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Dancing on the edge of the fire


Like dolphins tangled up in fishing line who drown for lack of air, so humans remain hogtied by a suspicious medical mystery that has paralyzed society and jeopardized everyone’s health with an overcooked reaction to what your criminal government continues to insist is a pandemic. But it is really a calculated plague that was brazenly revealed in a practice run right before they staged it for real and locked down the whole world.

In the reality of people’s lives, this so-called plandemic is a media induced trance of fear within which no one seems to be able to positively identify the either the actual composition or the severity of the threat. Yet the controllers of humanity are dragging us into their dystopian future with a faulty test, an undeveloped vaccine with an ulterior motive and a disease they can’t even convincingly identify.

One thing is certain. This is not a naturally occurring disease. This is war on the people by a government of insincere spooks. Their cure will be no cure at all.

Somewhere between Fort Detrick, Maryland and Wuhan, China, the pox known as COVID-19 was created in a lab. Today, available traditional cures are discouraged and an as-yet-developed poison inoculation threatens to turn humanity into totally debauched GMO organisms, irreversibly wired to a central control mechanism. Success of this project would mean the end of individual human freedom forever.

How did we get to this sorry pass, where calculated destruction is both predicted and glorified by manipulative media which control every aspect of our lives? And why do media subliminally urge us to destroy ourselves?

The most significant event in the ongoing demolition of society is women’s liberation. It is really separation of women from the home. Encouraging women to leave the home and go out on their own signaled the death of the nuclear family and foreshadowed the day when the sexes would be merged and human reproduction would thereafter be handled by the all-powerful state.

In hot pursuit of our own personal goals we have forgotten about the implications of our selfishness, which are to ignore the rapidly deteriorating conditions for the continuation of our species as we have known it.

The destruction of society is the destruction of the home. A home is governed by an all-knowing mother and protected by a responsible father. Without a woman in it, there can be no home. Without this formula, nobody grows up healthy.

In the meantime artificial reality careens toward a new, untested poison vaccine the ultimate aim of which is to radically reduce Earth’s human population. When Bill Gates announced that new vaccines aimed to reduce population, everybody went into stupefied cognitive dissonance rather than acknowledge the billionaire was talking about murdering millions of people with an impish gleam in his eye. It is a thought most people refuse to face.

The moment people consider killing their own countrymen as a way to stabilize their environment is the moment complete human extinction becomes inevitable, due to what happens to species with no purpose in accordance with nature’s laws; in case you didn’t know, they go extinct. The corruption endemic in all human governments indicates we are well down that road.

Thus, as we cringe in the sterilized darkness of our electrified apartments that slowly sauté our cells, our health is sabotaged by oxygen depleting masks and paranoid delusions are created by social isolation. And this is the version of reality that our clinically deranged government insists we must believe.

Revenge of the dwarf planets

You remember Pluto? No, not the Disney cartoon dog. The barely visible light in the heavens that used to be known as the ninth planet of our solar system, but was demoted to dwarf planet during a recent celestial nomenclature reshuffling in the debate about what actually constitutes a planet.

Pluto is also the most dangerous sign in the much-maligned science of astrology, which continues to characterize human behavior with uncanny accuracy. Pluto usually signifies subterranean chaos leading to destruction and horror.

THE U.S. PLUTO RETURN. February 2019 to January 2025 America will experience its first Pluto return, that moment when Pluto returns to the place in the heavens it occupied when America was born. Astrologers believe Pluto brings the ugliest experiences.

Needless to say astrologers are both agog and atwitter over this once in a lifetime occurrence:

This is it. This is the American Pluto Return that has been looming over us for the past couple of decades. … The very first Pluto Return of the USA will determine whether this country will remain a cohesive, functioning unit or suffer from a complete breakdown …

The first Return will occur on Feb. 20, 2022, yet already effects are growing in intensity as Pluto draws closer to the exact natal position of the US chart of July 4, 1776.

