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To own a slave is to be a slave

Racial, religious and ethnic supremacists
are always blind to their own faults

. . . liberalism results in rescuing strangers who may one day rise up
and kill you. It keeps you consistent with your abstract moral precepts
but lowers your chances of survival by orders of magnitude . . .

in memory of an honest man
G. Patrick Flanagan

There are opportunists in this world who make us act against our own consciences, immoral people who know that most of us are basically moral, so they play upon our compassion and get us to act contrary to our own best interests.

These are people who urge us to remember our own better natures, yet have no better natures of their own, only a feverish desire within themselves to steal what others own and laugh in the faces of their victims who eventually realize what their misplaced trust has wrought.

So it was in the time of the U.S. Civil War when it was explained to everyone that the Union must be preserved at all costs, and that the evil slavery of the Confederacy was reason to go to war, and for brother to kill brother. What remains mostly unknown, even to this day, was that the force protesting slavery owned more slaves than the Southern plantation owners accused of the practice. The War Between the States was more about keeping the Confederacy a second class region hopelessly indebted to Northern bankers and industrialists than it was about freeing any slaves.

And this is still the way our government treats its own citizens, almost as if some foreign saboteur was running things. Especially as a rationalization for the Civil War, blacks have always been unwitting pawns of the Jews operating from behind the scenes. When you understand who owned the newspapers and wrote the history books, you will understand why you haven’t heard this all before.

Worse still, the Abolitionists who stirred the emotions of the North by stressing the basic unfairness of slavery were cousins of the very people who sold the slaves and maintained the lucrative industry of gathering inhabitants of African jungles and bringing them west for a hefty profit. So when blacks ask for reparations, they should direct their requests to the Jewish bankers who directed the whole operation — they owned the ships and hired the captains — and not from whites, who were victimized by the same scam in a different way (which was the absolute loss of their independence).

Remarkably similar operations have figured prominently in recent years with the Third World invasions of Europe and the United States, though because of their reliance on Jewish media, most people probably never realized that both fabricated “migrations” were conceived and executed by Jewish NGOs (such as the Lutheran church) aiming to further destabilize U.S. society.

They used alcohol to dupe the Africans of old and later used it to swindle and browbeat the Native American tribes into their permanent penal colonies. Bribery, blackmail and murder took care of the rest of the details. All races remain in the same untenable predicament today — screwed by the Jewish financial system, which is soon to be locked into permanence by Jewish AI. This is the quintessential tar baby.

Strength in diversity is a false postulate aimed at diluting and weakening host populations that the Jews want to conquer, subvert and ultimately exterminate.

This idea that people can’t escape the system they are stuck to is the perfect metaphor for the mistaken impression that Americans possess concerning their own Civil War. Originally, “tar baby” was a familiar character in African folklore. It referred to sticky material used to trap a person.

The best known use of the tar baby character was in the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris in the 1880s, in which the character Br'er Fox makes a doll out of tar to ensnare his nemesis Br'er Rabbit. The Oxford American Dictionary defines tar baby much like politician Mitt Romney used it: "a difficult problem that is only aggravated by attempts to solve it." Merriam-Webster says “something from which it is nearly impossible to extricate oneself.”

Recipe for revolt

It is in this manner that the Jews foment every revolution, by creating a tar baby contended for by two diametrically opposed groups. Jews fan the flames of discord until catastrophe and conflagration engulf the targeted population, which then tears itself apart. This was the formula for the French Revolution and has been used by Jews in every revolution since. At the end of the battles, only the Jews are left standing, still arguing from both sides of the aisle, but always profiting from the misery of each side in wars they have so cleverly kindled.

So it happens that today (writing in 2016), when we read of a truckload of dead and moldering migrants found abandoned on the shoulder of an Italian highway, or even worse, that a boatload of desperate refugees fleeing the chaos of war in their homeland has sunk in the Mediterranean, with all hands lost, we are caught agonizingly flatfooted in the emotional chasm between regret and relief, regret for the tortured souls who were killed seeking sanctuary from oppression, and relief for the gratitude that they didn't reach our own shores and destabilize our entire society.

