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The 19th century experiments of Louis Pasteur ushered in the germ theory of disease, which for more than a century dominated the practice of Western medicine as well as our cultural and economic life, Dr. Thomas Cowan writes in his new book The Contagion Myth.

Shockingly, Cowan points out that the inventor of pasteurization admitted that his campaign “to prove contagion was a failure, leading to his famous deathbed confession: “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

Unfortunately for us, modern medicine failed to take his admonition to heart.

“In this case,” Cowan writes, “terrain refers to the condition of the animal of person and whether the animal of person has been subject to poison. Since Pasteur’s day, no one has demonstrated experimentally the transmissibility of disease with pure cultures of bacteria or viruses. [ . . . ] Incredible as that may seem, we are sitting on a house of cards that has resulted in incalculable harm to humanity, the biosphere, and the geosphere of the Earth.” 

The germ theory is wrong; the virus theory is wrong. Viruses are not here to kill us; in reality they are exosomes whose role is to provide the detoxification package and the communication system that allows us to live a full and healthy existence. A war on viruses is a war on life. It’s clear that the misidentification of exosomes as viruses was a tragic mistake, one that it’s about time we correct, once and for all.

This is the authoritative assessment of one of the most innovative medical writers now writing. Cowan’s output in recent years forms the outline of wholly new perspectives in medicine: Human Heart, Cosmic Heart (2016), Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness (2018), Cancer and the New Biology of Water (2019) and now The Contagion Myth (2020).

This is part 2 of a two-part review and it starts with the necessity for breathing and the bogus tests that have disrupted world society.

The danger to future breathing

Here’s your quick diagnosis of the curious disease currently locking down most of the world, courtesy of Dr. Cowan.

We know that these millimeter waves interfere with the availability of oxygen in the atmosphere and hence will also interfere with the ability of the mitochondria (bacteria) in our tissues to convert oxygen into energy. This is the main feature of 5G, exacerbated by aluminum poisoning, glyphosate poisoning, general air pollution, and all the many other toxins in our modern world—all contributing to the symptoms of “Covid-19.”

Zeroing in on the critical problem . . .

Of particular concern is the fact that some 5G transmitters broadcast at 60 GHz, a frequency that is absorbed by oxygen, causing the oxygen molecule (composed of two oxygen atoms) to split apart, making it useless for respiration.

Cowan references the popular YouTube video of Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell reporting from a New York City emergency room where patients were literally gasping for air. He describes how all those patients inadvertently died.

Covid-19 patients’ symptoms resemble those of high-altitude sickness rather than viral pneumonia. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain may do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate, as they increase pressure on the lungs. These patients don’t need help breathing — they need more oxygen when they take a breath. Many turn blue in the face. These are not signs of a contagious disease but of disruption of our mechanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells.

Cowan references the history of a famous pandemic from long ago.

Remember that during the Spanish flu, the problem was the lack of blood coagulability; with Covid-19, a key problem is lack of oxygen in the blood—both conditions point to electrical toxicity rather than infection— iron-rich blood cells would be especially vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetism.

Irrelevant tests alarm the world

Suspicious politicians and their media stooges have caused profound panic everywhere by destroying the world’s economy and ending many people’s lives, all on the basis of very suspect tests. Cowan takes a dim view of them.

Since no PCR test has ever undergone comparison to any gold standard, the results are meaningless. This is not a situation where we just need better or more accurate testing. As Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technology, has insisted, time and again, PCR tests do not prove causation and cannot diagnose illness.

While lampooning the world’s immunologists, Cowan asserts that the antibody test for assessing immunity to “coronavirus” has not been demonstrated as valid in any experiment, yet it is widely used to inflate the worldwide statistics that fuel the panics and the lockdowns.

‘Toxin gobbling messengers'

’“Exosomes are nature’s way of letting us know that unless we rid ourselves of these toxic thoughts, healthy life is not possible,” Cowan writes.

This brings us to “Covid-19” and the experience of fear. [ . . .] It is not hyperbole to claim that every single person on earth is now bathed in this sea of fear, hatred, and lies. This is what is picked up by all living organisms as the predominant waveforms in the world.

