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With no room left for God


. . . as you sow so shall you reap.
— Galatians 6:7

The robots scuttle back and forth, pretending they are still human beings. By catching passes, making baskets and hitting home runs, they are conquering their fear of death, but only for a few moments, like the fixing by a drug that doesn’t last very long. Today’s great cathedrals are named after banks, which rule the people with poison products and poor man’s payment plans.

As the simpletons relish their irrelevant darkness, the poisoned world slips away from them. The air they breathe clutters their lungs with plastic filaments, the water they drink sings a sour song in their distended bellies, and the food they eat, poisoned in transit between the farmer and their dinner trays, generates their own developing diseased demise.

Their once sacred thoughts have been shattered by priestly molestations and rabbis stealing other people’s kidneys — actually, from Palestinian children; and because of this and a million other atrocities inflicted on innocent people everywhere every minute of every day, President Trump has blackmailed all American universities into prohibiting criticism of Israel — no matter how egregious the crimes referenced — violation of which could mean loss of their federal funding.

Talk about an extortionist’s quid pro quo? As Florida’s governor did a few months back, Trump arbitrarily and maliciously violated his oath of office and trashed Constitutional freedom of speech by prohibiting the public from investigating the worldwide smorgasbord of Jewish crimes. Worse, dummy that he is, he used a document that been the basis of a bill the Congress had previously rejected as unconstitutional.


From their traditional occupation of loan sharking, worldwide Jewry has amassed at least 80 percent of the world’s wealth as of 2020, and it might be closer to 100 percent, when you seriously examine the relationship between magical Jewish money creation and the thickness of your own wallet.

Serious list. America’s longest war, Afghanistan, 17 years. Reason? Phony. Osama bin Laden, who died of kidney failure in 2001, was a CIA agent named Tim Osman when he was photographed at Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska. Purpose: Poppies, heroin, CIA. lots of other mineral wealth. Keep Russia and China worried. CIA trans ships heroin in the coffins of dead Americans — oh wait, or was that what Richard Armitage did during the Vietnam war? There have been so many phony wars for the bankers it’s hard to tell which from which.

Then CIA distributes heroin to the gangs of Los Angeles, and when somebody writes about it, they make him commit suicide with two shots to the back of the head.

This is your country, Slophead!

The world doesn’t have to be this dirty. We have Iran surrounded by 47 military bases, even more encircling Russia, and yet the Jewish newspapers and the disgusting Jewish CNN TV networks — all of them — make no effort to publish the objective truth; it’s all propaganda and has been for many years which definitely should not even be listened to, never mind believed.

Israeli NGOs organized the invasion of Europe with the help of Hillary and Obama, who killed Gadhafi, opened up Libya for Israeli-controlled ISIS fighters. Then the floodgates opened, Europe was invaded by savage Muslim rapists, and white culture was fatally wounded. Just go to Malmö Sweden and see the hand grenade capital of Northern Europe.

Talk about Jewish destabilization.

Have you listened to anything I’ve said for the past 15 years?

For the past half century the American people have worked for the Jewish bankers. All of America’s wealth has been slyly siphoned off by kosher sharks trained from birth to have no scruples nor integrity thanks to the twisted vomit forced upon them by rancid rabbis unable to transcend and compartmentalize their own twisted sexual impulses. Hence Hillary Clinton, Pizzagate, Adam Schiff and adrenochrome.

Homo Jewish psychologists got disease bearing anal intercourse legalized, creating a massive societal breakdown, families ruined and children permanently deranged after their touchy feely encounters with ex-con child molesters at Drag Queen Story Hours. Thank Barack and Michael, two quintessentially disgusting moral retards, formerly “America’s First Family” for their generosity.

I find it very disheartening in recent times at the small number of people who actually think things through. They seem to think the world runs by itself and that things happen by accident. Ever since 9/11 these government sponsored terror incidents have been as phony as daytime TV has always been, and that’s where our own reality has wound up. We are Daytime TV, with all the substance of a gnat and the future of someone who is very soon to come down with a serious case of whatever the kind of cancer is generated by exposure to 5G radiation.

Look for people with bulging eyeballs like Adam Schiff, whose heads look like they’re about to explode.

When money is the motivation the Earth’s destruction is assured.

The wrong side

America is on the wrong side of every international issue precisely because of its subservient relationship to Israel. Jews can create money out of nothing by the stroke of a pen, so it’s no surprise that they’ve corralled — or created — all the money in the world.

America has forfeited its position as the world’s peacemaker — it was fake to begin with — because of the blatant corruption of its leaders. The chief facilitators in this matter have been the Jewish bankers. Americans working for the Jews are rich suckers intent on destroying you.

I try to tell my relatives, who are old: What are you going to tell your Maker given that you are approaching the age when you are sure to meet Him. Are you going to tell Him that you made a lot of money and took a lot of nice vacations? Hmm? Have you ever heard of Thoth’s Dog?

You can’t go around stealing countries like Bolivia and Yemen and still expected to be respected in the world. But most Americans aren’t don’t care. They probably wouldn’t notice if their brains were removed, as most, as they stare at the TV, already have.

America is the world’s outlaw — and has been throughout the 20th century. Its populace has been totally fooled by Jewish media

You’d have to be a real screwball to believe America is on the right side of anything. Yet there are many millions of screwballs out there.

We interrupt this broadcast for a special message from Plato, one that Americans need to hear more than any other:

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. How’s that for a treasure trove of moral scumbags. Aren’t you better person that all these drecks put together? If you’re not, I’m sorry. You have to be banished to Birobidjian, the Jewish resort in Siberia.

Special bulletin
(May be detached by
those with no balls)

I don’t want to make too loud a noise about this, but I think we should take out the 5G towers, physically remove them by any means possible. If we don’t it will mean the end of every single bit of our personal privacy.

Since the government won’t listen to us we should not listen to them. To let them deploy is probably the last chance for us, because once they are fully operational, all resistance to government malfeasance will crumble.

We need to physically prevent this from happening. I can’t imagine how to do it. You want to minimize collateral damage, and certainly not injure anyone. But there must be archers and discus throwers out there fit for service for the task. Drones might help. Only professionals should ever try silly stunts like this at night.

Do not use siege engines or Sherman tanks. Be creative.

Let us close with this malediction as the immortal words of the Jewish Satan Netanyahu Sharon echo in the wind: “When we are done with them America can dry up and blow away.” And that us what is happening. One day soon there will be no more tomorrows.

If you defend Israel, you are defending the devil. When Trump makes it a law not to point out the crimes of the devil, who else could he be but the devil himself?



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