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The wicked world of Kommie Kamala

You can’t avoid the tyranny now consuming the whole world by ignoring it. If unopposed it will eventually consume everyone. Those cowards who try to ignore it will be struck down from behind, no matter how hard they try to hide. If we don’t oppose it with every breath, we lose everything we thought we had.

You can’t trust government because most of the people involved in it should be in jail. The billionaires who hire journalists are all Jews intent on destroying all free societies and controlling everyone from cradle to grave.

They want public criticism of the government to be a thing of the past.

The 2020 election was about blacks vs. whites. On an astonishingly slanted playing field, blacks cheated and stole the election from whites. Pending now is whether the courts are tilted in favor of blacks or not, since the media and government are now so heavily slanted against whites.

The powers that be seek to repopulate America with people of color know two things. When blacks get the upper hand, they will slaughter whites enthusiastically, just as they have done in South Africa, to the applause of America’s liberal media.

Kommie Kamala and Barry Soetero are eager to bring the program to the United States. This is whites’ reward for helping to emancipate blacks. It was a terrible mistake that played into the hands of Jews’ intent to control everyone in the world in a state of semi-conscious impotence and deliberately inculcated ignorance.

And secondly, blacks are unable to create the things that whites have, namely, a broad sense of community throughout the nation, where before the importation of Negroes in rural areas it was universally practiced to help strangers in need. Constant black crime waves eradicated that.

Simply consider the high tech cities of Africa and the lack of sanitation throughout the continent. Immigrants eagerly bring that culture to Minneapolis and other places, why I do not know. The West Coast of America now looks like Bangladesh.

The Jews want only slaves. Why blacks would wish to destroy the white society that brought them out of primitive conditions in Africa and led them to affluence in America is unfortunate evidence of their unfathomable ingratitude which would lead them to kill their benefactors who had led them to liberty.

We remember past elections, particularly 1960 and 2000, and must realize that injustices and evidence of crimes are never officially revealed; they only become uncovered with the passage of time plus more thorough investigations, but are never officially acknowledged.

It is a basic fact of American history that injustices are allowed to stand and are never officially remediated. Simply consider the assassinations of the 1960s. The identities of the perpetrators remain officially concealed to this day.

or I’ll be going dark real soon
John Kaminski
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103
North Port FL 34287 USA

Thanks to our billionaire Jewish information controllers, we see the beloved First Amendment to our Constitution shut down repeatedly every day. Even the President of the United States can’t get his opinion posted on Twitter. Worst of all, we can’t mention the No. 1 threat to civilization in any way, shape or form, even though it permeates and poisons every aspect of our lives.

The Jewish hammerlock on worldwide communications continues to shrink the world’s knowledge and worst of all twists history to conceal the terrible tribe’s own continuing depredations upon all societies.

After Creepy Joe reaches his expiration date, we can expect Kommie Kamala to engineer the same Communist extravaganza that the Jewish Bolsheviks brought to Russia that murdered 100 million people who refused to give up their Christian beliefs.

I bet the Jews who control us get a very big kick out of foisting the worst of the Democratic candidates off on us: Kamala, the candidate nobody wanted except for her corrupt co-conspirators, and Biden. A lifelong study in malignant narcissism combined with his senile dementia gives the Jews their perfect robot candidate, someone who definitely can no longer think for himself, if he ever could.

It’s becoming obvious now that we are being forced into a totalitarian financial prison.

Gates, Fauci and every single person involved in the scamdemic planning known as Event 201 should be arrested and face multiple mass murder charges, especially New York Gov. Cuomo who deliberately placed healthy people in with sick ones and then recommended ventilator treatments which killed people almost immediately.

Since we don’t trust our government or our media, how can we possibly trust them to conduct an honest election? Answer: We can’t.

Currently stuck in a deliberately planned gridlock trying to determine which election ballots are frauds and which are not, the sleazeball fact emerges though ignored by the press that close relatives of corrupt California politicians Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are the driving forces behind Dominion software which caused the middle-of-the-night vote tinkering in six different states across the country.

