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‘Camp of the Saints’
and the destruction
of the human future

Most Americans in their right minds (if any remain?) no longer dare to visit Europe — perhaps never again! Why? Large parts of the continent have turned into Third World chaos right before our eyes, and unless you’re into attempting to rehabilitate criminal savages, you wouldn’t want to go there — enraged Muslims have taken over sections of many countries, crime is out of control and it simply isn’t safe!

The maniac saboteurs currently trying to impeach the American president who are also preaching open borders want the the U.S. to degenerate into the same condition — all the better to control you — and with the calculated and widespread effort across society to praise nonwhites and denigrate whites, they appear to be succeeding.

Deluded by Jewish mass media for more than a century, few Americans realize that this is a program implemented by the world-controlling Jews to destroy the few remaining free countries by populating them with politically unconscious drecks, desperate dummies interested only in the free stuff, with the more criminals the better. More criminals means more cops and more draconian new laws to these soulless world controllers.

What most people also don’t realize is that an eerily prescient but little known work of fiction from the 1970s predicted the events of the past few years during which the Third World invasion of Europe precipitated a worldwide rising-up that engulfed and destroyed modern Western society.

Written in 1973 by the prize-winning French Catholic author Jean Raspail, the fictional plot of The Camp of the Saints describes ships full of the world’s poorest people that sail from India to France, which triggers a worldwide invasion of the Third World into the First, from which no one is spared and no society survives.

Observations that are wretchedly real are topped by the massive smell of feces as the flotilla sails toward Europe. The response of the “civilized” Western world is to do nothing until it is too late to stop it.

The contrived invasion of Europe in recent years — and to a lesser extent the suspicious assault on the U.S.-Mexico border — bear a chilling resemblance to the book that in 1973 was universally panned as racist fantasy by smug Western reviewers and politicians. Almost a half century later, the book stands as a stark account of the destruction of human society by the unquenchable appetite of a terminally bitter savage horde.

With the Obama-Clinton assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and the complicity of worldwide Jewish NGOs, millions of Africans and Middle Easterners have flooded into Europe in recent years creating a rape epidemic throughout the continent that continues to this day.

One only need look at Malmö, Sweden where rival Middle Eastern gangs conduct grenade wars and other terror attacks and Muslim savages rape girls of all ages from England to Germany, much to the puzzled consternation of local residents who have been betrayed by their Jewish Communist leaders.

The Camp of the Saints is an ugly book. One reviewer commented that it might become the 1984 of the 21st century. Another more recent reviewer called it “a prophecy fulfilled”. Yet another said, “It’s like reading a textbook on sociology.”

In 1975, The New York Times, now infamous for its perverse promotion of twisted Jewish supremacy, called the story line preposterous. in 1975.

The late James J. Kilpatrick, a syndicated columnist writing in the Boston Globe, wrote:

“Raspail makes the point that horror is like beauty, which lies in the eye of the beholder. To the haves of the Western world, his vision is horrible indeed; to the have-nots of the Third World, the prospect is paradise.”

Raspail’s basic premise is undeniable: in a very short time the Third World population will outnumber the inhabitants of the Developed World by almost eight to one: essential resources will become scarcer, and many familiar issues will be perceived in racial terms.

Raspail’s fictional invasion is apocalyptic in its implications. It is the end of the white world and the beginning of the black. We already see it happening. Most of Civilization as we have known it will not survive the transition.

The thing nobody talks about — because they would lose their media jobs — is that the Jews are behind all these current foreign invasions aimed at destroying white countries. President Trump’s recent declaration that Jews are a nationality further retards honest descriptions of what is happening to the world.

The comparison to the situation in America’s West Coast cities might not be as good a comparison with the situation in Europe after the invasion of all those Third World refugees spilling across the Mediterranean and creating a rape epidemic in Europe.

However, Current conditions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle now more or less reflect the situation in Europe, where large parts of many countries are no longer under the control of governments, but have been taken over by illegal aliens, much to the delight of Jews in the U.S. Congress.

The Camp of the Saints condemns the modern fools who preach brotherly love but suffer from a deadly form of NIMBY (not in my backyard)

One reader wrote: “They are destroying our economy, robbing our welfare system, and leaving little future for American children . . . the invaders have already gotten into the country and will only leave with force which Americans don’t have the willpower to pursue.”

The thing nobody talks about — because they would lose their cushy media jobs — is that the Jews are behind all these current foreign invasions aimed at destroying white countries.

Flood the continents with savages. They’ll be much easier to control when they’re a lot less educated. With the promotion of homosexualty in primary grades and the implementation of deliberately harmful subjects such as Common Core mathematics, U.S. school officials are working on that now.

For instance, Florida’s governor passed a law, which he signed in Israel, making it illegal for schoolchildren to read alternative (aka: true) versions of the history of World War II, after which the people who run the world today began their Jewish Communist takeover of the whole world.

Just like the governor of Florida did a few months back, now Trump has declared Jews a nationality and any criticism of Israel a crime.

Thanks to Jewish president Donald Trump, all opposition to Jewish perfidy has been criminalized. Goodbye Constitution. Goodbye America. The USA is now a Jewish prison camp.

The Jewish holy books say it’s OK to kill a Gentile because it would be the same thing as killing cattle, or an insect, or a cockroach. Numerous rabbis parrot the hateful dogma that Gentiles exist only to serve Jews, then blame everyone else for anti-Semitism.

And these are the people in charge of the world’s money supply, the world’s communications media, and the minds of your children who deteriorate into mind controlled slaves taught to kill others for reasons they will never fully understand, or even question.

Google and Facebook are the faces of Big Brother, recording every thought you have ever had for future prosecution.

By allowing the Jews through their media to define how people see the world has resulted in the creation of an artificial reality constructed on the basis of what is profitable rather than what is healthy.

This has resulted in a tyranny more complete than any other in history.

In the meantime, eager refugees hungry for the free stuff of American legend, have tired of waiting hand and foot on parasites of the leisure class. savage U.S. society, drain America’s budget and are clearly the replacement population sponsored by deranged Democrats to overcome and replace the whites who built the country.

The demented Democrats pushing their insane impeachment effort, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff (Schiff is the most shameful name in American history because his grandfather funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and helped create the Federal Reserve), clamor for open borders.

With the complicity of Donald Trump who scammed the American people with all his disingenuous palaver about his border wall, this is what is now happening now as they have already gotten their wish to accelerate the Jewish destabilization plan and achieve the destruction of the USA.

This is what can happen when unscrupulous characters known as Jews can create money with the stroke of a pen, which enables them to buy and pervert all the media outlets in the entire world. Presto — fake history about everything.

Raspail attributes the motivation for this world changing passage to a spontaneous uprising in India. The 1970s were no time for openly blaming things on the Jews. The situation in 2020 is quite different, as Jewish perfidy in the 9/11 caper as well as kosher responsibility for both World Wars have become more popular with the publication of previously suppressed scholarship.

The big difference between the book and the current situation is it is not the will of the refugees that triggered the invasion of Third Worlders into the First World. This has been a deliberate maneuver on the part of the World Controllers to destabilize Western nations to prepare them for their conversion to Jewish World Communism.

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, translated from the French by Norman Shapiro, was reprinted in the U.S. by The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, Michigan. It’s a tough slog of a read, much like the false rhetoric of Jewish media which try to conceal the destruction of what was long ago the world’s most important Constitutional republic.



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