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As history is erased,
the jungle darkens


Not sure when this idea overtook me. It was just an accumulation of data, one thing after another, all pointing in the same direction. A combination of ancient facts which by media manipulation have now been reduced to obscure fairy tales that hardly any people have ever heard about, which actually are really important stories about our history.

Now we have faux revolutionaries running through our streets, paid by Jewish billionaires to trash America’s disintegrating republic by vandalizing property and assaulting innocent bystanders. All to obscure the continuing financial crimes of the Jews.

Statues of yesterday’s heroes are being torn down. Pride of place, once a formidable emotional crutch in the minds of most Americans, has been obliterated by crooked government and the faithless promoters of their lies in the media-produced toxic waste we are compelled by law and custom to believe.

It’s the same formula Jews used in the French Revolution, which erased all things French and replaced them with cheap Jewish imitations, twisted and made filthy by that uniquely tasteless kosher way of sabotaging the world and making you forget who you are, or used to be.

Today this formula is running amuck in America, where thugs are paid to smash things that are important to the people they have been taught to hate. It is a classic black behavior to attempt to kill the people who have helped them, and the Jews facilitate this reaction because it benefits them to eliminate the high IQ people in the world, the ones with the remaining alertness to identify these age-old kosher scams that continue to suck the blood out of everything that lives.

The story of the white shadow is only one of dozens of stories that have become so twisted over time that we wind up believing the opposite of what they are supposed to illustrate. Hitler would be the archetypal example. The most decent ruler ever is through the Jewish media inversion of values the most villainized person in history. Each one of these misperceptions greatly affects who we are and what we do. Mostly, we wind up killing the wrong people.

Whites are the heroes of civilization, and the only race that actually cares about the other races. The reward for their kindness has been derision and destruction. In the early 1960s, white America fed the whole world when it was starving.

That’s why Jews provoke wars between white countries. Iran is a white country. So are America and Russia. And Germany.

The crimes America has committed against the world were not committed by Americans, but rather by Jewish billionaires and bankers who have long controlled the commerce of the whole world. The powers that be want no more reasoned discourse; they want unquestioning obedience, your destiny be damned.

Right now we have calculated rampages to influence the minds of the public to venerate our inferiors. Whose policy was that? Why, the saboteurs of our nation, of course, the betrayers of humanity who pioneered the notion that one’s soul is always for sale.

We see too clearly today the disaster now flowering in its institutional madness.

Vampire slot machine

Jews seem genetically unable to learn that your soul sticks with you far into the afterlife. But Jews don’t believe in God; they believe in G-d, who is to both them and the world a vampire slot machine that approves of all crime and perversion. Get this straight: Jews worship a vampire slot machine. You see it in the politicians who drink blood and flagellate the public with buzzword promises never kept.

No matter how much money you sell it for, your soul sticks with you throughout eternity like an indelible zit on your forehead Those who live exemplary lives can see both the vitality and honesty of the soul in faces. I can’t say my vision is that good, and it’s true that I am often fooled.

It was only two centuries ago that Great Britain stretched its cultural dominance completely around the world so much so that most of the world today speaks English, at least on an international business level. Today, froth-mouthed Communists (who are always Jews, at least in spirit) stress the criminal side of white colonialism while the actual people in the colored world strive to acquire the wonderful atmospheres that white cultures have created everywhere. They wish to steal the comfortable opulence that predatory capitalism once provided, but now, filthy control freak thugs write restrictive laws — like lockdowns — where none need exist. Thus the population molders into a collection of slimy slugs on the rotting log of their moribund civilization.

And as they burn down the very prosperity they covet, blacks are championed as liberating heroes. Does this not strike you as a calculated inversion of values, aimed at destroying whites and creating a slave state run by colored people, a collection of compromised amateurs from all those countries which have failed to prosper or invent anything worthwhile?

In the total corruption approved and funded by Jews, blacks have the savage boldness in South Africa to rob and kill any white they choose, with no penalty. Malignant Jewish media abet this outrage by claiming to champion the oppressed underdog. This deceptive stratagem always hides the fact that slave trading is the Jews’ fondest occupation. There is no real difference to them between an underage kidnapped prostitute and a U.S. senator. They are both force-trained in the ancient arts of deception.

Also note that the American “oppression” blacks so righteously disparage is ironically funded by the welfare checks and government grants that keep the black world underclass alive. These payments are both a pathological panacea to salve America’s guilty conscience, a policy which has significantly sabotaged America’s ability to remain stable and healthy.

Who was it got us to feel ashamed about the crimes they committed in our names?