… one of the most powerful planets when it comes to worldly events … the harbinger of visibly transformative effects to be witnessed throughout 2020.

… indicating a revolution and cyber warfare involving the sciences, technology and collective efforts for the next three years. It also mentions painful consequences of past actions or a need to pay and clear old debts.

Hmm, this is kind of typical horoscope hopium. A deeper response might be this one:

For Swedenborg the presence of this emotion of feeling wronged because we have not received the support we wanted, this bad habit of furthering the wrong by refusing support to others, and enjoying the chagrin we cause, is the sure sign of a soul headed for self inflicted damnation. Self inflicted, because Swedenborg believed God never damns anyone. The damned damn themselves. They aren’t thrown into Hell, they dive in. From this point of view Facebook appears to be a portal of Hell where lost souls argue over what they should or shouldn’t support. Dive in at your peril.

Much more ominous than these foul forecasts is the newfound nefarious influence of another dwarf planet, Eris. In the world of astrology, Eris is the jealous demon sister of Mars, who is of course the bringer of war.

More currently Eris is also the goddess of the cult at the spiritual center of the Black Lives Matter riots now occurring all over our country.

The underworld in outer space

Discovered only in 2005 Eris is another dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, the outermost region of our solar system. Three times further from the Sun than Pluto, astrologically Eris is referred to as a daughter of the night and was known to the Romans as ‘Discordia’. Eris rules the underworld; her element is power and she will do anything to acquire it.

Together Pluto and Eris sing the same dark song that predicts the traps humanity has set for itself will explode in inchoate chaos. Like today’s rioters, these dark goddesses make a virtue out of violent destruction and infantile rage.

The demon sister of Mars may be a dwarf planet, but she is also the revered deity of a contemporary violence-prone group known as the Discordians who play a central philosophical role in the violent antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the delirious denizens who eagerly destroy traces of the culture that has nurtured them.

To understand what Eris means to astrologers, the poet Robert Graves cites indiscriminate rage, slaughter, and destruction. Graves points out that to reverse the order of nature Zeus is helped by Eris. There is a quality of fate, of consequence, of vengeance against hubris signified by the astrological Eris, making her a perfect sub-deity for the Jews, who wish to rearrange society.

Eris was originally called Xena, after the main character of the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. However, astronomical rules state the all objects orbiting outside Neptune’s orbit must be named after a creation of mythology. Thus, Xena became Eris after the goddess of strife and discord in Greek mythology.

Eris has one moon called Dysnomia. It was originally named Gabrielle after the same TV show but that name later became the daughter of Eris, Dysnomia, a name invented by Hesiod in the 7th century BC.

Eris square Pluto, what a powerful combo for destruction! Dysnomia, goddess of lawlessness, daughter of Eris, evil sister of Mars, god of war. Quite an astrological attack team destined to promise discord and destruction in the future.

Who are the discordians? The Discordians believe that chaos is as important as order. It is essentially a lampoon of all religions, meant to parody the faithful with opposition to traditional order.

Discordianism recognizes chaos, discord, and dissent as valid and desirable qualities, in contrast with most religions, which idealize harmony and order. Eris, the Greek mythological goddess of discord, has also become the matron deity of the religion Discordianism.

Which makes it the perfect religion for Black Lives Matter, a group consisting of aimless anarchists run by goons paid by Jewish billionaires

This African propensity for burning things down reflects poorly on their sincerity dealing with others, as does their propensity to murder those who help them. You should never kill someone over conceptual matters. It only means you have lost the argument.

These Discordians are the animating factor of Black Lives Matter, seeking revenge for the achievements they could never build themselves by destroying them, at the behest of the Jews and their billionaire manipulators who buy both white girls and white countries to turn into whores for the rest of the world.

The offspring of nightmares

Eris and the Eumenides. It would be a great name for a punk rock band composed of pissed off chicks ready to rip up the world.

