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Irreversible step down
the stairway to destruction

When minorities rule, nations strangle and die. We see it happening today, all over the world. Worse than that, and something to worry about: when minorities become majorities, they generally kill off the previous owners.

To flood target nations with helpless imbeciles is the reverse of what usually happens. Typically an invading power such as the East India Company was able to demand subservience because of its superior military might no matter how small its contingent of invaders. And it’s how Jewish strategists today can rule countries today despite being a minuscule percentage of the population, because they control all nations’ money supply.

Either technique inevitably destroys the host country. The one we’re getting today is a deliberately planned Third World invasion which will produce an upsurge of random violence a la South Africa necessitating a police state crackdown in order to “restore order” (read: cancel all civil liberties) and “guarantee the safety of law-abiding citizens” (those who keep their mouths shut).

The accelerated invasion of Third Worlders into the white countries of the Northern Hemisphere is obviously a strategy by the moneyed intelligentsia to keep the American public as feeble minded as possible in order to maximize profits from their various exploitation potential.

Simple math: take a 65 IQ Somali and mix him in with your average 93 IQ American and you get a country full of lowball retards, sucking at the public trough and contributing nothing to the economy, just the way the Jews want it, a tried and true recipe for social disintegration.

This is the situation in the world today. That’s why all our politicians are plastic and either totally in hock to the Jews or not in office. I think that’s why Tulsi Gabbard was eliminated by the Democrats from their prospective presidential candidates. Even though she’s not really conscious about the Jewish reality of the world (they control everything), she is not one of those programmed robot candidates who say we should open the borders and pay down the national debt.

I think this is the point where AI is likely to take over the world, if it hasn’t already. AI is the Jewish world brain, formulating your future down to the merest specification of your approaching unavoidable slavery. Where every detail of your day is worked out in advance by helpful government advisers. This is social nirvana on demand from the people who know best and are still out of jail. They are the Epstein types, dominant in legal and financial circles, many of whom have an eye on drinking your children’s blood. Wish I wasn’t kidding.

It may well be that the judicial system has never dispensed actual justice. It has always only defended those who could pay the most, be it king, priest, blackmailer or scuzball banker — or all of the above.

You will believe what they tell you to believe or you simply will not exist. No more talk about democratic representation. That project was tried and failed. It served its purpose of leading the huddled masses toward socialism. But now in China, your bank account is inextricably linked to your real time reality. The man jaywalked and 10 points was deducted from his bank account before he reached the other side of the street.

This is our future, casting a giant black shadow as great as our final black shadow that haunts us all, yes, that one that is repressed, which by doing makes every answer we ever invented totally false.

We now have white homosexuals and black Communists telling the rest of us “normal” folk how to run the country. Of minorities telling the majority what to do. It was a major mistake that we did not oppose this with every resource at our command, because now we have the tail clearly wagging the dog and our country going down the drain.

Key element in all this is the Jewish media, constantly advocating policies that are not in the best interests of all those who are not Jews.

It seems to be a popular meme among blacks these days that they are “owed” reparations for the indignities their ancestors endured in the past. Yet in all these “Democratic” schemes there is never a mention of how it was whites who saved so many Africans from themselves from a continent that has proven itself unable to develop civilized societies, or in some cases, unable to refrain from eating each other for dinner.

We need a wrestling reversal to the hold that the Holocaust religion has on us. Every verifiable fact reveals the Jewish hoax of everything to do with World War II, yet the world has come to believe the Jewish version of these events because of their entrenched hold on worldwide media, especially history books.

You can’t make any private deals with the Lord on High that won’t be seen as fraudulent by every angel who ever lived. That’s how we got this foul deal in the Catholic church, by ignoring the immutable laws of Mother Nature, covering up a culture of rape, and insisting it dictates may neither be challenged nor debated. That’s where governments got the idea they didn’t have to tell you the truth. So that’s what we’ve accomplished as a society, and as you can clearly see, we have pretty much wrecked the place.

Does anybody remember why this country was founded — freedom from the unfeeling acts of a foreign government controlling our lives. Yes, I know, that is what the Indians told our forefathers, and what the Palestinians tell us today about the homicidal, U.S. backed Israelis. Since we are saying this today, does that mean the fate of all Americans is destined to mirror that of the American Indians and Palestinians? Only you get to decide.

We see our political and religious leaders grouped around a waterhole in the desert deciding how much to charge the peasants for a drink. That a few million die has never been of great concern to them. In the future looms a darkness that continues to grow, a mass madness, perhaps, whose remedy remains elusive.



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