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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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You can fix it now
or never fix it again


The blood of the masses will flow.
— Harold Wallace Rosenthal

We are so far off course it’s just unbelievable. The grandest of all beings in the universe, so far as we know, being locked into our homes over a disease they can’t even prove actually exists. How far have humans devolved into an induced stupor of needing to believe what the crowd believes lest we be shunned as . . . well, go ahead and describe yourself then.

This whole thing about competition, which is the ritualized fetishization of survival, is precisely what is turning the planet into a dung heap. People everywhere try to kill their own deaths by cheating and/or annihilating others. The politicians are like flies hovering above the compost. Only they drop bombs and put poisons into food and medicines that kill people they don’t like. And they don’t really like anyone. Other people don’t really exist for them.

But the situation exists now where the Jewish penetration and capture of consensus reality has reached 100 percent. Media which are not wired into networks totally monitored by Jews have been disappearing since the first outright Jewish takeover of the U.S. in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, which has always been run by 13 Jewish families.

This Jewish overlordship of the world’s society extends back to the dawn of history. It was in Egypt where the classic Jewish traits of prostitution, plagues and taking control of governments were born, as was a millennia-long string of banishments from 103 countries. It is a tribute to Jewish tenacity and the power of money that they have now captured every country in the world in their network that has replaced God with cold hard cash.

The trouble for humans who care about such things is that the morality we teach to love our parents and our children has been blown apart by the deliberate destruction of the family, principally due to the subversion of the culture by the Jewish psychiatrists of the Frankfurt School, which counseled divorce and sexual perversion, thereby destroying the religious fabric of society and leaving most families either twisted or totally broken.

As we struggle now with this unprecedented psychological crisis for the human species, this diabolically contrived pandemic lockdown is one of the most significant events in human history, a turning point never before confronted and contemplated.

In almost appears to be a massive wiping out of the previous history of humanity, a recategorizing of everyone in the world into slots solely determined by the masters of the money machines. One is reminded of the behavior of Mao in China and Pol Pot in Cambodia — not to mention what the Jewish Communists did to Russia — are the models of intensified Jewish rule in the U.S. We should all be very nervous at this precise moment, and fearful for our lives.

Certainly we are well beyond the point of needing to revolt, and yet, the perplexed populace continues to wear their masks with a righteous patriotic fervor indicative of no functioning philosophy and total uncertainty about who they themselves actually are.

As our leaders ogle the system implemented by China which controls every move every citizen makes, America’s vaunted freedoms which had been the envy of the world have now been sold to Jewish casino owners who continue to betray every country to which they pretend allegiance as they disburse their dirty money to plastic politicians who do their bidding, which is practically the leader of every country in the world these days.

Judging by past world shattering events, the society that comes out on the other end of these upheavals adopts a streamlined version of its past habits and generally the population can eventually be made to see the inevitability of the events that have unfolded. As the fortunes of nations shift in both directions, the Jewish bankers continue to squeeze profits out of every single drop of blood they can shed.

The cost of this in human misery cannot be overstated. What is the purpose of life if not to protect individuals? The bankers would turn us into a kind of Star Trekkian Borg, where we are all alike and all connected and all cooperative with the giant Jewish intellect at the master controls of existence. I think Yahweh was such a creature all those years ago.

What worries me most in that on the media spectrum of people who are represented as leaders of the world there seems not a single one, at least in the Western orbit, who is a genuine champion of human rights. They’re all talkers, making business deals on the side.

Right now the Israelis are sitting in their stolen Mideast lair, laughing up a storm. They have both current presidential candidates in their pocket, with hysterical Jews leading the clamor in both political parties to disguise the fact that there aren’t really two parties, only a caricature of freedom as both Republicans and Democrats are merely opposing factions within the party of the banks.

Our politicians are all no good. They accept the concept of Jew control of all the money, so there is no longer any legitimate government concerned solely with the welfare of its people. Money is too important to be controlled by private interests. Its primacy over the past century has been disfigured by constant wars and/or contrived economic depressions, all of them created and executed by Jews.

They won’t give our freedom back to us. We must take it back in any way we can. They intend to kill us after they have properly fleeced us. Our response to that should be natural, predictable, automatic and supremely lethal. Instead we remain asleep, anesthetized by the nonstop waterfall of lies.

The consensus opinion is that only one branch of humanity will survive: the Jews or us. You were tasked with avoiding that problem but you focused on your addictions and compulsions and let the laws be changed and everyone’s property confiscated.

The Jews must rejoin the human race. Failing to do that we will all go extinct. Or it may be they will eliminate all the real humans. Then, if they ever try to go to another planet, they’ll be kicked out of there, too.

Most predict Jews becoming human is an impossible task. It would require Jews to forsake their position as eternal enemies of the human race and fully admit their faults, which would be a wrenching disgorgement of all the wars they have kindled, all the riches they have swindled, all the wells they have poisoned, all the Arabs they have tortured, and all their white dupes they have betrayed.

As well as all the minds they have warped with their supercilious schools, their gross magazines, their lying newspapers, their disgusting movies and shitty songs, but over all of this is the casting of a giant white noise fog over humanity, by distracting everyone in order to fleece them of as much as they can steal (which right now includes a premium market on children’s blood).

Jews have set up all the religions of the world for the purposes of mind control. And those creepy creeds they haven’t actually invented themselves — specifically the three major Western religions, all variants of the original Middle Eastern mind virus — they have commandeered from their originators and twisted to their own perverse purposes.

Already they are turning us into robots, reducing our stature from potentially infinite individual beings down to codes in a computerized logbook, to be fattened up if obedient and servile and blipped out if oppositional and cantankerous.

Already they have succeeded in turning most of the human race, at least in the Western world, into cash-conscious automatons. When there’s nothing holding them back, all the sons and daughters and fathers and mothers come in second best, as the greed takes hold and the profits create an emotional reaction much more powerful than booze or drugs, because it’s fun plundering the real world if it doesn’t matter to you which stranger — or which family member — gets hurt.

I think the real answer is because the telekinetic media bludgeoned all human tendencies out of our consciousness with slasher movies, kiddie porn and real wars. The average oblivious American has a lot of trouble — especially the recent generations — absorbing complex subjects, having been misled by their own schools in many areas of the curricula, notably Common Core mathematics (an effort by Obama to make blacks equal by dumbing down the rest of the country).

The only way they can be stopped is with a better idea.
The only way they can be stopped is with a better idea.
The only way they can be stopped is with a better idea.

What are our principal priorities? One thing’s for sure. Our overseers have mapped them out and are playing the population like an orchestra of feckless fiddles.

You can’t be a Jew and a human being at the same time. Jews are the enemies of humans. They get off on deceiving, enslaving and manipulating others. The proof is in the so-called Jewish holy books. A clearer picture of personality disorders has never been written.

We can choose reason or we can choose greed. History books will always cover up the truth. Lincoln had no right to invade the South. But European Jewish money controlled both sides of that conflict to their satisfaction, and the end result then, as it is now, is that the entire population of the world has been put into a mental slave labor camp, where all that will matter is the amount of money in your pocket and the criminals who have befriended you will teach you to get away with crimes just like theirs.

Put a stop to the madness. Stamp it out like you would an ember from one of those government controlled individual house fires that leaves the trees intact.

Distrust people who don’t act on principle.

Now or never, this is a call to arms. Fight them wherever you can, every hour of every day, just as most of my friends are doing.

Your alternative is to take the shot and become someone else for the rest of your unnatural life.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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