We also know that exposing organisms to fear stimulates the creation of exosomes to detoxify this fear. Scientists have mistakenly labeled these tiny bodies “viruses”—poisons. They are not pathogenic viruses; they are the natural human response to fear, lies, hatred, and other toxins.

Most important, we will show that the minute particles called viruses are actually exosomes—not invaders but toxin-gobbling messengers that our cells produce to help us adjust to environmental assaults, including electro-smog. [ . . .] Whether these exosomes can help us adapt to the extreme disruption of 5G is the question of the day.

Masks protect no one

The vast majority of people in the world obey their governments and put masks on their faces despite the dire health warnings against doing so. Many have pointed out that the pores in even the best facemasks (even the N95 respirators) are ten times larger than any “virus.” What’s more, labels on boxes of masks specifically warn that the masks “will not provide any protection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or other viruses or contaminants.”

Wearing a mask can cause a reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) or an elevation in blood CO2 (hypercapnia). The N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20 percent, which can lead to loss of consciousness.

A recent review of the science relevant to Covid-19 social policy concluded that masks and respirators don’t work.

Cowan was adamant. “No [randomized control trial] study with verified outcome shows a benefit for [health-care workers] or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions. Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a broad policy to wear masks in public.”

“Without the virus theory—and even with the virus theory—masks, social distancing, and lockdown make no sense,” he adds.

An ugly superstition

Cowan has an unshakeable antipathy to vaccines, with good reason. As he writes,

When one understands the basics of how all modern viral vaccines are manufactured, however, it becomes immediately clear not only how fraudulent the whole process is but also how the production of modern viral vaccines helps prove that these viruses can’t possibly be causing the diseases for which they are blamed.

“Clearly, protection through vaccination for diseases like smallpox is an ugly superstition that must be discarded. At the same time, we must abandon the concept of lifelong immunity conferred by the activity of our immune system.

“It’s clear that a vaccine is not going to save us—in fact it has the potential of inflicting enormous suffering on the world’s population, not to mention violent resistance to the idea of universal gene modification by electroporation.”

Murderous millimeter waves

We know that these millimeter waves interfere with the availability of oxygen in the atmosphere and hence will also interfere with the ability of the mitochondria (bacteria) in our tissues to convert oxygen into energy. This is the main feature of 5G, exacerbated by aluminum poisoning, glyphosate poisoning, general air pollution, and all the many other toxins in our modern world—all contributing to the symptoms of “Covid-19.”

But none of this can match the consequences of putting hundreds of thousands of satellites into the ionosphere of the earth. If this is allowed to happen, not only will all life on earth be subject to the constant toxic effect of these harmful millimeter waves, as if that isn’t bad enough, but the direct consequence of this folly is that the cosmic waves that come to us from the furthest reaches of our cosmos will no longer be allowed to maintain their integrity in their journey to the earth.

Life will be cut off from the cosmos, elk will no longer be elk, squirrels will have lost the energetic source that makes them squirrels, and human beings will no longer be formed as free individuals with their own unique destinies. Life will become formed under the influence of computer code written by the self-styled new “masters of our universe.” And, all this so we can have faster download speeds for our cell phones.

Humanity is at a crossroads, and although we can present mitigation strategies that transform the energy fields that constitute 5G technology (see Appendix B), we should be clear. “Covid-19” is the first wave of disease created by the introduction of this new technology. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Officials warn us that more waves are coming. They know. They are replacing the wisdom of God with the folly of man. It’s time for humanity to wake up, grow up, and to find the courage to stop this menace.

Other revelations about modern medicine in The Contagion Myth are many and significant.

• The rise of modern diseases was precipitated by processed food.

