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Molded into perverted puppets,
America’s manic marionettes
cringe in numb acquiescence
inside our squeaky clean rooms


So you asked how early did I know the great COVID-19 epidemic was a demonic fraud aimed at further robotizing the people of the world, and I bellowed “HOAX!” instantaneously from the very beginning. Because it reminded me of too many things I had seen before for which I had experienced the same reaction. After 15 minutes of good thought and listening to officialdom’s false explanations, I surmised that all these things had to be hoaxes — and they were.

That’s why they want to get rid of old people. They know too much. They’ve seen too many things. You can’t use the same scam more than five or six times and still get away with it.

Why? Because I had the same reaction to this latest fake epidemic merely 15 minutes in as I did after that second plane supposedly hit the south tower on 9/11. The same feeling when Sandy Hook was staged but prepared the night before. When the Tsarnaev brothers were so savagely snared in the modern teleplay known as the Boston Marathon Massacre. I had seen it all before. I had seen it all before in Oklahoma City, at Ruby Ridge and in Waco — all of them mass murder against our fellow American citizens perpetrated by America’s foreign-controlled government.

And I saw it as a freshman in college that day in Dallas, when our last honest president took multiple bullets in the head from many demonic directions — delivered by the same people in charge of everything today!

And who is this omnipotent controller? Who is the master thief and vicious mass murderer of the entire planet?

Why it’s that force we can’t talk about, of course. That dark eminence that erases honest videos from YouTube, bans books from Amazon (especially books telling the truth about World War II). Who closes the churches and keeps the liquor stores open.

Who tells you prescription drugs are good for you when they’re not? That mealy-mouthed shrew who shoves shekels into the pockets of vapid politicians, and together they sing together songs of poisoning wells and slaughtering children to use in various recipes of personal gratification.

It’s where all these mysterious murders come from — the systematic elimination of all those microbiologists back in the ’80s, then more than a hundred New Age oncologists. And political gophers who have a notion to do something good for humanity and are viciously struck down in their attempts. Or allowed to molder in prison like Julian Assange, Schaefer Cox, Leonard Peltier and so many others. If they’re not killed outright like Seth Rich or James Bradstreet.


Because telling the truth threatens the investments of both the criminals committing the crimes and the swishy fashion plates reporting the news.

They are the ones who decide what books the public can read. They work tirelessly to defame, injure and bankrupt all those who pursue the objective truth.

The people making the money and the people stealing the money are the same people. It is a game they play and we are the poker chips.

We should know this

Vaccines don’t work. They kill people. Just ask Bill Gates. How else could he talk about vaccines and population reduction in the same breath? Have you ever seen a more demonic, twitching grin outside of an insane asylum? He has clearly flown out of the cuckoo’s nest.

The demonic Dr. Fauci rivals the great killers of all time for number of murders committed because AIDS was never actually proven to exist and it was Fauci’s AZT that killed all those luckless homos. And now he has been placed in charge of America’s health, supervising a process that lied about the total deaths in a well-known way and actually prescribed the murder of old geezers by misusing ventilators as well as deliberately assassinating by injection seniors who already were stricken by other serious age-related maladies.

In the well-known style of American presidents, supervised and approved by Donald Trump and the entirety of Jewish media, that’s premeditated murder.

To say forced vaccinations are required is a step beyond what any civilized nation (if there ever were any) has ever attempted: commanding citizens to give up control of the insides of our bodies. Vaccines accomplish that, and the latest invention by the consummate weirdo Gates will instantly furnish the entirety of your personal history to the authorities who want to control you.

The four major scams of vaccines: smallpox, polio, Gardasil and COVID-19 — deserve their own story, but their histories are all the same — more people killed, maimed, paralyzed and stricken with time-delayed cancer. All of them are classic examples of the cure being far worse than the disease, deliberately given to you by your own government controlled by an insane Jewish medical apparatus.

And then 5G comes along. They have been installing it at warp speed throughout the lockdown, primarily at all the schools.

Are we prepared to bleed from the eyes? Are we prepared to have our children sterilized and suffer through a number of debilitating, doctor-produced diseases for the remainder of our lives?

Are we prepared to have our oxygen absorption hindered when 5G comes fully online? Perhaps we should practice lying stricken in the street, gasping for air.

The mistaken lore of freedom

It used to be smokestacks that were the landmarks of our pollution; now it’s cell towers irradiating penetrating death into the tissues of everything that lives.

But beyond all the fake statistics and lamebrained statements made by wealth-conscious doctors is the essential element present in all political arguments of this and any age.

The Curse of Canaan was extended to the land which was named after him, the Land of Canaan. The Canaanites themselves ... became the greatest curse upon humanity, and so they remain today. Not only did they originate the practices of demon-worship, occult rites, child sacrifice, and cannibalism, but as they went abroad they brought these obscene practices into every land which they entered.

Not only did they bring their demonic cult to Egypt, but, known by their later name, the Phoenicians, as they were called after 1200 B.C., they became the demonizers of civilization through successive epochs, being known in medieval history as the Venetians, who destroyed the great Byzantine Christian civilization, and later as 'the black nobility' which infiltrated the nations of Europe and gradually assumed power through trickery, revolution and financial legerdemain.

Thanks Eustace Mullins. And on and on it goes. The parasites of society continue to feast on those who refuse to pay attention to what is really happening because they believe the lies of their leaders who are chosen for them by extraordinarily evil men.

Identifying those men and the criminal syndicates they control is our No. 1 task at hand if we are ever to regain any semblance of the freedom we once thought we had. Because only mob rule can ever take them down — an overwhelming outpouring of people acting like the decent, honest citizens they are, demanding to root out the rot of corruption that plagues all our lives and creates mayhem and terror where none need exist except to fulfill the promise of their demonic criminal plans.

But defeating them is quite another matter. They have turned us into the devil’s dance troupe. Molded into perverted puppets, America’s manic marionettes cringing in numb acquiescence inside our squeaky clean rooms.

Only now are these squeaks are beginning to more clearly reveal the madness that has trapped us in our own fear.



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