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One hundred years of false information has created a totally warped culture
in a country that is well on its way to destroying itself.

Will they pay you enough to abandon your principles and accept slavery? Oh right, you already have; I almost forgot.

Take note and ask yourself this proverbial question: Why are President Donald Trump’s main foreign allies — Israel and Saudi Arabia — also the two main suspect entities in the demolition of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001?

And now, with worldwide Jewish media cheering them on, all three continue to threaten the world with World War III?

How deep is our sleep, how total our cognitive coma?

Are you starting to get that creepy feeling so many people exhibit these days? Can you honestly deny that both sides in the Democratic/Republican comedy show are totally evil — each exclusively aimed to corral their own corrupt largesse (Pelosi’s brother got millions from Obama, Michael Chertoff got billions from the sale of airport scanners).

Doesn’t that mean your country is evil? Do you understand math? How about fractional reserve lending?

Are you feeling that you just can’t wake up from this media-induced coma that prevents you from being conscious of the actual world around you? Does it prevent you from seeing the grime and corruption everywhere, and the utter failure of our moral leaders, who enrich themselves at our expense and furnish, essentially, nothing in return, except lies.

Question: How many aspects of our traditional government are actually on the level? You would be correct if you answered “none”. And the question that always follows. What do you tell the kids?

Foreign control

How well do you know your government? There can be no further doubt that the United States of America is now totally controlled by a foreign power.

There is no opposition media, and there are no opposition candidates. Only two sides of the same bloody, insincere coin. Total unanimity in support of Israel as it kills Palestinian children, robs Iraq of its oil and sabotages Syria. Total support for the Deep State police force which slaughters Americans to convince them they should ban guns. All these phonies are owned and controlled by the casino-owning, drug-pushing Jewish billionaires who pay the bills for their disingenuous campaigns.

You try to tell people the truth, and they just stare back at you, with a look of uneasy incredulity on their scrunched up faces.

“9/11 was an inside job!” you yell at them. “No!,” some newspaper-reading sharpie eagerly responds, “it was a pancake collapse! I read about it in Popular Mechanics.”

These people who read the newspapers every day and insist they know everything that’s going on just kill me. They are zombies incapable of detoxing the lies that have permanently curdled their thinking. In fact, they definitely will get us all killed.

One hundred years of false information has created a totally warped culture in a country that is well on its way to destroying itself.

There are a number of people — a sizable majority, in fact — who still believe that the USA is not controlled by Jews. They apparently cannot see that Trump is a not-so-well-camouflaged Israeli gopher bent on mollifying his Jewish masters. And Pelosi and Schumer are working the other end of the spectrum by preaching open borders to hasten the demise of domestic tranquillity in the U.S., create a hardline combat-ready police state, and further the efforts of organized Jewry to rule the world.

Either course foreshadows the permanent destruction of the United States, which has essentially been owned by the worldwide Jewish financial empire for more than a century.

Bait and switch

They paint a picture of something rosy — and then it turns to blood.

Give up your guns, they say, and then watch it turn out like they do it in Chicago, a record number of criminal murders where gun-free innocent people are gunned down by criminals who laugh at the so-called laws of their criminal government. All organized crime these days is either based in Washington or in Israel.

Are you one of the many who have observed that everything today seems upside down? It is no accident.

Deceivers have reversed the actual meanings of everything. Their first and still greatest triumph was to get everyone to believe that if they just uttered their prayers in a certain way they would get to sit at the right hand of their father in heaven forever and ever Amen.

In other words, if you feed that collection plate you will get to live forever. That’s how the early church got all its adherents, by taking savages and criminals and guaranteeing them immunity from all their previous crimes if they just ate the wafer and didn’t think about cannibalism while they were washing it down with the blood of their savior.

When preachers like St. Patrick convinced them that death was really heaven, there could be no alternative for them but to turn their world into a living hell by getting everyone to believe in lies, just to prove their point.

Enemies of nature

What Jews call anti-Semitism is really only healthy human revulsion at ubiquitous Jewish criminality. Their financial trickery pollutes every area of human endeavor in every country on Earth.

