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It’s a plot to shut down
the human mind
and eliminate freedom

They keep lying to us and we keep believing them. It’s time to stop.

Two indelible lessons are to be learned from this current government mandated hysteria, which is now compounded by tyrannical orders to close your business, don’t travel and shelter in place. It’s a blatant psyop. The fact that people are obeying it is indicative of the degree to which the public has been dumbed down into spineless mannikins by this poisonous psyop of corporate media executing the orders of a demented political order.

The proof it’s a psyop? The death rate is not increasing. In fact deaths from the so-called coronavirus are far fewer than the typical mortality rate of the ordinary flu.

Face facts! You can’t trust your government and you can’t trust your medical profession, which for some demonic reason puts poisons in the medicines it dispenses.

The government has lied about practically everything in our lifetimes. It lied about 9/11 and it lied about the World Wars. It lied about Sandy Hook and it lied about AIDS.

It tells us we have a two-party system and free elections yet every presidential administration is the same crass combination of corporate tyranny and increasing limitations of our individual rights.

It lied about the poisoned children in Syria and it is lying about two other most important items: the diseases it invents and the 5G system of communication that will create new diseases and murder very large numbers of people.

The medical profession has lied about everything as well. It lied about AIDS which does not exist and it is lying about the so-called coronavirus, which is described by its own medical dictionaries as the common cold. Yet the corporate media have hyped it to the max, turning it into a modern plague from which we should flee in terror to the safety of our homes, where we will become stationary targets.

The worldwide media serve the tyranny of both government and medicine, inventing and inflating disease statistics in service to their own corrupt greed. The absence of coherent commentary on the coronavirus shutdown of society is evidence of the lobotomization of the American intellect.

The best thing that will come out this is to realize what a mistake it is to turn on your television.

It has always been nonstop propaganda devoid of truth.

The purpose of television is to propagandize the masses.

Step 1: Stop watching television. You will find no truth there.

This mass hysteria resembles the Salem witch trials, which unless humanity suddenly awakens will become (has become?) our permanent condition.

Both the government and the medical profession are lying about the 5G rollout, which is principally responsible for people supposedly dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan, China.

The mass madness I predicted so long ago is upon us, created by a government program to inflict worldwide communism upon the deliberately anesthetized and robotized populace.

The depraved concept of social distancing is “the concrete manufacture of alienation,” a concept articulated by Guy Debord in 1968. It is the final step in the artificialization of human reality, where all experience becomes internalized and artificial due to the propaganda we receive from electronic media. There has never been a better example of this than this current “sheltering in place.”

Currently, you have no future. You can’t go out of your house and you can’t make money, because the government, with its fake epidemic, has forbidden us to leave our houses lest we spread the disease it invented and imposed on us, even though it is no more fearsome than the common cold.

This is a plot to shut down society, to shut down the human mind, to blanket the world with communism and to make individuality a criminal concept.

Society gradually impoverishes everyone so they will come to depend on government programs, like feeding children in schools to compensate for increased poverty in has created.

The open borders concept also increases poverty and stretches community systems of health and welfare beyond their breaking points, guaranteeing chaos, discontent and disease.

Dr. Thomas Cowan perfectly explained the irradiation of the earth by gradually increasing amounts of electricity in the air throughout the course of the 20th century.

Viruses, Cowan explained, are the excretions of a toxic cell which happens when the cell is poisoned. Viruses are not the actual cause of anything.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was caused by the sudden influx of radio waves all over the planet. During World War II the invention of radar triggered a similar death toll.

Every pandemic is linked to “a quantum leap in the electrification the earth,” to the introduction of radio waves around the earth. In 1968 the sudden infusion of satellites into the Van Allen belt around the Earth created yet another increase in unexplained deaths.

How does the whole world get the same symptoms at the same time? Better check your Smart Phone?

There has been a dramatic and quantum leap in the past six months with the electrification of the earth, Begich explained. It’s called 5G.

The 20,000 satellites now circling the Earth are not compatible with health.
we are electric beings. The first completely blanketed 5G city in the world is Wuhan, China.

Susceptibility depends on how much metal you have in your body, which is increased by simply breathing in air which has been polluted by metals you see in the sky and adjuvants used in the vaccines you accept. When you start injecting aluminum in people, they become receptors of radio waves for absorbing EMFs. The deterioration of species’ which is what we’re now experiencing.

The top reference for this is the current bestseller “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg, Cowan explained.

What is happening today with governments of the world all hyping corporate propaganda to cover up the disastrous implications of the 5G rollout reminds me of the witch hunts of the 1600s where people were hung merely on the say-so of religious lunatics who accused them of being guided by the devil when in reality most were naturopaths using natural remedies for various ailments.

This insanity didn’t last very long as people eventually regained their senses saw the small minded hysteria for what it was. God willing we can regain our senses today and understand that this current pandemic panic that has paralyzed countries all over the world is merely a psyop imposed upon us through fear by psychotic manipulators posing as doctors and politicians whom to our peril we have mistakenly chosen as our leaders.

Before we all die from the poisons they prescribe for us, let’s get rid of them so at least we can have done something positive for the world. And maybe, just maybe, we can survive their lies. 



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