More lately Europe itself has been rivened and ruined by a calculated dump of displaced Third Worlders onto its formerly beautiful shores, leaving a fatal birthmark on the Europe of the future and endlessly jeopardizing its current inhabitants, a bitter reward for loyal citizens of their own countries (which says a lot about patriotism). Tourism to France has been verboten for Americans ever since the landmarks of Paris and Marseilles have been overwhelmed by Muslim invaders. Even now the populations of Europe are too comatose to throw off their totalitarian EU plan of eliminating their independence and their freedom along with it by flooding the continent with Muslim savages who rape anything that moves.

So here is a vivid illustration of the visceral abyss that divides conservatism from liberalism. Conservatism demands that most of the world's population be treated with indifference, and that one's own survival demands you ignore the empirical misery that afflicts most of world's population.

Karmic curve ball

As we observe most vividly in contemporary Europe, liberalism results in rescuing strangers who may one day rise up and kill you. It keeps you consistent with your abstract moral precepts but lowers your chances of survival by orders of magnitude, as so many white altruists have unfortunately discovered trying to bring some level of civilization to Africa.

The one thing that has been proven over time is that when well-off people stoop to help those are not so well-off, when those who are rescued rise up and become well-off themselves, they are invariably prone to killing and robbing the homes and corpses of those who had previously helped them. You only need to observe the violent dispossession of white people in South Africa to understand both the truth of this matter and the ominous scenario now germinating here in America.

You need to tell this to the war weary citizens of the southern Swedish city of Malmö who endure endless grenade wars between Middle Eastern refugee gangs as well being a part of the Muslim rape epidemic that has shattered most European societies even as it is largely covered up by a seemingly complicit government and press.

No further words are needed for South Africa, which is a no-go land for whites as blacks continue to destroy the country that whites built for them, and kill white people for no reason in the most depraved manner possible. People like this should not be allowed to live anywhere, least of all in the United States of America.

Yet Democrat Party Communists like Pelosi and Schiff now seek to import the horrific lessons learned in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti where black governments butchered their native and well-meaning white populations.

A History Lesson on Haiti by Dr. William Pierce
Truth Can’t Be Taught in Today’s Colleges 

This is what the Jewish world braintrust wants to happen in America. It is already well underway in Europe. Yet in Israel, blacks are treated like dogs.

One of the primary ways Jews destroy future generations of a nation’s children is to pollute their children by any means possible. The most scandalous examples of this has always been the Rotherham rape scandal.

The Rotherham pathology 

It is no coincidence that the inbred, retarded and corrupt countries in Africa most especially resemble black slums in the U.S. Now that would be an epidemiological study worth undertaking.

Doesn’t it seem to be that governments everywhere create the conditions for public distress so they may more forcefully crack down on it? But after 9/11, the bogus Afghanistan war, this continuing string of badly fabricated public shootings to push for gun control, and preposterous impeachment proceedings, how is anybody expected to believe anything the government in Washington actually says these days?

The callous people who create these dilemmas have no second thoughts about their actions, whose purpose is to keep people divided and conflicted while they continue to make profits from whatever their scam happens to be. There is a fifth column in the USA and in every country of the world. It is Jewish and all Jews are a part of it because they always help conceal Jewish crimes lest they be socially and financially exiled from their twisted tribe.

Thus do people with no conscience prey upon people who do have one. No matter how finally cloaked by the polite rhetoric and pragmatic bookkeeping of so-called civilized society, no religion can stem this uncomfortable slide, this inevitable descent into barbarism as societies remain clustered around the lawless worship of money.