And once you dare to address this issue, the absolute truth is vividly obvious in every situation. And you put your life at risk.

Things the Jews have turned upside down:

Destroying the nuclear family

Putting women to work took mothers out of the home and retarded the development of every child who suffered this, thereby weakening the intellectual capacity of the population and the stability of the society.

Declaring homosexuality normal

The level of violence, the astronomical number of partners are guarantees of a fragmented, crippled family structure from which only perverse families and neighborhoods may be created. When the basis of a primary relationship is sexual the marriage will fail and the kids will be brought up twisted. Today almost all of society is twisted.

Strength in diversity

Can you say that the debates between blacks and whites, or for that matter between whites and jews, are for the most part over, and everybody is waiting for the spark that will ignite the all-out war. Blacks believe they are entitled to all those things whites worked so hard for, and have proven they will murder people in the most repulsive ways to steal them. That is the true African heritage. Whites who back down will be slaughtered. The fuse has been lit. There is no strength in diversity, only conflict, which is why the Jews promote it all over the world, but prohibit it in Israel.

Poisoning the entertainment spectrum

Culture itself has become toxic, a pile of pornographic puke, just like the medical profession has become a health hazard, with unnecessary operations in the name of profit and inadequately tested medicines that actually create new diseases. Starting with The Catcher in the Rye, popular culture tried to make us homosexual renegades who hate our families. It has largely succeeded.

Mocking traditional marriage

Killing the most beautiful thing humans ever had would seem to me way too high a price to pay for somebody’s idea of social order, no matter how bitter your old age has become.

Censoring education and misguiding the sciences

It’s not just the fake news, but it’s also the fake subject matter. The world is buried in facts it doesn’t need to know, while the key questions of existence remain unasked.

The evil power of political correctness

If you have tried this you probably already know — you can’t ever argue with a Jew because their minds have been made up since birth of the necessity to seek vengeance on a world that has done them wrong throughout history,
even though those indignities were essentially self-inflicted. A non Jew may never have a serious argument with a Jew because all Jews are programmed from the time they are eight days old to hate the whole world and everything in it simply because they refuse to embrace the hope that everybody else possesses. Throughout history Jews have sabotaged every nation they have infected and today they continue to work for the destruction of all the other races on Earth, after they steal all the possessions their victims once owned.

Our own insincere destiny

Our government can’t be fixed, it has been bought and sold by killers. However, it could be overthrown, except now the younger generation has been totally convinced that nothing is wrong so why disturb a country that is working fine.

Once upon a time I said “Arrest the President Now”. Nearly two decades later I now wonder who it was I thought would do the arresting. Some righteous U.S. police force? A hero politician riding in to rescue the beleaguered populace? A collection of conscientious Marines aimed at restoring the Constitution? Nah, they’re too busy rappelling into villages where little boys throw stones at them before they get shot down.

We have a criminal government, people! Because of that we must all face the question: Are we all morally irredeemable?

All morality has been erased by the bottom line, and the larger part of the population is slowly being squeezed out the wrong end of the jackass our nation has become.

There is only one solution to all these debates. We could call it “The War to End All Wars” but they’ve already used that one. And that’s exactly what they want us to do. Of course, no war has ever been ended by more war.

We’re on a collision course with our own insincere destiny. Apparently we will never learn that there is no consciousness without conscience. In fact, conscience is the essence of consciousness.

Find the right fairy tale

Jews set up the conditions for war, and expect us to die for them.

Life’s most essential ingredient is the fairy tale, something to dream about, someone to love, a noble purpose to fulfill, first of which is peopling the world with honest children, not mere carbon copies of the scams you yourself utilized to get rich.

The origin of the lie is fear of death, which may not be conquered without belief in a convincing lie that turns reality on its head and insists that you will live forever despite all the evidence that you won’t.

Bereft of its own moral compass, the twisted society will tear you to pieces if you don’t become a swindler and a killer like all the rest of them. God help you if you’re in a position of power if you ever try to act on principle. The fate of those who have tried is all too clear.

Just so you know what the stakes are — this is the battle for everything and most people are sleeping through it. Likely it is the last thing they will ever do.




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