonderfully triangulated torch job, which was the testimony of three of the greatest uncensorable American historians, J.B. Campbell, John “Birdman” Bryant and Revilo Oliver, used to reveal the John Birch Society as a covert Jewish psyop. (pp. 89-101)

To repeat: genuine patriots always get murdered by their bosses, because their bosses are never genuine patriots. The other unsaid implication of this book is that the power to do away with opponents of Israel and the Jews is far greater than any president or any single nation.

How many honorable Americans who have proven themselves loyal patriots have been betrayed by what seems like their own government, but is really the lethal tentacles of a foreign power wrapped around the airways of an utterly corrupted and slowly dying former republic.

The vast majority cannot see that it was not actual Americans who are always behind this treason, but a secretive fifth column of traitors to every country but their own group of merciless robbers and killers, direct descendants of the barbarian hordes that swept out of Asia for centuries and to this day remain the curse of Western civilization.

The fastest, best and cheapest way to get this meticulously researched and footnoted exposé of the Forrestal coverup is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at least check out his website at  


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