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Daunted by disaster,
panicked populace
scrambles for safety

Purim is coming on Thursday.
That’s the day Jews like to kill
large numbers of innocent people.

The stain of fear spreads like a dark fog.

Don’t trust your neighbor. He could breathe on you.

They’ve got us where they want us — isolated, community events cancelled, prohibited from movement, afraid of each other, sitting ducks, and ready for the fatal jab of a hastily created vaccine (in Israel, no less) which we know won’t work. Vaccines spread disease, they don’t prevent them.

Never take a vaccine. Don’t trust your doctor. Simple test: Ask him what’s in the vaccine. He won’t know. Because the people who make the vaccines won’t even tell him, so how could he possibly know. Yet he tells you to take it anyway. Right, Ace!

It’s a simple equation. Sundown for liberty. An excuse for repression. A news blockade. Disappearance of dissent. If you dissent, they’ll prohibit your access to money, just like they do in China. And then you’ll starve, which is the favorite Jewish way of executing those who protest, other than beheading.

It’s the beginning of the final atomization of society and alienation of the populace from each other. Just what the tyrants wanted. Total compliance or you disappear from the landscape. It’s a simple equation.

Muammar Gaddafi being sodomized and murdered in the streets of his own capital by agents of Obama and witch Hillary is a harbinger of what will happen to Americans if they are ever stupid enough to give up their guns.

Kill the old people. Indoctrinate the young into subservient simpletons.

The reason you kill the old people is because they know too much and won’t knuckle under to obvious bullshit, which is the staple of all governments.

It’s like a cistern ready to crack and flood the world in a Biblical tsunami or forgetfulness.

Is it real? What is the cause of this war? Of this disease? Whom should we believe?

Should we be worried.? Or is it all fake?

The CDC scam

Now they’re saying the new virus leaked out that hell known as Fort Detrick, Maryland, where AIDS, ebola and other plagues were created AND PATENTED by your government.

The CDC doesn’t investigate diseases, it creates them and ineffective vaccines along with them. The CDC is just another pharmaceutical company, immune by law from lawsuits from people who are injured or killed by these poisoned jabs.

There has never been a firm and reliable definition of AIDS. Anybody who supposedly dies of AIDS has been done in by bad medicine.

The stock market is inexorably crashing but the Fed, owned by 13 Jewish families, plans on pumping $1.5 TRILLION into the economy, which means the value of your property just plummeted by 75 percent while the cost of groceries just increased by the same amount.

It doesn’t matter if you vote or not, because Google algorithms will decide the election, just like they did in the South Carolina primary, which was a landslide victory for Joe Biden, candidate of the Senile Dementia Party and descendant of Iraqi Jews.

They’re taking away all the money because it carries germs and spreads infections. Infections they invented. Once they take away yoour cold hard cash your freedom to dissent is gone.

All the presidential candidates are Jews. The congress, the press, the media, the judiciary, the universities, the doctors, the lawyers and the teachers are all controlled by Jews.

Purim is coming, next Thursday. That’s the day the Jews always like to start wars and kill large numbers of gullible goyim.

What to remember

Without belief there is no civilization. What follows is chaos, catastrophe, disease and betrayal. The loss of hope is the loss of life.

All our chickenshit churches are afraid to speak out for for fear of losing their tax exempt status.

Life is about conscience and character.

Judaism is a crime against humanity.

Jesus Christ might be only a myth, but he is a myth that allows us to live, happily. The anti-christ is the Jews, all Jews, every Jew, who are only interested in our deaths, in killing us, because they believe that in killing us they will live forever, and the world they create will survive in an endless and soulless peace. But they are wrong, because the world they create will end in destruction, both for themselves and everybody else.

Adolf Hitler stood for what is right in the world. He put his trust in the people instead of exploiting them. These books by Hallett, Kardel and Bjerknes impugning Hitler are insane fantasies paid for by Jews. Anyone who promotes them is also paid by Jews.

The so-called Allies stood for what is wrong, love of money is the root of all evil. We have known this for a long time.

I have said many times that the last hope for our freedom was destroyed by three Jewish countries, all of them totalitarian monsters, the U.S., Britain and the Soviet Union. Think about the firebombing of Dresden by British planes when people’s bodies, 600,000 of them, melted into molten puddles in the streets. As with the atomic bombs on Japan, Dresden happened after WW2 was for all practical purposes over.

Purim is coming next Thursday. That’s the day the Jews like to kill large numbers of people. Keep your helmets on.

Jewish rule is characterized by the prevalence of constant wars, drug addiction and homosexuality. All three run rampant in the United States.

All the real religions of the world see the light, but people won’t listen to them.

Tacitus, the Roman historian who lived shortly after Christ (55-120 A.D.) wrote:

"The Jews are a race that hate the gods and mankind. Their laws are in opposition to those of all mortals. They despise what to us is holy. Their laws condone them in committing acts which horrify us." (Historian V. 3-8)

Now all the candidates for president are Jewish, now that they’ve ousted all the homos from the race. But somebody’s bound to pick CIA agent Pete Butthole for vice president. If not him, then blood drinking Hillary.

Homosexuality is not normal. A bunch of homosexual Jewish psychiatrists bribed their peers into changing the definition of homosexuality from a disgusting sexual perversion that centers around the rape of children into an attractive alternative lifestyle that destroyed the American family — or what was left of it after Jewish inspired women’s liberation. And the Jewish newspapers and their bought off pervert politicians went right along with the plan, since they were paid to do so by rich casino operators and intelligence agency pimp blackmailers like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

America was founded by slave traders and opium peddlers. Both businesses are still staples of the disgusting U.S. economy, which is controlled by Israel from its satanic lair in the city of London.

This is the beginning of the end — the end of freedom and liberty, that is, in the United States but also throughout the world. And in the 244 years of American independence, genuine justice never actually made an appearance.


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