Research at Argonne National Laboratories revealed that a single individual with physical access to a voting machine, can install inexpensive, readily-available electronic components to manipulate its functions.

Individual freedom is being erased

Funny how the only way either presidential candidate can avoid jail time is to win the election. Joe Biden faces treason charges for his $1 billion gift from China, plus half of all his crackhead porn star son’s bribery earnings from Ukraine, China and other strong-armed robberies. And the world financial vultures already are zeroing in Trump’s worldwide series of financial investments, which have always been characterized as bankruptcies and bailouts.

It’s becoming the hallmark of U.S. presidents, given the Clintons’ most horrifying connections to sexual perversion, financial swindling and even blood drinking. The people whom the American people have chosen to represent are nothing but a bunch of foreign controlled sexual perverts who have betrayed the people they were sworn to protect and violated the Constitution they vowed to defend.

An avalanche of indications

Crypto Jew web guru powerful enough to censor the President. In past years that would have been known as treason.

Control of the Federal Reserve by Jewish families resulted in a 97 percent decline in the value of the dollar across the 20th century. Most of that money was fleeced from the non Jews of the world, who are regarded as cattle by those who control the currency.

The tearing down of statues is one of the first steps toward the implementation of totalitarian Communism.

There are now trauma based mind control programs for even infants in the womb.

The notion that Blacks should be allowed to commit crimes has been made more popular by Jewish media trying to cover up the behavior of their own bosses who, unbeknownst to most, have already enslaved the entire world. Were Kommie Kamala to take control of the Zionist shock troops known as the U.S. military, the last vestiges of the white race that built the known world would be erased. Already they are badly eroded.

Since crime was their vehicle for conquest, making money both from production and prohibition, it is only natural that the controllers of our world would maintain their profitable deceptions

Slyly convincing the peoples of the world that they were free enabled them to pull off the trick.

The Deep State trucking company known as Amazon has taken over the provisioning of the U.S. now that all small businesses have been ordered to lock down as the Big Pharma parasites and their political flunkies crush the freedom of unemployed local entrepreneurs

One hundred million murdered Russians wanted you to know that Communism is a Jewish operation aimed at the destruction of all nations, the elimination of all religions and the extermination of white people.

The great psychological mirage that has destroyed Western Civilization is mistaking the Jew for an actual human being. Simply investigate their so-called holy books and learn Jews regard non Jews as cattle. This is what their rabbis preach.

No genuine and compassionate human would ever call a member of another race less than human. Only twisted polemicists do that. And anyone who who deride all other races and nationalities is the one who is actually less than human.

Arrest all dual citizens of all countries and the United States, principally with Israel and the U.S. They must all lose their U.S. citizenship and forfeit 50 percent of their total assets in order to remain in the country as resident-aliens. Should they choose to leave they would forfeit 90 percent of their net worth, and they would only allowed to relocate to specific locales, notably Birobidjian so they can be close to their brother Mongolians.

Demand Israel withdraw its extradition policy and allow indicted citizens to be seized and brought to trial in the U.S. or lose the $3 billion a year that U.S. taxpayers pay to Israel to facilitate them murdering their helpless neighbors.

So much to talk about. So little time.

Two more things.

We don’t need a vaccine for a disease that kills fewer than smoking, has never been proven to exist yet has locked down the world with a test that doesn’t work. How does that bode for humans’ continuing survival? Poorly, to an extreme degree.

Adoption of a universal basic income would mean the end of human individuality, since we would all become coded slugs perpetually pumped into a slot machine society.

I hope to speak with you again, but in these turbulent times I can’t promise that I will.

Trust in God but never trust a government or a religion. God gave your mind to use so never let someone use it for you. Both governments and religions are all out to steal your mind. Your survival depends on not letting that happen.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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