No dietary change has ever been as deleterious to health as the advent of industrial seed oils, usually called “vegetable oils”; loaded with chemicals, intrinsically rancid, and lacking the many essential nutrients that humankind gets exclusively from animal fats like butter, lard, poultry fat, and tallow, they are a recipe for poor health. Chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, and immune disorders have increased in lockstep with the increase in vegetable oil consumption. Moreover, the type of fat molecules in vegetable oil (omega-6 linoleic acid) can make our bodies more sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

• A key symptom of Covid-19 is prolonged and progressive hypoxia — meaning that the body is starved for oxygen

This happens when the hemoglobin molecule releases its iron molecule. Unattached iron in the bloodstream is reactive and toxic, but normally iron is tucked away in the hemoglobin molecule—the iron is caged, so to speak, and carried around safely by hemoglobin. (Vitamin C has an important role to play in cleaning up rampaging iron ions.) Without the iron ion, hemoglobin can no longer bind to oxygen, so cannot carry oxygen to the cells. Meanwhile, the released iron does its reactive damage everywhere in the body. Damage to the lungs shows up in CT scans.

“Imagine the results that hospitals would achieve,” Cowan enthuses, “if they began treatment with oxygenated drinking and bathing water, rather than putting patients on ventilators!”

So much more to say about water, toxins, iatrogenic error, sleazy payments from the government to get hospital officials to inflate the pandemic case and death tolls.

At least two other oddities in The Contagion Myth deserve mention. The Plague of Justinian in 1348 was caused by a comet, not the bubonic plague, as 10,000 people a day died in Constantinople. According to Professor Mike Baillie, illness and death resulted from poison water and air as the comet flew overhead.

The other stunner for me was the use of biodiesel fuel in buses using fuel that is soaked in Glyphosate spreading the poison fumes of Monsanto’s Roundup in the air of most of the big cities in the world.

As the destruction of world societies continues tonight, the sadness of this preplanned result is overshadowed by the mentally ill mentality of top doctors and world leaders to put humanity through this deliberate torture merely to regulate societies in ways that they can control utterly.

Cowan points out two other shockers in this ongoing tragedy of a planned shutdown of the world.

In the early days of the pandemic, the media reported a rush to produce enough ventilators to satisfy the expected demand for them. But the much- hyped ventilator turned out to be a death sentence. According to one analysis, among patients sixty-six years and older hospitalized in the New York City region, those put on ventilators had a 97.2 percent mortality rate. In an April 22, 2020, article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an analysis of 5,700 Covid-19 patients hospitalized between March 1 and April 4 found that the overall death rate was 21 percent, but it rose to 88 percent for those who received mechanical ventilation.

Bad medical care was not the only factor that contributed to the high death rate; the other was almost certainly terror and loneliness. When tagged with a diagnosis of Covid-19—either from a putative positive test result or no test at all—patients often found themselves locked up against their wills in elder care facilities and shut off from the outside world—no visits from family or friends permitted.

5G and the future

So 5G is here and being unfolded upon us whether we like it or not. How do we deal with it?

Unlike animals, the human being is not conceived or born under the influence of any specific cosmic energy field. Instead, each human being is conceived and born at a unique time and place, therefore under the influence of a unique cosmic field. This is the physiological basis of our freedom and individuality. This is what makes the human being the crown of creation; this is the basis for the claim that the human being is created in the image of God, God being a concept embracing the energetic field of the entire universe. Each individual human being is a unique component in this field, and humanity as a whole is the sum of the entire field and therefore the image or the reflection of God. This is the essential message of all major philosophical and religious traditions from the past.

You can see how Cowan is a big fan of German mystic Rudolf Steiner with this remark: “ . . . the deployment of 5G technology threatens the foundation of existence, and we can understand why this is so only if we recapture the ancient way of thinking about life."

His prescription?

If the practice of medicine were conceived properly in the Western world, doctors would begin by ascertaining four basic factors: the quality of the water their patients drink; the quality of the food they eat; the level and type of toxins, including mental and emotional toxins, to which they are exposed; and finally the level and type of electromagnetic fields to which they are subjected. The vast majority of medical problems can be understood by gathering patient information on these four areas, and the vast majority of health problems can be helped or even solved, by “remediating” these four core issues.

Good advice for everybody checking up on their own health, too.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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