One daughter of the night attracts others, so the influence of bloodthirsty Eris naturally summons the ancient spirits of the Eumenides, or “Kindly Ones”, who once were the fearsome Erinyes, vengeful spirits who tortured the consciousness of men who had harmed women. Most of those aware of Greek myths would recognize these spirits by their more famous name, the Furies.

They are legendary for attacking the consciousness of the guilty with psychological missiles that explode hypocrisy and expose guilt.

These Furies are most famous for their appearance in a play first staged in Athens in 458 BC. Today these are known as the three-part Oresteia by Aeschylus (ESK-a-lis).

In first play Agamemnon, the victorious king of Argos has returned home after the Trojan War, bringing with him a concubine, Cassandra. Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, hoping to rule Argos together, have conspired against him to kill him upon his return. In the queen’s mind, the murder of her husband was simply an act of revenge for the earlier death of her daughter. In Libation Bearers, the exiled Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, returns home with his companion Plyades to seek revenge for this father’s death by killing his mother and lover. However, his mother’s last breath brings a curse upon Orestes: he is hounded by the Furies. In Greek, they are later referred to as the Eumenides, daughters of the night and spirits of vengeance. In The Eumenides, Orestes, on the verge of madness, prays to Apollo for relief from his agony. Eventually, he and Apollo arrive in Athens where the goddess Athena holds a trial.

The chorus leader identifies himself and the other Furies as “children of the night.” He informs the goddess that their duties are to drive from home those who shed another person’s blood and take him to a place where “happiness is nevermore allowed.”

Can anything better reflect the flavor of the BLM uprisings now taking place around the world?

EUME′NIDES (Eumenides), also called ERINNYES, and by the Romans FURIAE or DIRAE, were originally nothing but a personification of curses pronounced upon a guilty criminal. The name Erinnys, which is the more ancient one, was derived by the Greeks from the erinô or ereunaô, I hunt up or persecute, or from the Arcadian word erinuô, I am angry; so that the Erinnyes were either the angry goddesses, or the goddesses who hunt up or search after the criminal. (Aeschylus)

Eris and the Eumenides will assure that our future is written in fire and blood for the crimes we have committed against each other and ourselves. Clearly they work to avenge the absence of women in the government structure of the world and will make things hard for everyone until we see how the only two genders must work together to rescue for what is truly a fate worse than death, and that would be extinction.

We face this question on the eve of a government-mandated vaccine that will actually alter our DNA and make us technically — if not completely — no longer fully human.

Dark influence on the future

Instead, astrologers believe the influence these spirits will have on our immediate future will be all about blood, betrayal and darkness. Some force among us seems intent on shedding the blood of innocent people. This is how they did the French Revolution. They got the people to kill each other and kept moving the goal posts until half the population had been either slashed to death or beheaded.

The reason astrology remains important is because of the failure of establishment religion to provide a sufficiently formidable bulwark against the excesses of corruption, succumbing to the temptation of personal satisfaction sabotaging the necessity of maintaining the conditions for life.

Such might be the warped rationale of politicians who drink children’s blood to increase what they must imagine to be their power. It is the alluring illusion of delusional insanity, and right now it has the whole world in its grip. There is nowhere to turn for relief from this pox since it the church and the state are involved in the practices.

Now put on your mask, go to the window, and yearn for the world they haven taken from you.

Given the nature of our leaders and all the lies they’ve told us, it is reasonable to expect that everything they have planned which could go wrong will go wrong.

The war is going to be bloody. People who can’t see their own souls simply won’t give up their power. It has to be taken from them. Who can do this will save humanity from certain destruction.

What I’d like to know is how many of the children who went missing after the Haiti earthquake wound up in the cauldrons of blood swallowed by Hillary Clinton’s personal friends?

And this is how the world will end, dancing on edge of the fire, everybody seeking revenge for their own deaths, driven mad by the knowledge that they are going to die with no faith to protect them.

Ye of little faith . . . Scared? You ought to be . . . not so much about where we’re going, but about the mess we left behind. If we are to learn one thing it is that our own shadow impacts the world more than anything else.



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