Pot and kettle

One of the more interesting observations you may make about the current world scene is the difference in attitude about people of color between the nation of Israel and the number of Western nations which Jews control financially. Among the nations Jews control, such as the U.S. and all its NATO subordinates, Jews trumpet “strength in diversity” and advocate complete integration and the promotion of people of color to high positions; whereas in Israel, Jews advocate complete segregation by race, even excluding pious Ethiopian Jews from their Middle East fortress simply because Ethiopians are black.

This is something most Americans fail to notice because of the complete control wielded by Jews over all American media. It is an aspect of Jewish hypocrisy that poisons all aspects of American life.

Another secret destabilization technique that remains largely hidden by mainstream media is the knockout game, in which young blacks are urged to unleash their inner African savagery. Obama publicly endorsed by urging authorities to “go easy” on Negro pranksters. America’s worst president (I know; let’s have a contest!) had nothing to say to those old white people killed by a single punch from an ignorant teenager.

The refusal of blacks to believe George Zimmerman was defending himself and had a good reason to shoot Trayvon Martin indicates the blindness they have when rationally discussing their own situation. White people are justifiably terrified of encountering black people anywhere because the crime rate continues to be tilted at 12 attacks on whites by blacks for every single attack of whites on blacks, and this despite blacks being only 12 percent of the population.

Making the situation worse has been the technique in newspapers of not mentioning the race of criminals, which further disguises the black physical threat to all white people. Just go to downtown Camden, New Jersey, at midnight and try to tell me that you disagree with what I just said.

Hokey hornblowers

The danger of justifying one's own superiority is nowhere more pathetically illustrated that in the variety of Jewish “holy” books which ritualize the rape and disfigurement of children, glorify the murder of non Jews and recommend the robbery of all the valuables in the world.

Jews don’t make good neighbors for anyone because they are taught from childhood to rob anyone they can and to be utterly duplicitous and untrustworthy in all their dealings with non Jews. This is the exact opposite of normal human functioning which values the welfare of others as a means to a both a healthy life and a stable society.

What is entirely absent from the vast majority of Jewish personalities is their inability to deliver an objectively phrased description of the history of their own people, which is a nonstop production of fabrications designed to destroy nations and kill people.

Being Khazars, they are the literal descendants of Genghis Khan who in all this time have never had a home of their own that they didn’t steal from someone else. The Jews are completely and totally unable to reach a psychologically legitimate position of authentically recognizing the value of other people because of the barbaric commands of its so-called holy books to rob strangers and rape children.

That they control the world’s media and money is a testament to the fallibility of humanity. Now the truth is to be concealed, rather than discovered, so that a small group of may control the entirety species with lies that disguise and glorify what they are really doing.

The maxim that “integrity is admitting your own faults” is wholly unavailable to them because of their proclivity to cover up their own savage and deceitful history (e.g., killing one hundred million non Jewish innocents in the old USSR; or inventing the nuclear bomb, AIDS or Glyphosate, all killers of millions).

In the Gettysburg Address, America’s first Jewish president, Abraham Lincoln, first spoke the words “All men are created equal”. Surely Old Abe never contemplated the reality of 65 IQ Somali gangs prowling around Boise, Idaho, as Patrick Little has recently reported. This myth, along with Affirmative Action programs, have fatally sabotaged America. In raising people up from the depths of their ignorance, the level of intelligence of the society has been correspondingly lowered, resulting in the dullard’s retardation that encrusts American society today, a happy idiocy pill popping to paradise.

Also I’ve noticed that in this push to create mannish women and feminized men assists the Jews in their push to demolish typical heterosexual families and turn the whole world into a giant kibbutz, which differs only in geographical latitude from the old and deadly Soviet gulag.

A self defeating system

To own a slave is to be a slave to a system that exploits others, which you think you have mastered. Like the proverbial snake eating its own tail, this system is designed to destroy itself due to its self-directed focus. The only real way to sustain yourself is to sustain others. This is the large segment of human behavior that Jewish psychology deliberately ignores. As the Earth sustains us, so we must sustain it, a fact that continues to be largely ignored by most human beings.

