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Where free speech
has been abolished

Satellite fiefdom of Israel
really a crime syndicate
posing as a government


In a world of panic, your peace of mind uneasily resides in the rattling fact that the test for the disease is not reliable, yet you are forced to take it — and your future depends upon the result! Could your life get any more fake that that?

They keep creating disturbances so they may attain their goal of martial law and ultimately the abolition of free speech.

First, we’re going to have an epidemic; then, we’re going to have race riots; then how about a new World War, or perhaps an unprecedented natural disaster (nukes in Yellowstone?) . . . whatever it takes to keep us on edge, distracted, and not realizing what is really going on behind the scenes . . . you get what the government wants you to believe, which is seldom what is actually happening . . .

Free speech is the major challenge to those who seek to limit what you can say about the crimes governments are committing against us by the lies they are telling us.

Already we see it with all the underhanded censorship on YouTube, Amazon and Google. They wipe out whole segments of history and promote these fabricated Jewish fantasies of all generations and subjects, all in the name of community standards, which they set! Plus the underhanded way in which Twitter, Facebook and all the other boobytrapped Jewish communications platforms suppress ideas unfavorable to Jews as they rewrite history to suit their own bizarre habits.

The censors succeeded by declaring the pedophilia epidemic “fake news” because too many Deep State dynamos were snagged in its sordid net. Epstein had to be disappeared and forgotten and he was.

And gradually — as they have throughout the 20th century — they eliminate all ideas of true benefit to individuals, because such ideas are complicate their plans for total control by a central authority.

They have essentially succeeded to the point where we are on the brink of their total control, with only you and me standing between them and the final elimination of individual human personalities. Most people feel it’s easier just to go along with the program — and take the shot — I mean, how bad could it be? Especially to remain unemployed and get paid for it.

Not many people actually think in terms of erasure of the species. I found the unexpected deaths by vaccine an appropriate metaphor for modern medicine in general, in that the medicines doctors provide frequently lead to instant death. It makes me think of how many so-called epidemic victims were deliberately murdered by ventilators that doctors KNEW wouldn’t work.

So too would be the administering of a vaccination that would actually modify your DNA, and mean that you would no longer be human, but a GMO humanoid?

Well, isn’t that what’s happening with permanently changing our DNA with Bill Gates’s new death tattoo vaccination that will track your whereabouts for as long as you live?

In the world of panic your life has become, your peace of mind resides in the rattling fact that the test for the disease has never been reliable, yet you are forced to take it — and your future depends upon the result! If that puts you at ease then your brain is definitely dead.

Like the planned epidemic itself, this is a fixed game that they can’t lose and we can’t win. Refuse the vaccination and lose your license to conduct transactions in the financial world. No one is ready to live without money.

It is the classic cognitive dissonance — be a good citizen and destroy yourself for the benefit of the masses, or continue to pursue the truth and run the risk of having your face squashed by some cop with an elbow and a big pot belly.

To live in a system that acknowledges this formula as its rationale is to live in hell.

Blindfold for bozos

Internet censorship includes everything not in sync with the New World Order plan of an army of feckless droids only half alive serving the cruelest masters of all, the Jewish intelligentsia, justifying every crime in the books on the basis of their supposedly superior status.

They may argue persuasively that their money proves their intelligence. I would only counter that it proves their unreliability in maintaining the welfare of the world and the continuation of all species.

They are certainly not the healthy human beings who should be shaping the human future. Simply consider the garbage-strewn environment they have by their corruption created in the world today. They want the world like Palestine so they can bilk the tenants as slumlords should.

When your hope is crushed so is your life. Our leaders are crushing the life out of the world, all for a few bucks, or a new yacht. Or some superdrug that they get by killing terrified children and then consuming then.

Please think about the situation for a moment. The lead pipe hint was when Netanyahu visited Congress and was treated like a visiting deity. That is because Jews now determine who sits in Congress.

Today no one gets elected president without the approval of Jews. And even when they get a president who favors Jewish interests, they still complain about him in order to continue their policy of destabilizing nations in order to take them over.

All the major newspapers in the world are owned by Jews. The three major television networks in the U.S. have always been owned by Jews. All the major candidates for president are always chosen by Jews; they can’t get elected without Jews because Jews own all the newspapers and TV networks. Jews have taken control of all the universities with their homosexual and Communist propaganda. All the books are screened and published by Jews. For sure Hollywood has always been a Jewish production, slyly promoting the idea that shooting people in the right answer.

Jews control medicine and the law. The muscle Big Pharma exerts on those who are sick is the same formula Jewish bankers use to blackmail states, first by polluting leaders to take the Epstein-like bait and then by strongarming them into voting inevitably for the regrettable tactics of war.

Jews control the Internet. One day soon no information that can help you will reach you.

It has kind of gone the same way in America as it did in Rome, from noble republic to rapacious empire and finally to a macabre and twisted monster feeding on its own people, after it has controlled or consumed everyone else in the world. When the entertainment desire in the population exceeds its quest for knowledge, misrepresentation and disaster are sure to follow. That’s how the hustlers they make their money.

Newspapers depend on scaring you. It’s what makes them indispensable. The more mayhem, the more readers. Like junkies on violence and perversion, soon the culture thrives on such disfigured delusions. Soon the media and government become one, and together they create contrived threats to keep us worried and afraid.

The phenomenon applied to the creation of the so-called al Qaeda terrorist group, which turned out to be platoon of assassins and bomb throwers hired by the U.S.-Israeli terror corporation, was the most successful purveyor of false flag terror in world history (going back at least to 1645).

Used as a nebulous excuse for invading Afghanistan, the reasons for which were about as sane as shutting down the world over a transparently fake epidemic.

Many people depend on the excitement that newspapers — or TV or the Internet — bring them to spice up their otherwise dull lives.

As a starting point for solving most of our problems we must realize the starting point of our deterioration, our descent from health into malady. The two chief causes of unnecessary deaths are electricity and smoke. Combined with chemicals said to cure disease, it’s really an environmental troika that most diminishes our health, and not random microscopic exosomes that exist inside us by cannibalizing cells with the death and disease better known as cancer.

Although it is ignored and prohibited by the banker owned media, the great vaccine debate hinges on one great question. Is the flu caused by germs or by radio waves? By a tiny virus or a world encircling all-encompassing fog of carcinogenic radioactivity?

We are not currently discussing this. All we are talking about is the new vaccine. The world will be fine if we have a new vaccine. That’s Bill Gates talking, he who has become the new devil in our brains.

The fact remains that vaccines have never cured anybody of anything. All vaccines have ever done is kill people unnecessarily and complicate their chances to birth normal children. So of course the New World Order promotes them as a key weapon in their fight against freedom and individuality.

That has always been the preferred method of operation in Brainwashington. Stand by to be further abused by those who have chosen to be humanoid.



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