I’ve always heard the most dangerous thing in the world is a Jew talking about peace. But a competitive oxymoron is a black demanding reparations for the crimes he has committed against whites, running at 12-t0-1 more likely than the opposite ratio of whites very seldom killing blacks compared to the much higher rate of blacks killing blacks.

Jews work very hard to America to get America controlled by blacks. Two thousand years have proven blacks cannot control a civilized country. America’s destiny has pretty much been sabotaged by caring for handicapped citizens to a far-too-extravagant extent, so egregious, in fact, that it had made America a handicapped country, both in thought and in action. The number of people on public assistance is directly related to a deficiency in combat readiness of a population, even higher in a population where homosexuality is significant, in which case trustworthiness and honor are radically reduced as well.

How do you feel when you finally realize that the government structure you have been thought to trust has now become the primary agent of your distress, disease and destruction? More importantly, what are you willing to do about it?

Destroyers of peace

Much like the clumsy fumbling of a retarded child who crushes the flower in his hands before he can ever get a chance to experience its beauty, when the Jews get their hands on peace they destroy it. Jews crush all beauty with perversion and thoughtlessness. Jewish beauty is everyone else’s horror and disgust.

Rubbing out history is their game and creating an electorate totally bamboozled by deceptions is how they make their money and steal ours.

The now dormant language Latin achieved much the same as today’s worldwide spread of English when Rome dominated the known world two millennia ago.

That perhaps was the zenith of control of the known world by the white race, as least as far as our government-approved history tells it. The bellwether story about Rome is a parable for our own time, as it was overthrown by the profusion of foreign races who eventually engulfed it, and splattered it into a cold and lonely anarchy that was later to be called the Dark Ages.

But back beyond the boundaries of acceptable mainstream history lurks an eerie pattern that seems to show whites founded all the cultures of the world, in the days before mainstream history has yet to calculate existed. Could the implication be that whites were the very first race?

And is this the real reason why Jews want to kill off the entire white race, to make their twisted artificial world a total reconstruction of the miracle known as Mother Nature? This seems to be case, the motivation stretching back to the original striving of all humans, to survive death in some convincing (no matter how delusional) way.

It is the fading shadow of the white race that extends back in time further than any other and leaves a trail of dominance and organization, and not only that. At the very beginning of the founding of the world’s known historical religions looms a legendary white man upon whom each civilization is founded. Much more often than you realized.

What threw me over the edge of this idea was the remembrance of how the white Brahmins came down from central Asia and dominated the various other ethnicities from the beginning of civilization, a formula that continues to rule India to this day, a dominant white shadow still firmly in place among the constant chatter of a billion Indians immersed in lives of endless prayer.

(Note: This version is hotly disputed by the darker-skinned politically correct.)

This dovetails with the discoveries of 4,000-year-old graves in the Gobi desert revealing the mummified caucasian corpses of red haired skeletons wearing tartan clothes. The geography coalesces with both the white northerner invasion of India and the westward push of central Asian migration into Europe for the next 2000 years. Centuries later, the central Asian Saka tribe of the steppes became the Saxons of Western Europe.

The ancestor of the Indian branch of this language family, Sanskrit, it's eka, dva, treya. The people who spoke that language swept into the plains of Northern India almost 4,000 years ago as chariot-riding conquerors, calling themselves Aryas, "lords." On the way they gave their name to Iran, derived from "Aryan."

These Indo-Europeans were the first Aryans and they turn up in history all over the world as the founders of many great civilizations. Now they say whites have diminished to only 7 percent of the world’s population.

By my own ranking, this memory came out on top of other salient occurrences as the foremost examples of white prehistory, by no means a complete survey of prehistoric civilization founders now remembered as white mythological avatars. Such as . . .

• A tall red-haired white man usually named Viracocha supposedly wandered through the world teaching men the arts of civilization. He is named as founder many of the ancient white tribes of South America. A red haired giant mentioned by both Aztecs and Incas south who supposedly brought civilization to these formerly savage civilizations. An omnipotent being who created people from tiny stone dolls, guessed to have sailed from Ionia or thereabouts, perhaps with the Phoenicians. Or earlier.

• Civilization was crushed by cometary fragments c. 12,000 BC. These melted the ice caps and drowned seashore civilizations around the world. Stricken by this legendary Ragnarok and deluged by the rising seas, the survivors of Plato’s Atlantis in the Baltic Sea streamed south following what was for most a world ending catastrophe, as well as one particularly evocative Frisian legend. Evidence of a Celtic presence in the Mediterranean is recorded in giant sculptures at Luxor and the histories of ancient Greece and Palestine. All the civilizations of the ancient Near East were created and originally controlled by the White survivors of Plato’s Atlantis, which before the world-changing catastrophe was located on islands now submerged near the coast of Denmark.