We won’t gain anything by widening the gap or increasing the misunderstanding. Real humans may not argue with a Jew, for Jews are immune to logic, being trained since birth to hate everyone who is not Jewish, to regard them as farm animals or insects. No other fact illustrates so clearly that Jews are not fully human, so they must pretend to have empathy for other humans in their vain attempt to prove to everyone else that they actually are fully human.

But there is even less to be gained by ignoring the killing of whites by blacks while the newspapers owned by Jews refuse to report these facts, because they are all — being Jewish owned — openly working for the extinction of whites so that they may assume the mantle of ethnic superiority which the whites still occupy due to their creation of the society that essentially every nation on Earth chose to mimic as the best model available.

This is how the Jews gained control of human society and how they are using this knowledge to eliminate everyone they don’t like — which is pretty much everyone except their own clan and those they would prefer to keep around for use as slaves.

The EAU view of race 

The tar baby is Jewish culture. Foul and ugly, it kills everything it touches. It’s not that the Jews care about people they pretend to help; it’s because they champion the cause of the underdog as a way to overthrowing the existing order and establishing their totalitarian dictatorship of money.

All of America’s wars have been false, based on fabricated information, always furnished by Jews.

People opposed to America’s barbaric practices in the world need to openly discuss the influence of Jews on all aspects of our society. To not use that freighted term — Jews — is to admit to the world and the Jews that you are completely under their spell and foolishly entrust your freedom and your future to those have proven over the many centuries that they absolutely must not be trusted.

Just listen to Adam Schiff pontificate to Congress about his totally fabricated outrage about his totally fabricated charge, grinding the gears of government to a needless halt. Notice how Jewish media treat him seriously. Do you find it totally amazing that with two candidates and an entire Congress totally in the grip of Israel, that organized Jewry would attempt to impeach a candidate Jews love for offending other Jews who hate the same candidate?

Would you call that the Jewish destabilization template at work?

The scariest thing in the world is a Jew talking about peace.

So, as it stands now, misguided people of color line up on the left and misguided white people line up on the right, and we all get ready for World War 3, a permanent war that will last forever in the hearts of all men and women who don’t believe in love and get their news from Jewish media. This permanently insulates them from actual reality.

We are all here to provide a foundation for others to build upon, a foundation based upon the truth as we know it, and not on fairy tales that are simply transparent schemes for mind control which create power over others, which by definition is always misused.

Br’er Rabbit Escapes the Tar Baby
(from Disney’s Song of the South) 


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Unfortunately all paid journalists must tiptoe around the Jews or they are soon out of a job. Too bad there’s no substantial market for the truth these days. Maybe there never has been.

For all those people who think they are getting the truth out of Jews pretending to solve problems caused by Jews, I would advise you to get a grip on your brain because the end is closer than you think. If you don’t understand the Jewish influence on any subject, you don’t understand anything.

And speaking of the end, my end is closer than I think. Not so much my health, which at 75 is sketchy but holding, but my speed has slowed discernibly, and as a beat up old functionary in a technology that basically no longer exists (newspapers), I have no fail safe mechanism but for an old age check that barely pays my rent. In addition the New Age genius who has generously supported my efforts through the past decade has sailed down the Ganges, bringing my own horizon noticeably closer.

I have so many people to thank over time, and through large periods of time, who have supported my quest to bring some reality to the fantasies presented to us throughout our lives, the needless wars, the fake explanations, the needless poisonings, the whole false flag philosophy. I don’t expect people to be perfect. But I do expect them, given all that they have been given, to at least be decent. And to me they have been.

My emphasis on being candid about Jews has largely prevented publication of my essays in most places. So now all my websites are inactive and thankfully stored at, for whatever that might be worth to future web crawlers.

No one creed is better than another. We all worship the same God, and have since the dawn of time. All those who pretend to have the magic formula are really enemies of God and the cause of all strife in the world.

Thank you for your kind attention and best of luck to all.




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