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And still they try to tell us
their lies are really the truth

A rattled U.S. president repeatedly violates his oath of office by betraying the hopes for peace of the American people in order to please his Israeli masters, who have America in their total grip and now have made new laws preventing investigation of their numerous and continuing crimes.

To lure a foreign leader to a diplomatic meeting for the purpose of murdering him is a new low in American history. What can only be described as the repulsive historical U.S. record of war crimes — from Hiroshima to Fallujah — all these wars, not for freedom and justice, but for the criminal pursuit of bloody profits by the billionaire few.

America’s reputation is in the gutter. The U.S. never honored any treaty it made with the Native Americans it dispossessed by force and slaughtered for sport, and it has never honored any treaty it made with any foreign country that could defend itself, which nowadays are precious few.

And the U.S. cannot be trusted now, as the government is run by a daytime TV marionette show masquerading as U.S. Congress, sponsored exclusively by Jewish interests. Presidents are now appointed by billionaire casino owners and legislatures are filled with long-term Congressmen-turned-jetsetters, some of whom literally have blood in their teeth.


The country has been destroyed by predatory Jewish lenders. The U.S. government has always been at war with the world and the enemy of all the people in it.

With all our thoughts dominated by Big Media heroes who are paid to say what other people think, very few listeners are able to maintain the mental discipline to reliably discern the lies underlying every fact these popular broadcasters insist is true.

The No. 1 lie that most people believe is that the USA is a free country and people may say and believe anything they want. Try talking about the Jews and watch everybody run away and hide.

Our path to freedom involves talking candidly about Jewish criminality.

No. 2 is that the government is on your side. The government murders truth tellers: just ask Seth Rich and his bullet in the back or Julian Assange and his permanent incarceration with no charges. Just ask the mothers whose children have been murdered by vaccines or reduced to feeble minded paraplegics by following their doctor’s orders.

The major method used to deceive the populace and convince that good is evil and vice versa evil is good are of course the major media, which have been influenced if not owned outright by members of the same nefarious group since the beginning of the 20th century.

They have not only bought all of the world’s newspapers since they own all of the world’s advertisers, but they have also acquired all of the world’s universities because they fund all of the world’s research. In addition, they have purchased all of the world’s religions (many of which they have created themselves) through their disingenuous efforts at ecumenism.

But perhaps worst of all they have allowed us to believe we are the good guys when when viewed in the eyes of the world — or in the eyes of God — we have been exactly the opposite, consumed by our addictions and compulsions, we have without a second thought turned the world into a bloody trash heap.

It is our karma, then, to live in this landfill, to learn to scurry like the cockroach, and to have nothing further to say about heaven or our dreams.

If we leave things as they are . . .

With all of the false flags and falsehoods uttered by the leaders of the U.S. government since the turn of the last century, intelligent Americans — if any remain — should know by now that the main force for evil in the world is the United States military and the soulless bureaucrats who order it to murder innocent people.

From start to finish, this American madness that threatens to consume the world is a Jewish production.




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