Blue-eyed pharaohs?

• Voyaging from empirical science into the vivid realm of the fantastic, you find stories of the blue-eyed pharoahs and the twelve tribes.
DNA evidence proves Egyptian mummies were white men and not negroes. Diodorus in 50 BC writes that the founders of Egypt came from the West.

• Just as the 9,000-year-old skeleton found on the shores of Puget Sound who has come to be known as Kennewick man has been judged to be caucasian,
the 4000 Celtic skeletons unearthed in central China becoming forerunners of the fabled IndoEuropeans who came down out of central Asia to dominate the subcontinent of India show the worldwide spread of white groups who created the bases of their subsequent cultures.

Then there are the white skinned cloud people of Peru

Of course people of color would have a different perspective on all this.

That idea that a white race had once existed in Central Asia and left home to conquer the world was not popularized merely by zealots and xenophobes, but also by leading members of the scientific community.

Among scholars of Africa, it was called the “Hamitic Hypothesis,” after Ham, son of Noah, who was mistakenly identified as the common ancestor of all African peoples. Egyptologists called it the “Dynastic Race Theory.” Linguists described it as the “Aryan Invasion Theory.” Among European anthropologists, it was called the “Nordic Race Theory.”

While each of these theories had its own variations, they all promoted the idea that a light-skinned, racially superior population left its ancestral homeland to conquer Europe, Africa, and Asia in the ancient past.

I was personally astonished by the revelations of a German priest, Jürgen Spanuth, who located Plato’s Atlantis off the now submerged ridge where the North Sea meets the Baltic.

His discoveries shed new light on the influence these mysterious northerners had on the development of Mediterranean civilization during the early development of human society.

Even today’s hunters of the past continue to investigate the mysterious power of those pyramids which were constructed all over the world before history as we know it even began. What was their invisible purpose that now humans no longer remember?

And what about those Hyperboreans, survivors of Atlantis, who flew on a golden arrow down to see Pythagoras to help him set up directions for civilization that wound up lasting for many thousands of years?

Even more related to this subject in the quasimythological Oera Linda book, a prehistoric chronicle of the catastrophe that sank Atlantis which matched the report Plato took from Egypt which was really the event that melted the latest glaciers approximately 12,000 years ago.

Flash to today’s news

The West failed to uphold the standards that it professed to have.

The church failed to uphold the values it preached for others to uphold.

While some people laugh and count their money, the bleeding of the world continues unbandaged. Big Pharma has overtaken Big Oil. We are living in the drugging of the world.

White people are traveling the path of the druid, which was a superior way of living much more cognizant of our relationship with the land. One day historians will write about when there used to be a white race until, transfixed by their own trinkets, they went blind and morphed into braying mules interested only in their next carrot.

Ticket to totalitarianism

If the Jews can make us crazy, then they can administer their poison medicines to us for as long as the future will be. Escaping their influence is the key to human health.

All of the false practices and products they have invented have only compromised human health in search of unethical profits swindled from the paupers of the world.

We’re being erased by lesser beings.

I keep being drawn back to Carlos Castaneda’s contention that the beast is a predator who has come from the depths of space to feed on human energy, much like the filthy rich politicians who feast on the blood of children to make themselves feel young.

It would not be a stretch today to say that when the wheel of history spins the white shadow into invisibility, the light of humanity will be extinguished. In its place will be a lesser being, one that can no longer think but only do what it is told.

To this I would say, look at the landscapes. The beautiful, intelligent communities are white and in the north.

How interesting, then, that worldwide media should suddenly all endorse the idea of black leadership, when the examples from history about black leadership — notably the recently Haiti, Zimbabwe and South Africa mass killings of whites by blacks — has shown a marked inability to keep from killing white people and making it legal so that all whites abandon the country they built and must watch the blacks who stole it destroy the entire country.

The horror of South Africa is already headed here.

And how interesting in the United States that black candidates are now the Democratic candidates, who seek to flood the nation with immigrants merely to acquire them as eager pawns in the political game. A quick shortcut to total slavery.

White shadow. A fading white shadow.

The situation can’t be ameliorated or improved without saying the magic words that everyone remains afraid to say. The system is infected. It needs to be brought back to health free of the malign influences that have made it all so sick for so long. Otherwise our future is continued incomplete consciousness of the dark forces maintaining the illness that imprisons us.

White shadow. Fading white shadow going into eclipse. In the approaching blackness, only the gleam of teeth and flames of eyes full of hate, now promoted by the powers that be, can be seen in the howling that now overtakes us.




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